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Summer Spotlight: Week Three

If you've been following Xbox's Summer Spotlight event, you know the goal is to shine a (spot)light on some lesser known titles while offering a small kick-back through Xbox Live Rewards. Here are this week's titles.

Posted 1 year ago by Kelly Packard, 18 comments

XBL Content Roundup: April 7th & 8th, 2015

Windows Phone Delistings We haven't had any delistings for a while, but the stalemate is broken with the loss of a Windows Phone title. This week sees the loss of DoDonPachi Maximum (WP). As usual, n

Posted 2 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 50 comments

Lies of Astaroth Trailer

A trailer has been released for Lies of Astaroth, which is a battle card game currently available on iOS devices. The trailer indicates that game will be making its way to Xbox One but it seems to be

Posted 2 years ago by Chewie, 12 comments