Life is Strange 2 Reviews

  • TriXXXgunnerTriXXXgunner189,732
    10 Jun 2019
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    I don't usually write reviews, but this game's initial two episodes were so disappointing that I had to.

    I agree with the official website writer that the landscape is diverse, but, spoiler alert, the graphics aren't what made the series a hit. Like, at all.

    Lack of set location and characters makes interacting with anything other than Daniel almost pointless because you know you'll be gone. It looks like someone you had a brief interaction with in Ep. 2 returns in Ep. 3, but I'm unwilling to pay for any episodes as the first two consisted of watching people discuss boring things with the requirement to press x or b every 15 minutes or so - and most of the time those conversations don't matter anyway.

    A NPC has the power instead of you, so you're just a broke kid who walks around and then watches cutscenes. When Rebecca said the "gameplay appears to be missing something" in her site review, she is correct - it misses anything even remotely interesting. I might as well be playing one of those phone apps I see advertised where I pick which clothes I need to wear to get a date. Or maybe I already have a date and just need to decide what to wear. Wow, that mystery is already more interesting than the Life is Strange 2 plot.

    The first two episodes had me thinking "when will this be over" the entire time. If I wasn't going for all of the achievements, I would have simply quit. I don't know that I'll ever play the final 3 chapters. I honestly couldn't care what happened at this point because the decisions that are made for me by the game are ones I would never make. In this game you can choose options that are the equivalent of "no" and then you still do them. It would be like if Max just picked up the gun in the bathroom in the first game, then the game asked if you wanted to shoot up the school and when you clicked "no" another character said "it'll be fun, tho" and then you just went ahead with it. As a result of being unable to do really anything I would actually do, I have no attachment to the main characters and there are no other characters to be invested in. It seems to me from browsing forums online, this is a very common issue.

    Not only that, but where the Life is Strange episodes could be completed in about 2 hours even when you were exhausting all dialogue options with all characters. The sequel seems to have episodes that take closer to 3 hours and there is not nearly the amount options or any puzzles, just far more walking and watching cut scenes where you do nothing or your character makes more stupid decisions for you.

    The only other things this game could have going are the message and the only two main characters, but the main message of the game seems over-the-top at times and then suddenly disappears while the two characters seem unable to develop in a positive manner.

    I do not see how adding more episodes can improve the game when it has essentially nothing going for it. I barely even think it's a game. It's more like a bad TV movie that I need to let know I am still watching every 10-15 minutes to make it keep playing.