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    Lines (WP) is a fun game. At the time of writing this, I haven't completed the game yet, but my estimates are that you can get all but the
    Lines The Game (WP)MarathonThe Marathon achievement in Lines The Game (WP) worth 22 pointsCover a distance of 10000 meters.
    achievement in under 5 hours. It is available for purchase for 2,99 Euro/Dollar.

    The game itself is quite addictive in my opinion. There's 5 different modes, but the key concept of the game is the same. There's a level, with predetermined blank lines. You can place one or more dots (depending on the level) on these blanks lines. After you've placed all your dots, the blanks lines will be filled with coloured lines. Each level also has predetermined computer controlled dots. You will have to "battle against" those. If you have more space filled than the computer, you win. When a line touches another line, they stop flowing in this direction.

    The 5 modes which are available to play, each have 50 levels. You unlock 30 levels from "Dot Mode" the start. completing 20 levels in "Dot Mode" will unlock the first 30 levels from the next mode. To unlock the last 20 levels of each mode, you have to complete a single level of the specific mode 10 times in a row, without losing a single one in between. Doing so will also give you a gold medal for the level you did this on. Besides, there's a silver medal for completing a level 5 times in a row, and a bronze medal for completing a level 3 times in a row.

    Dot Mode:
    You have to place your own dots. It differs per level against how many colors you have to battle, and how many dots you're able to place yourself.

    Erase Mode:
    Both your dots and the computer's dots are already placed. You're able to erase some or one of the dots from the computer.

    Rope Mode:
    Again, both your dots and the computer's dots are already placed. The difference is that you're able to draw ropes. This are basically blank spaces through which the colors can flow.

    Knife Mode:
    Again, both your dots and the computer's dots are already placed. In this mode however, you're able to make one or more cuts in the blank lines, thereby preventing the computer's lines to flow further in a specific direction.

    Mix Mode:
    In this mode, all of the previously mentioned modes are combined. The order in which you have to use them, is predetermined. A level might for example require you to place a dot first, then draw a rope and finally erase a computer's dot. This is my favorite mode, since your mind will be put to the test. You will have to analyze certain possibilities, and then choose the one that you thinks suits best.

    Then there's also the daily challenges. Each day, a single puzzle will be available to play as the daily challenge. you have to complete this puzzle 3 or more times in a row. If you fail, you will have to try again the next day at a new challenge.

    Overall, the different game modes provide a lot of variety. Besides, when you fail a level, or choose to play a level again, the computer's dots are situated at another location, thereby in fact creating a new puzzle.

    Most of the achievements are basic achievements you would add to a game like complete 10 levels, all levels, unlock all of the modes, use all skills 250 times and complete daily challenges. Though there is a little variation with the "Epic Fail" achievement, which requires you to fail a level after successfully completing it for 9 times. I think also the "Nightcrawler" achievement (play a level in night mode) was original) Most achievements are obtained within a couple of hours of playing the game, and then there's one grindy achievement (marathon). You have to cover a distance of 10,000 meters. By comparison, completing all the other achievement will result in covering about 2000 meters. What I do like a lot about the achievements in this game, is that they're all tracked. For example, after placing 200 dots, the game will show 200/250 (80%), when you scroll over the the "Painter" achievement.

    The game supports a wide variety of languages, and besides you're able to choose between "the day" and the "night theme". Also each level has a different symbol, which is made from the blank lines, and it has a corresponding name. The game also tracks the amount of times you've played, won and lost a level and what your results were on the last 12 times you've played the level. Also there's the medals, which I mentioned before. You get those for successfully completing a level 3, 5 or 10 times in a row without failing. It's not that I think that the game really needed a lot more extras, but the ability to choose the color of your lines would have been a nice extra to begin with.

    -Small game in regard to memory required (13MB)
    - Game runs smoothly and fast
    - Achievement's progress is tracked
    - Most achievements are easy
    - Diversity in levels + Predetermined dots change each time
    - Training levels introduce you well, though the game is not difficult.

    - There's no local or online multiplayer. I know Windows Phone game barely have an online versus multiplayer, but a local multiplayer could have been integrated quite easily in my opinion.
    - A little basic in regard to other game modes/extras. When the 250 levels are finished there's just the daily challenge to do, or complete all/some levels again.
    - Achievement list could have been more original
    - One long grind for the "Marathon" achievement, compared to the first 19 achievements.
    - Soundtrack is just piano-play, which started to irritate me. When selecting something or placing/erasing a dot or drawing a rope you will hear a piano key. The overall sound could have gotten a bit more attention from the developers.
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