Layers of Fear Walkthrough

4. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Story Walkthrough:

After revealing the canvas, leave the room and continue down the hall and into the room with the window on the opposite side, go over to it, turn around. Exit the room and you'll come to a hall with a couch with "Going in circles" written on it. Look in the cabinet beside it and M#1 is here. This will give you:

Scraps of love in Layers of Fear
Find a memento of your family
  • Unlocked by 44,139 tracked gamers (87% - TA Ratio = 1.07) 50,988

Continue into the next room. Find W#1 to continue. The code to the chest is revealed by lighting the candles and looking at the paintings. This will give you:

It rings a bell in Layers of Fear
Discover an echo from the past
  • Unlocked by 46,789 tracked gamers (92% - TA Ratio = 1.04) 50,988

Before leaving this room, read the note in the bottom draw. It will note the date "9th June". Remember 906 for later. Exit the room, head down the hall and you'll enter a room with a fireplace. Look at the painting will a doll hanging to activate a scripted event. After you get up, go over to the candle, and look in the wall to reveal R#1. This will give you:

The artist's impression in Layers of Fear
Collect a rat sketch
  • Unlocked by 42,317 tracked gamers (83% - TA Ratio = 1.09) 50,988

Jump scare ahead! Go over to the light switch and activate it. Turn around and wait for the paintings to disappear, then go behind them and find M#2. Leave this room by going up the stairs and pulling the lever. Head through and out the fireplace room again until you reach the long hall with a number of paintings on each side. Keep going until one flies off. Pull it down to find W#2. In the very next room, with the painting above the fireplace, look in the cabinet to the right to find R#2. JSA! After this, go over and look at the painting. Wait for it to melt, then turn around. Exit the room, head through the room with a table and chairs and through the next door.

In the very next hallway, after the room with two chairs in the middle, look at the windowsill on the right, opposite a door to find W#3. Continue down the hall and go through the door on the left. Go through the windy, narrow path until you reach the Kitchen. Look in a cabinet at the top left to find R#3. It's on the inside of the door. Wait by the painting until the other door starts rattling. JSA! When the rattling door stops, open it, turn around and go stand by the painting again. Wait for the painting to stop oozing fruit, and grab the first piece from the painting. After the dialogue, exit the kitchen. You'll be back in the Magnum Opus room. Go over to the easel and add the first piece to it. That's the first chapter done!

Chapter 1 Collectibles (8 in total):

Memento #1(Picture of woman playing Piano) - Found in a cabinet besides the couch with "Going in circles" written on it. This is in the second room after the painting room.

Word#1 (Blue ring) - Story related object. Found in the chest which is unlocked by lighting candle and viewing code on melting paintings.

Rat Drawing #1 ("Dust Mice") - Shortly after previous collectible. When you get to the room with a fire place, go and look at the painting with a doll on it. You will fall down. After this, go towards the candle, look in the wall and the drawing will be there. Do not leave after getting this.

Memento #2 (Note starts with "My love, Even though you have...") - Same room as previous collectible. Turn on the lightswitch. Turn around, wait for paintings to disappear. Go behind them and on the table will be a note.

Word #2 (Woman on bed) - Soon after, you will find yourself in a hallway with a bunch of paintings on each side on the hall. Keep going until one flies off the wall. Look at this painting, move it down, then read the note.

Rat Drawing #2 ("Screeching Arsonists") - In the next room, with the painting above the fireplace, go to the cabinet on the right. Open it to find the rat drawing.

Word #3 (Hair brush) - When you get in the hallway after the previous room. You will hear a woman crying in the door to the left. Look on the windowsill opposite this door to find the hair brush.

Rat Drawing #3 ("Minced Mice") - When you get to the kitchen, look in a cabinet at the top left to find this one. It's on the inside of the door.

Collectibles video: Chapter 1 starts @ 1:10 CREDIT FOR VIDEO GOES TO PS4TROPHIES

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