2. Little Nightmares General hints and tips


cn_LS – Move

cn_RS – Camera

cn_A – Jump

cn_X – Sprint (when moving)

cn_B – Lighter

cn_LT – Crawl (when walking) / Slide (when pressed whilst running)

cn_RT – Grab / Push / Interact

The controls for this game are pretty simple to understand, although is one of my very few criticisms of the game.

The sprint feature in Little Nightmares can be pretty clunky, as holding cn_X whilst sliding with or grabbing is pretty unnatural and takes a little while to get used to (I can't recall another game which uses cn_X to sprint).

Additionally, Little Nightmares differentiates from its counterparts as it adds in depth into its 2D mechanics. Instead of purely going from left to right, you can go towards or away from the screen as well. For certain sections this is fun, for traversing a narrow ledge or pipe, or sliding into a precise gap when being chased, it is less so, as you can easily fall to frustrating deaths. I’ll highlight in the guide when I recommend walking and when I recommend running.


Checkpoints in this game are nowhere near as bad as you may have read in reviews; in fact, I think they are quite generous. In Playthrough 1 we will be lighting lanterns which count as additional checkpoints, and for Playthrough 2+ checkpoints become irrelevant as we will aim to complete the game without dying in a run anyway. Don't worry about making mistakes in your first playthrough of the game, as there will be an element of trial and error to puzzles. This leads me nicely onto my next tip...

Scripted Game:

Any enemy encounters or chase scenes are, for the most part, 100% scripted. There are very few of parts which are not consistent (the start of Chapter 3 is

one), but as a whole each time you run through the game you can use the same tactic at the same point to get past a puzzle (much like Limbo).

Aside from these pieces of advice, the game is linear and is a puzzle platformer with a pretty straightforward learning curve. Without further ado,lets get started!.

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