Lara Croft: Relic Run (WP) Reviews

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    29 Dec 2015 29 Dec 2015
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    A really fun game horribly overshadowed by the lag issues. While the game-play is good an fun, like a very improved Temple Run. The big problem is it's difficult to progress due to lag which causes control difficulty and often complete game crashes. The lag also blocks achievements form being unlocked even when they are shown completed in game. There are also many micro transactions which are typical in mobile games however this game allows you to earn these items in game at a decent rate and progress in the game without them at all which I attribute a point in it's favour.

    It's hard to review the game in it's current state but if I could play it without lag and crashes I'd give it a 5 for a mobile game!
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    mosin360They still haven't fixed those issues? The fools.
    Posted by mosin360 On 01 Jan 16 at 14:44
    Grez1Yes, I agree on all counts. I'm playing this on a Lumia 950XL, so basically the top-of-the-heap flagship Windows Phone, and these issues still occur, which says that this game was never properly optimized. It's sad, because it looks beautiful (other than being a little too busy to react well to some scenarios, unlike Temple Run), but the performance is just unacceptable. And dear God, the load times...

    This shop would do well to go back and strip out some bit of detail as a trade-off for performance. In the end, it's nice to have pretty things, but gameplay rules.
    Posted by Grez1 On 03 Mar 16 at 16:29
    Skelixthis game is a horrible lag crash fest, and with latest updates removes 2 achievements, not to mention the pay to play difficulty even fighting through the unbearable lag makes this game 75% completable to anything other than gaming gods!
    Posted by Skelix On 11 Jun 16 at 20:00