3. Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered Cumulative AchievementsUpdate notes

Before we begin...

While you are completing missions, you will unlock many random cumulative achievements.


As you progress through the game, you will eventually hit 10k damage dealt. This will unlock:

Not too much longer and you will hit 25k damage, unlocking:

At some point, you will also take 10k damage. This will unlock you:

Words Used

There are 2 achievements for creating a certain number of words, in general. You must also write 750 words in Endless Mode after the story, so if you do not unlock these by time that you start Endless, don't worry.

(Most likely) Late in the game, you will have spelled 1.5k words. This will unlock:

One of the last achievements that you will probably unlock, is to spell 2.5k words. This achievement is:

Words of a Certain Type Used

You may also get the following achievement extremely early on for creating 3 words without vowels:

For spelling 25 palindromes (word is spelled the same way forward and back; for example, dad/yay/mom), you will unlock:

For spelling 50 six-letter words, you will unlock:

For spelling 10 seven-letter words, you will unlock:

For spelling 5 eight-letter words, you will unlock:

For spelling 200 words with double letters (such as bubble/tagged/feel), you will unlock:

Letters Used

You will use 5k letters way before the story mode ends. This will unlock:

You will also use 2.5k letters way before the story mode ends. This will unlock:

Letters of a Specific Type Used

For using an entire row of letters in a single word 3 times, you will unlock:

For using 500 letters from the top row, you will unlock:

For using 500 letters from the corners, you will unlock:

Upon using 100 crystal tiles (the colored tiles that do not have a countdown), you will unlock:

Plague tiles will begin appearing later in the game. If used they do no damage, but don't spread. If they are not used, then they will spread to all adjacent tiles. Upon using 25 of them, you will unlock:


The second encounter on mission 4 is a treasure chest. Treasure chests are basically just Hangman. You have a limited number of guesses to solve a word. If you get it right, you will open the treasure chest and receive something from within. Upon successfully opening 10 of these, you will unlock:

Upon failing on 3 of these (whether it's on purpose or on accident), you will unlock:

Gems are your form of currency in the game, and you receive them for/from almost anything. Upon reaching a career total (not at once) of 15k gems owned, you will unlock:

Upon completing 100 levels (busting apart the gem pile at the end), you will unlock:


On mission 2, you will encounter your first in-mission merchant. If you need to buy things such as a shield for a few turns or some health, you can buy them off of him. Buying 50 things off of in-mission merchants will unlock:

Books are purchasable for 500 gems a piece. They are first buyable after you complete mission 5. Buy 5 and you will unlock:

Using a book collects XP for it. So just keep using one until you reach 1k XP and unlock:

Continue upgrading a book until you reach max level where you will unlock:

Throughout the game, you will continue to spend money on upgrades. What money is left, is spendable. Upon spending 25k gems, you will unlock:

For buying 30 of said upgrades, you will unlock:

For buying 10 of the consumable potion that the out-of-battle merchant sells, you will unlock:


Upon defeating 250 enemies, you will unlock:

There is an upgrade called Dodgy! which increases your chance to dodge enemies' attacks. Purchase upgrades in this for help with the following achievement:

Critical hits occur randomly, so a lot to hitting 100 of them is just luck. But, there is something that makes it more likely. Upon completing your 10th Crystal Star, you will unlock Bone Crusher which is a weapon that increases your likeliness to hit crits. Upgrade it to increase your likeliness further. Upon hitting 100 crits, you will unlock:

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