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    27 Mar 2013
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    Let's golf 2 is an enjoyable game that doesn't take itself too seriously, nor does it even try... The game starts out very well, not being too difficult to start, slowly progressing in difficulty of both hole and opponent, and is a decent time waster, however it is let down by a few faults, as is the norm for WP7 games apparently.

    The graphics are around the norm for mobile games of it's generation, nothing too taxing, but not the worst graphics that we've seen on the platform by any stetch of the imagination, may be a little cutesy for some, others may see it as a decent distraction from the grey / brown monotony that is the AAA games market on consoles. [4/5]headspin
    The sounds are pretty basic, and to be perfectly honest, with the broken volume sliders on the WP7 platform, i muted my phone sharpish, so i can't rightfully comment on their quality.[?/5]redface
    Gameplay is above average for a mobile game, if you can look beyond the relatively minor issues with the game, you can have some fun with it, and it will only become a chore when you're down to your last few events for XP.
    Achievements are a bit of a sore point with this title, sections of the game were removed from the WP version, one of which breaks an achievement, terrible planning, the rest are very easily obtainable, aside from the hole in 1 achievement, which appears to be mostly down to luck, with a little skill required on the spin side of things. [1/5]facepalm
    The level design is generally quite good, with some interesting layouts, and some generally fun holes to play, later levels can get a little tricky, with the green on a island of it's own, requiring forethought to prevent trying for a longer shot, as trying to get the ball to stop on small greens is nigh on impossible. Other holes will give you a choice of direction to take, from lpong safe routes to the shorter shots that can go wrong and leave you right where you started with a penalty stroke applied too angry, however there are some terrible holes too, which combined with the rather odd AI, can lead to some rather irritating waiting on certain gametypes if the AI gets confused and starts playing away from the hole. [3.5/5]roll
    Now, the AI is pretty abysmal, there will be the occasional decent opponent, but quite often you will not have any competition at all, sometimes you can be playing a MATCH gametype, and the AI will for no reason start playing away from the hole, or will repeat the same error several times before forfeitting the hole, and trust me, it's boring watching it do the same duff shot 6 times in a row.[2/5] sleep

    Now, i'll list the various issues that stop this from easily being a 4 star game

    There are a few issues that have made me mark it down heavily.
    Firstly, the removal of 30% of the game when compared to the other mobile OS versions - and indeed the tutorials and hints, which mention each course having 10 variants, this is incorrect, there are only 7 on WP version (and this is what causes the MAJOR problem for achievement hunters, one of the things they removed is the code entry screen, making the "secret code" achievement unobtainable).
    Secondly, there are a few issues with the automatic club / shot selector, which will occasionally face you the wrong way, or will select an inappropriate club, also telling you an incorrect power level which will fall short on a few tricky holes - this stops being a problem when you learn which holes it struggles with, and you learn yourself what to do with the shots. This also effects most of the power settings for putting, and the "correct" power according to the game will generally not be enough if it not a flat green.
    Third-ly (having a lot of -ly's here aren't we), there are occasional camera issues when taking shots, it goes for cinematic effect, rather than letting you see where your ball is going to land, preventing you from knowing how / when to apply spin..
    And finally (ly), there are a few spots that your ball will pass through and land in water, i have only seen this on 2 holes, 1 is from greenland, i forget which hole, but it is short, and you will probably notice the AI faulting there before you hit the spot yourself, and i forget where the other is as it only happened once, and i haven't seen the AI fault there, so it must've been sheer "luck" that my ball dropped out of bounds..

    If you're not obsessed with 100% completion, i would still advise you check this game out, there is fun to be had, and the faults are not always as bad as i make them sound, i'm just making sure to point out everything i found with the game, and unfortunately, i remember bad things a lot better than good things.

    And there we have it, my first review, of a somewhat broken game, but a game that had potential, and for other formats was probably a very good game that worked, brought down by flaws caused by either laziness, or the pointless removal of content, and dodgy porting. [3.2/5]

    All feedback is welcomed, in the unlikely event that i get really bored, and decide to review something else.
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    Arsenic 17good review man. Agree on all fronts. the game is actually fairly enjoyable, but the broken achievement is a pain. Especially that I cant believe developers overlook this stuff before making the achievements. How is there people makiing the game that write the achievements that dont know what is even in the game?

    Regardless, I would also give the game a 5 or 6 out of 10.
    Posted by Arsenic 17 on 27 Mar 13 at 08:30
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