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Chapter 5-1: Hoth Battle

True Jedi: 100,000 Studs

AT-AT: An absolute joke of a Minikit vehicle. It moves at a snail's pace and fires at practically ground level, so you'll never really hit anything. Try not to use it.

Self Destruct: Lets droid characters blow themselves up. Not sure why this would be useful since you can't use Extras in Undefeated runs anyway. At least it's cheap.

With only three main areas of the level, the Minikits here are placed fairly close together. To start, you can use the Snowspeeder to grapple onto enemy AT-ST's in the first area until they fall over. You need to do this ten times, but new AT-ST's won't respawn until the ones on the ground are destroyed with your Snowspeeder's weapons. The first (01/10) Minikit will appear by the door to the next area when you've done so. Another (02/10) Minikit is actually right behind the white wall closest to the exist, and can be earned by firing in that general direction for long enough. When you've got these two, fly back to the start of the level and fly over to the TIE Fighter door to the left, then drag a bomb over the wide gaps past it; you might want to try slowly maneuvering around the holes, but it's much easier to just fly quickly over them instead. The wall you can destroy with said bomb leads to a cave with several enemies inside for you to defeat, the last of which gives you a (03/10) Minikit. This is also a double score zone, so it's a good idea to pick up as many Studs in here as you can. When you're done here, fly back out of the cave and look immediately to the right of the entrance for a lone rock/snow pile that you can shoot. Inside it is yet another (04/10) Minikit. With all four of these Minikits on hand, you'll be all set to move on ahead.

The next (05/10) Minikit is earned in the same way as the first; drag AT-ST's until they fall over, and you'll find it on the other side of the large wall to the north. Next, use the TIE Fighter door to the left of the bomb dispenser and fly on through. There are a few enemies out here, alongside another dispenser for you to use. Switch back to the Snowspeeder and pick one up, then start through the little cave here. As you make your way through, look to the left for a little alcove with a (06/10) Minikit inside. When you get to the end of the cave, you'll want to be really careful with your bomb, as there are lots of walls, enemies, and other objects for it to accidentally bump into. Try to make it to the very end of this area (to the right), where you'll find the Power Brick stored away behind a destructible wall. Hopefully this won't take too many attempts. Before you fly back through that thin little cave, shoot everything near the entrance for another (07/10) Minikit. Now you can proceed through the level as normal, destroying the AT-AT's and the wall behind it if you haven't already. Then, once you pick up that Minikit from pulling down AT-ST's, take note of the two little dents in the snow to the left and right of the path leading up to the next large wall. The dent on the right has a well-hidden (08/10) Minikit stored at the far end, so don't forget to get it before finishing this area up; you won't be able to come back here unless you start a new run of the level.

As for the last area, the ninth (09/10) Minikit will be directly in front of where you start, hidden behind some standard rocks/snow piles. The last (10/10) Minikit is found in just the same way on the opposite side of the circle. Since these last two are so ridiculously easy to get, you may have already gotten these.

Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base

True Jedi: 80,000 Studs

Snowspeeder: The only vehicle out of the entire Minikit collection that can tow bombs. You'll want to have this one for the Episode V Minikit challenge.

Fast Build: Drastically speeds up the time it takes to build things. You'll want this one sooner rather than later.

In the starting room, use the Force on the four computers so that their lights turn green. This will allow the first (01/10) Minikit to unveil itself. There won't be anything else of much interest until you find the first snowtrooper positioned on a turret. When you get to him and his buddies, take them all out and destroy the turret. Then head right into the room with the yellow cart you had to use in the story and rebuild it again, redirecting it with the turnstile towards the snow pile to the left. In this cart room, there's' a (02/10) Minikit for you to grab to the right, and you can get to it with a simple double jump. When you have it, enter the now-opened left room and blow up the two metal objects inside. This will create pieces for two heaters, which should be used to thaw the two skeletons in the corners of the room. Put their bones back in place and stand on one of the buttons in the center of the room, and the skeletons will follow suit, unlocking the next (03/10) Minikit. When that's done, you can focus on getting into the next room. You can either rebuild the turret or toss thermal detonators at the blockade in front of the door; detonators are a bit faster, and the turret will incite reinforcements when you hop inside, so the former method is probably best.

This much larger room has quite a few Minikits inside. To start, take the block near the southeast fan and push it to the left of the block's receptacle. Try not to push it in there on accident, or you'll have to build the car hidden in the gray containers in the center of the room. The goal is to hop on top of it and do a double jump towards the (04/10) Minikit very high up in the air, but if you accidentally pushed it in, having someone launch you with the vehicle should hopefully work. If not, you can always try using the right side's fan as a last resort. Next, run to the right of this block and locate a R2-D2 panel. Use it to get to an ice fishing lounge, which has pieces of a (05/10) Minikit hidden deep under the ice. You'll need to use the Force to bring them up to the surface. After you have that, run north of this small room towards a strange gray/blue object near the eastern wall. Blow it up with a detonator, and you'll find a secret alcove with another (06/10) Minikit inside. And finally, for the last (07/10) Minikit of this room, stand on top of one of the two gray panels by the door leading out of here. Your co-op partner, if its the CPU, will automatically use the Force to bring you up to a higher platform, which is where you need to be. If not, have your buddy do it. The two of you don't have to raise each other up. The Minikit is hidden behind a Dark Force object, and it'll just take a few seconds to pry it out.

Up next is that slope room with the five buttons on it. There's nothing in here, so just try to get the next door open as fast as you can. Next is a very small room with four buttons, two of which need to be activated with pushable blocks nearby. Ignore the buttons for now and look to the left for a C-3PO panel, use it, and head through the doorway. There's a secret double score zone inside, as well as a pile of junk blocking off access to another room. Blow it up with a detonator and rebuild the pieces in the new room to free the eighth (08/10) Minikit from its cell. Now you can return to those two blocks and push them into place to open the door.

Before you run off towards the Millennium Falcon, look up the hallway to the left and use the Dark Force to make a few steps up the slippery slope. Getting up these platforms is a bit of a pain sometimes, but hopefully it shouldn't take too long. At the top, you'll notice two paths converging left and right. Go left first, which takes you to an ominous grapple point in the center of a small room. This takes you up to a snow globe of sorts, and there's a little hatch inside that will take you to a (09/10) Minikit. Now that you have that one, use the right path to get to a small deck overlooking the holding bay. There are two levers on each side of this room that spin a few dials that, when properly spun, will open corresponding doors near the Falcon. The green/yellow one on the right will open a door to the last (10/10) Minikit, whereas the red/white one to the left controls the door for the Power Brick. The latter will probably take a few more spins than the former to get down properly. With these two doors open, you're all set to get to the Falcon; just make sure not to forget these two collectibles on your way out. As for deactivating the shield in front of the Falcon, you can destroy the two generators with thermal detonators instead of the turrets, and you can also get on top of the Falcon with a double jump instead of having to free the Tauntauns behind a wall.

Chapter 5-3: Falcon Flight

True Jedi: 60,000 Studs

TIE Fighter: Has the same properties as the TIE Advanced, which is to say that it's going to do the job, but it can't pick up bombs like the Snowspeeder can.

Score x4: The second Extra that you should be saving up for, with the help of Score x2 of course. Having this makes earning Studs a lot easier, but you'll still need to get three more multipliers after this.

If you want to make things as easy as possible, get the Extra from Chapter 6-5 first. With it, you'll never have to scavenge for torpedoes in this level.

For these collectibles, it doesn't really matter all that much which ship you decide to use, but the TIE Bomber holds more torpedoes, so that'll be your best bet just for the sake of convenience. In the opening Star Destroyer area of the level, look behind the back end of the Destroyer to the far right to find the very first (01/10) Minikit of the set. Then look behind the Destroyer to the north of this one and you'll find the Power Brick for this level, a very easy collectible to get. These two items are the only things to find around these Star Destroyers, so wipe out all the turrets and head into the asteroid field.

In the first of three asteroid field areas, you'll be able to find a (02/10) Minikit just floating in space near the other end to the left. There's also a TIE Fighter door closer to where you started on the left side. Past the door, switch to the Snowspeeder and drag a bomb to the right side and into a small red object sticking out of the meteor you're on to make a (03/10) Minikit in a cage pop up. There's another (04/10) Minikit on the left side of this TIE room as well. Once you have these three new Minikits, break the first barrier and head into the second asteroid area.

Another (05/10) Minikit is floating in space to the right near the middle of the area; you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. A little ways in front of it should be a fairly large destructible meteor, which also holds a (06/10) Minikit. Break the next barrier after collecting these two, then get to the wider area on top of the large asteroid. Make an immediate left and follow the left wall to get to a TIE door with a torpedo target inside. Hitting it will automatically add a (07/10) Minikit to your counter. Just to the left of the second barrier is a big crater, much larger than the others here. You can actually fly down into it, revealing a hidden area in reference to the movie. There's a double score zone at the end with only a few objects to destroy, but all of them grant you torpedoes when destroyed. This place will be important for the Undefeated run. There's another (08/10) Minikit down here too, so pick that up before you leave this monster's insides and head into the last area of the level.

As soon as you enter the last area, make a sharp right and shoot at a lone meteor in a small crater/cave to get a hidden (09/10) Minikit. The very last (10/10) Minikit is in another, fairly larger asteroid on the left side of the area. If you just keep shooting, you should get it by accident. All you need to do now is finish the level, so go ahead and blast that final asteroid with a bunch of torpedoes to secure your collection.

Chapter 5-4: Dagobah

True Jedi: 70,000 Studs

X-Wing: Functions just like the regular X-Wing. It'll get the job done.

Regenerate Hearts: An Extra that you can really only take advantage of in the early stages of the game. Not too useful if you're using a Ghost character, and you can't use it at all in Undefeated runs, just like all the other Extras.

Bring Boba Fett with you for this level. Take note of the three little blue blocks around you when the level starts. Use the Force on them to pile them on top of each other, and then jump from the top of them onto the leafy top of a tree branch next to it. From here, you'll be able to jump across to another one with the first (01/10) Minikit above it. As you walk up the path to the first wide-open area, hug the right wall until you find a Dark Force object. Pry it apart and hover across the gap behind it to reach a racetrack. There's a tractor along the track that you can build, and if you make a full lap around the course, the Power Brick for this level will appear for your efforts. When you've got it, make your way back to where you're supposed to be and look for a blue box sitting alone on an island in the middle of the swamp. Shoot it from a distance, and you'll find a (02/10) Minikit inside. You'll most easily get to it with Boba Fett, of course, thanks to his fantastic movement. That'll be it for now, so make your way over to Yoda's house and use the Force on it. This will make getting inside a bit easier for you. If you're having trouble getting into his hut, try walking into the doorway with a small character. The goal for now is to find his widescreen TV and break it with the Dark Force (only a Sith Lord would even think of destroying Yoda's television, after all). The third (03/10) Minikit will pop out from inside the TV when destroyed. Head back out of his house and walk to the right to find another crate, this time requiring a bit of Dark Force. From its remains, you'll be able to build a raft that will take you to an entirely new, albeit barren, area. There's a big chunk of metal for you to detonate off in the distance, and hidden behind it is the fourth (04/10) Minikit.

Instead of using the platform built with Yoda's house to continue ahead, you'll want to go left into the small tunnel underneath a tree to get to Luke's "training area". The only thing you've got to worry about for this entire area is a trio of large brown (3/3) Hatches on the ground; do a Jedi slam on or near all three to make progress on the next (05/10) Minikit, which will appear by the last hatch. When you make it through the training area, you'll reappear just past Yoda's house. The next (06/10) Minikit is super easy to get to, and just requires a quick trip up a grapple point on your way around the trunk of a rather large tree. The grapple point appears past a small R2-D2 panel-box.

After shooting the trellis past the previous Minikit, you'll be on your way towards Darth Vader. Use him or The Emperor on the the black objects at the entrance of this cave to make one half of a bridge, and use more pieces to finish the bridge off. You can find the second half of the bridge by standing on the edge of the first half. When you make it across, you'll find a small metal box that, when detonated, will release pieces for a grapple point. Ride it up for another (07/10) Minikit, and then progress through the cave as normal. You'll want to hug the left side of the cave and hop up a few ledges to get to a C-3PO panel by a caged (08/10) Minikit which you'll probably see on your way up. Use the panel to open the gate next to it, giving you a prime shot at the cage. Shooting it down will free the Minikit, allowing you to grab it. Finally, right before the Vader fight, you'll find some more metal on the right wall of the cave. Blowing it up will reveal a strange room with a partially collapsible floor. Some of the pillars in this floor will fall shortly after you land on them, whereas others will remain stable. The best way to get to the (09/10) Minikit on the other side is just to use Boba Fett, of course. When you've got this one, defeat Vader and walk past the large metal gate into the final area of the level.

The first thing you need to do in this last area is use a turnstile to raise a sunken bridge. If you did bring Fett with you for this run, you can simply fly over the entire bridge instead of having to deal with the hassle of getting the turnstile ready. Just past the bridge is a little crawl hatch, which leads to a nearby lever (hover with Boba Fett if you're not feeling too confident about getting to it). Pulling it will drop a set of pieces for a grapple point on the ground, and the point will shoot you up to the last (10/10) Minikit. As for finishing the level, ignore the washing machine/motorcycle bit and just blow up the massive gray gate with a detonator. That'll save you a lot of time, and it'll be useful for the Undefeated run later.

Chapter 5-5: Cloud City Trap

True Jedi: 16,000 Studs

Cloud Car: The basic means of transportation in Cloud City. It's really not that good.

Minikit Detector: Even though you need to buy this for 100%, you really shouldn't until you've bought everything else that's actually useful. Since the walkthrough already tells you where the Minikits are, this Extra is definitely not a good purchase for the early game, especially since it costs 500,000 Studs.

As you start the level, you'll notice the two stormtroopers in front of a metal object, which in turn is in front of the first (01/10) Minikit. Before you go over there, walk around the back end of Luke's X-Wing to find this level's Power Brick, fairly well hidden for being so close yet so hard to see. When you've got these, use the Force on the X-Wing's wing, which is all you need to get across the gap if you brought Boba Fett with you. In the next room, you're supposed to build a turret to destroy the barricade in front of the door, but you can skip all that with a detonator. Down the hall is a bounty hunter door with the next (02/10) Minikit inside.

Up next is the first Darth Vader fight. Defeat him as usual, but don't attack the stormtroopers that arrive to shoot at you from afar. Instead, focus on rebuilding the orange crane and use it to drop one of the troopers into the center of the arena (the carbon freezer). The pieces that pop out in the aftermath of your cruel killing can be built into a (03/10) Minikit, and you can fly across the gap to the next area with Boba Fett's jetpack. Outside the city, use the Force on the fan and use it to get to a green/blue/gray component in the wall by the next (04/10) Minikit. The best way to get this thing to work for you is to hover in mid-air with Fett and toss a detonator at it. This will drop a little panel out of the wall, which you'll then be able to use to get the Minikit. The fifth (05/10) Minikit is easily visible as you chase Vader to the next area. Just hover towards it from the top of the last moving panel with either R2-D2 or Boba Fett.

Fight Vader in this next room, but make sure to crawl in the hatch on the northern wall to get another (06/10) Minikit. To make things more simple during the fight, keep the platform to the right only halfway up; that way, you'll be able to get to the panel up there with a simple double jump or two. After Vader flees yet again, you'll meet up with him in the spacey room with two trooper hatches. Ignore them for now and do a Jedi slam on the small grate on your side of the room to bring the next (07/10) Minikit up to a collectible height. To speed up this fight, just hover across with Boba Fett and Vader will slam through the glass. If you didn't bring him with you, switch to another character after flying over there with R2-D2.

The eighth (08/10) Minikit is just behind you in the last area of the level, and all you have to do is walk into it. The ninth (09/10) Minikit, however, will require some more hovering, and appears right after the first ramp you need to use the Force on. Fight Vader until he leaves the platform north of the Minikit, then fly south to get to a small island with the Minikit floating above it. Chase Vader to the end of the path and open the stormtrooper door just past the last rising platform. You'll be able to find the last (10/10) Minikit in there.

Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over Bespin

True Jedi: 60,000 Studs

Slave 1: The Fett family's signature ship. It's really small compared to everything else in the vehicle bonus missions and can hold three torpedoes. Aside from its size, there's not really anything special about it.

Score x6: The next thing you should be buying after Score x4. It might be worth your time to grind out the Studs required for it so you can really start reeling in the cash.

There's a C-3PO panel just to the left of where you start, and inside is your first (01/10) Minikit. Along the hallway leading up to the set of stairs is a pile of bricks that you can build into a white-blue (1/3) Spire; there are three of these, and building all of them will result in another Minikit later on. After getting up the stairs, chase after Boba Fett and fight him, or not, if you have a Ghost. Use the Force on the weird sculpture in the middle of the room to destroy it, revealing a hidden (02/10) Minikit underneath where it once stood. Now head to the bounty hunter door up ahead; if you fought Boba Fett, he'll open it for you, but if not, you can go ahead and do so with one of your characters. But a more important item of interest is the R2-D2 panel right next to it. On the other side of this door are two platforms leading up to the third (03/10) Minikit of the level. Past the bounty hunter door are three branching paths, and you'll want to head to the end of the left path. On your way down, you'll be able to build the second (2/3) Spire, and at the end, you'll be able to go outside towards Boba Fett's ship, the Slave 1. Jump on top of it and grab the Power Brick before heading back inside.

Return to the intersection in front of the bounty hunter door and go with the straight path, since the right path is just used to reconfigure C-3PO in the story. Run straight to the elevators at the end of the path, but don't use them yet. Look to the right for some stormtroopers standing around some chairs and tables. Use the Force on the chairs to make the next (04/10) Minikit appear, then use the bounty hunter elevator to get to a unique rooftop. Destroying the two trees to the right will enable you to use their pots to create another (05/10) Minikit out of thin air. When you've got it, drop back down and use the imperial elevator.

The sixth (06/10) Minikit is actually right behind you after you take the elevator up; walk towards your screen, or down, to find it. The seventh (07/10) Minikit won't appear until the very end of this area. To get it, use the grappling hook in front of the large doorway and hover to the right. Opening this door with C-3PO will lead to the hallway with the last (3/3) Spire, and in turn the eighth (08/10) Minikit. Continue onwards towards the smoky room and look to the southeast corner for a Dark Force object. Breaking it will open the door next to it. There's a (09/10) Minikit hidden in the chandelier at the top of the room, so stand fairly far away from the center of the room and try to fire a shot up at it. If you have Boba Fett, you can ignore the smoke and the controls for the bridge outside by flying over the gap, but if not, you'll have to deactivate the smoke with R2-D2 and proceed as normal to get to the Millennium Falcon. The last (10/10) Minikit is on the roof of the Falcon, and takes a mere double jump to get to.

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