Life is Strange: Before The Storm Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

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This is it. The prequel to Life is Strange. It follows the story of Chloe and Rachel Amber as the go through a turbulent time in their lives. If you're curious about whether this is worth it, I would say it is. I was not a huge fan of the first and when this was announced, I couldn't imagine how it could be made well. After all, the first told a complete story. But this game is telling a story entirely on its own and for that, it's certainly worth your time if you enjoy this universe.


I'm Eurydace and I'll be your host. Here's the rundown:

Number of Episodes: 3
Estimated Time per Episode: 1-2 hours
Story Achievements: 3 (End of each episode)
Collectibles: 10 per episode
Missable Achievements: None
Collectibles Available on Replay?: Yes, through a dedicated mode

Overall, this is going to be a very easy completion. This walkthrough will show you everything you need on a first run. Alternatively, you could enjoy it on your own the first time and then speed run in collectibles mode to mop everything up. Normally, I find achievement guides ruin the story of these types of games, but I've worked to make sure this one will not. The included videos are by far the shortest you will find anywhere (clocking in at under 3 minutes, so you won't waste time watching someone slowly play through the game just to find the collectible location). I've also included text and picture guides for those who prefer that.


This walkthrough is intended to be spoiler-free. Even if you follow it word for word, you should not find any surprises spoiled. If you find this is not true, please let me know and I'll get it corrected quickly. Because of this, some of the descriptions are necessarily vague, but they should be more than enough to clue you in when you get there. You should never be confused about what you need to do and when to obtain an achievement, and you should always be surprised by new story developments. That's the goal.

So, without further ado...let's begin!

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