LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Walkthrough

5. Story: Episode V

Episode V becomes available after you beat the first level of Episode IV, but it only makes sense to start this Episode after you finish Episode IV in its entirety. You can do whatever you want, of course.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Story (True Jedi)

Chapter 5-1: Hoth Battle

True Jedi: 70,000 Studs

There are three types of enemies in this level. AT-ST's walk around on two feet, which you've seen from Chapter 4-3, and take a few blaster shots to destroy. You can also grapple onto them with cn_B to knock them over, but there's really not much of a point to that. There are also small black droids which will not only fire at you, but will also grapple onto bombs in the level that you yourself have grappled, making it harder to control the bombs' movement until you defeat the droids. AT-AT's are the largest of the three, and to defeat them, you need to grapple them and run circles around them in any direction until they fall over. When this happens, run a bomb into it to destroy it for good. All three of these except for AT-AT's respawn infinitely, so there's no point in clearing out any area.

If you want to get True Jedi on this level without multipliers, you'll need to grab as many Studs as possible in each area. To start, go left and find a small turret and satellite dish that you can destroy with the Snowspeeder's blasters. These are a common source of cash in the level, so keep an eye out for them as you fly around. There are also some obviously LEGO-built rock structures which also give you Studs upon destruction. Fly through the whole area of the level that you're given access to and take as much money as you can; if you've been through enough and haven't lost too much from dying, you should have at least 20,000 Studs. Now, if you want more, which you really should to avoid any close calls with Studs at the end of the level, take one of the bombs from the dispenser with cn_B and roll it into any of the white walls that block the left and right sides towards a dark cave. Destroying these with bombs will release even more Studs. To continue, take another bomb to the dark cave at the end of the area and destroy the white walls blocking it off.

In the second area, clear the area as much as you can of Studs, and then take down the large AT-AT's to continue. Do the same thing further ahead and use the bombs to destroy more of the white barriers along the way; you'll really want to pick up a bunch of Studs from these walls before heading into the last part of the level. Make sure you grab as much as you can. I left this area with 68,000 Studs, so you can use that as a number to judge how you're doing.

Now for the final part of the level. Supposing you're very close to 70,000 Studs, fly around and pick up the last of what you need before pursuing the first objective of the fight. That first objective is to destroy a set amount of those black flying droids you've seen throughout the level. Ignore the AT-ST's unless you really feel like shooting them and focus on those droids until the second wave begins. For the second wave, you'll have to destroy the AT-ST's around the place, and for the third wave, you have to fight two AT-AT's. Use bombs to destroy them and start the fourth and final wave. You'll be tasked with destroying a set array of the three different types of enemies, but from now on enemies will no longer respawn. Because of this, you may as well get rid of everything else before taking down this last AT-AT.

Character UnlockedPrice

Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base

True Jedi: 40,000 Studs

In the starting room, snatch all the Studs lying around and shoot the containers by the door on the other end of the room for a few more. Getting close to the door triggers a small earthquake, letting loose a few pieces to build a bomb out of. The bomb's explosion won't hurt you, so there's no need to back away. Continue up the hall to another set of bricks that you can use to build a heater. Shoot it three times to bring it up to maximum heat and start melting the ice off the door. There are a few Snowtroopers in the coffee lounge ahead; kill them all and shoot the tables for some Studs, and grab yourself a cup of coffee using both levers of the machine for a few more. Push the heater towards the doorway to loosen the ice up.

Run down the hallway and you'll find a small patrol with one trooper manning a turret. Defeat all of them and rebuild the turret so you can blast the angled frame blocking a doorway to the north. When you hop in the turret, more troopers will drop in from above, so get ready to hop out and shoot them once the barrier is destroyed. Take the path to the right when you're ready to do so and shoot your way past the gray containers to get to a room with a weird yellow contraption and a wheel in the center. Put the finishing touches on the contraption and push the wheel til it clicks, which will send the former towards the avalanche to the left. A bunch of Studs will pour out of the collision, but you're probably not going to be able to get to most of them in time before they disappear. Run into the room on the left and wipe the room for Studs. You'll also find C-3PO in this room, so take him and use him to activate the protocol droid panel that's been freed by the turret earlier.

In the next room, relieve the troopers of their duty and grab all the Studs you can, then rebuild both turrets at the other side of the room and use the one by the door to clear the debris again. You're going to want to build the parts in the containers in the middle of the room into a vehicle meant to flip C-3PO towards the door he needs to open, but to do that, push two of the blocks on the slippery floor into place to turn one of the fans on. Drive next to the fan and C-3PO should automatically use it and drop down onto the vehicle. Drive over to the door next and flip him towards the door so he can let everyone through. Past the door is a small hallway where some parts will drop down to create another heater.

The following room has five buttons on a slope that need to be pressed by sliding on them. If you feel like you can grab the blue Studs on additional runs down the slope, it'll definitely help you get to True Jedi. The door that opens by pressing these buttons is quite small, but there's an access panel that C-3PO can open that leads to a Double Score Zone. Take all of the Studs out of here as you can before returning to the small room. With the three of you, you only need to push one of the two boxes onto one of the switches. In Free Play, you'll need to push both boxes, but that's obviously not an issue at the moment. Don't forget to swipe all of the money you can out of this place before you head out the door to the final room straight ahead.

As per usual, take all of the Studs you can and get rid of the enemy presence until they stop showing up. The first order of business is that you should rebuild these last two turrets the Snowtroopers were using to blow up the shield generator in front of the Falcon. Then push two blocks on the slippery floor from a cave on the right side of the room to the front of a shield with two Tauntauns inside. You'll want to ride one of these to the Falcon so you can jump on the top and repair some crucial parts of the ship. When that's done, drop down to the door and put a few pieces back onto the Falcon's hatch. Doing both of these to the ship will open it up, allowing you to end the level.

Character UnlockedPrice
Han Solo (Hoth)---
Princess Leia (Hoth)---
Han Solo (Hood)20,000
Rebel Trooper (Hoth)16,000
Rebel Pilot15,000
Luke Skywalker (Hoth)14,000

Chapter 5-3: Falcon Flight

True Jedi: 50,000 Studs

This level is pretty simplistic, so you won't need much information on what to do here. The first objective for this level is to shoot out the 16 turrets atop four different Star Destroyers. Just sit still near a destroyer until all four turrets are destroyed before moving on. Each turret drops Studs, so make sure you pick as many of these up as you take out each ship's defenses one by one. You might have around 9,000 Studs by the time the second part of the level begins.

The first portion of the asteroid field is filled with, well, asteroids. The ones with two blue things on them can be shot for both Studs and torpedoes, both of which you'll need plenty of. Shoot each asteroid and reap the Studs inside as you make your way to the end of the first field. Some debris here will require four torpedoes to be destroyed, so even if you have the maximum amount trailing behind the Falcon, you'll have to come back to shoot more asteroids to continue. The same thing will happen in the next loaded area, except there will be another wall of debris past it, so this second area will require a total of eight torpedoes to get out of. Make sure you shoot all of the asteroids one by one so you can get all of the Studs hidden inside each one.

Now for the last piece of the level. Instead of debris, a massive asteroid is blocking the way between you and a Star Destroyer. You'll need a bunch of torpedoes to launch at the asteroid to destroy it and end the level. Don't forget to mine for Studs in this last area, as this should be the place you get your True Jedi status. When you have enough torpedoes, take them to the asteroid and keep coming back with more until you've hit all of the targets on it.

Character UnlockedPrice
Millenium Falcon---
TIE Bomber60,000
Imperial Shuttle25,000

Chapter 5-4: Dagobah

True Jedi: 50,000 Studs

Start your Stud collection off right by taking R2-D2 into the water to the right, where you'll find an island with a hearty amount of Studs. Without use of the Force, Luke can destroy all of the tall grassy plants in the level, so hone in on these as you make your way to the next area. There won't be a whole lot of different stuff to do until you get to Yoda's house, so just keep shooting the tall grass for Studs and hit the enemy bats that fly towards you. There's going to be a gap that R2-D2 can hover across to reach a panel that will bring up a bridge for Luke to use.

When you get to Yoda's house, a cutscene will play and you'll be able to use the Force. Well, to some extent. If you want to get started on actually using the Force, run up to Yoda and press cn_Y so he hops onto your back. Only with his help will you be able to use the Force. Destroy the three groups of plants nearby so you can use the pieces underneath to create a bridge. Movement will be pretty straight-forward till you get to two tall mushrooms. Use the Force on the lower one, and then give about two seconds before you do the same on the taller one. Switch quickly to R2-D2 and stand on the lower mushroom's top on the ground. It'll soon rise up and you'll be able to hover up to the top of the higher mushroom before it rises to the top.

Once you open the access panel above the mushrooms, head through the doorway and go south down the path. This will take you to the area where Yoda's house was, and at this point Luke will be able to use the Force without him, so you can return to the plants down by his house and take more Studs from them. Return to where you came from whenever you're ready and move on to face Luke's fears. You'll know when you see it.

The fight against Vader's doppelgänger is really simple; just hit him enough times until he teleports away and then make your way up to him and strike down until he moves again. You'll have to make use of the blue boxes and containers around the area. Defeating him will open the gate nearby, allowing you to get to the last area of the level. It's very easy to move to the end, but keep an eye on your left side after you make a wooden bridge for the three characters. Luke and Yoda will have to raise each other up so one of them can push the box on a high ledge down below. The parts that come out of it are built into a motorcycle which, apparently, need to go into the washing machine hidden in the swamp a little to the northwest of where the bike is resting. Putting the bike in the washing machine will cause the two to explode. The pieces that remain from the explosion can be built into a panel that R2-D2 can use to get rid of the gate. Past it is just one thing, Luke's X-Wing. Luke himself can't use the Force to pull it up himself, so use Yoda to lift it entirely out of the water. The level ends as soon as the X-Wing is high enough out of the murky mess and is ready for flight.

Character UnlockedPrice
Luke Skywalker (Pilot)---
Luke Skywalker (Dagobah)---

Chapter 5-5: Cloud City Trap

True Jedi: 11,000 Studs

On the landing deck you start at, deflect the stormtroopers' blaster shots to the north and use R2-D2 to fly over to where they stood. Use the astromech panel and fly back, then switch to Luke and use the Force on the left wings of his ship. Assuming you picked up the Studs by the astromech panel, you should already be around 1/10th of the way towards True Jedi. Jump across the bridge made by the two heroes and build the next astromech panel so they can get to the next room. A bunch of stormtroopers will be in here and will drop down from above to attack you. Keep swinging at them until they stop appearing, then destroy the gray thing in the northwest corner and use the astromech panel on the northern wall. Continue with the material created by these actions to build a turret that can destroy the blue barrier in front of the next door. Working on building the turret will likely trigger more enemies to fall into the room, so stay sharp. You can also look in the corners of the room for a blue Stud, which again really means a lot for this level's True Jedi status. Past this door is just a long hallway; use R2-D2 at the end of it so you can move further into Cloud City.

As you enter the next room, there will be a hat machine dispensing helmets. Ignore it for now and walk down towards a familiar face: Darth Vader. Hit him a few times and he'll start jumping away from you if you get close. R2-D2 will have to activate the steam/smoke vents underneath Vader to stun him, which will give Luke a few seconds to hit Vader a few more times. Repeat this process until Vader loses all of his hearts and leaves through a door on the other side of the room. Use the orange crane nearby to bring R2-D2 across a big gap, then put a helmet on and jump across the now-shorter gap to the stormtrooper door that Vader passed through.

You'll then have to chase Vader across the outside platforms of the city. Luke and R2-D2 will have to help each other get ahead to get to the next room. Swipe at Vader til he jumps up above some steam grates at the peak of the room. Take care of the enemies that drop in, then build the wheel and elevator to the right. You'll have to use these later, so you may as well get them ready now. For this first attack, R2-D2 needs to get up the ramp leading to the left. Using the panel up there will release more steam into Vader's face, prompting him to jump down and attack Luke further. Switch back to him and swing more at Vader until he jumps to the grates on the right. R2-D2 will automatically stand on top of the elevator when it's ready to go, so just push the wheel so he can get up to the panel. Vader will jump down again; hit him twice more, and the cycle will repeat. When his strength fails him once more, he'll run into the next room.

Switch to R2-D2 and fly across the gap. Vader will do nothing about you for whatever reason, allowing you to use the two astromech panels and close the hatches on the stormtrooper's holes. When both are closed, debris will fall from above and Vader will toss it towards Luke. Fly back to Luke and have him use the Force on the debris so it gets sent back to Vader. He'll then jump over to you until he takes two hits of damage, then you'll have to do the whole thing over again twice. On the third cycle, Vader will crash through the window behind him after he's been hit by the third piece of debris. Use the Force on the glass shards and chase after him.

Vader will be on his last set of health now. Fight him and chase him across more exterior platforms of the city. It won't be long now until the level ends, so stay on his tail and smack him until he loses all of his hearts.

Character UnlockedPrice
Luke Skywalker (Bespin)---

Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over Bespin

True Jedi: 45,000 Studs

Boba Fett will be the initial main antagonist as Lando, Leia, and Chewbacca attempt to leave Bespin. Fett will leave and stop shooting you if you get closer, so you may as well get him out of the way before you start collecting the Studs around this hallway. Build the pointy object in the center; this will not only give you more money, but you'll release a Minikit if you build all three in the level. Run after the elusive bounty hunter runs into another room. Fight him until he leaves the room and runs down the hall. Follow him through the door and you'll see some white blocks on the walls that you can shoot for Studs. There are three on each side, two of which are smaller and higher up, so you'll want to stand a fair distance away in order for the blaster to target these objects. Remember this room for later.

Run to the left and continue following Boba Fett. At the end of this hallway is the second of the three pointy cone objects. Head through the door to the right, where you'll see a frozen Han Solo being taken away in Fett's ship, the Slave 1. R2-D2 will now join the party, though. Return back where you came and use R2-D2 to turn off the smoke in the hallway, then make your way back to the room where the white bricks first appeared. You can now open the door to the right, where you'll be able to find a rather discombobulated C-3PO. Rebuild him and have him use the protocol droid panel in the white block room to advance towards the Millennium Falcon. A whole bunch of enemies will be waiting for you on the other side of the door. Dispose of them, then shoot at the six grayish cylinders hanging from the ceiling for Studs and the parts for a small vehicle. You won't have to ride it anywhere, so leave it where it is and put a stormtrooper helmet on. Run down the hall past a few troopers and don't turn hostile against them; with your helmet on, they won't attack you or anyone else, and there aren't any more objects to mess with for Studs, so just hop in the elevator and take it up to the next area.

Run up to the stormtroopers ahead and shoot them, as well as the other enemies that rappel in from above. Then destroy all of the blue containers on this platform for Studs. After you kill the enemies, parts for a grapple point will fall from the sky. Use it to get to the next platforms and use the crane to get the droids across. Past this is a conveyor that will only slow down if someone is pressing the button the other side; stand on it to let everyone through, then take control of R2-D2 and fly around the big gray object by hovering around the south end of it. Then fly to the astromech panel on the other side of a large gap and have a blaster user use the grapple point to destroy the gray object blocking C-3PO from joining you. With it's destruction, he'll be able to walk by and use the protocol panel past the orange and blue crates. But you'll have to destroy the blue crate and push the orange ones out of his way first. The hallway that opens up past this door has tons of white brick walls as you've seen before, as well as the third pointy cone thing to build. Take your time shooting all of these white bricks and get as many Studs as possible; you're near the end of the level, and you'll need as much as you can to meet the 45,000-Stud requirement.

There's more gas flowing out of some vents in the room ahead. Have R2-D2 deactivate them again and run into the smaller room past the smoke. There will be two buttons on both sides of this room that you'll have to push to reveal two switches in the center of the room. Pull the switches and return to the smoke room, then look for a hall to the left where R2-D2 can open another door. This leads to the Millennium Falcon, but it's guarded by dozens of stormtroopers. Fire away at them and more will come from above, but they'll eventually be reduced to nothing. Hop inside the Falcon when it opens to end the level.

Character UnlockedPrice
Lando Calrissian---
Princess Leia (Bespin)---
Bespin Guard15,000
Princess Leia (Prisoner)22,000

Episode V complete.

Complete all six levels in this Episode in Story Mode.

Episode V complete.
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