LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Walkthrough

6. Story: Episode VI

Episode VI unlocks at the same time as Episode V, which is as soon as you beat Chapter 4-1, but you should really do these levels in order. If you want to go out of order with the movies, that's all up to you. Most of these levels will have you scouring every nook and cranny for Studs for True Jedi if you don't already have a multiplier activated.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Story (True Jedi)

Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace

True Jedi: 38,000 Studs

The amount of Studs in this level is pretty small, so you're going to have to scavenge every nook and cranny for True Jedi if you don't already have a multiplier. To start, run around the entire opening area for Studs, and make sure to grab the blue Stud to the southwest. When you're ready to enter Jabba's Palace, jump in front of one of the three squares in the door to make a camera pop out and start shooting at you. Jump away from it and fire a few shots back to destroy it, then do the same for the other two. You can reach the middle camera by building the blocks underneath it. When the door opens, you'll be able to destroy the stool you built for even more Studs.

In the first proper area of the palace, you'll notice two big hatches with switches underneath them. You're going to want to close these as soon as you can, because Gamorrean Guards spawn from these constantly until they're closed. Don't even bother fighting them unless they're really getting in the way, and then wipe them out when the hatches are closed. Return to the doorway and blast the two torches on both sides of the hall for Studs. Keep an eye out for these at all times, as these will make up a good chunk of your total. There's also a radio you can build on the left side; when it's built, you can distract the guards with the music it plays, but since they should be dead by now, it won't have any effect. Simply build it and shoot it immediately. It gives you more Studs when it plays music than when it's done. Continue down the hall and look in every room available for more stuff to blow up. There'll be another hatch to the left for you to close next to a hat machine that gives the wearer the abilities of a bounty hunter. Put one on when you're ready and use the access panel to continue into the next room. If you're wondering about the torch above the panel, it cannot be destroyed with a blaster for whatever reason. Stand far away from it and press cn_B to throw a thermal detonator, and press it again to detonate it when it's near the wall.

Continue shooting torches and approach the large silver door to find Luke in a room with two more hatches on either side of the next door. Close these, defeat the guards, and build the access panel by the door, and if you have your hat on, open it, but don't go through it just yet. Make a torch run around the room, and then take control of Luke and head to the east side. Build the pushable block there and push it onto the little switch on the ground. This will activate a grapple point on the floor nearby, which you can use with another character after you use the Force on the hatch stored away in a crevice. Putting it down and opening it reveals a few blue Studs, which are vital to earning True Jedi on this level. Next, take Leia or Chewbacca up with the grappling hook and collect the Studs up there; the Power Brick for this level is up here too, so you can grab that now to save yourself some time on your Free Play run.

In the next room, run to the left hallway and close the next hatch, and then take Luke over to the pieces of droid debris that he can use the Force on for a bit more cash. To leave the room, shoot the blue cylinder and build the platform from its pieces, and then take the ride up by using a blaster character, or use the Force on it to lift someone else up there. Either way, the door to the twin switches will open, so you can then use them to open the next door. But, upon opening it, you'll notice a large blockade made out of shiny silver metal. Use a thermal detonator (with the hat machine at the start of the room) to destroy it and move ahead. Just past it is another hatch, and to the left of the hatch is an explosive device that you can build for not only Studs, but access to a Minikit as well. Break the chains holding the next door up and move on ahead to a hallway with some unstable panels on the floor. Don't stand on these for too long as you make your way across.

This next room won't have any hatches in it, so dispose of the two enemies in here and get to work on collecting Studs. You can also smash the brown panels on the floor at the start of the room, and running through the tunnel down there will take you to another Minikit. By pulling the two switches in the room and using the Force on a piece of the left wall, you'll be able to build a few things necessary to progress. The switches give you pieces for buttons to control a hovering block, which is what the pieces from the wall make. Stand on the Up button until your block is next to C-3PO's cage, and use Luke's double-jump to get inside and lower the cage. When it's at ground level, you can then use C-3PO on the protocol droid panel next to his cell. Switch back to Luke and do the same for R2-D2 to get past this room. Do the usual routine until you're in a much larger and brighter room.

For this room, most of the objects inside won't provide you with any Studs, which is probably a glitch or programming error. The few things that still give you Studs are the torches on the left wall (if the right wall is where the first hatch is), which are hard to see from the camera angle, and some things you need to do to get ahead. Close the hatch in the closest corner of the room and start pushing the three blocks into place in order from shortest to tallest until they click in place. Use the Force on each one to turn all three into a long ramp so the droids can follow, and then keep moving on towards the second hatch. Close it as soon as possible and then use R2-D2 to cross the gap and open up a bridge. Now all that's left to do is break some containers, build another access panel, and use C-3PO to open the door.

These last two rooms are really easy and don't have any puzzles to them. Close the hatch in the first room and defeat the guards to open the door to the last room. If you've obtained True Jedi at this point, you won't have to scavenge these rooms for Studs, so put on a bounty hunter hat in this first room and make a mad dash towards the end of the other room to free Han. If you're not quite there yet, you'll want to close the hatches in the second room, defeat the guards, and hopefully acquire enough Studs to get the ranking before putting on the helmet.

After a cutscene, most of the crew will drop down to the Rancor's chamber. Defeating it is very easy; take note of C-3PO's and R2-D2's positions in the room, as they're automatically placed near their access panels if controlled by the CPU. Use them to open the panel once, which will release a single Gamorrean Guard from a hatch. The Rancor will snatch it up and take it to the left or right side. When he starts to eat the guard, shoot the white container next to him to inflict damage, and repeat the process again. For the third hit, the Rancor will stand underneath the giant metal gate at the north end of the room. When he starts to walk over there, get near one of the switches on either side and get ready to pull it when the Rancor is in position. After dealing this final blow, the level will end.

Character UnlockedPrice
Luke Skywalker (Jedi)---
Princess Leia (Boushh)---
Han Solo (Skiff)---
Gamorrean Guard40,000
Bib Fortuna16,000
Palace Guard14,000

Chapter 6-2: The Great Pit of Carkoon

True Jedi: 50,000 Studs

When this level starts, you'll be able to assemble two guns and destroy the railings of the first skiff for Studs. Using a lightsaber slam will be the most efficient for this due to how it creates a hitbox in a large circle around Luke, therefore destroying multiple pieces of the railing at once. Move across each ship and repeat this process; if you're finding that the Skiff Guards across the way are shooting you too much, you can use the turrets to take care of them for at least a short while. As you get closer to the primary ship, Boba Fett will fight you. You'll have to damage him when he lands. I found it easiest to hit him with a lightsaber slash, which you can do by jumping once before attacking. On the main ship, you need to activate three levers to push some platforms out of the side of the ship so you can continue inside. One is out in the open, one is hidden behind some of the flipping platforms that you can use the Force on, and one is up above in an alcove that a blaster user will have to get to. For that one, use the Force on a nearby platform and have Luke double-jump to the box up there; the parts inside will build up to a grapple point that leads to that third switch. The last puzzle that you'll have to complete to get inside is really simple, and can be done only with Luke if you want to. Use the Force on two panels on both sides of the door, and you'll be able to use it again on the center color wheel on the right side to make it yellow. Finally, push the wheel to turn the lower wheel blue. With all three colors matching on both sides, you'll be allowed entry inside.

In the first room, destroy the engines on both sides of the room and build a turret to destroy the horizontal bars in the doorway. Wipe the enemies out of the next room and interact with everything to activate a lift in the center of the room. Don't worry about the Gamorrean Guards on the other side of the shield; you can't get to them in Story mode. At the top end of the lift, you'll have to then build a disco floor out of the various objects in the room. Start by shooting all the orange pieces on the walls and the rest of what you have to do will become obvious. When everything is ready to go, the disco floor itself will open up. All you have to do is stand on the white lights until all of them have been touched at least once. If you're playing with someone else, both of you will have to stand on the two lights, but if you're by yourself, the AI will put another character on the other light for you. The disco party will begin and guards will walk in from the now-opened door to rock out. Kill them if you want, but walk out to the next room and shoot the walls again for another set of Studs. You can also build a Minikit out of the pieces that pop out of the windows if you want to get it now. Head up to the deck when you're ready.

On the deck, there will be ample amounts of objects and Studs to collect if you're falling a bit short. There's over 10,000 Studs here, so if you're around 40,000, you'll still be able to make it now. Enemies are also around in finite numbers, so if you want to make things a bit more serene later on, you can focus your attention on enemies until they stop appearing. The main goal here is to get rid of the two shields around the big generators in the middle of the deck and then blow them up with the turret at the port end of the ship. One of shields can be destroyed by just using C-3PO on a protocol droid panel, but the other needs to have two blocks pushed to both sides. You can find these blocks at the ends of the paths connected to the sides of the lower generator. When those are primed and ready to explode, work with the surroundings to move everyone (including the droids) up to the bow. You'll need to destroy a crate to the right of the lower generator to get inside a caged off room, but aside from that, the ascension to the top should be pretty straight-forward.

At the top, you'll find just a few more Studs and railings to take care of, and then there's the turret in the middle. Charge each shot with R2-D2 using the astromech panel on the side of the platform the turret is resting on and fire away at the generators until the level ends. If you run out of shots, you can recharge the turret at any time. As you try to finish the level, enemies will drop down to attack you; just like the rest of the ship, there are only so many enemies that will appear until they're all dead; if you're interested in securing the ship first, you can do that without having to worry about infinitely spawning enemies.

Character UnlockedPrice
Lando (Palace Guard)---
Princess Leia (Slave)---
Skiff Guard12,000
Boba Fett175,000

Chapter 6-3: Speeder Showdown

True Jedi: 55,000 Studs

For most of the land travel on this level, you'll be on land speeders at high speeds, but the rest will be a bit calmer to compensate. The starting area has no enemies in it, and is just a little puzzle with a few plants you can destroy for Studs. Once you make it to the main area, some stormtroopers will come in on speeders. Kill them and take their rides, and then get ready to dig out a bunch of Studs from the foliage in the dense woods. There's plenty of Studs in this repeating circle to get you all the way to 55,000 if you really want to get it over with. Just shoot a plant once (or a satellite/tree a few times) until it explodes, then run back and collect the Studs by moving cn_LS in the opposite direction. Don't worry about the stormtroopers for now; they won't cause you any harm until you decide to go after them. You can also get some Minikits out of the way by running over the upwards-angled panels on the ground in a chain, which will lead to the caged Minikit becoming available. When you have the Studs you need and are ready to fight the troopers, fire away at their landspeeders until they explode, which will end your ride and put you in the first of four different "walking" areas (the original area is the fourth). If the troopers do a loop-de-loop, they'll now be behind you. You can put them back in their place by doing the same with cn_A or just driving backwards and returning forwards again.

In the first walking area, you'll have to disable the big glowing machine to the northeast with four properly placed shots from an AT-ST. For this first area, you'll be fighting the AT-ST practically as soon as you get off the speeder, so use Luke to dispatch of the other stormtroopers and use the Force on the one in the vehicle. Pilot the walker over to the machine and destroy it, which will show you a small cutscene indicating that you've destroyed one of four in the level. Hop back on your speeder when you're ready to continue.

Assuming you're done with collecting Studs, you'll just have to focus on shooting the stormtroopers in the forest. The second AT-ST is in pieces to the left and you'll have to do a bit of work with the Force and grappling to get all the pieces ready. Be sure to take control of it as soon as you can before a trooper does, and then fire at the shield generator until you're good to move on. The third is much like the first, out in the open; take it and blast the third generator whenever you wish. To build the last AT-ST, run south and use a bridge to get to the pieces. Build a mechanism out of the pieces hidden in the plants to release the parts stuck in the cage, and then shoot the two cages up in the air with the AT-ST to free some pieces for a bridge. With the bridge, you'll be able to take the AT-ST to the final generator and continue to the area to the right in this same space.

It's a long walk to the base, but the trip to the top is very easy. Just pull the two levers in front of the elevator and take it up to the middle floor, and then take the other elevator at the end of the hallway. But once you're at the top, you'll have a bit of work to do. Stormtroopers will be shooting up from grappling hooks, which you can destroy with a few shots. Blasting these should be your first priority. When the enemies have stopped appearing, pull the four switches on the floor to deactivate the shields on the radars around the AT-AT. Hop inside the AT-AT with the big white flipper to the north and use it to shoot the satellites to end the level.

Character UnlockedPrice
Princess Leia (Endor)---
Luke Skywalker (Endor)---

Chapter 6-4: The Battle of Endor

True Jedi: 90,000 Studs

On the path to the second Death Star's shield generator, you'll start off in the Ewok village. There won't be any enemies here until the very end so you can safely blast everything apart in search of Studs. There are quite a lot around the place, so make sure to check around. With the Ewok named Wicket you can now traverse through those small white passages you've likely seen throughout levels. There will be some of these here that you'll have to use to progress to the end, which should be straight-forward enough. You'll eventually get to a checkered floor area with stormtroopers. They're coming up by grappling hooks, which you can and should destroy before clearing the floor of containers. Build an anvil-looking object and push it into its receptacle, then use Wicket to pull the switch above and bring the anvil up to the higher, final receptacle. This will pull up an elevator that the whole team will have to activate.

Carry on through the forest, completing the small puzzles that impede your progress. Across a river is a bunch of stuff to blow up, including some purple boxes with parts for a tractor inside. Building the tractor releases a bunch of Studs, but so too does driving over carrots and shooting said carrots. To get ahead of this place, shoot a grate covering a protocol droid panel between two paths ahead. Activating this will let you pass ahead with some easy-to-maneuver button puzzles; you'll need to pay attention to both paths in order for everyone to get together at the top.

Keep destroying plants and things until you get to a stone catapult. Use it a few times on the wall ahead to knock it down, then use the AT-ST ahead to get rid of the next one. Continue to ride it towards some more structures that can only be destroyed by the AT-ST, which will reveal a platform with a button that you'll also have to use the height of the AT-ST to get to. Stand on the button until another character automatically (or a partner manually) uses the grapple point that appears to pull a switch on another platform. With these new parts on the ground, you can return to the floor and wipe out the rest of the forces and clear the area for Studs until you have to use the parts that fell. These will take you to the roof of the shield generator's building. Break the circular objects on the roof and use the checkered parts that pop out to push the other object off, which will then lead to your access into the building itself.

In the initial hall, shoot all of the tan pieces in the walls that look like they have black telephones on them if you still need more Studs. There are also some circular objects on the floor near the door at the end of the hallway that you can shoot too. Then shoot the door open with about three blaster bolts and clear out the room. To blow up the generators, you need to disarm the shield blocking you from getting to it. There are four levers in this building that will slowly grant power to the main control room, which will then let you shut this red laser field off. The blue one is in this very room in the northwest corner.

There are two ways you can move ahead; starting order doesn't matter, since you'll have to go both ways. But since the room on the left is closest to the blue switch, that room will be described first. Shoot that door open and defeat the multitude of troopers waiting inside, then blast everything you can see for more Studs. Doing this will also reveal three buttons on the floor that you'll have to use to create a staircase. At the top, shoot some more pieces of the wall and push the block hidden behind them into the receptacle to turn the stairs into a slope. C-3PO needs to walk up this slope to activate the protocol droid panel to allow access to the purple switch, which anyone else but him R2-D2 will be able to use.

The room on the right will also have some enemies inside, but not as many as the room on the left. Use R2-D2 on the lift in the center of the room and then grab more Studs from this room if you need to. Jump across a gap leading to the right (south) and build a bridge for C-3PO to walk across. Using him to activate another panel will let you use the green switch. From this higher deck, use R2-D2 around the northern side of the room (left) to get to the other corner of the room, where a hidden access panel for him awaits. This panel will release parts for a small hatch; send Wicket in there to pull the last switch, and you'll finally be able to finish the level.

Return to the central control room and use the two switches that have now been given full power. The red laser wall will shut off, causing an alert and thus prompting several enemies to storm after you. Finish the level quickly by running into the generator room and building the four explosives with the pieces conveniently laid down on the floor. The level will end within a few seconds of the last bomb being built.

Character UnlockedPrice
Han Solo (Endor)---

Chapter 6-5: Jedi Destiny

True Jedi: 55,000 Studs

To get True Jedi without multipliers, you need to get practically every single Stud you can find. It's literally that close of a call, so you need to be extremely aware of all of the Studs that come out of things as you destroy them or use the Force on them. Even then, the same amount of Studs isn't guaranteed from the same object, so it also depends on a dash of luck.

The Emperor will fight Luke and Vader as soon as the level starts. The easiest way to hit him is to do a lightsaber slash with a single jump and then an attack. At some point, the Emperor will use Force Lightning on whoever you're controlling; quickly switch to the other Skywalker and hit him to stop the prior from taking the full force of the lightning. After hitting Sidious enough times, he'll jump away to a high area. Take this time to take all the Studs around this starting area and use the Force on everything you see around his throne. Two small groups of gray blocks will form into platforms, one of which leads to a Minikit, and having all eight red squares active at the same time will reveal a Power Brick atop the throne. Two Imperial Guards will come in to attack every time Sidious escapes; Vader does the best job of killing them with a Force Choke. Next, use a Jedi slam on the machinery on the left and right on the stairs, and then drop down below the stairs. The lower half of this machinery isn't affected by a Jedi slam, so you'll have to just hit each component one by one. After you do this, take all of the loose Studs on the floor and head to the right side of the room. There are a few objects to break here for a few more Studs. Head to the left side and set up a fan that takes you up to Sidious, but don't ride it up just yet. We'll be running around the rest of the level and collecting as many Studs as possible before continuing on.

Head to the center of the level, a circular platform with a few more paths jetting off of it. There are a few lights that either character can use the Force on, and Vader can open a stormtrooper control panel for just a few more Studs. Remember, every Stud counts, so pick these up and move on to the area counter-clockwise from the throne room and SWITCH TO LUKE. All you can do here is destroy the stuff on the ground and pick up the loose Studs alongside them. A door on the back wall opens up to reveal a room with a hole in the middle and a bunch of Studs surrounding it. The reason for switching to Luke is because Vader might accidentally use the Force on the lights above you here, thus ruining any chance of you collecting the Studs that come from it and likely preventing you from earning True Jedi (it's really that close). Do the same for the third room in the level. You should end up with around 43,000 Studs.

Ride the fan that you built in the throne room up to Sidious and chase him to the higher area of the second room. He'll charge the floor with electricity, and only a few panels will remain unaffected. Use the breaks in the electricity to carefully make your way to the Emperor and start attacking him as you did before until he runs away yet again. When things have calmed down, destroy the objects up here and use the Dark Force on each of the red lights up here one-by-one to ensure that you don't have enough time to pick up any of the Studs. When you've done this with all of the lights, you can use it on them all over again in quick succession to reveal a Minikit in the window between them. Drop down below and take care of the two new Imperial Guards that spawned in.

Attack Sidious once again until he jumps up to the top of the third and final room. Some parts will fall that you can use to repair the elevator on the left side. Ride the elevator up and attack Sidious until he flees for the last time. Make sure you collect as many Studs up here as you can; this is the last amount of them that you'll find in the level, so if you didn't get 55,000 here, you should just come back with a multiplier. When you're done, drop down and hit Sidious a few more times to end the level.

Character UnlockedPrice
Darth Vader---
Imperial Guard45,000
The Emperor275,000

Chapter 6-6: Into the Death Star

True Jedi: 30,000 Studs

You start off in the Falcon in a full-on battle between the rebels and the imperials. There are four Star Destroyers hanging in space with large turrets on both sides of them, primed and ready to fire at you if you get close. To sink a destroyer, you need to steal two torpedoes off of TIE Bombers and use them on the pink balls atop the helm of each of the four ships. Each destroyed pink ball releases some Studs to pick up, so try to get in close and pick up as many as you can. When each ship is taken down, the turrets on them will be deemed useless alongside them, releasing more Studs. To save time, don't bother shooting the turrets and just focus on sinking a single Star Destroyer, then pick up the loose change that flies out of it. Keep doing this to all four ships to create clear passage towards the insides of the second Death Star. As you fight TIE Fighters and Bombers, you'll likely pick up two Minikits without trying; if you don't, they're really easy to pick up in Free Play, so don't worry about it.

Inside the Death Star, shoot constantly at everything you can see for more Studs. Big turrets like the ones seen in Chapter 4-6 will make a reappearance alongside TIE Fighters to really give you a hard time. By the time you get to the first torpedo dispenser, you might have upwards of 25,000 Studs. If not, there's still plenty more to find ahead. Just ahead of this dispenser are two turrets (shooting these out is a high priority) and past these are three pink targets sitting on pipes. These don't advance the story but do release Studs and a Minikit once all three targets are hit, so unless you're intentionally avoiding Minikits for whatever reason, you may as well use torpedoes on these for the extra money and grab the Minikit while you're at it. Further along is a shield with four targets on both sides of a shield wall. Use torpedoes on all four of these to get by.

In the next area is another torpedo dispenser at the very start of the tunnel (pick up three now), and inside the tunnel are more turrets and objects to destroy for Studs. This will hopefully be the area where you earn True Jedi so you won't have to worry about it anymore. Two pink turrets occasionally pop out of their holes in the wall at the end of the tunnel to fire rockets at you; use two of your torpedoes on these to deactivate the shield and enter the main reactor. Before you head in, pick up three more torpedoes at the start of this area, because you'll need them in the reactor room.

Surrounding the room are electrical panels on the walls that open and close every once in a while. To deactivate the core's shields, shoot out all of these panels. Don't get too close, though, because these panels can stun your ship into a useless state for quite a few seconds. When the shields are down, look around for a door with two torpedo targets on both sides on the left half of the reactor room. If you want to pick up the Power Brick now, you can find it inside that door after you bust it open. Just make sure you keep one of the torpedoes with you. Now what you'll want to do is shoot at the reactor; there's a blue cover being blocked by rotating cylinders that you can occasionally shoot through. The cylinders and cover will be reduced to rubble with enough hits, uncovering the weak, pink torpedo target in the center of the core. Use a torpedo on it, and the Death Star will start to implode.

The Millennium Falcon will start its escape with a massive fire trailing behind it. Shoot constantly as you fly out because you'll have to destroy any girders and other debris from getting in your way. There are three separate areas where you'll have to just fly downwards/south holding cn_X, and in each one, you'll most likely shoot a Minikit in each of the three areas. You'll finish the level at the end of the third area.

Character UnlockedPrice

Episode VI complete.

Complete all six levels in this Episode in Story Mode.

Episode VI complete.
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