Life is Strange Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

This is a beautiful episodic point and click game reminiscent of Telltale, with a twist. You play as Max, an 18-year-old student at Blackwell Academy, *tiny spoiler* who finds out she can rewind time, she can chance the consequences of her actions. The majority of your choices for her actions in the game; from watering a plant to choosing to intervening in a fight; all have consequences (denoted by butterflies in the top left of the screen) - the extent of these could be minor or major, you'll have to play to the end to find out.

The walkthrough covers getting through the game and getting all the optional photos, but there are so many things to explore, and many conversations to have. The rewind mechanic can unlock new conversation options, so if you discover new information you can rewind to talk to people again. On your first play through, I advise you to try everything, talk to everyone, click on everything, and rewind away. Some of the optional photos can only be found through the rewind mechanic. I will cover when you will leave an area, so you can make sure you've discovered everything you want to.

With the spoiler-free walkthrough, I'll indicate how many photos are in the area, and at which point you exit it, without spoiling any of the story or helping with any of the interactions needed to progress. With the chapter-by-chapter walkthrough I'll cover the major interactions, and the photos, plus anything cool which you should really see :), though I will try and avoid spoiling major story points where I can in the main walkthrough by blocking them out in spoiler blocks or by adding warnings.

You can get the optional photos over as many playthroughs and save files as you like - you don't have to get them all in one save file, or even one play through. You can also choose to re-play parts of each chapter in collectible mode (where your choices will not alter your consequences) to get missing photos.

Choose wisely.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are so many possible permutations and outcomes in this story based on tiny little choices you make, I will cover mainly the choices I made and a few of the alternatives where they seriously affect the story; but it is likely that you will experience events a little differently - and that's a good thing :)

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