2. Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Endless mode is pretty straightforward, just keep defeating monsters till you are dead, without any upgrades. Story mode however is far more nuanced with its rpg elements and whilst there may not be a 'wrong' way to go about the game, there are ways to make life easier.

At the end of the day this is a word game so the usual advice applies such as when you have a word can you make it longer by adding an 'S', 'ED' or 'ING'.

Special tiles - Monsters fill the board with special tiles, some of which are more annoying than others. The number of goes a special tile lasts is shown on the board.

Cracked tiles - Usable but no points awarded.

Plague tiles - Affects the tiles adjacent each turn, no points awarded for use.

Spike tiles - Will cost you damage if you use the tile.

Poison tiles - Costs you damage if you use the tile.

Whirlwind tiles - Changes letter each turn. A 'nice' special tile.

Duplicator tiles - Duplicates the tiles adjacent to the affected tile. Not the end of the world when there's 1 E duplicator lasting 1 go. Becomes difficult when there is 2 J duplicators lasting 3 goes.

Flipped tiles - Upside down tiles. A minor inconvenience.

Stone tiles - Unusable tiles.

Swap letters - Changes out all the letters at the cost of one turn.

Health potion - Refills your health.

Purify potion - Clears the board of any special tiles.


Upgrades: Health and health potions are your priorities. Then upgrade the rest at the same pace.

Books: At the start Wealth is useful. Plurality, Quality, Duality, and Hexadic Hitting are the only other books I used.

Special: Player Health Bar Preview, Monster Health Bar Preview and Treasure Chests are useful. The other 3 I would leave till near the end.

Heroes: Both are similar, I used Grimm because of the extra health.

Weapons: Prehistoric Pummeller should be the first weapon you use and upgrade fully. Once you have more health, have upgraded health potion capacity and can afford potions easily, switch to Sir Healsalot. You shouldn't need any other weapons in the whole game.


Take note of these as they pay you quite well. You can skip for 100 gems. Once the 70 quests are completed or skipped they are gone forever so best to not skip too many.

Types of levels.

Defeat Monsters: Just beat all monsters.

Time Trial: Beat the same monsters but with a (generous) time limit.

Special Challenges: Random challenges, some easy, some tricky, such as don't use the letter E.

Crystal Star: The hardest challenges, monsters have extra health and power. Do at the end when you have upgrades.

Treasure Chests: A sort of mini game on some levels, much like Hangman.

Word Finder.

This game is made much easier with a word-finder/Scrabble solver (such as https://www.thewordfinder.com/scrabble.php). This will allow you to enter your letters and find long, high-scoring words. Even in the time trial missions, you can just pause to stop the timer as you enter the code.

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