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    30 Dec 2008 30 Dec 2008
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    Left 4 Dead

    About the Game (taken from the Steam Store)

    "From Valve (the creators of Counter-Strike, Half-Life and more) comes Left 4 Dead, a co-op action horror game for the PC and Xbox 360 that casts up to four players in an epic struggle for survival against swarming zombie hordes and terrifying mutant monsters.

    Set in the immediate aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, L4D's survival co-op mode lets you blast a path through the infected in four unique “movies,” guiding your survivors across the rooftops of an abandoned metropolis, through rural ghost towns and pitch-black forests in your quest to escape a devastated Ground Zero crawling with infected enemies. Each "movie" is comprised of five large maps, and can be played by one to four human players, with an emphasis on team-based strategy and objectives."

    Gameplay ( 10 / 10 )

    The gameplay in Left 4 Dead is original, unique, and satisfying… That is, if you enjoy team-based play. Don’t get this game if you are a Rambo-esque kind of player, or if you hate relying on other players! You can choose to play with friends, or with random people. I highly recommend headsets to hear the warnings and cries of help from your teammates, and even to give some every so often. The game is a simple travel game to get from point A to point B, with only one thing between you and your goal: zombies. Shoot them down, find cover, and hope to reach the safehouse at the end of each chapter. At the end of each campaign is a final level, a “finale”, in which you must defend yourselves and hold out until rescue comes to get you.

    Versus mode offers new life to the campaign mode by allowing another team of players to play as zombies. They take turns spawning as different types of Special Infected, not including the witch. Every so often, one player will become the Tank. Both teams will play as humans one round, and as the infected the next, allowing both teams to experience the same obstacles and compete for the most points.

    Graphics ( 9 / 10 )

    The graphics in this game are amazing, but I would be lying if I said they were groundbreaking. Fire looks beautiful, and if you’ve ever seen vomit look so pretty in another game, I will give you $20 up front. The Havok physics engine is utilized every step of the way, from trudging through zombie corpses that piled up in your quest, to knocking zombies off of a building. The characters all look unique, as the company’s trademark is giving each player character a unique outline to tell them apart from far away, or in Left 4 Dead’s case, through the outline on the other side of walls (like superman!). Special infected all come in one size and shape each, which is good, and the normal infected have about 20 or so unique looks that I can tell apart… Even though I know that they are all virtually identical, I never realize this as I only see each face for seconds before I gun them down. You’re never given an opportunity to look zombies in the eye and sweet talk them, so the repetition of models won’t get old.

    Sound ( 10 / 10 )

    The game utilizes sound as the primary indicator of oncoming danger. You’ll hear crying to indicate that a witch is nearby, sobbing her heart out, and the rumbling and growling (as well as screen-shaking) of a tank as it destroys all in its path to get to you. Smokers cough and gag, boomers have trouble keeping the vomit in their mouth, and hunters shout seethe with rage and even cry out threats as they jump. Aside from making a grotesque noise, each special infected (as well as a group of the normal ones) are accompanied by a thrilling “theme”, and it becomes easy after 1-2 plays of the campaign which theme and noise is associated with each type of infected… With your speakers off, you barely stand a chance.

    Replayability ( 9 / 10 )

    Like any games, you will need to take a break every now and then. I’ll be honest: when I rented this game, I thought it would get old fast. 40-60 minutes a campaign, 4 campaigns? I couldn’t see how this could be fun to play more than once… Then I tried it. Hell, I must have played the first campaign (“No Mercy”) about a thousand times before moving on to the next. The game will constantly have you coming back for more. You'll never encounter the same series or pattern of attacks either; the game uses a technology they dub the "AI Director" to control the horde movements and put you into tense, tough positions throughout the game... Don't let your guard down!

    Heavily Teamwork Based (if you like team play)
    Amazing usage of sounds and shapes
    Never the same as the last time you played

    Heavily Teamwork Based (if you prefer solo play)
    Only four campaigns (alleviated with DLC in the future, I am sure)
    Only two campaigns playable in versus mode (hopefully patching the other two)

    Microphone, Three Smart Friends, Loud Speakers


    Gameplay ( 10 / 10 )
    Graphics ( 9 / 10 )
    Sound ( 10 / 10 )
    Replayability ( 9 / 10 )

    Overall ( 9.5 / 10 )

    If this game doesn't win any awards this season, I will resign as a gamer and not touch anything that has any sort of point or reward system, even if the reward is bragging rights, satisfaction, or a simple smile. If you're worried about buying this game, rent it and fall prey to the addiction that is Left 4 Dead. If you're considering this between other games, ask yourself: "Do I prefer games where I can work alone, or games where I always need to rely on and help out my team?" if you prefer the latter, get Left 4 Dead, as no other game amounts to the level of Teamwork required.
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    stylecouncillerIs this game worth playing in single player or can you only unlock the achievements in coop?
    Posted by stylecounciller on 15 May 10 at 18:47
    AerodynamoThe game is NOT worth playing in single player, by any means! It is okay if you want to get some achievements split-screen, but the game itself is loads of fun in coop. By far one of my favorite coop experiences.
    Posted by Aerodynamo on 16 May 10 at 03:12
    Killerfox UruThis game is worth playing solo! If you play in expert you will suffer but it's very rewarding. I thought that on this site were the best players, but after a while I've seen that many players are only achivements whores and don't pursue achivements as a challenge but only as a number.
    Posted by Killerfox Uru on 17 Sep 11 at 15:38
  • HWNDarksideHWNDarkside897,481
    04 Feb 2009
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    It's like Valve tapped into my brain, sucked out all the zombie holocaust dreams I've ever had and turned them into the best co-op game ever made.

    Play through a campaign and you'll average around 2,000 infected kills, more exploding heads than you can wave your auto-shotgun at, more pant-filling terror than any other game ever made, and you've got "Director" to thank for it all.

    Director is genius. Director is the big, scary man hiding behind your sofa ready to shout "BOO!" when you least expect it and then pounce on you and claw out your intenstines.

    Director controls everything. Nothing in the game (other than the odd medi kit) spawns in the same place. Infected attacks happen completely at random. One game you might get half way across the map no problem, the next you're pinned down in the safe room struggling to get the level started! Spend too long in one area and Director will send Horde after you. Or maybe a Tank. Or maybe it'll stick a Witch right outside the end-of-level safe room. No matter how familiar you are with the maps there is always constant threat.

    If Director isn't challenging enough for you (and trust me, it is) then the Versus mode allows 4 players to control the Special Infected and orchestrate their own undead slaughterfest.

    This is as close to a zombie invasion as you'll ever get (zombie/infected - whatever - they all look the same spread all over the walls). Think Dawn Of The Dead remake. Think 28 Days Later. Think Planet Terror.

    Total and utter awesomeness.
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    19 Aug 2010 18 Jun 2012
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    Get ready for some zombie killin' fun!

    I have a little downtime in college, and I need a time killer, so I figured I'd write a review for a game I love. Left 4 Dead is honestly, one of the best, if not the best game I've played.

    What's more fun than running around killing zombies with 3 of your friends. I will be honest, it's not as good without your friends, but hey, this is a co-op game, it's meant to be played with others.

    This game is seriously addicting and you'll find yourself playing it constantly once you get it.

    *NOTE: If you're gonna thumbs down, please state why... I worked hard on this review and I don't wanna delete it, but my review ration keeps plummeting bc of the negs and I would like to know why people are thumbs downing.

    On to the evaluations:

    Campaign Mode
    This is quite a fun feature to play, to have the best experience, you should play with some friends, but if not, it's still fun. There's not too much of a story to play along with. There actually IS a story, but it's mainly told in the game manual (and possibly online). I don't really know the story, so I can't really say. I THINK, don't quote me on this, but I think that someone with a zombie virus or something donated blood to Mercy Hospital and it eventually got all over..

    Important thing here: The story DOES NOT MATTER, it simply doesn't. All the game is basically about is killing zombies and all the joy it brings, and trust me.... IT DOES!

    Also, campaign can bring quite a challenge if you haven't experienced the gameplay before. Whenever I first got the game, I couldn't even survive easy mode. I did do expert with some friends eventually, but it took me a while to work my way up. I'm serious, this game is HARD.

    There are many common infected running around and shooting them is fun, and can also be gorey with an auto shotty :)

    You will eventually meet up with some special infected, which usually make noise whenever they spawn, so they're obvious, especially with subtitled turned on (which is a very helpful feature). They are:

    Hunter: A yelping agile dude that likes to pounce onto characters and rip them to shreds, once a hunter has pounced on a survivor, another survivor must melee the hunter off or kill it.

    Smoker: The smoker has a very long tongue, in which is grabs a survivor and chokes him or her against objects or against himself. Once a smoker has a survivor, another survivor must melee or shoot the smoker off.

    Boomer: The boomer likes to puke on survivors, which attracks a huge wave of zombies coming to the survivor(s) that has/have been puked on. They also explode when killed.

    Tank: The tank is a baddie. He's a beefed up zombie that smacks anything in the way. He's the strongest special infected and can devistate a party in versus and campaign modes. He can throw concrete and smack the mess outta stuff.

    Witch: The witches are optional to disturb. Your party can choose to sneak past her or kill her, once she's startled, she runs at the one who disturbs her and downs them instantly. She can be annoying.

    The only downfall to this game is the weapon variety, nothing really too much to choose from, but it's still a fun game I promise.

    Multiplayer is fun, there's online co-op, which campaign, but with human players, and versus, which is basically a team deathmatch so to speak...

    Since co-op has basically been covered in the campaign section, I'm just gonna cover Versus.

    Versus is a lot of fun and makes the lifespan of the game much longer. In versus mode, you have 4 characters playing survivors and 4 playing as the special infected. The special infected try to kill off the survivors before they make it to the saferoom, then they switch up. The team that makes it the furthest wins and goes to the next chapter. And so on til the campaign is over.


    Left 4 Dead offers a wide variety of achievements. Some are easier, while some are quite difficult. I have them all, but it took quite a bit of time trying to work with it (especially Zombie Genocidest). Not even gonna lie on that one. It's quite a tough 1000 G and 1250 G if you got the Crash Course download or 1500 with both Crash Course and The Sacrifice DLC. About 30 or so of the achievements will come in time of just playing over and over for a while, the last few will take some serious work (especially What Are You Trying to Prove?, Nothing Special, and Stomach Upset). Nothing Special being the hardest, imo.

    Crash Course DLC

    Crash Course takes place between the No Mercy and Death Toll part of the story (if you have actually followed), if not obvious enough by the crashed helicopter that you actually took off in from No Mercy.

    Also with the Crash Course download comes a new phrase from the pilot in the No Mercy campaign whenever you call the rescue vehicle. He just tells them that something's not right and that he's not feeling well.

    I was a little let down with Crash Course, honestly. It was a little too expensive for what you get. There are only 2 chapters. Yes, I know that chapter 1 is sorta long, but still they should've made it longer.

    Beside what's been mentioned, there's really nothing new here, except 10 extra achievements that aren't too bad. A little time consuming to get them all, but nothing too difficult.

    The Sacrifice DLC

    This downloadable content is available for both L4D and L4D2, it takes place during and before The Passing DLC and it tells what the L4D survivors are doing while the L4D2 survivors are making their way through The Passing. In this DLC, you won't play as the L4D2 survivors... That's right! You see the return of the original characters, and with L4D2 display, it only gets better. You get to enjoy the gameplay with the original survivors screaming about the new special infected and using melee weapons!! Overall, it's a lot of fun and worth the money since it's down to 560 points now (or at least it was for me). I was late getting this DLC because I stopped playing Xbox for a couple of months. It's about as long as a regular campaign even though it is only 3 chapters long.

    Now, the achievements for The Sacrifice were a let down. They are super easy and all worth 50G... It's kinda like the creators rushed it and put no thought into the achievements. Since the L4D2 version came with a new version of No Mercy, then I figured that it should include some achievements from that campaign, but nope! Plus it kinda makes me feel weird since L4D never put an achievement over 35G until now, and the achievements worth 30G+ were usually hard. Overall though the download is definitely good. I would give it 5 stars, but since the achievements make me feel weird, I'll give it a 4.5.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, this game rocks. One of the best for the 360 & now you can get it for pretty cheap. It's pretty addicting and a lot of fun to goof off on with some friends. I highly suggest this game for shooter fans and just anyone at all. Have fun and good luck because this game is rather difficult.

    I give it a 5/5!dance

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    26 Jul 2009 28 Nov 2015
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    What if i told you there is a game so perfect, so simple and so addictive that you'd be playing it for months on end! Well i'd like to introduce you to the wonderful world of 'Left 4 Dead' a first person co-op shooter which puts you and up to three friends against hordes of the undead.

    The game see's you playing as one of four survivors trying to make their way through thousands of walking corpses in an attempt to make it to safety, you can play four different levels each divided into 5 chapters which on normal difficulty seems to take an average of an hour. Ok i know what your thinking " Four Levels! Four Hours! WFT??!?!" and believe me that was my thoughts at first, but throw those thoughts out as the fine people at Valve have created a great little addition for the game dubbed "The Director" this A.I program insures every play through of the game is different for you e.g enemy's will never be in the same place twice, same with weapons,health ect. This makes sure each playthrough is a unique experience for the player. The Maps themselves are beautifully set-out with different yet distinct paths and certain challenges to overcome to progress, something as simple as opening a shutter door, this seems simple but these 'key acts' will alert the horde and on the higher difficulty's can prove a real challenge. The last feature that makes this game for me is what i like to call 'revive or die'. Each player can be knocked down and revived by teammates twice, they must then find first aid to get there knockdowns reset and for me this is one of the best features of the game. Valve have really put in a lot of effort into the little things of this game and it really shows as you will find out.

    There is no real story for the 'campaign' as such but Valve do a great job of giving each level a movie theme, starting with a movie poster stating who is playing as who e.g. TMT182 As Zoey and ending with credits which basically is your teams stats for the level including playtime, damage dealt and how many zombies were harmed in the making of the movie all of which is a nice concept that works well for the game. The game play is non-stop only letting up when the chapter ends and the next one is loading which helps keep players on their toes throughout the entire game. The game features four difficulty levels which are easy, medium, advanced and expert, all are do-able but expert will require a solid team, about 3+ hours and lots of stress balls as you get killed for the 100th time in ten minutes. Puting that aside the actual game plays extreamly well with simple controls that take around 3 minutes to get used to with a well though-out layout including a very handy 180 degree turn by hitting L|B for when you need to make a quick getaway.

    Ok let's talk characters, weapons and the zombies. You control one of four survivors each has their own personality and quirks you have Bill-The war veteran, Francis-The biker, Louis-The office worker and Zoey-The hot chick, all the stats remain the same for each character but the survivor you choose often defines how the game plays for an individual. Now, weapons, there are 3 basic weapons that are available from the start of each level and chapter, these are a machine gun (uzi) which holds fifty rounds per mag and is effective for the good old spray technique or tactically killing zombies from afar, next is a shotgun which holds 8 rounds and is a instant kill when enemy's are within range. Lastly is the pistol which has infinite ammo and is my most used gun 15 rounds and you can even dual wielded for a 30 round combo. There is also 3 additional weapons that can be found through the game to help aid your quest of zombie slaying. Ok now the zombies, never in a game have i seen such detail put into an area where they could have almost not bothered, they look, act and feel like zombies should a fantastic mix of speed and vulnerability, while still posing a massive threat when groups of 5-6 attack you unaware, when they cannot see you they fumble and stumble there way around the levels in a fantastic way again kudos to Valve for a feature that could have been overlooked. Next comes the boss zombies each come with their own unique look and attacks, the boomer has a short range attack but if successful can deal hefty damage to players, hunters who can pounce and pin survivors leaving them helpless and the smoker who ensnares players with it's tongue and drags and constrains them. None however compare to the 'Tank' and it's how it sounds it can take a huge amount of damage while dealing a huge amount to players, luckily you only encounter a couple per level. Lastly is the 'Witch' who unless disturbed will sit in the dark and cry, all i can say is if you're stupid enough to annoy her them you better be quick at running as she packs a whopping one hit kill.

    Moving onto Multiplayer, Left 4 Dead features 3 game modes online co-op, online verses and survival each are addictive and fun to play and quick to pick up. Co-OP see's you and 3 others playing through any of the simple player campaigns this is where the game comes into it's own and is the true test of your loyalty to your team, run on ahead at your own risk. Verses mode puts 8 players into two, four player teams, one team plays the campaign as the survivors, while the other team plays as the special infected trying to stop the others from reaching the safe house which is a fun, original game mode the creators should be proud of. The final mode is survival which puts four friends working against an endless horde of zombies, for this mode you cannot win, only get the satisfaction of beating your friends best time on each level. Multiplayer is a massive part of Left 4 Dead and is well thought and and put together.

    I'll brush on graphics before i finish as i feel I've mentioned everything else, but to be honest there is nothing to really say. The colours are well adjusted to suit lighting and the flashlight effects are second to none, the overall look has nothing wrong with it but the game doesn't really have many 'wow' moments. In saying this i'm more then happy to say that the gameplay makes up for not have that 'cutting edge' look.

    All now is left to say that Left 4 Dead is a must have for any first person shooter fan who enjoys co-op and addictive online and offline play.


    Well i hope you've found this review helpful and honest .L.
  • Topodude2236Topodude223678,733
    02 May 2009
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    You will either love this game, or hate it, there is no in betweens. Left 4 Dead is all about the online, if you are playing this offline on your own, its not much fun, the main story can be finished in a few hour (maybe 3 not too sure), and when I say 'story' there actually isnt a story... at all, you know the characters names, but nothing else.

    Online this game is a masterpiece, there is a coop story mode, so you can replace the 3 AI controlled character with 3 friends, or 3 randomers, this is useful for the harder modes since the AI can be stupid at times, and you (obviously) cant tell them were to stand and such. The verses mode is awesome, originality at its best, its basically two teams, one is the survivors, one is the 'special infected'. the survivors aim is to reach the end of the chapter, the infected aim is to stop them, the games can be really exciting if you get a good game in match making, but can be frustrating if you are matched with a 'lesser player' as the game relies heavily on solid team work. Recently a free download became available on the marketplace, for another mode called survivor, if you have played nazi zombies( COD WAW) or horde (gears of war 2) then you will see the similarities, basically, you just have to fight hordes and hordes of infected, and aim to last as long as you can, its hard, but its damn good fun.

    The graphics are good, not the best, but since alot is going on on-screen you cant expect much more without flames ripping through your xbox, the music also isnt very memorable, but the excitment of the game makes up for it, and you will probably be having 4 way conversations playing it anyway, so this doesnt affect the game.

    The controls are simple, and easy to use, anyone can pick this up and play it, the only thing i can say I dont liek much, is the fact that you cant zoom in, like on most first person shooters you can look closer, as if aiming down the barrell of the gun, you cant do this, but there is a hunting rifle you can use the scope on.

    Overall, this game is great online, but short lived offline, id recommend this to any zombie lover who is particaularly a fan of Horde and Nazi Zombie modes.

    I think Lef 4 Dead is worth a solid 8/10, its well worth £40 and will last you forever if you have a good group offriends on it, some challenging achievements but most are easy.
  • KARMAgoesHARDKARMAgoesHARD1,029,865
    11 Jul 2009
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    Here’s to wishing the zombie apocalypse will be this fun!

    Grab a Webster's dictionary and look up the word “Win”. There, beside Chuck Norris' name you shall find Left 4 Dead. Yes it's that good. There is no reason not to have this game in your collection. Any kind of gamer can get lost in the infinite replayability of No Mercy Hospital or maybe they love to wander around on a farm in Blood Harvest. Whatever it is, there is something magical about this game that makes us all come back for more!

    Left 4 Dead is based around four campaigns, also known as movies. Each movie has five chapters to it and each enemy is randomly spawned on the map. One playthrough you may get a horde right at the start. The next you may be closing on the saferoom when suddenly you get pounced by a hunter that wasn't there before. When your team runs over to help you… WHAM a zombie horde. Put all the lawls and frustration of the randomly spawned enemies aside, it really is a key asset to the game. Without this you'd be going through the same old levels doing the same thing. That wouldn't be fun would it? I sure think not. Especially since all the movies can be run through on easy in about two hours or less with a team that knows what they are doing.

    Stemming off the two hour campaign on easy… well I could explain. Easy is well… REALLY, REALLY easy. Unless you are playing for a quick run through or a L4D fix I advise playing on normal. Once you feel comfortable with the controls, have a good team, and have really gotten into the game, step it up to expert. Although there is a difficulty below expert (advanced) , use that only for practice runs or strategizing for Expert. The damage taken per hit from a normal infected on advanced to expert isn't that much (5 to 10) compared to easy to expert (1 to 10). This can provide really helpful and should all thank Valve for putting in a game difficulty for all the skill leveled players.

    Earlier when I was talking about the randomly generated enemies I mentioned a little something about your teammates coming to save you. This is a huge part of the game- teamwork. It is literally impossible to run through the movies by yourself without teammates. If you get jumped by a hunter or pulled by a smoker you're done. There is no escape, so good luck to all the lone wolves out there. Teammates can free you from a hunter or smoker, as well as heal and revive you. Also they can rescue you from hero closets. You can play as bots offline, but this game really shines with online play with your friends. This is mostly due to the fact the bots have insane accuracy but are as dumb as a rock.

    Online and offline have the same game modes, except you can play with up to four people online and only two offline. Sadly only two offline, that is. I don't see why it doesn't support four people, this could be an insanely awesome party game! Ah well, one fault doesn't hurt that much. Anywho, back to the modes. There is the standard campaign/movies as I have explained above, but there is also something called Versus mode. This is a very innovative mode where players form teams of 4 v 4 and take turns running through two of the movies (the other two are coming shortly in an update). There is a catch, while one team plays as the survivors, the other has to try and stop them as special infected. This mode is full of pure fun and replayability.

    Graphically, this isn't what we have been used to. Games like Gears of War blow this game away, but this does get it done. Some nice character designs and cool level layouts really help, but there isn't a “wow” factor. Maybe someone will look at the graphics and be turned off because of this, but this is a huge mistake. There is no reason to not try this game because it doesn't have the best graphics- if you are doing this it is a big mistake. The graphics doesn't really help nor hurt the game, as it is extremely playable.

    Controls are really nice. An odd choice to have melee as LT, but other then that everything works fine. Shooting, reloading, and switching weapons are all easy to use without affecting how you play. Props to the devs.

    Overall this is a really good game. A must have for any 360 owner. Almost unlimited replayability along with great fun with parties or friends makes this undoubtably one of the best 360 games to date! A must buy. So do yourself a favor and go pick it up! Seriously.

    This review was orignally posted by me at http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox360/review/R133332.html .
  • fowlmowffowlmowf88,847
    20 Aug 2009
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    Left 4 dead has been anxiously awaited by many valve fanboys/girls, zombie fanatics and co-operative players for quite some time, and now its out i think it's reviewing time.

    Left 4 dead is basically the zombie apocalypse and all people are trying to do is survive. We are given four survivors that are immune to the infection, so therefore cannot become a zombie. Bill a grizzled war veteran who has survived two tours in Vietnam and a knee full of shrapnel, Bill can now go bag to his old profession, killing. Francis a really loud, cocky and sure he's indestructible, he acts like the outbreak is the worlds biggest bar fight. Louis was working up the courage to quit his job, but then an infection came along and changed his goals 1.live and 2. succeed. Zoey spent her first semester holed up in her dorm watching horror movies, she had two choices get her grades up, or drop out. The infection started, her teachers and proffesors are dead and so you could say she was studying the right subject.

    There are four campaigns. The first ''No Mercy'', is set in a city and the aim is to get to the rooftop of Mercy hospital. sounds easy doesn't it?. One problem zombies, hordes and hordes of zombies whail and flail atyou like theres no tomorrow. When you reach the top, a helicopter comes to pick you up and take you away. Death toll, the second campaign takes place in a small town in the middle of nowhere called Riverside; The objective in this campaign is to reach a house near the sea and get aboard a big old boat. Dead air, my personal favourite of the campaigns is set in an urban area and an airport. The mission here is to reach an AC-130 plane and fly the hell out of there. The last but not least is blood harvest, It's set in a forest, and is set on the outskirts of a city, It's probably the shortest out of them all.

    No mercy is very close quarters, Death toll is very closed but long range, Dead air is very close quarters in some parts and others very open. Blood harvest is the most open of them all.

    Left 4 dead suffers in many assets, for instance it's graphics are not the best valve have come up with but, it's not as bad as quake 4. The graphics obviously are related to the source engine, It's graphics are similar to that of half-life 2, but unfortunately they do suffer by having some grainy surfaces, in a dark room with no light, there will be walls that shines, The zombies graphics fail especially on the common infected.

    It also suffers immensely by lack of story. In Left 4 dead the closest thing you will have to a story is the intro movie at the start of the game. The campaigns only objective is to get in a vehicle and get away.

    Sounds are one of the components that make a game. The sound in Left 4 dead is actually amazing, The sounds of the infected is amazing especially the boomer, the gurgling and vomiting sounds are kind of sickening. The voice acting is phenominal, the characters feel relatable. Francis and Zoey mainly.

    The enemy's are really cool. Here's a list of your enemy's

    Common infected=your every day, generic but fast zombies

    Boomer=a fat zombie with a tendancy to throw up. When it throws up on you or other survivors, it attracts common infected to you. The reason they are called boomers is because when shot, they explode, like the vomit if within the proximity of the explosion, then you will see a group of angry left 4 dead 2 boycotters (common infected)

    Hunter=basically it can jump far distances and pounce ontp survivors which renders them helpless, unless the hunter dies. It claws at the survivor while on the floor.

    Smoker=it's job is to pull survivors away with their obscenely long tongue. When it grabs a survivor, they are pulled towards the smoker immediately. The survivor has roughly a second to fire at the smoker before they are helpless, and pulled away to their doom

    Tank=The Tank is the muscle of the infected. It's job is to pound the crap out of the survivors. It's huge, muscular, full of health and very powerful. It's secondary power is to pick up rubble from the ground and throw it at a survivor causing major damage.

    Witch=An accident waiting to happen. The witch is like a mine, get to close for too long and she will come down on you like a ton of bricks. She sits there crying, until you either get to close, shine your light on her or shoot her.

    The other unique thing about Left 4 dead is it's versus gameplay. Versus mode is basically, Campaign mode but you play each chapter twice; one time as survivors and one time as infected.

    Left 4 deads gameplay is a First-person shooter, which is kind of generic where most of the time all you do is sit in a corner, two people meleeing and two shooting. However it is still very fun to play in co-op with up to 3 other players.

    Graphics (6/10)

    story (1/10)

    sounds (7/10)

    enemys (9/10)

    multiplayer (7/10)

    Overall (9/10)
  • The Saxton HaleThe Saxton Hale31,698
    29 May 2011
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    The graphics in Left 4 Dead are O.K. the Survivors are nice and realistic looking, The weapons look realistic, the Special infected as gross as the may look, still look awesome as well, With weird body deformations that just look awesome. Body parts fly off when you shoot them, Heads blow off with an awesome sense of satisfaction, and seeing your carnage displayed on the infected is nothing short of satisfying.

    Inside and outside of building are also done well, With subtle details that make you feel that you're in a more realistic environment. Since your time in-game is about 50/50 in playing inside buildings and outside buildings it's nice to see a lot of variety in how things look.

    However, some of the common infected can seem a little repetitive, it's a shame because if there were more common infected models this game would bring a greater sense of realism to it. Something I would've liked to seen with the common infected is more details. Such as putting logo's on their shirts of pants. Give some guys long hair, give some women short hair.

    One other thing that I didn't like, that is minor, but was something I still didn't like was that if you shoot an infected near a wall their blood will splatter on the wall, which is awesome, but the coolness of it is lessened because if you get up close and look at the blood it's all just a bunch of pixels. It looks bad up close but from far away you wouldn't know it was pixels. The graphics in this game are near perfect.



    The sound in this game is just spectacular. From the grunts and moans of the infected to the idle chit-chat between other survivors, This game is just bursting with amazing sounds.

    The sounds of the Special infected and common infected are well done. Hearing the groans and screams of the common infected running after you and trying to kill you are real good. The Special infected sounds are much better though, especially if you hear you before you see them, conveying a sense of knowing what you're going to come up against.

    The fast paced music that plays when the horde comes helps convey the nervous, intense, action-packed gameplay that the game strives for. When walking around with no infected or in slow-paced battles, the chit-chat provided by the survivors and other miscellaneous characters in the game, feel realistic and convey some comedic results as well.

    Another thing that the game does well with the sound is that the survivors will speak louder when they have found something useful such as a better weapon, another pistol, health pack's, extra ammunition and even more.

    The gun shots sound real, the explosions sound real, the car alarms sound real (though overly loud). The sound in this game is extremely well done, there is little to nothing bad about this games sound.



    The gameplay is with no question, the highlight of Left 4 Dead. The game is designed to let you play it as you want to, go this way and go a different way next time. There are many ways to play single player in Left 4 Dead.

    The movement of the survivors are good with no real awkward movements unless you run into each-other than they will kind of go through you at some points. The name of the game is killing infected, and this game gives you more than enough ways of doing it, Shotguns, Assault rifles, Sub-machine guns, Pistols, Explosives, cocktails and even more. There could have been a lot more ways to heal up besides Health packs and pills but it doesn't really hamper the game that they don't have more, it just left me craving more.

    Another reason that Single player has tons of replay value is that the AI director is always changing everything. If you're doing really good throughout the level, the game is going to place less healing items and more infected. If you're having a bit more of a trouble with the game, the game will spawn more weapons, healing items and less infected. There are also many different things the director does as well such as spawning special infected and Tanks in different areas as well as different locations for all weapons and healing items. Every time you play single player in Left 4 Dead, you will get a different experience because of that.

    Sections of the campaigns can feel long at some time and short at others but overall I really had fun playing each campaign. This game should not be played by only fans of zombies but anyone who owns an Xbox 360.



    The multiplayer in Left 4 Dead is what will be most likely what will have people sticking around, with a variety of ways to play Multiplayer. Offline with a friend, 2 controllers on a couch. Or, you can go online and have up to 7 other players play with you at once. Play campaigns with other people makes the game a lot more fun and frantic, especially if you're playing it with your friends.

    Versus is also a nice addition with making the game much more competitive and intense. People who want to truly show how good of an infected killing machine they are, and are looking to get competitive, I would recommend Versus mode for them.

    Survival mode is also really fun, seeing how long you can last against a non-stop swarm of infected is the most intense mode for people who really want to test their skills with friends or AI partners.

    Overall I would recommend the casual players to stick to online campaign mostly for the huge amount of fun factor that it provides. Versus for the people who are looking for a competitive kind of game, and Survival for people who really want to test their skill in the game out the most.

    Multiplayer takes the fun of the single player mode and doubles it by having other people be able to play with you. However, I would recommend only playing multiplayer with a group of friends cause I found myself occasionally annoyed by my random teammates who not only weren't as good as me but didn't have microphones either. At the end though, Multiplayer in Left 4 Dead is awesome!



    Achievements is Left 4 Dead are there and are spread out well, I think the casual gamer who plays this game a couple of times a week or a couple of times a month will rack up between 200-400 gamerscore, Although the people who delve into the game and actually enjoy it going for the gamerscore will be able to rack up 600+ gamerscore. Left 4 Dead also has a few achievement that only the truly skilled players will be able to get.

    Easy and difficult DLC achievements are also a nice touch. Some achievements are easy to get and some are not. But Left 4 Dead manages to keep a good balance of Easy achievements that just take a lot of time to get and Hard achievements that take skill and give you a great amount of satisfaction when you get them.

    Overall some people will either get a few achievements or a lot of achievements, I fell the minority will be in-between, so the scoring for this will just be based on my personal opinion.


    + Fun, fast paced gameplay which will never make you bored.
    + Lots and lots of replay value.
    - Online achievements are somewhat hard to obtain and could be more DLC.
    ? Can we get one more DLC that has to involve Chicago Ted?

    Final Score
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    07 Aug 2009
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    With the upcoming release of some more L4D DLC and the release of L4D2 it was time for me to blow the dust of this title and write a little review.

    So...Zombies, four people, guns and explosives. At valve the brainstorming stopped at that, and thank the sweet green greatness of mother earth because nothing more was needed. Previous zombie titles have tried and failed to re-created an apocalyptic zombie scenario, but the guys at valve have pulled it off beautifully. Let's do a run down.


    There's no traditional story telling elements here that you would find in other retail titles on the X360 or the PC, but rather than taking away from the game, it adds to it. The entire story is told through comments made by in game characters, laying down hints of their previous lives before the zombie problem struck home. You could also read the manual, it gives you a good background if you need one, which you don't, because this game isn't about telling an epic zombie story about four survivors, it's about grabbing an M16 and popping the heads off of zombies.


    The one thing most people who continuously play valve titles can testament to, is that while the core gameplay never changes, details are always changing via patches. Elements which may have been unbalanced months ago, like melee spamming, have been fixed, and some elements which may right now be unbalanced may be fixed when you read it. Valve, from my experience take good care of their game's, always making sure to patch any problems they come across. So if you find one, report it to valve, it's the best thing you can do.

    Back to the core gameplay. You can play the campaign mode of L4D alone or with a team of up to four players. Alternately you can play multiplayer mode with up to 8 players, separated into two teams, where one group can play through a campaign normally and another gets to wreck around as zombies. Both modes have their appeal, but with the exception of human controlled zombies, the campaigns play much the same so I'll stick to the campaign mode when talking about gameplay.

    The most important part of a zombie invasion would be what guns you can use to shred them with. L4D doesn't offer much in the name of variety when it comes to weapons, this is the game's biggest pitfall, however you can still choose from weapons like the M16 (fore mentioned), the sniper rifle, a Molotov cocktail or pipe bomb. Ammunition for all weapons plays like a character it's so important in this game. On the higher difficulties rationing ammunition becomes part of the in game strategy with your team and makes the entire experience more real. Of course, it is a game and you do start with a pistol that has unlimited ammunition and can even dual wield them if you chance on another pistol during your campaign. Beating an entire campaign with just your pistols is even an achievement, and a fun one to go after.

    The second most important part of a zombie invasion is teamwork or lack of. Lack of teamwork on higher difficulties will result in you being dead. Conversely, team work will result in you not being dead. Probably the most realistic element incorporated into the game is the need to work together to survive. It's this fundamental need for your partners in zombie genocide which makes this the best co-operative title ever released. There it is, balance out the window, fan boy in the chair. But really, looking at an example, it really is. At certain parts of the game you'll come to expect a tidal wave of mad zombies rushing at you in co-ordination looking to eat your face, with good team play, like staying together, shooting different targets, communicating and collecting explosives will lead to all of you coming out of the zombie rush unscathed, a rather gratifying experience. It's this feeling of co-operation resulting in a common goal everyone can be happy with that makes this such a fantastic co-op release. It truly is meant to be played with three other human players, because the A.I. teammates have no strategy and will get you killed. So if you're thinking of playing single player, stop, go find an online lobby and get the true experience out of this game. And play on increasingly harder difficulties as you get better, the experience is very rewarding.

    The third most important part of a zombie invasion is not having downie muffin A.I. using your health packs when they have 45 health left and you're in front of a safe house. The A.I. is not very good. The second pitfall this game encounters. Stay online, play with people.

    However! The A.I. for the zombies. Fantastic. The game uses what they call an 'A.I. director' to slightly change the time or positioning of zombie rushes or the appearance of special zombies, adding a re playability the game desperately needs with only 4 campaigns. The lack of more campaigns being the last pitfall L4D has to deal with.

    As you might notice from the paragraph above, the strategy involved in the game goes as far as when or when not to use your health packs or other health giving items like pain pills. All elements of this game, plus a few surprise special zombies, which I'll let the player figure out on his own, each adds another layer of great gameplay that encourages co-operation until L4D is nothing but a giant onion which reeks of dead zombies and satisfied survivors.


    The visuals in this game are good. They don't blow away the capabilities of the X360, but they offer enough detail in the environment, with nice enough graphics to really make you believe the scenario you're in. Each level makes you feel like you're playing a classic zombie movie, like playing an an abandoned airport, crashed planes ever, destruction and desolation at every turn. Or you might be running through a farmer's field, like the one's they make crop circles out of, you can't see nothing and it makes you scared.


    When playing this game you won't realize how important sound is until you've put some big ass headphones on and you can hear a tank growling before anybody else notices they're about to be mauled. The sound in this game is done beautifully, adding to the ambiance of the visuals and completing the experience.


    On of the best co-operative releases of all time, across any platform. The closest zombie game doesn't come close to the gameplay in terms of depth and L4D hasn't been 'left for dead' by valve as some DLC has already been released and more is to be released in the fall.

    9/10 or 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5
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    Left 4 Dead Review

    Despite the love of Hollywood to turn games into movies, there doesn't seem to be a need for a movie based on Left 4 Dead, as it's already been made several times over. Left 4 Dead is a game that venerates zombie movies throughout the ages, from George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead to Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later. In the game, you and up to three other survivors must battle a zombie apocalypse with a simple goal; you aren't trying to eradicate the undead horde, you're just trying to survive.

    External image

    However, Left 4 Dead is also a completely different kind of game, and it feels as much of an experiment as it does an amazing gameplay experience. Valve has moved against convention and delivered a game that is built almost entirely around cooperative multiplayer action. Sure, there is a single-player mode that lets you play through the game with bots, but that feels like practice. Bots lack the dynamic play, the interaction and the interplay, and the social aspect of co-op play. This is a game that comes to life when you play with at least one other human player, and it's even better if there are four humans in each game.

    Campaign Mode
    Let's start with the basics. Left 4 Dead is about the seemingly hot new fad in storytelling: the dreaded zombie apocalypse has finally come to pass, turning the vast majority of the population into a mindless, ravenous undead hordes. A handful of humans remain immune to the zombie virus, and you play as a small group of them. There's Zoey, a young woman; Bill, the grizzled veteran; Louis, the middle-class office worker; and Francis, the biker. Armed with real and makeshift weapons, these survivors must battle their way to salvation. It's a simple plot that anyone can recognize, and Valve pulls it off with its trademark incredible attention to detail.

    In each of the game's four scenarios, you must battle your way to a series of safe houses that lead to a rescue point. You can have up to four players in a game, controlling each of the characters, but if you're short of humans, the AI can fill in and control the bots. The AI is generally solid; it's good about killing zombies, not hitting you with friendly fire, and even patching you up with med kits if you're down. The downside is that the bots are passive; you always have to be in the lead, which is problematic when you're hurting. If you're playing with other humans you can tell them that you're hurting and can switch the formation around. That doesn't happen with bots. Still, you can play the game with the bots on almost all the difficult levels save for expert. Frankly, expert is so brutal that you'll need four human players to prevail, and even then it's not a sure bet you'll make it through.

    Each scenario is presented like a movie, which is a nice touch. At the beginning there's a movie poster showing the cast. If you survive, the "credits" display the statistics for the game, like who killed the most zombies, who inflicted the most headshots, who delivered the most friendly fire, and the like. The final credit shows how many zombies were killed in the making of the film, and a nice touch I really like is that if only some of the survivors make it to safety, the film is dedicated to the memory of those who didn't. Even the scenario titles are awesome in a cheesy sort of way. There's No Mercy where you battle through a hospital, Dead Air which requires you to fight to an airport, Death Toll has you make your way to a dock, and Blood Harvest where you take shelter in a farmhouse.

    External image

    In each of the game's four scenarios, you must battle your way to a series of safe houses that lead to a rescue point. You can have up to four players in a game, controlling each of the characters, but if you're short of humans, the AI can fill in and control the bots. The AI is generally solid; it's good about killing zombies, not hitting you with friendly fire, and even patching you up with med kits if you're down. The downside is that the bots are passive; you always have to be in the lead, which is problematic when you're hurting. If you're playing with other humans you can tell them that you're hurting and can switch the formation around. That doesn't happen with bots. Still, you can play the game with the bots on almost all the difficult levels save for expert. Frankly, expert is so brutal that you'll need four human players to prevail, and even then it's not a sure bet you'll make it through.

    Each scenario is presented like a movie, which is a nice touch. At the beginning there's a movie poster showing the cast. If you survive, the "credits" display the statistics for the game, like who killed the most zombies, who inflicted the most headshots, who delivered the most friendly fire, and the like. The final credit shows how many zombies were killed in the making of the film, and a nice touch I really like is that if only some of the survivors make it to safety, the film is dedicated to the memory of those who didn't. Even the scenario titles are awesome in a cheesy sort of way. There's No Mercy where you battle through a hospital, Dead Air which requires you to fight to an airport, Death Toll has you make your way to a dock, and Blood Harvest where you take shelter in a farmhouse.

    The zombie horde that you battle is based on the "fast" zombies seen in movies like 28 Weeks Later. These zombies don't shamble. Instead, they sprint at you with inhuman speed, scale fences, and bust down doors to get at you. Horde zombies aren't smart, but they are dangerous in large numbers. The real danger comes in the form of some special zombies. There's the hunter, which can leap across large distances to pin a survivor to the ground. Then there's the smoker, which has a frog-like tongue that can grab a survivor by the throat. The boomer is a corpulent zombie that vomits or explodes to spray survivors. Getting hit by the substance will not only temporarily blind survivors, but it drives the zombie horde into a feeding frenzy. The tank is just that; he's a brick of a zombie that can take an enormous amount of damage and dish out a fair amount. And finally, there's the witch; she's an enormously powerful zombie that can take down a survivor with a single swipe.

    External image

    The game is paced almost perfectly so that you're always pushed to the edge. You'll run low on health. You'll run low on ammo or you'll run out entirely, requiring you to rely on pistols, which have unlimited ammo but aren't as effective as shotguns, assault rifles, and submachine guns. There are pipe bombs and Molotov bombs that you can scavenge, and you can turn propane tanks and gas canisters into weapons. The latter are particularly useful in the many "crescendo" elements in the game. These are points where you must initiate an action in order to open the way forward like having a van drive through a steel fence to open the route. The kicker is that the moment you initiate the action the zombie horde are going to come down on you like a tidal wave. The good news is that you have time to prepare and place down fuel canisters and discuss the battle plan. If a player falls victim to the zombie menace, a respawn mechanism reintroduces them back in the action as another survivor who has been found (though don't ask why the new survivor is exactly the same as the old survivor).

    Now, if there's a ding against Left 4 Dead, it's that the fact that there are only four scenarios, which is a small number to wrap your head around, and you can play through a scenario in 20 or 30 minutes on the normal difficulty setting. On higher difficulty settings, it'll take longer since you'll die a lot, requiring restarts at the beginning or the most recent safe house that you've reached. Granted, the four scenarios are highly replayable; you could play them over and over again and events unfold differently. There are two reasons for that. The first is the built-in "director" system that manages the action. If you're doing well, it will throw more zombies, like a sadistic dungeon master in a game of Dungeons & Dragons. If you're doing badly, it might decide to ease up on you a bit by providing health kits and ammunition. The second reason is simple human nature. It's a blast to play with others, but it can also be a hilarious experience, as well as a slightly frustrating one at times.

    Then there's Versus mode.In Versus, one team controls the human players (you need at least a single player on the human side; the rest of the characters can be driven by bots) while up to four others play as the special zombies. If you're on the side of the undead, the game picks your special zombie class for you; all classes are available save for the witch.

    Versus mode plays out with each team alternating between human and zombie. Each team takes a turn trying to see how far it can get in each level; the humans win if all the survivors make it to the safe house or survive long enough for extraction. The zombies must prevent that from happening. Points are awarded for each stage, and the team with the most points at the end of the campaign wins. It creates a anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better mentality that drives the competition.

    Playing as the zombies requires a lot more coordination since the special zombies need to work together to be effective. If the highly vulnerable boomer can get close enough to vomit on the survivors this not only blinds them but it unleashes the zombie horde. In the chaos, the other special zombies can divide and conquer the survivors. But if the zombies attack the survivors in a piecemeal fashion, the survivors will likely make it through.

    The Game of the Year Edition also features Survival mode, which is a nice, fast-paced mode for those who like their action in five minute chunks. The goal in Survival is to hold out as long as possible against a tidal wave of zombies. Your survival will be measured in minutes, and the challenge is to record a better time. It's basically simple and fun.

    External image

    The Source Engine that powers the game may not be as cutting edge as other graphics engines anymore, but it does a great job at rendering a variety of environments that are packed with detail and clutter. And the lighting system is incredible; this game has some of the best flashlight mechanics since Doom III. You'll be in a pitch black dark room and the only illumination comes from the small cone of light from your flashlight. The light is attached to the muzzle of the gun so when you reload the cone of light shifts to the ceiling. Another nice lighting effect the strobe light effect that occurs from the muzzle flash when you're firing in the dark; all you see are the faces of the zombie horde in flashes. Then there's the excellent facial animation that lets conveys so much emotion on each survivor's face, as well as the typical Valve sense of humor in some of the graffiti in the safe houses. laugh

    The audio is also strong; there's an incredible amount of voice acting in the game as each character has a large number of lines to draw upon. It's not just the simple things, like crying out warnings, but it's the extra things, like how they mourn a fallen comrade. The special zombies all have their telltale sounds that warn you of their presence, and the music shifts dynamically to accompany the lulls and the heights of the action. music

    The movie-style presentation captures the essence of the game perfectly. Valve's typical high production values and attention to detail are obvious.
    The Source Engine isn't as cutting-edge as it used to be, but it still impresses with detailed environments, amazing lighting, and the fact that it can throw zombie hordes at you with ease.
    An immersive audio system with plenty of solid voice work and a dynamic music system. You'll learn to dread the sound of a witch crying or a tank approaching.
    Left 4 Dead is quite possibly the perfect co-op shooter. It's an absolute blast to play with others, though the single-player mode feels a bit hollow.
    9-Lasting Appeal
    Incredibly replayable and the Versus mode is also fun, but the small number of scenarios may feel limited to many.

    Hardest Achievement:

    External image
    What Are You Trying to Prove?-35GS
    Survive all campaigns on Expert
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    Left 4 Dead

    Willkommen in einer Welt, in der Überleben alles ist!

    In Valves neuestem Ego-Shooter Hit schlüpft ihr in die Rolle eines Überlebenden einer vierer Gruppe und alles was es zu erreichen gilt, ist den sich durch die Strassen voller Zombies zu kämpfen und den nächsten schützenden Bunker mit Munition und Verbandsmaterial zu finden! Im Spiel gibt es 4 Kampagnen mit jeweils 5 Kapiteln. Die 4 Kampagnen sind glücklicher Weise auf 4 unterschiedliche Orte verteilt. Während ihr euch am Anfang durch die Strassen einer Stadt zu einem Krankenhaus durchkämpfen müsst, kommt ihr später noch auf eine Farm und einen Flugplatz. Das hört sich nicht gerade nach viel an, ist es auch nicht, den die Kapitel sind nicht gerade gross. Aber das ist nicht so ausschlaggebend, denn das Game macht unglaublich viel Spass und lässt sich 100 mal durchzocken, vor allem mit 3 Freunden via Splitscreen oder auch online über Xbox-Live! Zudem wird das Spiel von einem sogenannten KI-Director gesteuert, der die Zombiehorden bei jedem Mal zocken anders verteilt und ihr so nie genau wisst, wo sie lauern.

    ACHTUNG, sie kommen!!!!!!
    Die Zombies sind unglaublich schnell und beweglich. Zusätzlich zu den normalen Zombis gibt es noch 5 verschiedene Arten von Bosszombies. Der Hunter zum Beispiel kann euch über grosse Distanzen anspringen und versucht euch die Gedärme aus dem Leib zu reissen, oder der Boomer, der euch mit seiner Kotze versucht zu treffen, mit der er dann Horden von normalen Zombies anlockt, während ihr noch blind von dem Erbrochenen seid!
    Ausrüsten könnt ihr euch mit zahlreichen Waffen, Granaten und nicht zu vergessen, Medipacks, um euch zu heilen! Einen grossen Unterschied bei der Durchschlagskraft der Waffen gibt es nicht. Mit der Sniper-Rifle kann man auch nicht zoomen, was auch gut so ist, denn man hätte eh keine Zeit dazu, wenn man von hunderten von Zombies umzingelt und angegriffen wird! Das merkt man vor allem im Verus-Mode, in dem 4 Spieler die Rolle der überlebenden und weiter 4 die der Bosszombies übernehmen. Da geht das Game erst so richtig zur Sache!

    Was für die Augen und Ohren?!
    Grafisch dürft ihr vom Spiel nicht zu viel erwarten. Left 4 Dead basiert auf der Hauseigenen Source-Engine von Valve, welche nicht mehr die jüngste ist. In Sachen Atmosphäre und Sound muss sich das Spiel aber nicht verstecken. Wenn ihr in einer dunklen Gasse steht, euch sicher fühlt und dann plötzlich das Geheule einer Witch hört, kann es euch schon einmal den Schauder über den Rücken laufen lassen!

    Für Shooterfans ist das Spiel sicher einen Kauf wert. Man sollte aber über einen Live-Zugang verfügen oder gute Freunde haben, die gern und viel mit euch zocken! Den der Singleplayer-Modus ist eher ein besserer Trainingplatz als eine Story oder Kampagne und es macht auch nicht wirklich viel Spass es alleine zu spielen. Das Spiel ist aber nicht für unter 18 jährige zu empfehlen, denn es geizt nicht mit Blut und Schockern! Für alle Splatter und Zombiefans ist das Spiel aber genau das richtige und macht extrem viel Fun!

    4-Player Coop

    Etwas veraltete Grafik
    Als Singleplayer nicht zu empfehlen
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    17 Oct 2010
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    Ah, another zombie game, but this is certainly a different animal than Dead Rising. While Dead Rising charmed me with it's quirky annoyances, Left 4 Dead is polished and perfectly balanced. Left 4 Dead is an on-line co-op game where you play one of four survivors stranded in the zombie apocalypse. You have one purpose, to get you and your friends to the rescue vehicle waiting at the end of one of four playable campaigns. Against you is wave upon wave of fast moving zombies that want nothing more than to bring you down. Oh, and did I mention, you get to play as the zombies too. By creating special zombies (or infected, as the game likes to call them) that have the ability to instantly ensnare survivors, the game forces the players to work together and cover each other's back. The loan wolf is easy pickings here.

    More over, the items and enemies spawn differently each time, which is controlled by what Valve calls the "AI Director". The game actually monitors how the players are doing. Is your team really hurting? Well, maybe the director will through a med-pack your way (then again, perhaps not). Are you guys doing really well? An extra horde or two should slow you down. The variability extends right down to AI dialogue and individualized music soundtracks for each player. The amazing thing is that the game still feels polished and scripted each time you play.

    If Valve is known for anything, it's for play testing the hell out of their games, and it shows. The weapons are incredible balanced with no weapon outshining the others. This extends to the four playable infected types. Despite their various abilities, forcing you to play them very differently, none is better to play than the others. In fact, their abilities complement each other well and players that play the infected like a team can devastate their opponents.

    Story: 4
    Interface: 5
    Game Play: 4
    Challenge: 5
    Fun: 4

  • 1 5 1
    Left 4 Dead is based on teamwork, and a bit of skill.

    The AI Director can be annoying at times, but if you like randomly based gameplay (and are less of the competitive sort) you will probably enjoy this.

    Versus mode is either loved or hated; I personally think it's a lot of fun getting your hand at the Infected, but the game seems to randomize it to such an extent that one team ends up getting all the health packs and the other doesn't. Other annoying changes like these are also irritating.

    Other than that, I love the game for what it is. Valve have done us favours by making this game, and I think most people will like it!

    Expert's not for the casual gamers, though...getting those two expert achievements will really prove what you're worth!