9. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Free Play: Episode VI

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Collectibles

Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace

True Jedi: 45,000 Studs

Desert Skiff: Like the vehicle earned from Chapter 6-2, the Desert Skiff is slow and can hold three torpedoes. It's not as slow as the Sail Barge, but there are far better vehicles that you could be using.

Super Zapper: Upgrades the zapper ability shared by R2-D2, the Jawa, and the Ugnaught. A single zap will kill any droid.

There's a Dark Force pile of rocks just to the left of where you start in this level. Break them apart and use the grapple point underneath, and use another after that to end up high up above the first (01/10) Minikit of the level. Just drop down and to the left to get to it, then make your way back up top. Up next is a pile of metal rocks just to the north of where the Dark Force pile was. There's a grapple point underneath these, too, and there's another (02/10) Minikit up there as well. With these two out of the way, you can proceed through the palace's front door as usual. If you have a Ghost character with you, you can close the guard hatches without having them drop in, since they won't become hostile to ghosts; just make sure your co-op partner is a Ghost too. Just before the first bounty hunter door, there's a room to the right with a pile of bricks that can be turned into a C-3PO panel. Use it, and you'll be able to collect a (03/10) Minikit behind the door next to it.

Up ahead in the larger area where Luke joins you in the story are two more enemy hatches that should be closed right away. On the left side of this room is an R2-D2 panel with another (04/10) Minikit behind it, and on the right side is the level's Power Brick. To get it, build the pile of bricks to the southeast, which creates a box. You can double jump from the top of the box to the ledge above, or you can do things the proper way by pushing it onto the button north of it. That'll create a grapple point you can use to get to the brick properly. Open the large door to the next area and get through it as per usual, but make sure to use the C-3PO panel on the right side so you can grab this room's (05/10) Minikit. The room ahead of this one has a (06/10) Minikit in it too; you can build an explosive with some pieces to the left, which will blow a hole in the wall of the cell with your prize inside.

The next area of importance is the wide room where you once had to free C-3PO and R2-D2 from their cells. Take note of the brown LEGO floor at the foot of the room, and then do a Jedi slam on it to uncover a hidden pathway. Run along to the end of it for another (07/10) Minikit. That'll be all for this room, so you can just run to the end and open the panels yourself. The area after this one is the big one with the three ramp pieces. There's just one (08/10) Minikit here, and it's above the bridge that you can open with R2-D2. Just activate the bridge and use the Dark Force to get to it.

Now for the last two rooms. The first contains only Gamorrean Guards, so get rid of them to get to the second room. Here, you'll be able to find a stormtrooper panel on the left wall, which will have the ninth (09/10) Minikit inside. Use a bounty hunter on Han Solo and you'll be transported to the Rancor fight. The last (10/10) Minikit is obtained with the grapple point pieces on the ground to the northeast, and it shouldn't be too hard to get.

Chapter 6-2: The Great Pit of Carkoon

True Jedi: 65,000 Studs

Sail Barge: Really slow, but can hold three torpedoes. If it wasn't so slow, it'd probably be viable.

Bounty Hunter Rockets: Gives Boba Fett a rocket ability. They home in on enemies, but blaster bolts are a lot faster than these rockets. This is the only version of Lego Star Wars II that can't transfer a save from the original game since it was only ever on the original XBox, so you won't be able to use Jango Fett. He too would benefit from this Extra.

The first thing you'll want to do is build the four turrets on top of the first and second skiffs. Doing so will make the first (01/10) Minikit appear high up above the second skiff, and you can get to it by using the Force on the material underneath it. There's a second (02/10) Minikit out past "the plank" of this ship, which is most easily gotten with R2-D2 or Boba Fett, as always. Next, defeat the level's own Boba Fett and head to the last of the smaller skiffs. At the end of it, you'll be able to go one of two ways: There's the Force way, which is the way you went for the story, and there's the Dark Force way, which leads to more goodies. It should be obvious which of these two you'll want to go with.

There's a grapple point early on around the backside of the ship, and up top are two levers. Pull both of them, and then shoot at the red thing a bit higher up between them. Pieces for the second (03/10) Minikit will pop out of it, and you'll be able to grab it after a quick building session. The proper side of the ship has another Minikit to grab, too. There are three droid panels hidden among the panels, just like the levers on the other side, that will pull up the indestructible walls up above you. There are also two levers that will push out two platforms for you to use to get to back end of the ship, so you may as well pull those too. C-3PO's panel might appear to be activated, so try using it anyway if it looks like that. When you make these panels work, run up towards the (04/10) Minikit and blow up the metal frame in front of it before continuing to the back of the ship. At the back is another grapple point that leads to three switches. One is unique in that it requires the Dark Force to use, so do that first before pulling one of the two others. This, as you'd expect, also grants you a (05/10) Minikit. With already half of the level's collectibles, you'll now be free to head into the ship's interior.

Break the pole barrier with a thermal detonator, since that's faster than bothering with the turrets you can build with the material nearby. Then start setting up the lift to the next area, but make sure to use the the crawl hatch on the left side, which will take you to two switches that, when pulled, will make a (06/10) Minikit appear. That's all for here, so use the lift up to the disco room and set all that mess up. Just past it is a very small, insignificant room just before you head up to the deck. You'll want to destroy most of the windows on the left side to find more pieces for another (07/10) Minikit before you get to the deck.

On the deck, there's a box you can use the Force on right next to you. You'll be able to build a grapple point from the pieces that pop out of it, and with the height you'll be able to get to the next (08/10) Minikit. Now you'll want to open up the shields protecting the two generators of the ship, but only blow up the one closer to your screen, which is done easily with a well-placed thermal detonator. There's a hole underneath this one that leads down to the ninth (09/10) Minikit, but make sure you don't additionally blow up the other one though, because that'll end the level. Just underneath the turret area at the back of the ship is a set of crawl hatches that you can use to get the last (10/10) Minikit. But that's not all you can do at this part of the ship; there's another container here that hides a grapple point inside, but this one leads up to the Power Brick. And, of course, instead of going through the hassle of using the gun at the top of the ship, you can just drop back down to that other generator and blow it up with another detonator to end the level faster.

Chapter 6-3: Speeder Showdown

True Jedi: 70,000 Studs

TIE Bomber: Works pretty well. It can hold up to five torpedoes, which is to be expected of a TIE Bomber.

Score x8: Multiplies your score by eight. It'll be really easy to get the Studs required to buy this if you already have the three smaller score multipliers, and this one makes getting the last that much easier.

Pass through the starting area, which you can now very easily do in Free Play, and then look for the shield generator for the very first wide area. Instead of destroying it last, you can use thermal detonators to blow it up first. Boba Fett's a bit better at this, of course. There won't be anything to collect though, so get started on the first speeder chase. There are a grand total of six (06/10) Minikit cages that you can get to in the speeder loop; most of them require you to drive over little panels with red lights, but you can't break these cages with blaster bolts. You need to drive right into them. Fortunately, this won't cause you any damage, so feel free to just fly right into them.

As you know, there are three more wide open areas in the level before you end up at the first, which leads to the base at the end of the level. The next three Minikits are in each of these areas, so once you've cleared out the speeder loop, you can focus on finishing off the enemy speeders. The first (07/10) Minikit is to the right side, and you'll need to use the AT-ST to get enough height to get onto the ledge here. Use the Dark Force on the plants on this ledge, and then use the crawl hatch hidden behind them. There's a ledge to the left that you can hover to with a switch on it, which drops another Minikit cage onto the ground below. You can blow it up with a thermal detonator instead of having to wait to find it on the speeder loop, so do this and give yourself a bit of a break. The next (08/10) Minikit is also on the right side; blow up two metal objects on this ledge, and you'll be able to pile three brown panels on top of each other. Jump to the top, and you'll be able to drop another cage down. The third (09/10) Minikit is instead on the left side, and all you have to do is build a grapple point and use the Force on another platform. This one is also in a cage, so just drop a detonator next to it like the last two.

In front of the base, there's a crawl hatch that you'll have to push into place on the left side that leads to takes you to the Power Brick above. As for the last (10/10) Minikit, you'll need to take the elevator up and use the stormtrooper panel in the hallway. This will drop the last cage, which is meant to be blown up with a detonator. Now that you've got everything, you can finish the level.

Chapter 6-4: The Battle of Endor

True Jedi: 110,000 Studs

AT-ST: A terrible choice to use in the bonus levels. Not only do AT-ST's not fly, but they're slow and barely move.

Super Ewok Catapult: Gives Wicket and the standard Ewok an upgrade in their catapults. They'll now launch pink torpedoes instead of dirt clods, which is a lot more effective at killing things.

At the start of the level, you'll notice a rather large chair. Stand on top of it to make your co-op partner use the Force on it, and you'll be able to onto a higher platform. From here, you can use Boba Fett to fly over to the (01/10) Minikit nearby. You're supposed to mess with a turnstile in the purple boxes nearby, but Fett makes everything easier. Past the first bridge (which Boba Fett can fly over), you'll find the next (02/10) Minikit behind a wooden gate. To raise it, use the little lift to the right of it and use the lever to activate another platform. Hover across to the other platform to the left with a rock above it, which you can use the Force on to lower this new platform. Hop onto it and pull the lever at the top when the rock rises to raise the gate in front of the Minikit. There's another (03/10) Minikit above the lever that activates the next bridge ahead, and all you have to do for that one is lower the platform to the right with the Force, and then raise it again to get to the Minikit.

The next (04/10) Minikit is on the forest floor. There are two purple containers just at the start of this area with parts for a grapple point that'll take you up to a small hut with your prize inside. Continue through the forest until you cross a river, and then look for more containers inside a fenced-in area. Breaking these will release parts for a tractor, which you'll need to ride upstream for the next (05/10) Minikit. Just ahead of the tractor area are two pairs of gates. Pass through these and smash the plants on the left side to find a crawl hatch, which will put you up above the ground and allow you to hover over to the sixth (06/10) Minikit.

In the next area, focus on getting to the wide battlefield pitting Ewoks against stormtroopers. Look for three purple containers north of the large catapults and break these as well, where you'll find pieces for a turnstile. Use it to lower the platform above you, and then use the grapple point to the left of it. Just use the Force on the rocks near the platform to raise yourself up, and then do this again so you can hover over to the next (07/10) Minikit. On the right side of the battlefield, there are some metal boxes for you to blow up. Inside are the pieces for another little wooden platform. Raise it so you can crawl through the hatch above, and then manipulate the next platform with the Force so you can get to the next (08/10) Minikit. That'll be it for the outside of the base, so focus on heading inside to clean up the rest of the collectibles.

Starting with the room left of the center control room, wipe out the enemy combatants and use the Dark Force on the small object in the ground to the north (or right). Push this through the hole to the right, which you can do after breaking the barrier in front of said hole. Next, pull the purple lever up above you, and then hover over to the right with R2-D2 or Boba Fett, again preferably the latter. C-3PO can use a panel over here that will open up a crawl hatch underneath it, and you can crawl through to continue pushing that block over to the Power Brick off in the distance. In the room to the right, destroy all of the panels in the wall to find four other, smaller panels that you can use the Force on. There are pieces hidden behind these that can be built into a (09/10) Minikit. Next, just go for the switch to the north (now left), but make sure to fly across the gap to get that last (10/10) Minikit.

Chapter 6-5: Jedi Destiny

True Jedi: 67,000 Studs

Imperial Shuttle: Holds three torpedoes, but it's pretty big and is really slow on turning. You should probably go with something else.

Infinite Torpedoes: Ensures that you'll always have your maximum amount of torpedoes during vehicle levels. Best to make use of this for Minikit collecting.

Start off by fighting The Emperor until he jumps off and leaves you alone. Then use the Force on the two piles of bricks on either side of the throne. You can get the first (01/10) Minikit of the level by jumping on the platform you made on the left side. There are also four red squares on each side of the throne that you can light up with the Dark Force. You'll have to be quick about it to make the Power Brick appear, as they all need to be on at the same time, but if you already have Fast Force this shouldn't be a problem. Head down the stairs from the throne room and look on the right side for a metal object that you can blow up. There are pieces for a grapple point underneath it that will take you up to the next (02/10) Minikit.

Use the fan on the left side to get to The Emperor once again, and fight him here until he takes off again. By using the Force on all of the lights around this arena, you'll open a small window with the next (03/10) Minikit inside. Underneath the electric floor is another (04/10) Minikit dangling over a platform. To get to it, smash the objects to the right to build a platform and a bounty hunter panel. You'll have to hover from the newly lowered platform to get to the Minikit. There's another (05/10) Minikit behind the door here, too; walk along the squares on the floor to make it appear, and then head to the center of the level. If these squares don't light up, just run along them quickly anyway.

In the middle of the level, look for a C-3PO panel, which will open a bridge towards a pile of pieces that can be built into a (06/10) Minikit. There's another (07/10) Minikit hidden behind a metal wall here too. The last three are in a hidden room at the third and final branch of the level, where The Emperor should now be, alongside the elevator. Use the hatch to the right and push the block above it down, which will drop some strange objects in front of the doorway. Destroying these with a Jedi slam will open the door to a rather large red room.

To start, there's a (08/10) Minikit stored away behind a Dark Force object, and then past that by a metal frame. On the left side of the door you came in from are a few small objects that contain pieces for a control panel, which you should use for later. To the right of the eighth Minikit, you can pile three chairs on top of each other using the Force to reach a crawl hatch, which also leads to a (09/10) Minikit. For the last (10/10) Minikit, pull the switch above the eighth Minikit to make the pieces for a block drop down from above. Build these up and push the block into a green circle nearby. Then smash nearby objects so you can build a turnstile, and change the arrow to face the right. When you've done this, push the block over to the lift on the right side of the room, which you should now be able to use to get the last Minikit, thanks to your use of the control panel by the door earlier.

Chapter 6-6: Into the Death Star

True Jedi: 40,000 Studs

TIE Interceptor: Pretty much exactly like a normal TIE Interceptor. But that's not a bad thing, since it's very fast and small, making it a hard target to hit. It can also hold the standard three torpedoes at once.

Score x10: The last of the score multipliers, and obviously the most potent one. Having all five of these on at once means that you'll earn x3840 more Studs than usual, so don't hesitate on saving up the Studs for it.

In the initial area, you'll find a (01/10) Minikit floating to the left of the deck of the Star Destroyer closest to you when the level starts. There's another (02/10) Minikit by the ship in the same manner as the first far to the north. Once you have these, take down all four Destroyers and enter the Death Star.

Fly through the bars and junk until you get to the first torpedo dispenser inside the Death Star. There are three targets on pipes past two turrets ahead; hitting all of them reveals a (03/10) Minikit, so make sure to do this before you leave this area. Next up, hit the four targets on the wall in front of you so that you can progress to the next area. Before you go in, however, look to the right of this room and you'll find a TIE door with another (04/10) Minikit inside. Head through to the next area when you're ready.

Fly over to the next torpedo dispenser, but continue past it further to the right. There's a hidden dark room back here, much like the Power Brick from Chapter 4-6, but this one's got a (05/10) Minikit inside instead. Stock up on torpedoes and move along the tunnel to the next doorway. On the way there, there'll be another TIE door on the left with the sixth (06/10) Minikit behind it. That'll be all for now, so destroy those missile launchers and head into the core with a full set of torpedoes.

There's just one (07/10) Minikit in here, and it's floating in plain sight on the right side of the core. But, to the far left, there's a door that can only be opened by two torpedoes. Break it open and you'll be able to get this level's Power Brick. Once you have these two things, proceed to destroy the core and get ready to escape the Death Star.

There are three fiery areas remaining at this point, where you'll be evading the blazing implosion behind you. Switch to the Millennium Falcon and constantly fire as you escape; the Falcon's gun works in such a way that it'll target things that aren't always in front of it, which is what you'll want here. You can, of course, collect these last three Minikits with any other ship, but you'll need to pay close attention to your screen. In this first area, you'll be able to find the eighth (08/10) Minikit on the right side. The ninth (09/10) Minikit is in the second fire area, also on the right side, but it's a bit hard to hit if you're not using the Falcon. And, just like the previous two, the last (10/10) Minikit is also on the right side, but in the third and final area of the level.

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