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New Xbox Releases: Week Beginning July 9th, 2018

Last week, I happily said that things were calming down and we were about to enter a quieter summer period. Let's forget I ever said that. This week there are a massive 19 new titles coming to Xbox One.

Posted 4 years ago by Rebecca Smith

LEGO The Incredibles Review

Another family movie means another LEGO adaptation. This time it's the latest Pixar effort, The Incredibles 2, getting the bricks and minifigure treatment. Like all LEGO games, you probably know what you're getting here.

Posted 4 years ago by Mark Delaney

New Xbox Releases: Week Beginning June 11th, 2018

At retail, you can build your own dinosaur park, acquire more LEGO superpowers, and drop bombs in strategic places. ID@Xbox brings one title in the form of a quest to stop mutant armies from destroying the world.

Posted 4 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Poll: What's Your Most Anticipated June 2018 Release?

It's now June and that used to mean two things: E3 and a quiet month of new games. That second part is no longer true though. Exciting games consistently come out in June these days, and this year is no different.

Posted 4 years ago by Mark Delaney

LEGO The Incredibles Achievement List Revealed

We have just picked up the achievement list for LEGO The Incredibles. There are 51 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 12 of which are secret

Posted 4 years ago by Rich Stone

LEGO The Incredibles Crime Waves Trailer

The latest trailer for the game takes a look at some of the missions that players will have to complete within the game's hub world: the Crime Waves missions.

Posted 4 years ago by Rebecca Smith

LEGO The Incredibles Parr Family Gameplay Trailer

A new gameplay trailer for upcoming action-adventure game LEGO The Incredibles shows off the special abilities of the Parr family, from Dash’s lightning speed to Elastigirl’s flexible transformations.

Posted 4 years ago by Lucy Wood

LEGO The Incredibles Officially Announced

It was yet another of those worst kept secrets in the gaming world. Publisher Warner Bros. decided to go down the more official route today and properly announce the game for Xbox One.

Posted 4 years ago by Rebecca Smith

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