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    So, after I got this game, I didn't play it until 3 weeks after I got it, no reason, just didn't play it, but when I did, it was fun!

    Gameplay: ****
    So, in Left 4 Dead 2 there are 5 campaigns instead of 4, they have added a few new mode which include Scavenger and Realism. Basically what scavenger is, its like a search and retrieve kind of game, there are 16 gas tanks around the maps, and you must fill a car, or something else that needs gas. Realism is just campaign, but when you lose a level, your health doesn't reset, it goes down. Anyways, I enjoyed beating all of the campaigns, my only issue is sometimes the A.I. are really dumb, for instance, one time I was trying to avoid a witch, and I had to go into a corner to make it not notice me, but the stupid CPU's just stand right by the witch without moving, it pissed me off... But all in all, the new campaigns are great, the new special infected are awesome and the new game modes are fun!

    Graphics and Sound: ****
    I personally think the graphics haven't been improved that much, how ever they have a bit. Also less glitches where you get stuck and can't move. The movement looks nicer in this game then the previous. The sounds in this game are awesome! Good gun sounds and zombie sounds! But the voice commentary gets really repetitive and can get really annoying. Basically where ever you are in a map, it will always be the same commentary.

    Multiplayer: *****
    I really like the multiplayer in this game, I think it is because of the new Scavenger mode, I really enjoy play that online. As like the first game, Versus mode is fun, but does get a little boring once you have played it too much, luckily, i haven't yet. Also survival online is fun! Trying to earn medals! I personally liked to play the campaigns offline, or with 1 friend, because most of the time, my teammates are really bad, so I prefer with a friend or just A.I.

    Achievements: ****
    So, the achievements in this game were similar to the first one in a way, not easy to get them all, original, and there are achievements related to every mode you can do! Makes you want to trying all the different modes. The only achievements I will probably never get are completed all the campaigns on expert and Realism on expert... I mean, yes there hard, and they do got to be in the game! Because like most games, achievements can come really easy, but throw in a couple really hard ones in makes it better!

    Verdict: ****
    Fun game, quite different from the first and worth any first person shooter fans money, or just a plain zombie killing fans money. I think this game was better then most people would have expected it to be!
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    WookieKiller247Nice review, I agree that the a.i. sucks. DLC next week!

    Ruthless: maybe you should go write your own review before ruining someone's post.
    Posted by WookieKiller247 on 17 Apr 10 at 15:08
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    *Sigh* Where to begin....
    Well the first review of this game was somewhat inaccurate and rather bland. So I guess I shall be the one to put the dent in this review section.
    First, this game has wayyy more to offer than Left 4 Dead 1. With the new Realism mode and Scavenge mode being introduced. Along with the introduction of melee weapons and a more diverse weapon arsenal. Coupled with new items such as adrenaline, fire ammunition, and my favorite puke grenades.
    That being said, this is not a scary game, I would be surprised if anybody actually got legitimate scared from this game (and I'm not talking about you little pampered kids who are 5 whose parents are oblivious to the ESRBs rating system and just get every possible M rated game in the world...) but this game fulfills some deep urge to take a cricket bat to a zombies face while your redneck friend goes on a tangent about a friend who knew a friend who knew a friend....

    Anyway, I must say I had my doubts about this game when I received the early beta. But the release comforted my concerns except for pretty much one flaw that seems to have every zombie slayer out there shooting themselves in the face with a shotgun to save them the trouble of having to wait for the RETARDED AI to come get you when you are in your most dire need....

    Thus making me think that valve is some mastermind that actually wanted the 4 players to be real players.....instead of some sorry ass sitting at home with no friends at 10 pm on a Friday night with nothing to do but drink mountain dew and punch Boomers in the face....oh wait...

    Aside from the stupid AI players that actually bring wonders to mind on how they don't explode right there on the spot, this game seems to be flawless.
    The new crescendo events are different in every one of the 5 different campaigns of the main "story" progression if I may call it a story....

    Also, the uncommon common infected put a twist in each campaign, now you have to worry about bulletproof zombies, clowns who attract hordes with their silly oversized shoes, fireproof zombies, and mudmen who lurk in the water and wait until some oblivious survivor gets close enough then runs around on all fours at an alarming rate then gets mud all up in your face, thus impairing your vision if he hits you. This causing some panic in harder difficulties, and versus as well.

    As for versus, expect the same as Left 4 Dead 1 versus, except for the new special infected, the jockey, charger, and spitter joining the fray. Also do be prepared for those who were disbelievingly amazing at versus in Left 4 Dead 1 to completely ruin your day. Still, the versus is much better than the first versus in many ways.

    The new mode of scavenge I haven't touched yet, but I heard from a friend it gets very heated and it's a very fast paced game forcing quick decisions and precise teamwork. Of course this friend also believes that the PS3 is superior in all aspects of life and that Microsoft is a bad company...So don't take my word that scavenge is good or not....

    Realism mode on the other hand feels like it should have existed in every zombie game. Zombies are harder to kill unless you shoot at their head or in the general area, shots from friendly fire are lethal, and limited interface. It is a good place to start for veterans of Left 4 Dead 1 or if you just like a challenge.

    Overall, Left 4 Dead 2 was very much worth the purchase I enjoy this game very much and if you even slightly liked the first game you will enjoy this game 10 times more. But seriously....don't play alone, have a bunch of friends to play with, or else you will not enjoy the game just because the AI programming is slow.
    O, The AI director on the other hand seems to actually want you to fail as much as possible, so the game actually has a good when having a challenge, doing campaigns on normal takes about 45 minutes to an hour instead of 20 to 30 minutes. Even though it is sometimes ridiculous to see a horde the size of a small town population come through a janitors closet....

    I give this game 4 Stars. Because of the crappy and slow AI response time, and the fact that they took out infinite melee of weapons in the story. (You have to actually have a melee weapon to infinitely hack and slash, but if you try to push zombies away with a melee weapon you get fatigued as well....hmn) But this game is good. If you like zombies, Valve, or just a good co-op game to enjoy long hours of the night with friends, I highly recommend Left 4 Dead 2.

    (Even though I still want to know what's up with the baseball bat pre-order melee weapon, I would have preferred a lightsaber or something, seriously a baseball bat is probably the most unoriginal melee weapon concept since punching.
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    Blam. Smack. Zombies fly. The ones that don't are blown to bloody smithereens by gunfire. It's chaotic and hectic, but at the same time it's organized, because you have your three buddies behind you, backing you up. One is throwing a pipe bomb, the other providing cover fire, and the third is checking behind, making sure no special surprises are coming your way.

    Left 4 Dead 2, like it's predecessor, depends largely on your ability to work as a team. If you can't cooperate, there is no way the zombie horde can be defeated, and no way you can escape to temporary safety.

    --- GAMEPLAY ---

    The game mechanics are actually rather simple. It's basically a variation of the classic first-person shooter. You play as one of four Survivors, each possessing a gun and ammo. Yet as you progress through the campaigns and increase the difficulty, strategy becomes more and more apparent. The use of items given to you at semi-random spawn points need to be distributed amongst the group, and then the group needs to decide when to use these items. Often, the group cannot progress without first triggering a "Crescendo Event" in which masses of zombies come and attack them, and again, strategy comes into play and the group as a whole must figure out how to deal with the problem. For less mature players picking easy difficulties, it's simply a shoot 'em up. For veterans, it's and intriguing strategy.

    Controls are simple, with joysticks to aim and move, triggers to shoot and bash zombies away from you, ect. What you would expect from a shooter. Anyone who has played a shooter will catch on quickly.

    --- GRAPHICS ---

    The Louisanna swamps. Dark, murky waters, decaying buildings and fallen trees. The truth is, while this may sound incredibly descriptive, the graphics of Left 4 Dead 2 are not exceptional - they are more like a landscape caricature. You know where you are, that much is obvious, but it's certainly not realistic. Definitely not the looker that The famous Assassin's Creed games are, but they do their job in setting the mood of a horror.

    --- SOUND ---

    The majority of the music in Left 4 Dead 2 is not just background noise, it actually serves a purpose in gameplay. When the music changes, you can hear that a badguy is around the corner, or yet another wave of zombies. While there are some tracks played for ambiance, most is used to emphasize what is happening currently in the game, and immerses your experience in it.

    --- SINGLE PLAYER ---

    Sometimes you want to be the lone gunman. Silent, stoic buddies sniping a few off your back. But this really isn't where the game shines, and playing alone in the harder modes is extremely difficult because you can't cooperate with computers the same way you can with humans. So sure, sometimes if you just need to get your mind off of work or an annoying sibling, it can be fun to run through by yourself, but the heart of the game is truly in multiplayer.

    --- MULTIPLAYER ---

    One word : Scavenge. Like the main campaign mode, it's an incredibly simple concept, and like the campaign mode it depends on strategy and teamwork. The object is to collect gas cans. The opposing team, playing as various Special Infected, attempt to stop you. Simple as that. Or is it? Advanced players soon learn to attack Survivors that have split up, and hold back when they stay as a team. They gang up on one, guard each other, help each other recharge their attacks. And you know what the best news is? Left 4 Dead features many multiplayer modes, I only mention Scavenge because it is my favorite.

    --- ACHIEVEMENTS ---

    I swore to myself I wouldn't write a review for this game until I completed it. It took me a year. The achievements in this game are fairly challenging. You'll unlock half of them after putting in some time and effort, but the next half you'll have to put in sweat and tears, and the last few you'll have to sacrifice a goat to ancient gods. If you are looking for a happy go lucky game where you'll max out in a month, don't bother buying it, and don't bother borrowing it from a friend either, because you won't finish all the achievements, not for a long time.
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    Left 4 Dead 2, the sequel to the incredibly fun and popular 2008 title Left 4 Dead by Valve, we're now on the next level of extreme zombie massacre. This game is amazingly fun, addictive and it’s not just another typical zombie survival game, it’s much more than that. When I first played the first Left 4 Dead (borrowed it off a friend) I wasn't impressed, nothing to mention specifically but I just didn't like the game in general so I gave it back, maybe I didn't give it enough time or I was just mad.

    After seeing Left 4 Dead 2's highly praised reviews, gameplay and friends comments on it, I decided to once again borrow the game. First thing I done was played the first 2 missions of the Campaign in Co-op..and man was I blown away! I was hoping to expect much more than from Left 4 Dead and they sure didn’t disappoint! After finishing the campaign both solo and Co-op on Expert, I had to admit to my friends that this game was truly brilliant, I wanted to play more! So we headed online to find many new game modes and the classics to return.

    The new multiplayer game mode "Scavenge" was surprising fun as well, it required teamwork and communication which really added a flare to the game. Collecting those gas cans never got boring but really was a different experience each time we played it. By now I’ve probably given you the message that the game is probably best played with others, with friends rather than by yourself, makes things twice as exciting and fun! Technically wise, I think the graphics deserve a strong 8/10, Sound 9/10, Gameplay 9/10 and the achievements.. amazing, a 10. The list includes both a lot of creativity compared to most achievement lists and a fair and clear challenge but nothing too difficult with a really helpful in-game achievement tracker which is something that every game should have!

    With the two new DLC’s released for the game, (The Passing & The Sacrifice), it really adds more reason to play the game, as both DLC’s are a complete blast to play, adding more game modes, campaign missions and even achievements! (250G each). Playing Left 4 Dead 2 made me rethink my opinion on Left 4 Dead, maybe I should give it another chance, and so I did, and without surprise I actually started loving it I realised I just had to give Left 4 Dead more time..and get a friend to play with!

    Overall, Left 4 Dead 2 is a brilliant game and an absolute blast while it lasts, which is actually quite long, I’ve clocked in over 50 hours myself, the game is worth a buy no doubt and every Left 4 Dead fan needs this game or they would be left incomplete.

    I give this game a 9/10 overall.

    Thanks for reading
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    I really liked Left 4 Dead 1 but the problem was always convincing my friends to play multiplayer. I finished all the campaigns by myself, tried a little of the versus mode and then traded the game in.

    When Left 4 Dead 2 was announced, i saw the trailer and saw the inclusion of melee weapons but just wasn't interested and had no intention of buying the game. However, one of my online friends is a huge zombie fan and bought me the game so that he had someone to play through the campaigns with. I am so grateful that he did.

    The game begins in New Orleans with 4 new survivors: Nick, Ellis, Rochelle and Coach. All of the survivors have good personalities and tell funny and interesting stories along the way.

    The melee weapons in L4D2 really change things in terms of gameplay. When you're swinging at a horde of zombies with your katana sword or chainsaw it feels extremely visceral and fun. This doesn't mean the guns aren't fun, in fact there are now ammo upgrades that give you fire, frag and explosive bullets.

    On l4D2, i managed to consistently convince my friends to play online multiplayer. What a difference this makes. Not only is it a fun journey with friends but it really does immerse you more in the story. We would go to work the next day and laugh/cry about dropping the gnome before getting on the chopper. It is really about the collective experience.

    All the campaigns have had alot of thought put into them. You have a burning hotel, a shopping mall, a swamp with a crashed airliner, a carnival, a rock concert, the tunnel of love, a cemetary, a bridge and a motel. Each campaign has a different mood conveyed by either the weather or the time of day. Hard Rain is in a torrential rain storm for example and The Parish is in bright daylight. Each level again has a finale and they are all very challenging.

    The multiplayer is extended past the campaigns by the versus mode and a new scavange mode. Here you have to collect gas cans while the infected are attempting to prevent you from putting the cans in a generator. This is a lot of fun but I have noticed, right or wrong, that if you go online without a headset it is both difficult to play and chances are you'll be booted out of the lobby. You really do need to communicate with your team online.Alot of the achievements reward online multiplayer.

    The highest compliment I can say about L4D2 is that i'm STILL playing it since release, have enjoyed the first DLC release for the game and it really makes you bond with your friends online. I've even gone back to L4D1 with them to re-discover the multiplayer!
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    Left 4 Dead 2 is the sequel to the very popular zombie game Left 4 Dead. I personally found this game not very different from the first, but all the new features added so much to the game itself.

    Gameplay- 5 out of 5
    I loved the gameplay for this game. Left 4 Dead introduced the new scavenge mode, realism mode, 3 new special infected, and 5 new campaigns which was a large step up from the first game. Then in The Passing DLC they introduced mutations, weekly gamemodes varying the entire game by doing anything from turning everything into Tanks or giving the survivors a bottomless clip LMG. Very recently in the Cold Stream DLC they made all mutations available at all times.

    Price- 5 out of 5
    This at about the time I bought it was 40$ which I think was an amazing deal for all of the new content. Additionally each DLC is a insanely low 560 Microsoft points which is just a little over 5$, Making this game and all of the DLC well worth the money.

    Online- 4 out of 5
    This game has amazing multiplayer in versus. I love the entire concept of being able to play as the infected in an attempt to kill off the survivors. Additionally the 3 new infected allow for lots of new tactics and way to kill the survivors. The only issue I have is the booting system. The ability to kick AFK players and players intentionally doing friendly fire is a great feature. The only issue is, is that the main time I see the feature used is against people who join the game in progress with already greatly injured, and he/she gets downed and gets quickly kicked by annoyed teammates.

    Achievements- 5 out of 5

    This games achievements are similar to many other games, a bunch of easy random achievements followed by an one to beat the campaign on the hardest possible difficulty. Good news is campaigns in this game only take about 3 hours, bad news is that you have to do it all in one sitting. Luckily they changed the get a certain amount of kills achievement to an avatar award..
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    I remember when this game was announced, and to be released only a year after the first title hit shelves. Everyone was upset that this would divide the fanbase and should have just been a large DLC piece. Not at all true in my opinion...

    The game itself features 5 "movies" that each feature 4 chapters and a 5th finale. Just like the first you and 3 others (AI or other players) move through the level attempting to survive.

    There were alot of changes made to the game. They added several weapon variations, melee weapons, new special infected, additional items to use, and an all new cast and game mode. I'm not going to get into alot of these here because they've been covered to death now that the game has been out for a year.

    Single Player Gameplay:

    It is worth going through each stage at least once solo with AI teammates (probably on the lower two difficulties) simply to learn the maps and have a little fun learning your way around. They upped the ante a bit with a few random objectives thrown into the mix on some levels, as well as some more interesting finales. All together this should take you about 4-6 hours to complete all 5 "movies" depending on your skill and the chosen difficulty.


    Multiplayer Gameplay:

    The bread and butter of this relatively new franchise. The modes are; Co-op, Vs., Survival, and Scavenge.

    Co-op is exactly as it sounds, 4 players teaming up (up to 2 on the same console) and having a go at one of the levels in it's entirety. On the lower difficulties this is especially fun as borderline mindless stress relief blasting zombies while chatting with friends.

    Vs. is similar to co-op but with a team of 4 players controlling the enemy special infected. The introduction of new special infected is a good one. They all (old and new) have their own strengths and weaknesses. Playing as the infected really gives a new perspective in vs. game types rather than people just shooting one another. Each team is scored based on how far they made it alive, and a multiplier is granted for each surviving team-member. This game-type is all about team work as the Special Infected are rather fragile, and a lone survivor is begging to be incapacitated.

    Survivor sees you and any combination of 3 players and/or AI locked into one of the games "crescendo" events featuring a situation where you "alert" the horde and have to simply survive as long as possible earning medals at certain times, You are given a plethora of supplies to start. This is a good, challenging game mode. You will be picked off quickly if you seperate from the group.

    Scavenge is the newly introduced mode with L4D2. Like Survivor it has you locked into an arena from the campaigns and you must collect a certain number of gas cans to fuel your vehicle/generator/what-have-you. It's played to best of 3 as both teams take turns as the Survivors and Infected. This is certainly one of the most frantic online experiences I've ever been a part of, and that's a good thing in my book.

    With a great variation of gameplay types you'll likely spend hours in each, trying new strategies, playing all the maps (there are plenty.)


    Online Competence:

    The lobby system in the game is just like the first. It's very easy to learn and use, and you can find about any game type, as specific as you choose to be. I have never had any issues with lag, or people being dropped from a match due to connectivity issues. The voting system available is also a very nice feature. Nothing ever feels unfair be it a difficulty change or booting a player for unsporting.



    The graphics don't seem too far out from the first, but that doesn't mean they disappoint. The graphics are crisp, and certainly look like a Valve game. The intoduction cinematic is beautiful and worth watching almost every time I boot up the game. There is never any slow-down issues regardless of how many zombies may flood the screen.

    The audio is also fantastic, as with the first. You can here every individual zombie shrieking as they peel across the landscape after you. You can here every bullet wiz by, penetrating aforementioned zombie. The dialogue and voice acting is also top-notch, though most including myself prefer the cast from the first game.


    Downloadable Content:

    Valve has supported both titles well (though a bit of delay after each games release) and always for a fair price.

    "The Passing" is a new 3 chapter "movie" that sees our new cast unite with the old cast. (You still play as the new cast.) You meet with them at the beginning of the level and require their assistance in your escape. You'll come to the finale which is a Scavenge-esque situations having you find gas cans, while the cast of the original provides support fire from a roof above. The campaign is a bit short, but this is acceptible when coupled with the other bits of content we get. More maps for all MP modes are always welcome. The "Port" Finale is especially fun on Scavenge mode. This DLC also added Mutations. These are gameplay changing updates that are put into effect every Thursday. These can change anything about the game, but it's usually geared towards the Vs. or Co-op game play. Changing the number of special infected, what weapons are available, etc. These changes are usually simple, but really add some variety and replayability to a game that already packs quite a bit of longevity.

    "The Sacrifice" is available for both L4D & L4D2. It features a new campaign map with 3 chapters similar to "The Passing" but in this you play as the original survivors. The campaign is relatively straight-forward, with some solid set pieces. The finale sees the survivors facing death when a generator fails, thus one survivor must sacrifice themselves by restarting the generator, unable to get back up to the rest of the group. I found this finale can be pretty challenging depending on the Special Infected spawn, and skill of your teammates. A nice touch with the L4D2 version is the inclusion of the "No Mercy" campaign and maps from L4D1, updated with the new special infected & weapons.


    In summation I think everyone should give this a rent, unless they absolutely didn't enjoy the first game. This game won't change your mind. Though there are quite a few additions made, the game is still pretty stream-lined and tons of fun. The quantity, quality, and variety of maps certainly kept me coming back for more. Mutations make it worth-while loading the game up at least once a week ever since the DLC dropped. I don't think I could have asked for more from the game.

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    With only a year passed since the release of this sequel's predecessor, Left 4 Dead 2 seems to be what Left 4 Dead should of been.
    A better plot line, a realistic setting, a tighter cast and what seems to be better AI that can manipulate anything in this Co-op Zombie Shooter, makes this game seem almost too real.

    If you've played the original Left 4 Dead, I'm sure you've fallen in love with what the game company Valve has been able to create. However, Valve has outdone themselves. They were able to create an advanced AI that controls millions of zombies and the tangible weather conditions you will fight them in.
    Now in the Single Player campaigns the AI will sometimes not respond what is going on around. Leaving you, literally, LEFT FOR DEAD. No pun intended. They won't shoot you, which is good, but that means that can't exactly defend you at times. Which pretty much leaves you s.o.l.
    However, in the Online Campaign mode, you'll be paired with other online players (hopefully they'll understand the how to play the game). This merely increases the communication and playing level. This is the most preffered mode of playing. ONLINE. WITH OTHER PEOPLE.

    The new Special Infected they created for this game are sure to make you curse when they are out to get ya. But, when they are in your hands in the Versus rounds, they seem like they always belonged. The Spitter, Jockey and Charger are very well thought out on how to distract and separate the survivors. Sometimes, even forcing the survivors to retrace their steps to rescue one another.
    The new Survivors are foreign when you first encounter them, but once you get to hear their dialogue in the new Campaigns, you can't help but to warm up to them.
    Oh, and by the way. Let's not forget to mention the new Melee weapons. You can't really kill a zombie until you are able to dismember it's head with a machete. Melee weapons add a sense of sheer 'infinite' use to the mix. They are definitely something that should be carried. They DON'T have to be reloaded, after all.

    With the new setting of Louisiana, and it's lovely swamps and streets, combined with the creepy and emotional soundtrack, Left 4 Dead 2 is made to be packed full of zombie killing action.
    It's not one to play alone. So, grab some friends and let the zombie heads roll.
  • LessrOf2WeevilsLessrOf2Weevils85,038
    17 Oct 2010
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    This game took quite a bit of heat, coming out a mere year after the first Left 4 Dead, and this from a developer known for it's long production cycles. Perhaps the complaints are justified, but once you get the product in your machine, one can't deny how fun this game is.

    Valve did not change the overall formula of the game. Once again, four survivors in a zombie apocalypse must work together through various campaigns in order to reach the rescue vehicle on at the end. As before, on-line co-op is what this game is all about with emphasis on the co-op. Players who don't work with their teammates are destined to be punished cruelly, either by opposing players in the case of versus, or by the AI director, that sadistic bit of coding that decides how enemies, weapons and gear will spawn. If anything, this games demands even more of its players with new special infected specifically designed to try and split players up. Valve definitely watched how players played the first game and designed this game to combat their tactics. For example, once again alarms and loud machinery will generate what Valve calls crescendo events where waves of infected rush the players, but instead of the normal digging in that players did to survive these events before, many of them can only be stopped by travelling to another location - evil indeed.

    But the survivors are better armed now too. The variety of guns has about tripled. Also added are powerful melee weapons (who doesn't enjoy conking zombies with a frying pan?). The amount of gear is also increased from speed inducing adrenalin, defibrillator kits for bringing back dead teammates, to incendiary and explosive ammunition. The thing is, the number of inventory slots has not changed. Carry a melee weapon, then no pistols. Carry special ammo, then no med pack. No one can carry it all, so once again team work is what is emphasized.

    The environments are better detailed now and there is more variety to the campaigns than before. Instead of everything being at night, the time of day changes as does the weather. Indeed, the storm effects become a factor in the game in more than one campaign. The campaigns link together better now too, with each beginning where the previous one ended. Some might miss the four survivors from L4D1, but the four new ones should get them over it pretty quick. Once again, the characters are unique, well written and voiced, and enjoyable to listen to. As in the first game, dialogue is generated differently each time through. The variability in play-throughs not only extends to placement of enemies and gear, but some maps even change pathways through them now. The new game type, scavenge, is also a lot of fun.

    Overall, L4D2 doesn't feel like a replacement to L4D1 but rather a complement to it. Although both follow the same essential formula, there is enough differences between the two that I suspect the community of players will more bouncing back and forth between them rather than leave L4D1 on the shelf. If I have any knock against this franchise, it would be that it is already feeling a bit old. I for one do not wish for a L4D3 and, I hope, there are no immediately plans to develop one. Despite that, if Valve continues to support the community that has developed around these two games, this is a franchise that will have people still playing it years from now.

    Story: 4
    Interface: 5
    Game Play: 4
    Challenge: 4
    Fun: 5

    Overall: 9.0/10
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    It's entirely possible you're someone who never played the first and have no idea what I'm talking about, so I'll take a step back for a moment. It's the zombie apocalypse, and you play as one of four human Survivors who attempt to shoot their way through hordes of fast-moving "infected" (which I'll refer to as zombies) to get to the end of a map. The sequel is set in the American southeast and the new cast of characters is more memorable this time around, as they seem more aware of their situation, chattering away and commenting on specific parts of the environment as they battle through. Ellis' inane stories while huddled in safe houses are a particular highlight as he waxes on about accident-prone acquaintances while mobs of bloodthirsty zombies converge on his position, at which point the others understandably tell him to shut his mouth.

    External image

    That's not what you should be doing while playing, however. More effectively than most other titles out there, Left 4 Dead 2 forces you to work as a team if you want to win. You need to talk, and you need to participate. Every member of your four person squad of Survivors needs to be communicating about what they're doing, calling out locations for ammunition, weapon, and health pickups, and asking for help when in trouble. The catch is that no stage ever plays out the same way, because there's an artificial intelligence called the Director governing the action. Packs of common zombies can attack at any time, and if what the Director throws at you proves too challenging, your path of progression through a stage may even get swapped around to make things easier. It makes every experience different, and encourages repeat play as it adapts to challenge players of any skill level.

    Like before, there are multiple difficulty settings, with Normal serving as a good entry-level challenge while on Expert only those with the best communication, decision-making, and reaction skills will survive. Left 4 Dead 2's Realism mode makes the challenge even more daunting, removing helpful glows around items and weapons amongst other things, meaning it's all up to your communication skills to call out ammunition and item pickups or to let people know you're in trouble. If you're the type of player who generally shies away from a conversation and prefers to remain silent, then you're not going to like Left 4 Dead, mostly because your team isn't going to do very well if everyone's only interacting on a minimal level. Because of how much teamwork is required in Left 4 Dead, it's also one of the best games out there for triggering an emotional response in players, which works both ways. If you manage to pull through, you feel a much greater sense of accomplishment, and if you're losing, it can be singularly frustrating since your success is just as reliant on the behavior of those around you as it is on your own personal skill.

    Bots are still included, though, so if you do want to run through the five campaigns by yourself that's entirely possible, and should a person have to drop out midway through a campaign, an artificial intelligence will take over so you don't have to all give up. Your computer-controlled teammates will work alongside, making accurate shots, swapping out weapons, reviving, trading items and healing when necessary. It's nowhere close to as entertaining an experience, but it's still functional and playable solo. Ideally, like when preparing for a dungeon run in an MMO, you'll be able to get a full party together to tackle the challenges, and it's an experience that's at its best when in a full Versus game.

    External image

    Versus is also where you'll be challenged the most, as four players will be running through as Survivors and four others controlling the powerful boss zombie types. These include the Tanks, Boomers, Smokers, and Hunters from the first game, in addition to the new Spitters, Jockeys, and Chargers. The new boss zombie special powers add layers to the gameplay, such as the Spitter's acid pool that can do heavy damage over time to anyone who stumbles into it. The Jockey's ability to take over control of a Survivor's direction of movement makes for even more interesting combination possibilities here, and overall the addition of these new boss zombies adds in a welcome amount of depth and, if you're playing as Survivors, unpredictability to the play experience. If your Infected team is working together you can time Boomer bile attacks with Jockey jumps and Spitter attacks so large groups of common zombies are attacking while one Survivor stumbles under a Jockey's control and the rest are slowly dying in a pool of acid.

    These kinds of team tactics are subject to further refinement when you take into account the campaign-specific challenges, some of which are sure to get your pulse pounding. To be perfectly clear, this is not a relaxing game. You're tense and fixated on the screen at all moments, and during sequences like the rollercoaster race in the Dark Carnival campaign and the storming and flooding of the second half of Hard Rain, you'll need to pay even closer attention. The campaigns here include exciting crescendo events and defense sequences that any hardcore Left 4 Dead fan is going to go absolutely nuts over. In that sense, if you're still playing Left 4 Dead and are looking for more, then you're going to love this product.

    External image

    It's not just the better campaigns, the more fully-realized and detailed environments and the switch from the dark city streets of the first game to the bogs, carnival grounds, marshes, and sunlit construction yards that contribute to reasons why this is a better game. There's also a wealth of little things that make this a sturdier, more complex, and more entertaining experience. You'll find scattered around rooms incendiary and explosive ammunition pickups for all to enjoy, a wider range of rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, and sniper rifles to pick apart your opposition (though many of the like weapons models behave similarly), and perhaps most importantly of all, in Left 4 Dead 2 you can take advantage of melee weapons.

    External image

    These things can absolutely shred the undead, particularly the machete, katana, and limited use chainsaw. They replace your pistol when picked up, and are not only a source of gruesome comic relief, but are also effective at surging through thick clusters of enemies. If your Survivor teammates are trying to heal and share adrenaline shots, choose between med packs or defibrillator kits, or decide between pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, or the new bile bombs that when shattered are like zombie lightning rods, there's no better way to seal off entrance to the area than by meeting any approaching foe with a whirring chainsaw. Or if you're out of ammunition and see the safe room just ahead, instead of simply shoving foes aside, why not smash in their skulls with a few broad swipes with an electric guitar? In other words, the melee weapons aren't just a bullet point on a marketing sheet, but add a noticeable and welcome element to the gameplay. And, for Valve fans, it's yet another opporunity to wield a crowbar.

    The most powerful addition is the grenade launcher which, while effective at blasting apart zombies, is a dangerous weapon to use because of its potential for friendly fire. Using the gas cans, propane tanks, and other volatile elements strewn about each campaign map is probably a little bit safer, and something that's incorporated into the new Scavenge game mode. Here, a team of four Survivors battle against a team of four Infected, like Survival mode, the arena is limited in scope. There's no travel destination, so instead the Survivors try and round up gas cans from the surrounding area and dump them into a generator to secure them. The Infected try and stop this process, and it's a best out of three affair as the teams of four swap sides. Trying to stay organized on the Survivor side; deciding which cans to chase, tossing them off balconies to waiting teammates, and ensuring you don't actually set them on fire in the process is great fun, and because the mode tends to end pretty quickly, it's easy to hop in and out of and should serve as a nice bite-sized, more accessible adversarial experience.

    External image

    Across all these modes you'll find the gameplay to still be electric-quick, as you'll need to swiftly spin and run and swipe while zombies charge in at full tilt, or adjust your aim to help a teammate who's been snagged by a Jockey before they disappear over a ledge. Because of that, this is an experience that feels more at home on the PC than on consoles where mouse control easily allows for rapid movements. The Xbox 360 version is still functional and satisfying, however, so no worries there.

    The game also looks better than the first thanks to the daytime setting of most areas that lets the light better illuminate the level of detail, and also because of the zombies' animations. The droves of undead look much more lifelike this time around, sprinting and stumbling with an authenticity that might even be scary if you weren't caving in their foreheads with frying pans and cricket bats. The way they react to gunfire is far more gruesome, and something fans of the ol' ultraviolence will definitely appreciate. It's not just decapitations and severed limbs this time around – zombies nearly disintegrate as you pepper them with bullets. Entrails spill from cavernous abdominal wounds and shotgun blasts can pockmark their torsos, revealing ribcages and all manner of grisly innards. Yeah, it's gross, but it's also rewarding in a gruesome kind of way. The sound design is as strong as ever, which should be no surprise coming from Valve, and new music tunes have been mixed in with familiar ones to better root the sequel to its setting.

    Whether or not Left 4 Dead 2 is for you really depends on your level of exposure and affinity for the style of hardcore team-focused gameplay Valve is offering here. If you’re still interested in the gameplay, then you’re going to enjoy every aspect of the sequel since it’s improved in all areas, from available game modes to strength of character and personality to replayability and its visual style. After playing, you’ll find it impossible to go back to the first game. Though plenty of other games offer co-operative gameplay against mobs of computer-controlled foes, no other game emphasizes teamwork as strongly as this, and few other games are as satisfying when you’re able to pull through successfully, particularly when competing in Versus mode against four human-controlled boss zombies. If you saw the original and were always curious to try it out, then by all means get the sequel. It is, without a doubt, the better game. Yet despite all the advancements and additions, it’s still very familiar, and something meant to appeal to those who are already sold on the concept. If you’re someone never cared for the game, Left 4 Dead 2 isn’t going to change your mind. Even so, it remains one of the most distinctive co-operative titles out there, and allows for some of the most nerve-searing team-based multiplayer gaming on the market.

    External image

    Hardest Achievement:
    External image
    Survive all campaigns on Expert.
  • chrisarcadechrisarcade624,529
    01 Apr 2011
    9 6 1
    It's Here

    More of the same or something new. That was the question I asked myself as I glared at this game in Best Buy's aisles. Left 4 Dead took the zombie killing theme in a fresh direction with zombies that mobbed and kicked your ass like a gang beat down. "Infected" as they're called didn't slumber along draggin' their feet as they slowly inched toward you with hands raised in front of them like the classic zombies of yesteryear. Instead you have zombies climbing fences and swarming you like killer ants until they're in your face and literally stomping you into the ground. Adding Smokers, Hunters, Boomers and Tanks, Left 4 Dead re-invented zombie killing and many gamers agreed by purchasing and putting many hours into this game...myself included.

    Now with Left 4 Dead 2 I was a little reserved. What could developer Valve do to get my attention and my 60 bucks? I'll tell you what they did. They kept the game play the same with a few tweaks. Now when a teammate is killed you can actually bring them back to life with the Defibrillator unit. Similar to Pain Pills, Adrenaline Shots give you a temporary boost in health and allows you to run faster, use items in half the time (reviving & rescuing teammates and healing). You can also run through zombies and not be slowed by their attacks. You can also give Adrenaline Shots to your friends just like Pain Pills.

    New "Special Infected" have also been added to the game and really add more depth. One of my favorite additions is The Jockey. This little bugger lunges onto the shoulders and head of its victim, by doing this, he takes control of you and can lead you away from the team and off a cliff or into fire or other hazards. Then there's The Charger. This beast has one very large arm and one extremely small arm. He kinda looks like a smaller version of the Tank. Like his name, he charges at you, carrying you for 80 feet then he continuously slams you into the ground until you're dead or saved by a teammate. Remember The Boomer, well appears he has a female version of himself called The Spitter. While not as fat as he is, The Spitter spits acid at you that causes continuous damage until it fades. If she spits onto the ground and you walk through it, damage is taken until you're out of the green acid.

    Online play is still as fun as you remembered in the first game and I clocked in many hours fighting these creatures of the not so living. Survival, Versus & Campaign have returned with the addition of Scavenge and Realism modes. Scavenge has you and 3 others (3 friends or 3 bots) finding fuel to put in your get away vehicle while 4 others play as infected trying to stop you. Realism is pretty much versus but infected must be shot in the head to be stopped. This is harder than you think.

    Besides the weapons from before, a few new ones are adding along with melee weapons. Baseball bats, Katanas, Crow Bars and even a Guitar among others are among your arsenal. This gives the game a lot more variety and more ways to deal with the dead.

    A new cast of selectable characters is the final touch and like it's predecessor voice acting is top notch. I'm sure you'll find a character that fits your infected killing desires.

    Graphics in the game, although new, seem the same. They're all new locations and everything, but they seem like they came straight from part 1. Not bad though, but could have been better. Just a small gripe. Left 4 Dead 2 is pretty much an extension of part 1 instead of a true sequel. Not a bad game by any means but not the blockbuster I was looking for. This game will sell well and get good reviews, but for $60, more could have been done. I feel because it's so similar to part 1 this should have been priced at $49.99 or maybe even $39.99.

    I give this game a solid 8. Everything from graphics, sound and gameplay are all well done. If you haven't already, check this out..you won't be disappointed.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    8 6 0
    Left 4 Dead is a extremely addictive game that will get your money worth.

    Graphics [8/10]
    The graphics in this game ain't the best there is and looks a bit childish. The graphics hasn't improved much from the first one but i personally don't really care as much on how bad graphics look in this game.

    Story [7/10]
    There's really no story but go from one location to another and get saved. There's pretty much no story but run and gun.

    Multiplayer [10/10]
    This is where the game surpasses most of the other games. There's so much you can do and will keep you replaying each campaign over and over. If you have the Parish DLC you will be able to play mutations which is different game modes like only chainsaws that will add to the fun. In multiplayer there's scavenge which is putting gas cans to restore a generator, versus where you can play as the infected and play a 4 on 4 taking turns being survivors and trying not to let the opposing team reach the safe house, co-op campaign where where you can look for other people to play each of the 5 campaigns with, and survival where you fight endless waves of horde while seeing how long you can last.

    Campaigns (Spoiler Free)
    The Parish [8/10]
    Dark Carnival [9/10]
    Swamp Fever [7/10]
    Hard Rain [8/10]
    Dead Center [8/10]

    Achievements [8/10]
    The achievements will mostly be simple and easy at start mostly passing campaigns and doing little things and will then get tougher. Expert will be a challenge and put your co-op skill to the full potential. These two achievements can be tough but not impossible.Overall, it will take around 10-30 hours obtaining all and this doesn't include extra playthroughs for fun.

    Avatar Awards
    Health Pack- Beat All Campaigns
    Bull Shifter Shirt-Win 10 versus Games
    Zombie Hand Shirt-Get 10,000 kills
    Depeche Shirt-Rescue Gnome Chompski
    Left 4 Dead 2 Shirt-Win 10 Games Of Scavenge
    Gnome Chompski- Play 6 mutations

    Overall, this game will be extremely fun and will help take care of your achievements addiction.
  • GooierChip79591GooierChip7959117,953
    31 Mar 2020
    2 6 3
    I'd give it a 5 out of 5, because you can learn new things about the game you did not know and the campaigns are awesome! Although the bots are really stupid. one time I was being smoked to death and coach just standed there and did nothing. Also just please release left 4 dead 3. Oh and don't even get me started with the bad people on there, some of them just don't care about other people and only their selves and some of them grief of course, it really gets on your nerves when your trying to get an achievement and they just grief and mess it up for you.
  • PsilenserPsilenser52,821
    19 Jan 2010
    2 6 2
    I think there has been enough said about the technical aspects of the game. It certainly does take the "Left 4 Dead" experience and ratchet it up.

    However, I have to say that all the added complexity (longer chapters, tougher campaigns, multiple special infected, tougher crescendos) don't really endear me to this game. I have been trying to like it ever since it came out, but last night I popped in the original L4D, found a lobby, and just had a great ol' time on "Blood Harvest".

    Let me be clear, it was with random strangers (with headsets) and we had a blast. I can't remember a single game of L4D2 over the last few months that I've enjoyed so much.

    In the original, if you were good, you survived the chapters and made it to the safehouse. In L4D2, unless the infected team is grossly incompetent, the survivors are going to die along the route. It's just tougher, and the chapters are longer. Is this more fun? I don't think so.

    I think Valve got so caught up in the "more, More, MORE!" mantra that they lost sight of the fun factor. The original game had a very streamlined (NOT simple -- big difference) flow to it. The sequel has so much going on, that it's less enjoyable.

    I would LOVE to see the original maps as DLC for L4D2, because I think you would get the best of both worlds. Short, do-able campaigns, with better graphics, melee weapons, and Jockeys.

    Just my opinion.
  • Haseo ATCHaseo ATC215,302
    07 Jan 2010
    1 6 1
    Here I am again, attempting to give you all the need-to-know in a review while keeping it short and sweet. (Self-deafeating first paragraph, I know.)

    I'm going to assume you're familiar with the first Left 4 Dead. If you loved it, then I'm sure you'll love L4D2. If you just love killing hordes of zombies, you'll also love this game. (And who doesn't like killing zombies?)

    The addition of melee weapons is a nice touch---you can whack zombies with a frying pan or guitar, send heads flying with a baseball bat, and even slice 'em up with a katana.

    A new game mode, Scavenge, is excellent once you get the hang of it. It's a fast-paced and somewhat chaotic version of Versus, where you can play as either the Survivors or Infected, just like in Versus. And there are three new infected to play as/against.

    There's only two things that keep this from being a 5-star game: I found that the four Survivors in L4D2 aren't quite up to par with the original Survivors (Bill, Zoey, etc.), especially Rochelle. The second thing is the achievements: aside from a few (namely Still Something to Prove and The Real Deal), the achievements in L4D2 really aren't that tough to get. And the lack of a cumulative achievement like the first L4D's "Zombie Genocidist" was a real downer to me. But all in all, still a fun game to play.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    2 7 9
    10/10? Have you even played the game?

    I am beginning to wonder if anyone is actually playing the game before reviewing it.

    Left 4 Dead 2 brings absolutely nothing new to the table.

    4 new completely steroetypical characters.
    A few new zombies.
    2-3 more levels than the first game.
    Melee weapons and a few new guns.
    And absolutely no new graphics.

    This is a huge dissapointment from Valve.
    When I first saw this game at E3 I already knew it was going to look like the same old L4D trash. With the same repetitive boring gameplay and stupid dialog.

    Can anyone explain why there is no game with an African American Redneck?

    This game is complete trash.
    Sure it may be fun for a week if you have never played Left 4 Dead.
    But if you take the time to look at this game, then you will just see that it is the same exact game Valve gave us last year.

    Biggest upset of the year for me.

    This doesn't even deserve a 1 star due to the lack of improvements.
    Controls are sloppy and you slide instead of walking. Which is pretty normal for Valve games anyways.

    I'm sitting here trying to think of something that I actually liked about the game but I'm not really getting anything.

    I'm sure this will be nothing but thumbs down since no one will actually review the game with an open mind.

    I will say this. If you have never played Left 4 Dead, then I would suggest RENTING this game.

    Better yet, Rent Left 4 Dead 2 first, then go rent Left 4 Dead so you can see that they are the exact same game.
  • joedahoc93joedahoc93100,444
    06 Jan 2011
    7 13 0
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Like the original this game does what so many have done before. Kill as many zombies as possible. Of it gives you the ability to kill zombies in many different ways, whether it be setting them on fire, shooting them, using melee weapons it all adds up to one gory good time. Valve has proven once again that they can make simple and effective first person shooters. Not to mention addictive.

    Theres none to be found here!

    Jut like the original just with added bits and pieces. The game gives you four new characters: Nick, Coach, Rochelle and Ellis. None of which are really as cool as the original Left 4 Dead heroes. But they do have their qualities. Weapons have been upgraded, and they give you a selection of weapons in all different classes. Desert Eagles, Ak-47's, and golf clubs etc. are only a few of the newly added on weapons. The game also features some very interesting zombie maps. The Carnival was my personal favorite. The Passing (add-on) was also a welcome addition to the series. Survival and Versus are also intacted greatly to the already staedy game modes, as does infection (add-on). And the new add on content allows you to take control of the original Left 4 Dead survivors. That's always fun.

    the music and sound effect are among the best in the buisness. With good music and decent voice acting. The real sound of course come from hearing a boomer and preparing yourslef for the onslaught of zombies which are yet to come. The sound is really where the game also get most of the effectivness.

    A zombie killing machine