4. Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Story Mode

Choose Normal difficulty unless you want the challenge on Expert.

Play the first level. Only use 3 letter words with only bronze letters. Each word should do 20 damage. After the third word, the ghost should die. Repeat 5 times for:

When you get to the treasure pile rotate the letters until you have a B-A-C-O-N. Honestly it will take less time than you think. Spell BACON for your first achievement. Make sure you don't do any upgrades till after level 3 as one achievement is slightly tricky if you do.

Now, on whatever level you want, try to use a word that contains 2 tiles of the letter Y. Upon doing so, you will unlock:

Play the second level and again at the treasure pile rotate the letters till you have B-A-N-D-I-T-S and spell BANDITS for another achievement.

Depending on your luck you may have also unlocked:

For level 3 you need to beat the first monster in 2 goes so use those 6 letter+ words. In between the monster will hit you leaving you on 181 health. Ignore the merchant then attack the next monster to bring him down to low health. Now just keep swapping letters and letting him hit you till you are on one health, then finish him off to unlock potentially the trickiest achievement in the game.

Time for another tricky achievement. And, this one is gonna be much more luck-based.

To get the Little Orphan Granny down to 1 health, you will need to do exactly this (you should be able to re-roll until you get what you want):

  • First word - 3 bronzes, 1 silver = 28 damage
  • Second word (the annoying one) - 3 normal bronzes, 1 Cracked Tile bronze, and 1 silver = 29 damage
  • Third word - 2 bronze, 1 silver = 22 damage

Once you pull it off and get her down to a single health, you will unlock:

Now you can start upgrading, feel free to use my advice on the hints and tips page for what I believe to be the best upgrades.

Now you can play just the first level, play the time trials, or the special challenges, but leave the crystal challenges till much later. The game tells you how many gems you will get. As we progress our upgrades we can go back to level 1 and try to unlock the achievement for having full health at the end of a level. Just use good letters and it should be easy.

On the 4th mission, you will first encounter a treasure chest. You must play what is basically Hangman (except correct letters still count the number of guesses down) to open a chest. There are cumulative achievements to both unlock and fail to unlock a certain number of chests. Now, however, you may attempt to unlock the achievement for perfectly unlocking a chest without incorrectly guessing any letters. Start with obvious letters like A, E, T, or S first. This will require luck. If you guess any wrong, just restart the level. A lot of the words tend to be varieties of fish and flowers, so keep that in mind. Good luck. Once you manage to do so, you will unlock:

As you see more and more crystal tiles appearing, try to create a word using at least 2 of them at once. It doesn't matter how long the word is. Once you make a word in any mission with at least 2 crystal tiles in it, you will unlock:

I would recommend proceeding with the completion of the first 3 stars of each mission, before moving on to the next one. This allows you to stay at a decent enough strength to complete each mission. Once you reach a point where you simply do not hit hard enough or do not have enough health, then go back to the earlier levels and completing their Crystal Stars.

Assuming you actually do complete all 3 (non-crystal) stars on each mission without meandering off the path for the Hard Stages, you will gain your 29th star after you get your 2nd star of the 10th mission. This will unlock:

Soon, if you haven't already, you will see newer tiles. These will include Duplicator, Plague, and Spike tiles. Duplicator tiles are green and science-y looking. Plague tiles are reddish-pink. There is 1 achievement involving Duplicator tiles, 2 involving Plague tiles, and 1 involving the Spike tiles.. We will be doing the Plague achievements first.

You must score a 0 point word and you must fill the entire board with the Plague tiles. First, you are going to want to progress through the game like normal until you unlock the mission Hard Stage 6. Start the mission and attack a few times or just press cn_Y to pass your turn, until the enemy using Super Plague and covers an entire row in Plague tiles. Now, just press cn_Y twice for the Plague tiles to cover the whole board. This will unlock:

Now, restart the mission and get hit with Super Plague again. Use ONLY the Plague tiles to create a word. If you cannot, then re-roll with cn_Y. Then, create a word with only those tiles. This will create a 0 point word and unlock:

Now, for the Spike tile achievement. Go to mission 18 next. Start fighting the first enemy and getting yourself lower on health. You will be hoping for the big rabbit to spawn Spike tiles while you have low enough health to kill yourself (60 maximum with no life steal). Each Spike tile used in your word will deal 20 damage to yourself. You want to kill yourself using them. Once you pull it off, you will unlock:

Now, it's time for the Duplicator tile achievement. It's the same exact 'cover the whole board' thing. A good mission that works for it it mission 22. The first monster in the stage will create duplicator tiles. Once they spawn, you just have to re-roll until it covers the entire board. This will require a lot more luck. You need to pull this off without the enemy spawning in some other tiles that block the Duplicators. Restart if the monster screws it up. Once you pull it off, you will unlock:

Around now, you should get a bunch of those easier missions' crystal star missions completed. Once you complete your 20th of those, you will unlock:

Now that you have a taste of those, go back into the pattern of 3-star, upgrade, rinse, repeat. You'll have a long road ahead of you until you unlock your next progression achievement. Remember that if you ever need help, use a Scrabble solver to find some huge words. Once you complete all 3 stars on 33 of any combination of the 30 normal and 10 hard missions, you will unlock:

Now, you are in the home stretch for stars. All you gotta do is the last 7 missions, and you'll be finished with all of the normal stars. Unlocking:

Now, it's time to go back to finish whatever crystal star missions that you have yet to complete. Once you use your words to "talk" your way out of those fights, you will unlock:

Throughout your time completing the campaign, you may have noticed and completed a bunch of quests. There are 70 in total. Luckily, if you have a bunch of money left over, you can just skip the rest of the quests for 100 gems a piece. So, just subtract however many quests that you have completed by 70, then multiply by 100. That's how many gems you will need (minus any quests that you complete while gathering gems to skip them, if it was necessary). Once you "finish" the rest of the quests, you will unlock:

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