2. LIMBO General hints and tips

Since this is an adventure-jump and run-strategy game, there isnt much advice I can give.

Even though this game can be completed in one playthrough, I recommend at least two. The reason is quite simple: you will need one playthrough to get familiar with the game, find all collectibles and not having to worry about the amount of deaths you've accrued. Remembering timings through trial and error is also crucial. This will prevent you from going crazy on your 200th attempt to finally complete the whole game in less than 5 deaths because you died for the fifth time in Chapter 20. Nonetheless, it may happen, but it certainly will reduce the required amount of playthroughs a lot!

Think twice and think fast! Thinking outside the box will take you further than you might believe and doing that fast will save your life often. Take it step-by-step and don't run off too far because you might miss a trap, a switch or something similar. Dying is a big part of the game, so dont be too afraid of it, because otherwise you won't learn anything.

The riddles are quite straight forward: basically you'll never need help anywhere. Just keep in mind that there is, most of the time, just one way to solve things and most of the stuff thats lying around will help you.

Look for somewhat rememberable points in the game which you can refer to if you have to time a jump. Set yourself a time limit, and remember that you may just need to move a box to a certain position. This might sound stupid, but remembering as much as you can on this game will definitely spare you a lot of trouble and head-bashing against hard objects (controllers can take some punishment ^^).

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