LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Reviews

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    28 Jun 2011
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    LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Review

    LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga combines the two previous LEGO Star Wars games into one package, and features every movie in glorious Lego-brick form. Does bashing, building, and puzzle solving through the Star Wars universe make a good game? Let's find out!

    Gameplay & Story

    Let's start with the main gameplay features. Each movie is represented by 6 levels, most on foot playing as several different characters but also a few vehicle levels. Gameplay is fairly simple - you'll have to smash your way through groups of enemies, then destroy various objects in the environments to create items ranging from switches to vehicles to get through each level. In vehicle levels, you'll fly different ships across fairly open areas and need to use missiles/draggable bombs to open up various paths. The vehicle levels tend to get slightly annoying sometimes, the dragging bombs mechanic can be a bit of a chore. But overall they still manage to be pretty fun. Each level has a primary goal but there are a host of collectibles sprinkled everywhere. If you don't like collectibles, don't worry - these are much more fun than in other games. Most of them are fairly obvious, and there are even in-game extras that reveal their locations in each level.

    You have a host of different characters available, and each falls into at least one 'class' of characters that have a unique power. Sith and Jedi can use the Force to manipulate objects, some characters can jump higher or can hover for short distances, while the shorter characters and go into small crawlspaces. This adds to one of my favourite parts of the game - as you play through each level, you'll notice a lot of things you simply can't interact with because you don't have the right character. But in 'Free Play', you can cycle between all the characters needed. It's satisfying unlocking a character of the type you needed, then going back and getting everything in a level. On paper the game sounds simple, but the different characters powers and each level being fairly unique helps add a good amount of variety.

    The game also supports local and online co-op. Single player is still very fun, but playing with another person beside you adds a lot to the experience - you can tell the game was built to encourage problem solving together.

    The story is of course toned down from the movies, simplified in the cutscenes but expanded in the gameplay. The Lego versions of characters like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, instead of trying to simply copy the story, act out cute humorous versions of different scenes. You'll probably have to actually see the movies first to understand, but the cutscenes definitely add to the atmopshere and will often put a smile on your face. No one's really expecting an amazing story from a Lego game, anyways smile

    Score - 9/10
    Simple but addictive gameplay that works great in co-op. Collectibles that are actually fun and useful, and good amounts of variety in the levels and characters.

    Graphics & Sound

    Graphics wise, there's nothing special in this one, but they get the job done. Unsurprisingly, characters and objects look like Lego, and areas are colourful with some minor detailing. The character/cutscene animations are well done as well.

    The game of course features several of the famous Star Wars tracks, and even though this game is a lot more cute than any of the movies, they still fit music There's no voice acting, instead opting for more mime-like acting, but that's fine since Lego characters talking would probably be a bit weird (and the way they circumvent the characters not talking is often pretty funny). Different sound effects for items being smashed, lightsabers being swung, won't wow you but they work just fine.

    Score - 7/10
    Nothing special, but they work just great for this type of game.

    Achievements & Value

    The achievement list features both the typical level progression and collectible achievements but also a number of oddballs that are pretty funny. You'll get 'Crowd Pleaser' for breaking Lego Jar Jar 20 times, and 'Shoot First' being a reference to the infamous scene with Greedo and Han. Keep in mind there's one online achievement, but it's simply for beating a level so it shouldn't be hard to boost. A mix of normal but fun achievements as well as some unique ones make this a solid list.

    You can easily find this game for $20 or less, and at that price it's a steal. If you're going for the full 1000, expect a solid 35+ hours of gameplay. Some gameplay modes overstay their welcome a bit - namely the 'Super Stories' and 'Blue Mini-Kit' modes, but overall you should have a lot of fun getting all the points.

    Score - 8/10
    Not terribly creative, but the achievements are pretty satisfying and there are a few funny ones too. Great value with over 35 hours of gameplay, though some game modes are a little boring.


    LEGO Star Wars: TCS is a great buy for both an easy but fun 1000, or if you just want a simple co-op again to play with a friend. Great gameplay and value make this one a must-buy.

    Overall Score: 4.5 out of 5
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    12 Feb 2009
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    What a great game, I know it is just a LEGO game, but it is fun and it works. From their funny ways of telling stories to the simple yet sometimes slightly complicated puzzles and hidden areas this game has a lot to offer. But all in all you can take in the whole saga in less time than watching all the movies, but with an altered, strangely humorous experience. The game does get a little repetitive at times, but the cut scenes make it all worth it and you just can't stop until you see them all. Definitely worth playing!