5. Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered Endless ModeUpdate notes

Endless Mode

Endless Mode is exactly what you would expect. You killing a ton of never ending monsters with some stops with the merchant.

First, break out your Scrabble solver or just get ready to survive for awhile. You've gotta start by surviving long enough to spell 60 words and defeat 10 monsters in a single game of Endless (they don't have to be in the same game with each other though). Make sure to get the best words that you possibly can and to restock at the merchant whenever possible. It might be a challenge depending on your skill level and the types of words that you used, but once you've done it, you will receive:


Now, it's time for the real grind! You will want a Scrabble/Word solver out for this one. Trust me. It'll make life 1000x easier.

Basically, you want to murder your way past the first 3 enemies as fast as you can. Then, at the the merchant, buy the cheapest item over and over until you are out of coins. Restart from the beginning, and repeat. You will slowly complete your grind earning all of the following achievements. (You will actually have to die for "games played" to count. Everything else will count fine though.)

For completing your 10th run of Endless Mode, you will unlock:

For purchasing 100 merchant items in Endless Mode, you will unlock:

For killing your 100th Endless Mode monster, you will unlock:

Because you need to use letters to make words, you will use 2.5k letters almost definitely before you use 750 words. Once you do, you will unlock:

Next will come your 750 Endless words, they will come way before you are finished collecting coins:

You are finally finished with your grind! You've collected 2k coins in Endless Mode! Here's your reward:

Congrats on another completion! toast

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