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    Many people grew up with the small building blocks of LEGO. What you did with these stones was very dependent on your own creativity. Some people rather follow the instructions, while some people want to make their own interpretation. The LEGO games have been a kind of fusion between those two mindsets for years. Large open worlds, many levels, things you can collect and occasionally you can also build. With LEGO The Hobbit you have the ability to walk through a large part of Middle-Earth. From The Shire to Rivendell to The Lonely Mountain, each area contains hidden objects and assignments and as you play more levels, more and more playable characters and quests will appear.

    As a reward for completing those quests you get new objects, mythril stones and occasionally even red stones, which as usual serve as cheats. For people who have been playing LEGO titles for years, LEGO The Hobbit seems to offer little new so far. Fortunately, a few innovations have also been added to the well-known formula. For example, you will be able to find a lot of items after demolishing objects. You do not have to think of new weapons or armor that are getting stronger, but rather of gems, gold, silver and food that you can use to build new things and complete quests with. Another novelty is that you can now use a buddy attack. There are certain walls that you can not break unless you connect two characters to each other in order to demolish an obstacle. It can, and should even be used with some final bosses. Otherwise, certain armored trolls can not be beaten.

    Two thirds done, only one movie to go
    Since LEGO Batman 2, Traveler's Tales uses voice actors. Likewise in LEGO The Hobbit. Many dialogues have been taken directly from the film and as a nice extra, the famous actor Christopher Lee even talks about the story during the cutscenes. That story only covers An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug, although Warner Bros. was, according to rumors, planning to make the third film available as a DLC package. Unfortunately, there is currently nothing known about that DLC, but for now LEGO The Hobbit offers quite some hours of fun. Still, in my opinion it would have been more logical to release this title later and to handle the entire trilogy. Especially since the end of the story can be reached within an hour or seven. Fortunately, the LEGO titles are always full of extras and objects to collect. That is certainly no different.

    Each level contains ten minikits, a hidden envelope, a few hidden treasures and of course a lot of coins to collect with which you can buy new things. Like all previous LEGO titles, you are forced to complete the story completely in order to unlock new characters. For example, without a figure like Saruman, you can not destroy silver objects. Of course you can occasionally visit an old level and collect missed items, but that really only makes sense if you have completed the story once, after which you have all the skills of the different characters at your disposal.

    Playing with blocks
    LEGO titles often have to have their sense humor, and LEGO The Hobbit also knows how to greatly enlarge certain trifles. Thranduil the Elf, for example, walks around with a mirror because, according to the makers of the game, he appears rather vain in the films. A part that was introduced in The LEGO Movie Videogame can also be found here again. Sometimes you have to collect a number of objects and then convert them into a new object that you need to move forward. These building plans always show a necessary object and by choosing the right part within the time you can also earn some extra coins.

    Graphically, LEGO The Hobbit works well together. Actually, you also know what to expect from a LEGO title. Beautiful environments and LEGO objects that you can smash. The game obviously makes use of a number of locations that you also saw in LEGO The Lord of the Rings. This way the adventure starts again in The Shire and you will also visit Rivendell again. Yet there are plenty of new levels and environments to explore, so it is only a small point of criticism. After all, it is not as if it is really a matter of laziness when the source material does exactly the same.

    Value for your money?
    LEGO The Hobbit is actually more of the same. More characters, a setting you know from the movies and the book and of course a lot of LEGO blocks to play with. And that is exactly what makes the LEGO games reliable. You know what to expect. They are often funny, somewhat simplistic but entertaining and well, in itself always easy to bring all achievements. If you want to unlock everything in terms of levels, objects and achievements, I estimate that you are busy for about thirty hours. And since these titles can often be found for a reasonable price, this is a great investment of your money. If you want to excuse me now, I'm going to Erebor to find that last minikit. My precious, indeed.
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    KanchanaburiI am sorry, but this game does not deserve 4 stars. The main story finishes in under 5 hours, leaving 40 plus hours for homework. A lot of terrible concepts introduced here, mining, building, scematics to find, and then you have to get loot to build them, and then deliver the item so you can buy red bricks. BS! Worst Lego game since Star Wars I.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi On 03 Nov 18 at 00:32