4. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Story: Episode IV

Once you're done looking around the Cantina, head to Chapter 4-1, which will be the only level available to you at the start. Each level has to reach True Jedi status in both Story and Free Play, so the story pages will guide you through earning the required amount of studs as well as beating the level. None of the cutscenes in Story mode can be skipped so to avoid having to replay these levels in Story again, it's highly advised that you earn True Jedi on all of these levels so you don't have to later. If you would prefer a visual, you can find these levels played in Story mode to True Jedi status without any Extras on in the playlist link below.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Story (True Jedi)

Chapter 4-1: Secret Plans

True Jedi: 40,000 Studs

In the opening room, there will be two piles of bricks hopping around on the floor. Press and hold cn_B to start building them into control terminals, which will open the doors ahead. You can also use your blaster with cn_X to shoot the gray containers in this room for some more studs to pick up. Try not to shoot the metal frames on the sides by the door; this kind of material will reflect blaster shots and cannot be dealt with unless in Free Play. There's also a machine in this room that, when you pull the lever, will give you a single White Stud every time you pull it. You could pull this thing thousands of times to get Studs, but this seems to be the least worth-it way to get Studs in the game.

In the next room, shoot these other gray containers, and then start shooting at the sparkling chunks of the walls in little indents. The actual sparkling materials are little flaps that you can use the Force on, but not in Story mode. Instead, just shoot the walls and collect the studs that fall out. When you're done, pull the levers at the next door with cn_X or cn_B. Some rebels will run by to the left, but make your way to the right and keep shooting out these chunks of the wall for even more studs. You'll notice an open doorway with a floating object inside; this is a Minikit, of which there are ten in every level. You can't get to this particular one now, as when you approach, a black door will shut in front of it. You can open it later in Free Play when you have the correct character to do so. As you shoot the walls on the right, you'll uncover a hat machine. This is just in the level for fun. Get close enough to the rebels and a sortie of stormtroopers will burst through the next door. None of your allies nor your partner's (if controlled by the AI) will actually damage enemies, only yours will. Start firing with cn_X until all of them are defeated. A useful tactic is to jump around as you shoot so that the enemies have a much smaller chance of hitting you.

In the next room, all you'll be able to do here is go upwards. Use the grappling points with cn_B and make your way up to two machines that you need to build to progress. Building them won't yield any Studs for whatever reason. In the next room, Darth Vader himself will be at the end of the hall, and two stormtroopers at most will accompany him at all times. You won't be able to escape until Vader leaves, so to force him to make an exit, pull the switches on both sides of the hallway. This will drop a bomb mechanism on both sides of him. Shoot one of them at least five times and it'll explode, causing Vader to flee the scene. Keep destroying the walls as you move ahead into the next room.

More waves of stormtroopers will greet you and the rebels here. Defeat them and break the walls like you've been doing, and then look to the left and right behind where the rebels stop to take a break. To the left are two switches that, when pulled, release Studs and some flowers. Run on the red lights on the floor before they all shut off after a certain amount of time to release even more Studs from the ceiling. On the right, the same things apply, except the two levers will open a window to Vader repeatedly choking rebels as they come up to him.

In this next room, there are some destructible black fences that you can destroy if you want. To open the next door, you'll have to push the two blocks with black and yellow stripes into their receptacles in the floor. Watch out though, because stormtroopers will be on the opposite side waiting for you. Meet up with C-3PO at the laser field and switch to him to open the laser field to trigger a cutscene.

Now that R2-D2 has the Death Star plans, Leia will hide on the ship and Captain Antilles will be charged with getting these two droids off-board before they're discovered. You'll want to take control of Antilles because not only is he the most useful, he's also the fastest one out of the three characters available to you now. Use R2-D2 to open the door into the next room, and then retake control of Antilles. Use the crane in the other room to pick up the troopers and drop them into the pit below, then pick C-3PO up when the bridge is lowered and place him by his panel across the gap. You'll now have control of the Rebel Friend.

After unlocking the door, you'll come across a group of troopers taking away some rebel prisoners. Save them and a few more waves of enemies will blast through the next door. Concentrate all your fire on the enemy until none remain, then blast the walls again if you want more Studs. The only enemies left now will be in this final hallway. Kill them and build bridges so C-3PO can cross the gaps until you get to three doors that are opened by the droids. Use R2-D2 to open the left and center escape hatches to reveal two switches that need to be pulled by either Antilles or the Rebel Friend. Once the protocol droid panel is open, use C-3PO to activate it and open the third and final escape pod. The only thing inside is an astromech panel. Using it will finish the level and activate the level's finishing cutscenes.

Character UnlockedPrice
Rebel Friend---
Rebel Trooper10,000
Imperial Shuttle Pilot29,000

Secret Plans level complete

Complete the first level of the game - Secret Plans.

Secret Plans level complete
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Chapter 4-2: Through the Jundland Wastes

True Jedi: 75,000 Studs

Luke and Ben start off in a dirty pit next to some fenced-in Banthas. Build a sandcastle next to where you start and destroy it for more cash, then head to the back right to find a blue Stud next to some white Studs. From here, destroy the fences around the Banthas as well as the other objects to the left of them as you face off against the first of many Tusken Raiders to come. There's another blue Stud here that Ben can jump to if he jumps off the back of a Bantha. When the coast is clear, move on to the right and shoot a few more Raiders, or deflect their blasts with Ben's lightsaber, and then destroy the bricks holding a rock up to the left. Past this are a few more Raiders and a grappling point that you can build which, for now, only leads you to two yellow Studs. More Raiders will drop down from above as you approach the next area, and even more will slide down the sand at the far end. Your biggest priority will be using the Force on the object by the slippery sand at the end of the path, because finishing that task will stop the Tuskens from spawning any further. When the enemies are gone, there's a lot you can do here to get more Studs, like digging up a treasure chest, using the Force on some flowers and cans, and shooting said cans and some water spouts for the last bits of money. You can also use the Force on the rest of the junk next to where you used it before to stop the Tuskens from spawning in. When you're ready, run up the bridge to get to the next area.

There will be a few more Tuskens shooting at you from a far ledge; deal with them as you will and walk south to find some hidden Studs, including a valuable blue one. Next, build the little block on the checkered floor ahead and push it to the ledge the Raiders were on so you can advance. At the end is another grappling point that leads to yet another blue Stud. Past this is a much larger area, the original ship that Luke bought C-3PO and R2-D2 at. Before you do anything else, walk underneath it between the two treads and break open the fencing so you can grab the three blue Studs inside; these can be blocked off, so it's best to get them sooner than later. There won't be any Raiders for a while, so break everything apart and use the Force on objects to see where it gets you. To progress, use the Force to stack two blocks on top of each other and open a panel on the side of the ship, and then use a grappling point with Luke to get to a lever. Use it, and Luke and Ben will be able to climb to the top after using the Force on another panel. Pull the two switches at the top of the ship to start the suction tube that will get you inside. For a bit more cash, use a Jedi Slam attack (double-jump and then attack) on the four objects to the right of the roof twice. Make sure you don't stand on the bottom left of these objects or you'll fall through to the bottom and will miss your chance to collect the studs.

Inside the ship, you'll find red blinking lights on some destructible panels. Keep an eye out for these, because you can destroy these for more Studs too. In the first hallway you come across, you'll find ten wheels blocked by some orange fencing. Break off all of this fencing and use the Force on all ten wheels. After five of them are moved, the doors ahead will open, and after you activate all ten, the containers holding the blue Studs by the door will open. The other room past this door has a lot of stuff to do for Studs, like destroying panels and crates and building droids. You can also press the switch in here to bring a box down that you can push onto many different receptacles in the ground. You'll have to free R2-D2 with one of these boxes to continue, but you can open the other doors with these to get a few blue Studs and a Minikit if you want to get it right now.

Use R2 to open the elevator and head into the next area. To pull some levers up, you need to run across the four discs on the ground in front of it fast enough so that all four are down at once. Clear out this room and pull the switches, and you'll find C-3PO trapped in the next room. There are a lot of Jawas in here, and they'll zap any droid that they see; use the Force on them and then kill them to prevent them from stunning you as a droid later. To free C-3PO, push the green handle until the suction tube aligns with his cell, and then use R2-D2 to activate it. In the next room, look to the left and right for stuff to do before using the Force on the four little sticks keeping the ship's back door up and heading back outside.

It won't be long until you're attacked by more Raiders. Defeat them all and run ahead into a wide open space, where a handful more Raiders will come down to attack. Finish them off and use C-3PO on the panel by some quicksand to suck all the water out of it, leaving a dry and stable dirt surface. Destroy the flowers and the water container for some more Studs, and then build a little ramp for C-3PO so he can get to the next panel. There's another blue Stud hidden on the high archway that you pass through. To get to it, break the second water container and the flowers that arise from it, then build the pieces that appear to create a small platform. Use the Force on the two more rounded objects first before you put this platform on top of them, and then use Ben's superior jumping skills to get to the Stud.

After dealing with a few more Raiders, have Ben jump across a few rocks so he can create a bridge with some sand-colored pieces stuck in the left wall. Next, jump up to another object you can push and push it off, then deal with the Raiders that follow suit. This object, when destroyed, will let you build another bridge to the last panel C-3PO will have to activate. When the quicksand is back to normal, go through the usual routine with the water containers and then use the Force on some coconuts to create some coconut trees. There won't be any more Tusken Raiders on the way to the end of the level, so you'll be able to pick apart your surroundings in peace.

When you move on to the final area of the level, you should immediately spot a broken-down speeder to the south, as well as some objects you can use the Force on. Doing both of these will give you some Studs, but you'll have to use the speeder to get to the area to the right and repair a bridge. Watch out for stormtroopers camped out in front of Ben's house. With the bridge fully repaired, you can press all four switches so you can get inside and finish the level, but you might want to look around for more ways to get Studs first. There are a few blue Studs on tops of Ben's house that Ben can get to if you double-jump on top of the small metal thing on the left side of his house. You can also use the Dewback (the green lizard) to get up there much easier than you would with the metal thing.

Character UnlockedPrice
Luke Skywalker (Tatooine)---
Ben Kenobi---
Tusken Raider23,000

Chapter 4-3: Mos Eisley Spaceport

True Jedi: 165,000 Studs

Note: If you want to get True Jedi on this level the first time you play it, you'll have to tear this entire level apart for Studs. You can barely make it if you make use of a Double Score Zone mid-level.

You start off the level in a massive area of Mos Eisley. Use the Force on everything you see and destroy everything else; you can open the small trash cans with Ben and then destroy them with a Jedi slam for maximum Stud collecting. Wipe the whole area from its Studs as you move north, defeating any troopers you meet along the way. At the very end you'll be able to use some stairs to go upwards, but you'll want to use the Force on these to move them to the left. A safe spot to do this in would be behind the wall to the right of the stairs, because the troopers on top of the wall above the gate won't be able to shoot you from there. Take C-3PO up the stairs to the panel above the gate to open it, but instead of heading through the gate, return to the start of the level and drive the speeder through the gate. This is a very important step for later in earning enough Studs for True Jedi your first time through.

Hop out of the speeder and leave it at the weird gate, then run left and continue to reap as many Studs from the various objects around the area as you can. You'll soon reach a dead end with a few things lying around that you can use to build your own AT-ST. Before you can hop in, a stormtrooper will take control of it. Use the Force on it to instantly eject him from the pilot seat and then kill him so he no longer becomes a problem. Now drive the AT-ST back to that weird fence where you parked your speeder and blow it up, and then drive the speeder inside. Park it at the car wash station, which will reveal two levers that you can pull to start it up. With your clean speeder, take it to the right until a Jawa slowly walks out, appraises the value, and drops the worth in front of you. The fact that this drops in a Double Score Zone makes reaching True Jedi status a lot less tedious. Make sure you destroy everything in this area before driving the AT-ST back through the gate where you built it. There's a large final wave of stormtroopers to face off with before you'll be able to make it inside the Cantina, so use the AT-ST or fight on foot until every last enemy is dead. When things have calmed down, do another search of the area for as many studs as you can carry, and then head inside.

The first thing you'll notice are four energy beams that prevent droids from entering. The Cantina has these in place because they don't serve their kind here, and they ought to wait outside. Have Luke shoot these with his blaster and everyone will be able to enter after standing on all four switches on the ground. After Ben and Luke talk with Han and Chewbacca, you'll have control of the latter as they make their way to the Millennium Falcon. They share the same abilities, so it doesn't matter which one you use to destroy all the chairs in the Cantina. Again, you'll need every Stud.

When you're outside, wipe the nearby vicinity of Studs and use the grappling point on the ground. As you land, an Imperial Spy (who was hidden in the cutscenes at the start of the level) will escape further towards the Falcon. Build the grappling point on the floor where you land and use it to ascend upwards. Up here, you can get through the door up here, which will lead to a grappling hook with a weird machine in the corner. Pull the lever and a box will come out; push it to the edge, and you'll be able to use it to get to a blue Stud on a high ledge if you didn't push it to ground level. When it's there, defeat all the stormtroopers and push the box over to the receptacle by the door, but be careful, as a single shot will blow this box up. The objective here is to use the box to blow up the door. When it explodes, Studs will rain out of it, so stand nearby and get ready to pick them up. Clear this place out too before you move ahead.

This room has a bunch of troopers in it. Some will be on Dewbacks, some will be on a high ledge to the north, and the rest will be on the ground. Shooting the Dewbacks a few times will cause them to push their rider off, and you can jump and shoot while facing the ledge troopers to take care of them. Be careful not to shoot anything that releases Studs so you don't lose them. If you've been really thorough and careful with collecting Studs, this should be the room in which you hit True Jedi. You can shoot the little droppings in the shaded area to the north to turn them into flowers, which will release Studs, and you can also shoot the doors to the west to release more of them. Shoot only one at a time, because the Studs spread in a wide area with these for some reason. Behind these doors are some more droppings that you can use to get some more Studs, and after that, you'll just have to clear out the trash cans and other things for this area. Hop on a Dewback and ride to the northeastern corner; you can use it to eject yourself high in the air towards another blue Stud. To get to the Falcon, ride a Dewback and eject off of it to the west above where the brown doors were. Just down a set of stairs is the garage that the Falcon is being kept in.

When you get close enough to the Falcon, the spy will call in a wave of stormtroopers. You should really go with Han for this fight, because when you mash cn_X you'll dodge blaster shots when they get to you as well as fire at the enemy. After fighting through two waves, the spy will finally be vulnerable. Try to focus on him and shoot him at least four times to kill him, then finish off the current wave of stormtroopers. If you defeat the troopers and the spy is still alive, he'll just call in another wave, so you may as well just attack the spy and get things over with. If there are any undamaged items around the garage that you can shoot to earn Studs, you might want to do that if you're dangerously close to 160,000. When you're satisfied with your performance or have done as much as you could, head into the Millennium Falcon to end the level.

Character UnlockedPrice
Han Solo---
Imperial Spy13,500

Chapter 4-4: Rescue the Princess

True Jedi: 60,000 Studs

In this starting room, you'll see some blue pipes between sets of two other whitefish gray objects on the wall. All of these can be destroyed, but those blue pipes will be a common set piece throughout the level alongside the red containers lying around. Destroy them all for as many Studs as possible (revealing a secret Stud machine too) before you use the Force to open the door made out of blue and gray LEGO pieces. Some stormtroopers will pop out of the hall on the right; don't worry about going down that hall for now, because there's just a Minikit inside. Break more containers and use the hat machine to put a stormtrooper helmet on at least one person, even Chewbacca, to open the access panel at the end of the hallway. Inside are a few more enemies to defeat and a few more objects to shoot. Be sure to build the miniature Star Destroyer model to the left and shoot the controls on the blinds to the right before building the control panel in the northeastern corner of the room. Use R2-D2 on the astromech panel to start a cutscene which results in your party being reduced to just Luke, Han, and Chewbacca.

You'll find some more blue pipes in the hall ahead, as well as some orange/gray semicircular structures jetting out of the wall. These can be destroyed with two shots and generally hold a lot of Studs, so don't forget to hit these too. Don't be fooled by the gap with a blue Stud at the other side; you'll never be able to make this jump. Go in through the hall on the left and continue this way through another hall with lots of stuff to destroy. At the end you'll get to another hat machine. Past this hat machine are two elevators with cameras on them. You're going to want to destroy these cameras as fast as you can, because as long as they can see you, they'll periodically send up more troopers to deal with you. Focus on the troopers near Ben when the cameras are out of commission.

Across the bridge, Death Star Troopers will spawn in using a grappling hook off the lower side of the area. Try to shoot it to destroy it and eliminate the enemy threat so you can progress through this area in peace. Fight some more enemies and make sure you're wearing at least one helmet when you pass through the hallway on the right at the end of this section, because you'll need someone to open the next door. If you don't have a helmet you'll be greeted with a few standard troopers along with another grappling hook that you need to destroy to stop the flow of Death Star Troopers. In the following room, build a giant red-and-green switch and push it from the green side to connect the bridge with where you actually need to go. There's a hat station halfway up the set of platforms, and you should give everyone a helmet for the next room.

That next room is some kind of control room, which is filled with guards. Ignore them all and look for a control panel that you can build by the side of the door on the opposite end of the room. If you're fast enough, you can build it and use it without having your helmet shot off, but you'll have to fight everyone in here regardless. To get some more Studs, shoot all the control panels in the room. This will also reveal a Minikit that you can collect now or later. If you're running a bit short on Studs, go back and get another helmet if you don't have one intact at this point and move ahead to another Imperial control panel. The elevator it controls will lead you to a steam room with a bunch of Beach Troopers inside. Kill them to secure the bathhouse, and then collect the Studs on the floor and in the jacuzzi. Don't forget to shoot the fans in the top left and right corners of the room before heading back down.

Use the elevator to the left of the one used to get to the steam room and you'll finally have reached the prison cells. Take out the guards manning the panels and then shoot out the cameras above the elevators like you did before to prevent anyone from coming in. Raze the area of its Studs before building the control panels back to normal and pulling the switches. You'll now have access to a bunch of cells; if you're just a few Studs away from 60,000, check all of the cells for anything you can find that might help you break the threshold. If you're good and ready to go, open the cell with a grate next to it to find the princess, and then press the two switches in front of her to end the level.

Character UnlockedPrice
Han Solo (Stormtrooper)---
Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper)---
Beach Trooper20,000
Death Star Trooper19,000
TIE Fighter Pilot21,000
Imperial Officer28,000

Chapter 4-5: Death Star Escape

True Jedi: 55,000 Studs

You start off in the garbage disposal. There's not really anything to do here, so just build the pile of bricks in front of you and use them to pull the switch so you can get out of there. There are a few blue pipes in this hallway that you can use to gain more Studs, as well as a few enemies that you'll have to defeat. Ignore the hat machine for now and head into the next room.

In here, use the switch to the north twice in a row. Then use the grapple point that the switch creates to get to a blue Stud, and drop down to the main floor. There will be a ton of stormtroopers down here for you to kill; get rid of all of them, and you'll be safe enough to get a stormtrooper helmet from the previous area without having to worry about losing it. Before you head back up, wipe the area of Studs and shoot everything you can, including the red/yellow chunks of bricks on the left wall on the main floor. You should also push the big object with a blue top to its receptacle and spin the handles jetting out from it to push it to maximum height. Bring a helmeted character back to the switch on the upper floor that you already used twice, and use it again to put the grappling hook where it's supposed to be. With that lower blue piece in the highest position possible, you'll be able to make it to the other side and use the lever on the other side. This will create another block that you can push off the ledge you're on, which will free a yellow vehicle. Drive this out of the pit it's in and look for the glowing red lights on the ground outlined in green. You're going to have to drive over these fast enough so that all five are lit up at once. These lights will release a bit of flooring that will allow you to use a stormtrooper panel and move on to the next room.

There are some enemies that will be stationed in the corner of the following room; you can kill them now with a surprise attack if you want to save yourself the trouble of killing them later, or you can see how far you can go before they approach you. Shoot the two big chunks of bricks in the walls outside the door you came in from and ignore the crane and the two troopers cleaning the window for now. Go down the hall when you're ready and build some machinery to give power to the lever connected to it, which will lead you to a pushable block and two more switches. Push the block up towards the door and then use the switches, but get ready to face three enemies that can take two shots each before dying. When they're down, push the block into the receptacle and use the final switch to move on ahead. Keep blowing things up and collecting Studs as usual until you get into the next room.

There's a barrel and two panels underneath colored tubes that you can shoot before pulling the three switches to the right. Having all three active at once will start a rotating platform up, which you can use to move ahead. After this, once you get spotted by any trooper, it'll be a continuous onslaught of soldiers until you can activate the stormtrooper panel at the top of the room. I highly suggest using Han Solo for this since he can dodge blaster shots quicker than the others can. Use a grappling hook to get up to a lever; instead of activating the platform next to it, a bunch of bricks will fall from above, which you then have to build to activate the platform. Jump up to a platform to the right with a blue Stud on it and collect it, then jump to the area to the lower left, where you'll find a hat machine. Put the hat on Han and wait for the platform to rise again, protecting your helmet at all costs. Ride the platform to the very top and activate the panel as soon as you can so you can enter the next room.

The next area is really small, but has a good handful of guards inside. Ignore them if you want and walk over to the next area. In here, quickly pull the levers by the door you just came out of to block any pursuits off. This will alert the other troopers here of your presence, but don't worry about that for now and start building the grappling point on the floor. The troopers farther away from you will be just far enough so that their blaster shots will disappear before they can get to you, but you'll still have to worry about the other pair's shots. On the second platform, take note of the door behind you, which leads only to a hat machine, and build the grappling point. When it's built, shoot across the gap to the platform that you'll be swinging to so that it's clear of enemies and then put a helmet on Han again. Swing over and activate this door, and you'll be good to go into the second-to-last room.

Shoot everything in sight as you chase a single stormtrooper down the long hallway. Doing this will unlock a Minikit, which you can pick up now or later, but the important thing on this run is Studs. After shooting the control panel on the door past the Minikit, you'll be greeted with a rather large ambush. Get ready for a big fight. When the stormtroopers' numbers have dwindled, run around and collect the Studs in the room, and then pull the handles by the doors on the right and left side, in that order. You'll then want to build the bricks in the upper left corner as fast as you can so you can get out of this room. Finish building them and then shoot the doorway you made from it to continue ahead.

In this last room, you'll hear Darth Vader and Ben fighting on the floor above you. The goal now is to activate several switches and panels scattered around the room to raise the Millennium Falcon above the laser shield in the floor so you can escape. The first thing you should do is pull the switch by a yellow grate in the floor. This will be used later. Next, make your way around the edge of the room and take note of the R2-D2 panel, which you'll activate later as well. Next up are some bricks in front of a door that you can build into a handle, which you can push to release R2-D2 and C-3PO. There's also a Minikit in here if you'd like to pick it up now. Now, head over to the blue object in the wall to the north of here and push it over to the right. The beam underneath it will break the blue object and release bricks for a grapple point. Build these and kill the troopers on the ledge it takes you to, but don't pull the switch for now. Instead, take R2 over to that panel on the west side, which will release another of those yellow vehicles to ride over switches. Take this calm opportunity to ride over the switches, which will raise the Falcon, but also call in a wave of troopers to attack you. Swiftly take control of C-3PO and head over to the yellow grate near the door you came in here from. Use the protocol droid panel up on this ledge and walk down the opening in the rail on the right side, which will place you right next to an astromech panel. Waddle over to R2-D2, who should have followed you across the room due to you being the main player, and use this panel. The last thing you need to do is pull that switch on the high ledge to the upper right, so take control of anyone else and use the grapple point you built earlier to get up there.

If you've managed to do this all in the right order, you'll only have to fight one wave of stormtroopers. If you didn't, it's not like fighting troopers is a big inconvenience anyways, but it saves time. When all the enemies are dead, the Falcon's door will open and you'll be able to finish the level.

Character UnlockedPrice
Grand Moff Tarkin38,000

Chapter 4-6: Rebel Attack

True Jedi: 20,000 Studs

Vehicle levels are a lot simpler than standard levels, so there won't be much need for explanation. You'll start off in a rather small space blocked off by a laser shield. There's a pink torpedo floating above a torpedo dispenser that you'll be able to use to destroy the shield generator, which is a large pink square in the ground. Before you do, look around for any blue objects on the ground and on the walls that you can destroy for Studs. The amount of Studs you need for True Jedi is relatively low, so once you fill up the bar later, you won't have to worry about losing Studs as much.

When you break the shield, grab three torpedoes from the same dispenser (you can only hold three at a time) and move on ahead. You'll find a door on the ground with two satellites on either side; shoot these immediately to disable the door, because TIE Fighters constantly come out of there if you don't stop the door from working. There's also the first turret of the level on the right side, which you'll be seeing a lot of later. Destroy it and grab as many Studs as you can before you look for a big red pyramid-looking structure. Fly over it and four more pink squares will rise up to surface level. You'll need to hit all four with torpedoes to disable the next laser shield so you can shoot your way out of this area. This kind of cycle repeats a couple more times in the next few areas; if you're having a hard time finding a set of pink squares to blow up, look for red lines that connect with the laser shield.

In the iconic trench scene where Vader himself and two TIE Fighters are shooting at you, you don't have to do anything at all. Their blasts don't actually do anything, and it's really easy to dodge the shots coming from turrets placed in the trench itself. The final course of action is to launch a torpedo down the opening to destroy the Death Star, but there's another shield blocking the opening. You'll notice three sets of four open squares surrounding the shield; flying over them reveals that these squares host a total of 12 laser turrets. Destroy them all to disable the shield, and then use a torpedo to end the level. If you lose all your torpedoes, you'll have to pick one up at the far end of the trench. As for destroying the turrets, it's a good idea to focus on only four at a time and leave the rest inactive so you're not wrestling with 12 active turrets at once.

Character UnlockedPrice
TIE Fighter30,000
TIE Interceptor40,000
TIE Fighter (Darth Vader)50,000

Episode IV complete.

Complete all six levels in this Episode in Story Mode.

Episode IV complete.
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