LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Walkthrough

7. Free Play: Episode IV

The Free Play pages will detail how to find all of the collectibles and what each of them will do for you. You can find more information the Minikit models and Extras unlocked at the level you unlock it in so you know which is most useful. As for Episode IV, the first Extra that you should get is the Score x2 multiplier so you can start raking in more Studs towards the next multiplier in Episode V. Because you now have access to multipliers, there's no need to worry about earning True Jedi on levels anymore, so tips for finding Studs won't fill up these pages like they did in the Story pages.

If you want to get started on these levels as soon as possible, you'll need to buy Jawa, Greedo, any TIE Fighter, and build a Sith character in the character builder in the Cantina (free). You'll also need the Snowspeeder from Chapter 5-1. If you don't want to spend any Studs on characters, play through at least Chapter 6-4 for Episode VI; if you get to Chapter 6-4, you may as well finish that Episode entirely anyway.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Collectibles

Chapter 4-1: Secret Plans

True Jedi: 70,000 Studs

Star Destroyer: A lot slower than the average ship, but enemy fire bounces off of it, dealing no damage to you. It can also hold five torpedoes.

Super Blasters: Doubles the power of all blasters, which means you can kill officers in one hit. Boba Fett and 4-LOM already have guns that deal twice as much damage, so their blasters will now deal quadruple damage.

Build the controls in the starting room and make your way out to the first main hallway. Some rebels will run to the left, but you're going to want to go to the right, where you'll spot your first (01/10) Minikit. A Dark Force door will close in front of it when you get too close, so just use Darth Vader to break it open and get your prize. Meet up with the rebels and defeat the Stormtroopers that barge through the door, then continue on to the next room. There's a grapple point on the floor headed up to the bridge that you have to build, but first, take a bounty hunter and blow up the shiny metal object on the floor to the left. Drop in the hole underneath it and grab that (02/10) Minikit underneath the floor, then hop back up with a Jedi/Sith character. Make your way up to the top of the room and use the Force on the two objects on the wall, then double-jump onto them to find another (03/10) Minikit. Now you can move to the next room; if you have Boba Fett, you can just fly across, but if not, you'll have to build the bridge's components.

Take care of Vader using the switches on the sides of the next hallway and follow him out into the next one, where you'll find more destructible walls. There's a gray container in the right corner with a (1/3) Box on it that looks like it has a bundle of grapes with sunglasses on or something; it's really hard to make out with the pixel-y graphic. Anyway, you'll notice a bounty hunter door right next to it; open it up, but don't go inside just yet. Instead, make your way over to the rebels and take out the two waves of troopers so that everything is a bit more calm. There's a Stormtrooper panel on the right side of the rebels' hallway that you should also open up. Return to the bounty hunter door and enter it, leading to a place we'll call the "backroom."

Make a left when you can and ignore the dead end ahead for now. There's another gray container to destroy, and it's got another (2/3) Box inside of it. Then blow up the metal object just ahead of it in the same hallway, where you'll find the parts to build a vehicle. You won't need to build it just yet, so leave it be for now. Next, walk up to the shield down the hall. Take note of the open door to the left; this is the door you opened with a stormtrooper panel, and having it open will make driving the car a bit less of a hassle for you later. Deactivate the shield with C-3PO and shoot/break the gray container on the left just ahead of it. The last (3/3) Box is inside of it, revealing a (04/10) Minikit down by that dead end from earlier. Run back there and collect it, then look at the two white ramps where the fourth Minikit used to be. You're going to want to run up these ramps and hop in the holes they lead into. A bunch of white pieces will fall out of both, and when built, create a doorway revealing the fifth (05/10) Minikit to you.

Return to where you found that third box and go through the big door at the end of the backroom. There are a bunch of sprinklers in here that you can use the Force on to water some plants underneath it, which you can then break for Studs. More importantly, though, is the very first set of plants on the right. Use the sprinkler to water them, then use a Jedi slam to wipe all the plants out at once. This will reveal the Power Brick from inside, which you should most certainly collect. Now that the backroom is cleaned up, build that car from earlier and drive out the nearby stormtrooper door with it back to the rebel hall. The next room will be open to you since you've already killed the enemies, so drive through that door as well.

Now that you're in the "block room", jump onto the higher platform to the right of where you came in from and use the Force on the two white objects. Make sure the biggest is on top so that you can actually climb them, of course. By jumping off the top of them, you can reach another ledge with a (06/10) Minikit above it. Push the blocks in place to open the door when you're ready to do so, then defeat the three troopers behind it and drive your orange car up to the next barrier. Deactivate it with C-3PO, and then switch to a Force user. Normally, those little pieces on the wall are pretty useless, dropping somewhere around 200 Studs per piece, but one of them past the shield is different. By using the Force on the first higher piece on the left, you'll open a secret compartment in the wall, where the seventh (07/10) Minikit is being kept. Once you have it, return to your car and bring it through to the next room, the crane room.

Upon entering the crane room, drive your car up the lift to the south. A (08/10) Minikit will pop up above it after it recognizes your car, so now you don't have to drive this thing around anymore. There won't be anything else in this particular room, so make your way over to the next one, where two rebels are being taken away. Defeat all of the enemies guarding them, including the ones that come bursting through the door, and then destroy more chunks of the wall to your left. Inside one of these chunks is a group of blue (1/3) Flowers, which you'll need to find for another Minikit. Take care of the rest of the enemies and reach the corner of this final hallway, where you'll find another Stormtrooper panel. Open it with either Vader or some other enemy that you have with you, and then break the gray containers inside for another set of (2/3) Flowers. The last set of (3/3) Flowers is just up ahead; use a thermal detonator on the big metal object on the way over to the escape pods, and you'll find them. The (09/10) Minikit will appear in front of the escape pods, so grab it and open both pods up with R2-D2. The middle one will have two troopers taking a bath inside, and this is the more important one. Defeat the troopers, then use the Dark Force on the bath to drain the water. The last (10/10) Minikit will appear by the lever in there as a reward. Now that you've taken everything out of this level, all you have to do is finish it by using the escape pod to your right.

Chapter 4-2: Through the Jundland Wastes

True Jedi: 120,000 Studs

Sandcrawler: Slow, can't shoot, and can't pick up torpedoes. It goes without saying that this isn't what you'll be using in the Minikit bonus levels.

Fast Force: A really useful Extra that you'll want to pick up pretty early. It's not expensive at all, which is even better.

You'll definitely need Boba Fett for this level, because his ability to fly is pretty crucial to getting the Power Brick. Walk towards the brown bricks holding the rock up next to the first bridge, and then make a hard right along the cliffside. The camera should direct you towards a shiny metal object on the other end of a long gap. As far as I can tell, Boba Fett is the only one who can successfully blow this thing up, which is done by flying towards it and tossing a detonator in midair. Fly to the other side when you can, and use the Force on three little containers lying around on the right side. From these, you can jump towards a mine cart of sorts and push it down onto the track below, revealing the Power Brick inside a small cave. Jump to the ledge above the Power Brick and run to the left, where you'll be able to see an otherwise hard to get (01/10) Minikit on the other ledge up ahead. When you have it, you can drop down or come back the way you came to the rock bridge at the start of the level. You'll want to find a door that can only be opened by the Dark Force. Inside are a few bombs that you can arrange to blow up chunks of the wall in the cave here, which will eventually lead to the next (02/10) Minikit. To the right of where the Dark Force door used to be is a grappling point. Use it and hover over to the crawl hatch a little off to the north; this too leads to a (03/10) Minikit, so you've already got about 1/3 of the collectibles in the bag by the time you finish this area.

The next (04/10) Minikit is accessible once you get to the top of the Jawas' Sandcrawler. Use a detonator or two on the metal plates on the left side of the roof to uncover two switches that, when pressed, open up a crawl hatch leading to the Minikit. That'll be it for the outside, so head into the Sandcrawler and get to the room where you once had to save R2-D2 with explosive boxes. There's one (05/10) Minikit in here too, and all you have to do is push one of these boxes into the door on the right side of the room. As the closest door to where the boxes spawn, it won't take long to get into place. Use the elevator nearby to get up to the second floor, and then use the Dark Force on the object on the left wall. There's another crawl space in here that you can use to get to a room with fiery lava, and the next (06/10) Minikit is on the other side. All you have to do to stop the lava is use the Force on the little wheel on the ground, and then use the Dark Force on the object that comes from the former action. Then you'll be able to safely fly across with (preferably) Boba Fett.

Head out of the Sandcrawler and towards the first of several swamp dehydrators, or whatever they're supposed to be. There's a grappling point you can build next to the one dehydrator that you actually need to use to progress, and using it leads to the next (07/10) Minikit on a high ledge. Once you have that, it'd be a good idea to wipe the area clean of raiders. Run to the left side when you're done, and use the Dark Force on yet another strange black object. There's a small Bantha camp you can reach after you do this, and you'll just need to ride one of the Banthas onto the really big button on the ground here. Then hop off and stand on the smaller one to free the eighth (08/10) Minikit in the little container here. You'll now be set to move on ahead towards the white pieces that you have to use the Force on to create a bridge. Walk across it and double jump onto the tall rock pillar on the left side. This will cause it to sink down to where you can safely grab the (09/10) Minikit hiding in a small cave in the wall.

The last (10/10) Minikit is in the last area, and is on one of the islands in the quicksand to the north. Repair the landspeeder and drive over to it; you'll easily be able to locate which island it's on by just looking around. All you really have to do to get it is build another grapple point and fly over from where you land towards the Minikit. From here, it's just a short drive to the end of the level. Don't forget that you need to build a small bridge the south to allow your AI partner to come over to Ben's house with you.

Chapter 4-3: Mos Eisley Spaceport

True Jedi: 200,000 Studs

Land Speeder: Like the Sandcrawler, this vehicle cannot shoot, and is really slow. Don't use this one either.

Super Lightsabers: Doubles the power of lightsaber attacks. Not necessarily all the most useful Extra, but it's cheap.

The Power Brick for this level is really sensitive. Don't destroy anything you don't have to after you get the first Minikit to ensure that you don't have to restart/replay the level.

When the level starts, head to the right and you'll find a stormtrooper door leading to a pool room. Use the Force on the handles on the showers here to drain the water from the pool, revealing the first (01/10) Minikit. Leave and destroy the trash cans by the tall set of stairs just to the right of where you started to find a (1/3) Carrot. Then walk up these stairs and hover across the gap to the left towards a bounty hunter panel. Using it will toss a bunch of parts on the ground, which you'll need later. You don't need to build these pieces together yet if you don't want to. Anyways, run to the north, and you'll find a staircase next to a pile of blue bricks in a basket. Head up the stairs and use the Dark Force on the panel in the roof to get inside the building to get the next (02/10) Minikit. Head out the building's front door, which will open for you, and go left towards four really small trash cans piled fairly close together. You'll want to use the Force on them and pull the contents of the trash cans out. If you manage to do this with all four cans, you'll be able to use the pieces to build a doorway leading to the Power Brick. But, if you so much as destroy one of these trash cans before then, you won't be able to get the brick on this run. Once you've secured it, go south (left on your screen) to get to another trash can, where you'll find the second (2/3) Carrot. The last (3/3) Carrot is a bit to the left of the house where you found the second Minikit from earlier. The third (03/10) Minikit will reveal itself above the pile of bricks near the start of the level once you've found all the carrots, so run back there and use the bricks to build a fan to get to it. That'll be it for this area, but you'll want to enter the next area using the stormtrooper panel instead of the C-3PO panel directly above the large door.

By using the stormtrooper panel, you'll be on a higher ledge above the ground, and you can fly across however you please to a rooftop nearby to get to two piles of bricks. Both of these are built into little guns, and hopping into one starts a minigame that has you shooting at at least 10 Womp Rats to earn the next (04/10) Minikit. Drop down towards the AT-ST pieces and blow up the first metal object you see. Doing so will release the pieces for a turnstile that, when pushed all the way through, will drop some more pieces for a grapple point up towards another (05/10) Minikit. And to make things even better, the sixth (06/10) Minikit is really close to the fifth. Use the Force on three gray blocks to the right of most of the AT-ST components, and you'll be able to jump to it. As for the blockade, you can ignore the AT-ST pieces and just toss a thermal detonator at it to get by.

There's just one (07/10) Minikit in the cantina. Walk into the first little cave-thing you get to and use the crawl hatch here to get to it. You can then pull the two switches inside to deactivate the barrier to avoid having to crawl through the hatch twice. When you leave the cantina, destroy the trash cans around here until you find an (1/3) Onion. Next, grapple up to the Imperial Spy, then build the next grapple point up to the higher of two available ledges. Enter the next area, and you'll be right next to a bounty hunter access panel. Walk in and shoot more cans to find the next (2/3) Onion, and keep going until you find two sets of vertical bars in the same wall. Use the Force on two of the wheels on the same side to keep the bars from coming back down, which will allow you to walk in the cave behind them and grab the eighth (08/10) Minikit. From here, you can use the Dark Force on the objects to the left as a shortcut if you want, or you can return to where you came from naturally. If you decide to go back to the area where you have to push a block towards the giant gray door, you're in luck, because you can skip the block ordeal and just toss a detonator at the door to blow it up instead.

The last (3/3) Onion is in this wide open area, the second to last in the level. It's a good idea to get rid of as many stormtroopers here as you can first just to calm things down. When you find the onion, the (09/10) Minikit will appear in the previous area, and you can get to it with a few double jumps. When the area with the last onion is cleared out, go to the right side and look for the theater. You can enter it with R2-D2, and you'll find yourself in a double score zone. Grab whatever Studs you feel like, but remember to shoot out the four lights at the front of the theater. Turning them all off will start a small movie, which consists of a few clips from Lego Star Wars: The Video Game, this game's prequel. Toss a detonator at the screen or fire at it to take chunks out of it. This will not only release more Studs for you to collect, but you'll also find the last (10/10) Minikit hidden behind the screen. When you've got it, head back outside and use a Dewback to get to the Millennium Falcon.

Chapter 4-4: Rescue the Princess

True Jedi: 80,000 Studs

Millennium Falcon: Works just like the standard Millennium Falcon. It'll be good at firing in multiple directions.

Tractor Beam: Pulls enemy ships in and destroys them when they get right behind you. It's pretty useful for vehicle missions.

This should take a few minutes less of your time than the past two levels have. The first thing you'll want to do is take an immediate right as soon as you're out of the starting room. This will lead to two stormtroopers, which are easily disposed of, as well as a crane area. Pick up and drop ten stormtroopers into the hole in the middle of the flight deck to make a (01/10) Minikit show up to the lower left. When you have it, leave and continue up the hall towards the set of controls R2-D2 uses in the story to locate Leia's cell. To the southeast in this same room is an elevator that can be opened with C-3PO, and inside is the next (02/10) Minikit. Use the controls with R2-D2 when you're ready, and head into the next loaded area.

Run to the end of the hall and take notice of the lone blue Stud across a wide gap. Don't fly across there now, but just remember it; you'll be going there in a little bit, but we're taking a slight detour to collect something on the original path of the level. From the hall, turn left and go into the hall here, which is the same one used in the original story. There's an R2-D2 panel on the left side, and in the room it leads to is the Power Brick for this level. Now that you have it, you can go back to that blue Stud and fly over to it. Look to the left wall when you're across the gap for a doorway with the third (03/10) Minikit stored away inside. There's another (04/10) Minikit in this very room, but it'll require a bit more work. Hover to the right with Boba Fett (or break the railings and hover with R2-D2) towards a platform with a grapple point. This will take you to a crawl hatch, and that leads to the Minikit.

Keep going down this hall and you'll get to the shield generator Ben turned off in the story. You'll want to deactivate it yourself to provoke the next (05/10) Minikit into appearing. In the next room, use the Force on the large red-and-black door to turn it into platforms, which you can then use as steps to get another (06/10) Minikit. Run through the now opened doorway, and you'll reach the area where the two paths converged. There's not much to do here except activate the stormtrooper panel to the next area, the "turnstile room". Just proceed up the room as normal, but hover over the doorway to the right to find your next (07/10) Minikit. Then drop down and enter the control room and destroy all of the control panels, which will make the eighth (08/10) Minikit appear.

Run towards the elevator leading to the prison hall and use the Force on the boxes to the left of it. With these, you can jump on top of them and reach a heavy block that you can push down onto the frail cage below, freeing the (09/10) Minikit below you. The last (10/10) Minikit is in the prison hall. It'll be in the far back of the hall on the left, and its cell is opened with R2-D2.

Chapter 4-5: Death Star Escape

True Jedi: 65,000 Studs

Y-Wing: Behaves like the normal Y-Wing. It can hold five torpedoes.

Invincibility: A really useful Extra that prevents your health from dropping. You can still die if you fall into a pit, of course.

Leave the garbage chute you start the level off in, then use C-3PO on the door immediately to the left to get to another garbage chute. This one's got some pieces in it that can be built into a fridge or cupboard, or some similar item, and you can use the Force on it to find this super-important Power Brick. Leave the trash hole and proceed down the hall until you find a metal object sticking out of the wall. Blow it up with a bounty hunter and walk into the crevice left behind to get your first (01/10) Minikit of the level. There's just one (02/10) Minikit in the following room, and you don't really need to go too far out of your way to get it. Work with the puzzle in here as usual, and you'll be able to crawl through a small hatch next to where the yellow vehicle is parked to get the Minikit. Then leave the room as usual.

You'll find a crane in the next room, and it controls two troopers washing a window. Move them around and clean the entire window, which will cause the window to break and the third (03/10) Minikit to appear in its place. Once you have it, work your way through the levers and block down the hall until you get to a Dark Force object in the right wall. Break it open and walk into the hole behind it for the next (04/10) Minikit. The next room after this one is the rather annoying one with the elevator. Since you should have at least some kind of Imperial, if not Darth Vader, you won't have to deal with the helmet ordeal and can head straight to the top. There's a high platform that you can use the Force on at the top, however, and you should do so in order to get the fifth (05/10) Minikit. Up next is the "grapple room", consisting of mostly just grapple points. You won't be able to find anything of interest in here.

The next room, however, is the long hallway leading up to the stormtrooper ambush. Before you run off towards the ambush, run towards your screen, or south, and you'll find a secret ledge with another (06/10) Minikit floating above it. Now you'll want to switch to a blaster character and destroy everything in the hallway leading up to the ambush. You'll be able to find three (3/3) Boxes very quickly, which naturally makes another (07/10) Minikit appear when you've done so. As for the ambush room, it'll be pretty annoying if you don't have a Ghost character already unlocked. You need to use the Force on two boxes to the northeast in order to get up on the high ledge and grab the (08/10) Minikit floating above some troopers, and after that, you need to build the door leading to the Millennium Falcon. It'll be really tedious to pull the levers by the doors on the left and right every once in a while, but with a Ghost, you can completely sidestep being attacked and do these two tasks at your own pace. Whichever way you go about it, make sure you take that Minikit and get to the Falcon.

As before, you need to activate five switches in this room to release the Falcon from its shield prison and finish the level. It's best to start with the yellow vehicle on the left side and run over the five switches on the ground, since there won't yet be any enemies to try and shoot you in your little car. Just make sure not to fall down the hole where the platform is yet to appear. When you make your way to the northern end of the room, you'll find Darth Vader all alone behind a bounty hunter door. Open it and grab the (09/10) Minikit next to him. You can kill him or show him mercy; neither of these two options affects anything, so you can do whatever you want with him. The last (10/10) Minikit will be behind the pushable door on the eastern wall, where the droids were in the story, but you've probably already gotten this one unless you were intentionally avoiding it for now.

Chapter 4-6: Rebel Attack

True Jedi: 30,000 Studs

TIE Advanced: This vehicle looks like a TIE Bomber, but actually can only hold three torpedoes. It's better than most of the other stuff from Episode IV, and that's all that really matters.

Score x2: This Extra is the first you should go for out of all 18, and you should buy it immediately. Once you get it, don't be tempted to buy anything else; save up for the next multiplier, and when you have that, you'll really be rolling. There are a total of five multipliers that all stack together, so don't stop saving until you do unless you need to buy something specific.

You're going to want to buy the TIE Interceptor specifically for this level if you haven't already gotten it.

Start off by switching to the TIE Bomber and deactivating the first shield in front of you. Then grab five torpedoes and fly over the ground to the left until a red and green turnstile pops out. By shooting the green sides of the turnstile, you'll slowly raise the first (01/10) Minikit out from underneath the surface. When it's primed, shoot it to collect it. Up to the left of the first area's barrier is a TIE Fighter door; since you should already be using the TIE Bomber, it'll automatically open for you. There are just two turrets and a pink target behind it, but underneath the target is another caged (02/10) Minikit. Next, head to the four pink targets surrounding the shield's generator and look a bit south of it on the right wall for a few blue pieces that you can shoot. Behind some of them is a hidden crevice with yet another (03/10) Minikit inside. That'll be it for the first area, so go ahead and blow up that barrier.

In the second area, fly up the left side first and you'll find another (04/10) Minikit turnstile right in front of another TIE Fighter door. Inside the TIE room, switch to the Interceptor. There are a bunch of green lights on the floor that turn on for a short while after flying over them, and for this (05/10) Minikit you'll need all of them on at once. Start by flying from the light closest to the door towards the next, making sharp turns around the pillars sticking out of the Death Star. This Minikit in particular could take you quite a few tries to get, but it's not costly and no enemies will follow you in here, so you've got all the time in the world to get it. When you get it, fly over to the upper right to get to another TIE Fighter door. There's another hidden crevice to the right of it with the sixth (06/10) Minikit inside. You're going to want to open this TIE door first, because the one to the south on the right side will be pretty useless if this one isn't open first. Fly over to this last TIE door, and you'll reveal a bomb dispenser that only the Snowspeeder can grapple. Take two of these bombs into the upper right TIE room and drag it into the orange targets on either side of the electrical field to deactivate it, then take the (07/10) Minikit hidden inside. Now that the second area's been cleaned out, destroy the two generators and make your way over to the third area.

Upon entering the third area, you should find another (08/10) Minikit turnstile behind one of the last few remaining generators. Once you have it, just take out the generators; that's all there is on this side of the barrier. But don't head into the trench just yet. There's another (09/10) Minikit hidden in another crevice to the left just past the barrier. It's pretty hard to see, so if you can't find it, just keep firing until you get the Minikit.

Fly past everything in the trench and get to the Death Star's weak spot. The last (10/10) Minikit is protected by yet another turnstile. If you feel like it, get rid of all the turrets first; that way you'll be able to fly around the turnstile without having to worry about being shot. Finally, fly over to the northeast and into a well-hidden tunnel, where you'll find the very important Power Brick. Hopefully you can buy this thing straight away, but if not, you can always grind Studs out on Secret Plans pretty quickly.

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