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Layers of Fear 2 Review: A Spooky Sequel That's Lost At Sea

Layers of Fear 2 heads on a spooky nautical adventure, but for most of the experience the story and level design seems to be treading water. Are there enough thrills and chills to justify stepping aboard?

Posted 3 years ago by Sam Quirke

Layers of Fear 2 Achievement List Revealed

We have just picked up new achievements for Layers of Fear 2. There are 32 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 5 of which are secret.

Posted 3 years ago by Rich Stone

New Trailers Arrive for Layers of Fear 2

Both beautiful and horrifying, Layers of Fear was arguably quite successful in the horror genre, so much so that a sequel is now on the way, arriving alongside two new trailers for fans.

Posted 3 years ago by NicoleRenee00

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