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    Little Acorns! Released first, in early 2012 for the iPhone then came to the Windows Phone (both 7 and 8) with 33% more levels! A top platformer in which you control a squirrel that is jumping, grappling and swinging through levels, just to get those damn acorns to have enough food for his many offsprings.


    There is only one gameplay mode and that's the Single Player. You have 4 Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) with each 20 levels in it. The 1st objective in each level is to collect all the acorns to open up the exit door at the end of the level. In addition you have 2nd objectives like collecting all fruits in the level and beating the par time for each level. (more on that on the achievement section) At the end of each Season you will also have some kind of a boss fight in which you have to reach the exit door of the level before the "boss" does.
    The controls are really easy to learn and easy to handle, unlike other platformers on WP. (I'm looking at you Max & Magic Marker!) You will master them quickly and jump/swing your way through the level. The Single Player campaign offers up to 10 hours of gameplay, but does highly depend on skill. If you manage to get all acorns AND fruits in one go, it will be less of course.


    The graphics and the look are really cute. Also the Squirrel is a cute fella'! The Seasons are well made and have their own feel to it. For example in winter, the ground is slippery so you will have to be careful to not slide into enemies or off platforms.
    By progressing through the stages, you also unlock different skins for you squirrel and its rope, which adds a little bit more fun to the game.

    For Achievement Hunters

    Like I already mentioned above, the game depends on skill and how good you can find your way through the levels. All in all you will have 5-10 hours to complete the game.
    After you beat the levels, you can simply go back to levels on the level select menu and see what you've missed. At the end you have to get all acorns (acorn symbol on the level), which is anyway a must, as the exit door won't open until you collected all of them. You also have to collect all of the fruits (grape symbol on the level) and at the end you will have to beat the par time for each level. (star symbol on the level) You will probably spend the most time getting under par time, as it requires you to find the perfect path in each level and in some of them it's hard to spot them. But a little challenge in a platformer never hurt anybody. And thanks to the controls, it will be YOUR fault, if you don't reach the exit in time. All other achievements will come naturally by progressing through the game.
    Important!: Be aware, that if you downloaded the full game within the trial version the par times for each level won't save. This will prevent you from colmpleting this game! If you played the trial, it's best that you delete it and download the full game from the marketplace!
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    DeviSlatorA great little game. Might be worth mentioning that the graphics are crisp and clean also. +1
    Posted by DeviSlator On 20 Nov 13 at 00:10
    Snow Marleytime to check this out!
    Posted by Snow Marley On 16 Jan 14 at 10:13
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