Xbox 360

Legendary Achievements

Most Earned

You Call This Security?
You Call This Security?5 (5)Bypassed the electronic lock in Episode 1
Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey
Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey5 (5)Extinguished the doorway fire using the water valve in Episode 1
Heeeeeere's Deckard!
Heeeeeere's Deckard!5 (5)Chopped your way out of the Internet Café with the Fire Axe in Episode 1
Death To Soda
Death To Soda5 (5)Created a ramp with the soda machine using your pistol in Episode 1

Least Earned

Combat Veteran
Combat Veteran271 (45)Played 200 ranked Multiplayer matches
King Of The Jungle
King Of The Jungle267 (50)Won 50 ranked Multiplayer matches
Leader Of The Pack
Leader Of The Pack156 (30)Was first place in kills in 10 ranked Multiplayer matches in a row
Legendary 101
Legendary 101128 (25)Ranked 4x4, max Animus match: filled 25% of machine, killed 10 players, 10 werewolves, won match
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