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Lies Of Astaroth
Type Game
Publisher IFree Studio
Developer IFree Studio
Platform Xbox One
Discovered 12 Aug 2016
Last check 20 Jan 2019
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Release date 12 Aug 2016

Lies of Astaroth (LoA) is a free-to-play and highly addictive epic fantasy MMORPG card-battle hybrid! With its simple yet deep battle design, the game has long been championed as the combination of best of both worlds, satisfying both hardcore card game fans for strategy depth and causal players for fantasy RPG gameplay. FEATURES 1. Stunning Graphics and hundreds of collectable beautifully drawn cards, collect, upgrade and evolve your card with additional skill. 2. Rich and Engrossing Storyline, follow our hero (or heroine) and Maddisy to an epic adventure of abundant stages with humor and suspense! 3. Fluid & deep battle mechanics, with the combination of different cards, runes faction and skills, every battle will be unique and satisfying! 4. Rich features and events to keep you occupied for months, and PVP system in the future. 5. Reward System for active players, including daily log-in card, level bonus, event reward and frequent free goodies! Lies of Astaroth is a growing experience with new content added frequently, including new cards, new stages, new feature and new rewards! Remember to check back regularly to see what's new! Thank you for playing! ** This game requires a minimum bandwidth of 192Kbps.

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