1. Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hello and welcome to the walkthrough for Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey, a casual word game/RPG mash-up that's a nice change of pace, fun and most importantly a straightforward 1000 gamerscore.

The game has 2 modes, both with achievements attached. There is a story mode where you will spend most of your time playing the 40 levels 4 times each, and an endless mode with enemy upon enemy until you are defeated.

In Story mode you will need to upgrade your weapons, books, and various upgrades and I will help with which ones are best. In Endless mode there are no upgrades.

To give an idea of the time to 1K this game, my stats show about 16 hours total. It really depends at your skill at word games, you could probably complete it a bit quicker, or take a lot longer. Therefore it should take between 15hr-25hr for the average person.

All achievements are available in single player and there are no missables.

It's up to you which way to tackle the achievements, the walkthrough will be organised into story mode first, and endless mode after.

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