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Posted on 04 January 19 at 18:06
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It takes a daring developer to create a football game. With FIFA and PES so established in the marketplace it's unlikely that a game such as Legendary Eleven can capture the attention of the footie lovers who want to recreate those amazing moments. That's why this game has opted for an arcade route, choosing to keep simulation low and instead focus on having a bit of fun. With Eclipse Games previously releasing a platformer, a racer and a shoot em up through the ID @ Xbox program this is definitely a different swing of a title for them. But have they succeeded in the sporting genre?

With 36 teams on offer spanning different continents there's enough variety to keep you pleased despite not being able to match the options offered in those other two football games. Gamers will find themselves going in to Championship Mode where you pick a team from a region and try to win the respective cup. The basic structure of football scoring is at play here as you earn 3 points for a win and aim to progress from the group stage to the knock outs. What I found amusing in the later games where there must be a victor and a draw is not possible is that extra time begins and has no end. Golden goal comes in to play and if you find yourself struggling to score and also not conceding you may end up going in to the 200th minute! You'd have thought penalty shoot outs would come in to play but evidently not.

Set pieces are included in the game and are considerably decent enough. Its the simple yet effective move the cursor to aim and then time how long you hold the button to improve accuracy. This is smart by the developers as it is quick to pick up and continues the fun. I for one can never learn all the intricacies needed to score a free kick in FIFA yet I found myself getting a fair few throughout my time with Legendary Eleven. In fact I had to make it a known objective of mine because there was a sticker to unlock by scoring 10 of them. These 32 stickers that appeared in the game have to be unlocked by meeting certain objectives and once deployed give the player a boost over the opponent. A great idea that unfortunately wasn't utilized by me as I found myself using the same ones over and over. Giving my players extra speed definitely came in handy as I tried to outsprint incoming tackles. I did use some other cards here and there like my attackers having extra power but I was never able to notice a real difference in gameplay to justify spending time to figure out which ones would benefit me most.

The actual gameplay during a match definitely does take some getting used to. With a simplified approach the tactic relies more on clever thinking in regards to positional play over accuracy with said passes. When it came to shooting I was able to find the back of the net the majority of time without needing to put any power in to my shots. It's worth noting that I am playing on the Beginner difficulty as I wanted to blitz through the achievements as quick as possible. When I got in to tournament finals and would face harder opponents I did begin to notice the keeper making more saves which was great as it gave me a well needed challenge. The hardest part in the game is when I would be trying to unlock a sticker with a low rated team needing to win the World Cup and I'd come up against a 5 star opponent like Germany. This is where making the most out of using a super shot can come in really handy.

You see in arcade fashion Eclipse Games have made it possible to almost guarantee scoring a goal when you build up your meter. This is done by stringing together successful passes and feels really rewarding when pulled off. Like I said in the previous paragraph it's very easy to complete the passes in this game just as long as you've made the correct decision. Don't pass to a player who has an opponent near by as they'll be almost guaranteed to tackle you, instead be smart with possession and look for open pockets to run in to. As the game is fairly simplified it also means making a tackle can come really easy with all you needing to do is pressing the B button next to an opponent to win the ball back. It's fairly tricky to stop an incoming tackle although there is a skill move which if pressed at the right time would override an incoming tackle. No need to flick the stick then rotate it 90 degrees like FIFA would have, just a simple button tap at the right time does the job here and it's very rewarding. I opted to try and outsprint opponents though, a cheaper tactic that works wonders on lower rated teams but causes problems against higher rated ones.

There are other game modes like one for recreating previous historic matches but with there being no achievements tied to them I didn't bother checking it out. In regards to the achievements they are all fairly easy to unlock but you'll find yourself spending at least 10 hours getting them all due to multiple run throughs of the world cup mode with different teams as you unlock the stickers. Cumulative achievements such as winning 100 matches and making 100 supershots should unlock naturally as you make your way through but you will probably need to grind a bit at the end for the 500 goals. Bicycle kicks need to be done too (20 in fact) and I found them to be quite difficult to accomplish so be sure to keep them in mind to save yourself doing them all at the end. With the game lacking a built in achievement tracking (or even a stats page) there's no way of knowing your progress so be sure to manually track yourself to keep an eye on it.

At the end of the day there's nothing terribly dreadful about Legendary Eleven and it does have it's fun moments. I can foresee some enjoying the challenge of upping the difficulty and taking on higher starred opponents but with the gameplay mechanics being fairly straight forward it wont be too long until you find yourself bored. At the £11.99 price point too it's not one of the cheaper ID @ Xbox games on the marketplace and I have to say there's plenty others which offer more value than this does. That being said if you are a football enthusiast and are after something a bit different with a boost for your gamerscore then this could be a good option for you. Accept it for its mediocrity and your time with Legendary Eleven will be pleasing.
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Posted on 05 January 19 at 19:44
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Eclipse games has made quite a few titles like Spheriods, Tachyon Project and Super toy cars . Which I have enjoyed. They had their hand at a football title set in the golden age of football. It was a complete surprise to see them try and make a football game and to see if its good or not.


- There are quite few modes here, theres an online mode which is always a plus you get to have fun in some offline modes and a mode to play with your friends.

-The game also has a super shot meter that allows you to do a crazy super shot that the goalkeeper can’t save at all. It’s just a cool concept that has died with the fifa street games.

- The stickers are also a nice addition to the game that gives you boosts like having your strikers sprint longer and your goalkeeper will get up quicker.


-None of the mechanics work, like tackling seriously never works you're either missing the tackle or when you do it then you fouled the guy. It really slows the game down and most times its not your fault.

-The requirements for the stickers are extremely uncreative and it just doesn't make sense playing those modes so many times over. They really had a chance to do something really fun for the player to do but just messed it up.

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