LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Walkthrough

3. Mos Eisley Cantina

When you start the game up for the first time, you'll have control of Princess Leia and Captain Antilles in the Mos Eisley Cantina. The Cantina serves as the hub world for the game and has two main areas, the inside and the outside. The outside isn't all that important, hosting only a bonus level door (which will not be relevant until the late game) and displays for your minikit collections. The inside is where everything else is. You'll start out in front of the shop, and if you walk around, you'll find the giant doorways leading to the three movies this game covers. Between the shop and Episode IV are some containers for you to build two custom characters; you can unlock more parts as you unlock more characters. Between Episode IV and Episode V is another door that leads to bounty hunter missions. These will also come in later, and more detail on these missions can be found on their respective page in this walkthrough.

This page will cover the prices and methods of unlocking everything in the shop, ranging from hints to gold bricks and everything in-between. This game also contains several codes that can be inserted with the ? icon in the shop. The codes don't give you the characters directly, but rather unlock them in the sense that you'll be able to buy them. There aren't any codes for Extras in this game, so you'll have to go about getting your Extras the usual way by finding them in levels.


The first category in the shop are the hints. You probably won't need these due to how simple the game is, but you'll need to buy them anyway. If you're new to LEGO games, it'd be a good idea to at least read these first. You can get the money you need for these as soon as you start the game by shooting the chairs around the cantina, as well as various objects outside. All hints are available as soon as you start the game.

Hint 1---Double-jump and press cn_X when in the air to do a special Jedi attack.
Hint 2---Press cn_X to attack.
Hint 3---Press cn_A to jump. Press cn_A when in the air to double-jump.
Hint 4---The more LEGO studs you collect, the more things you will be able to buy here.
Hint 5---Collect all the LEGO canisters in each level to build minikit models. You can view these outside the cantina.
Hint 6100Many areas of the levels can only be reached by certain characters. Go back to these levels in Free Play, and try to find all the secrets!
Hint 7100Once you have defeated an enemy character in a level, you will be able to buy it here. Try to collect all the characters!
Hint 8100Astromech droids can hover for a limited time. Press and hold cn_A to activate the boosters.
Hint 9100Watch out for black LEGO objects. Dark Force characters can use the Force on them.
Hint 10100Free Play mode means you can go back and play a completed level with any character that you have unlocked!
Hint 11100To take other characters into the levels in Free Play, simply tag them in the Cantina and go through the door of the level you wish to play.
Hint 12100Fill up the Jedi meter in each level to receive a gold brick. The more gold bricks you have, the more levels you will be able to unlock!
Hint 13100The True Jedi meter appears at the top of the screen in each level. Fill it up by collecting LEGO studs. Take care - you lose studs if you die!
Hint 141,000Shiny metallic objects can only be destroyed with Bounty Hunter Thermal Detonators.


Now for the characters. This list covers only those that you can buy in the shop, including vehicles that are unlocked in the same manner. As you unlock characters by playing the story or buying them in the shop, you'll start to see them walking around the Cantina from time to time. Again, codes don't give you the character but allow you to buy them. This isn't entirely useful since the characters will unlock like this as you play through the story, but the codes are listed anyway for the sake of it. Very few characters do not have a code assigned to them.

Rebel Trooper10,000---Chapter 4-1: Secret Plans
Stormtrooper10,000PTR345Chapter 4-1: Secret Plans
Imperial Shuttle Pilot29,000VAP664Chapter 4-1: Secret Plans
Tusken Raider23,000PEJ821Chapter 4-2: Through the Jundland Wastes
Jawa24,000JAW499Chapter 4-2: Through the Jundland Wastes
Sandtrooper14,000YDV451Chapter 4-3: Mos Eisley Spaceport
Greedo60,000NAH118Chapter 4-3: Mos Eisley Spaceport
Imperial Spy13,500CVT125Chapter 4-3: Mos Eisley Spaceport
Beach Trooper20,000UCK868Chapter 4-4: Rescue the Princess
Death Star Trooper19,000BNC332Chapter 4-4: Rescue the Princess
TIE Fighter Pilot21,000NNZ316Chapter 4-4: Rescue the Princess
Imperial Officer28,000BBV889Chapter 4-4: Rescue the Princess
Grand Moff Tarkin38,000SMG219Chapter 4-5: Death Star Escape
Han Solo (Hood)20,000YWM840Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base
Rebel Trooper (Hoth)16,000EKU849Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base
Rebel Pilot15,000CYG336Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base
Snowtrooper16,000NYU989Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base
Luke Skywalker (Hoth)14,000HUF729Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base
Lobot11,000UUB319Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over Bespin
Ugnaught36,000UGN694Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over Bespin
Bespin Guard15,000VHY832Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over Bespin
Princess Leia (Prisoner)22,000BVX872Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over Bespin
Gamorrean Guard40,000YZF999Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace
Bib Fortuna16,000WTY721Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace
Palace Guard14,000SGE549Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace
Skiff Guard12,000GBU888Chapter 6-2: The Great Pit of Carkoon
Boba Fett175,000HLP221Chapter 6-2: The Great Pit of Carkoon
Ewok34,000TTT289Chapter 6-4: The Battle of Endor
Imperial Guard45,000MMM111Chapter 6-5: Jedi Destiny
The Emperor275,000HHY382Chapter 6-5: Jedi Destiny
Admiral Ackbar33,000VFR800Chapter 6-6: Into the Death Star
Gonk Droid1,550NFX582Default
Ben Kenobi (Ghost)1,100,000BEN917Story Mode Complete
Anakin Skywalker (Ghost)1,000,000SYK967Story Mode Complete
Yoda (Ghost)1,200,000YOD476Story Mode Complete
IG-88100,000NXL973Story Mode Complete
Bossk75,000---Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace
Dengar70,000---Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace
4-LOM45,000---Chapter 6-2: The Great Pit of Carkoon
TIE Fighter30,000HDY739Chapter 4-6: Rebel Attack
TIE Interceptor40,000QYA828Chapter 4-6: Rebel Attack
TIE Fighter (Darth Vader)50,000---Chapter 4-6: Rebel Attack
TIE Bomber60,000---Chapter 5-3: Falcon Flight
Imperial Shuttle25,000---Chapter 5-3: Falcon Flight


Extras are little bonuses or power-ups that you can turn on and off in the start menu. Most of them are unlocked by collecting red Power Bricks in each of the main levels and tend to be really useful for completing the game. Note that none of the Extras can be turned on at all if you're aiming for the Undefeated achievements.

Extra Toggle30,000DefaultAdds a few characters to your character selection during Free Play, depending on the level you're in.
Fertilizer10,000DefaultAdds a command to rideable animals cn_B that makes them take a dump before your very eyes.
Disguise10,000DefaultA purely cosmetic Extra that gives everyone a disguise.
Daisy Chains5,000DefaultA purely cosmetic Extra that turns your grappling rope into a flowery string.
Chewbacca Carrying C-3PO10,000DefaultA purely cosmetic Extra that puts a broken C-3PO on Chewbacca's back.
Tow Death Star5,000DefaultA purely cosmetic Extra that turns all towable bombs into miniature Death Stars.
Super Blasters30,000Chapter 4-1: Secret PlansDoubles blaster power. Boba Fett and 4-LOM now deal quadruple blaster damage instead of just double.
Fast Force25,000Chapter 4-2: Through the Jundland WastesGreatly reduces the time it takes to use the Force on objects. You'll want this one as soon as you can.
Super Lightsabers26,000Chapter 4-3: Mos Eisley SpaceportDoubles lightsaber power. A single swipe will defeat an officer and other enemies that would otherwise take two hits.
Tractor Beam40,000Chapter 4-4: Rescue the PrincessPulls enemy ships in and destroys them when they get close. It's pretty useful.
Invincibility900,000Chapter 5-5: Death Star EscapePrevents your health from dropping. You can still die by falling into pits.
Score x22,000,000Chapter 4-6: Rebel AttackMultiplies your Stud count by two. A must-have item that you should get immediately.
Self Destruct20,000Chapter 5-1: Hoth BattleAllows droid characters to blow up with a simple cn_B press.
Fast Build40,000Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo BaseGreatly reduces the time it takes to build objects. You'll want this one as soon as you can.
Score x46,000,000Chapter 5-3: Falcon FlightMultiplies your Stud count by four. A must-have item that you should get after Score x2.
Regenerate Hearts290,000Chapter 5-4: DagobahYour health regenerates over time. This is only useful in the early post-game.
Miinkit Detector500,000Chapter 5-5: Cloud City TrapPuts white triangles on screen that direct you towards Minikits. Might not be a great early game purchase since the walkthrough tells you where the Minikits are.
Score x612,000,000Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over BespinMultiplies your Stud count by six. You might want to grind out the Studs for it after you have the first two multipliers.
Super Zapper15,000Chapter 6-1: Jabba's PalaceUpgrades the zapper ability used by R2-D2, the Jawa, and the Ugnaught. A single zap will kill a droid instantly.
Bounty Hunter Rockets75,000Chapter 6-2: The Great Pit of CarkoonGives Boba Fett a rocket ability. It's not all that useful compared to the other Extras.
Score x820,000,000Chapter 6-3: Speeder ShowdownMultiplies your Stud count by eight. Works wonders with the other multipliers to get enough for Score x10.
Super Ewok Catapult50,000Chapter 6-4: The Battle of EndorWicket and the standard Ewok now launch torpedoes from their catapult weapons instead of dirt clods.
Infinite Torpedoes90,000Chapter 6-5: Jedi DestinyGives your ships a constant supply of torpedoes in any vehicle mission.
Score x1030,000,000Chapter 6-6: Into the Death StarMultiplies your Stud count by ten. The most expensive multiplier there is, but well worth the price.

Gold Bricks

Gold Bricks are a good way of measuring your completion of the game, if not the actual percentage number at the shop's left side. You need to collect all 99 of the Gold Bricks in the game, and fortunately for you, eight of them can just be bought with Studs. It's not quite known how Gold Bricks become available for purchase here, but they'll all eventually be for sale at some point.

Gold BrickCost
Gold Brick 110,000
Gold Brick 215,000
Gold Brick 320,000
Gold Brick 425,000
Gold Brick 530,000
Gold Brick 635,000
Gold Brick 740,000
Gold Brick 845,000
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