5. Little Nightmares DLC: The Depths Walkthrough

Welcome back all! Little Nightmares ended up doing really well, and as a result, we will be getting 3 DLC packs before January 2018.This guide is for the first, The Depths, which dropped 7th July 2017. To select the DLC, go to chapter select and (physically) below the first chapter in the menu should be a new chapter available.

The DLC doesn't quite reach the heights of the rather magnificent base game, but it is still very worthwhile playing. Aside from being a decent DLC, there is also a plethora of good news for achievement hunters & completionists (like myself).

Firstly, it's pretty brief, maybe taking you an hour even if you get stuck.

Secondly, there are only 3 achievements for a whopping 400 Gamerscore.

Thirdly, and most importantly, there is no achievement for speedrunning and completing the game without dying.

There are 2 things to look out for achievement wise during this DLC.

1) Bottles - There are 5 bottles in this DLC, and they act as collectables. Press RT to extract a letter from each one. If you have tracking enabled on your screen, it should go up 20% each time. They are missable, but the DLC is short so if you do have to go back and get them it shouldn't pose too much of a problem or time delay.

2) Misc. Achievement - After the fish head puzzle, you need to be attentive as there is a highly missable, but easy, achievement in the next area. I'll give full notice as to when that is.

The final achievement is simply for completing the chapter.

Other things of note:

1) the DLC is very dark, so turn that brightness up,

2) Additionally, the puzzle design, although good as a whole, make the finicky controls more frustrating than in the base game. It doesn't spoil the experience but do be aware that you might have a couple of cheap deaths out of your control

3) In relation to the above, checkpoints are not quite as generous as in the base game so a death couple cost you a few minutes. In perspective, though, the checkpoint system is still pretty generous.

Without further ado, let's creep and crawl through the depths of the Maw!



After the very brief flashback, you will awaken on a bed that should be very familiar to you (where we first met the Janitor.) We will, for the first part of this DLC, be moving backwards through what was the first chapter in the base game. With this understanding, move left iff the bed and push through the door. Staying on the top level, sprint all the way across the top still in the left direction (don't worry about the Janitor below you, he won't be a problem during this DLC), going through an open door. In this room, drop down the hole in the floor onto a bed, and start going right instead.

You'll be a level closer to the ground, and you should see the eye below you. move all the way to the right until you reach an edge on the level you are on, with boxes stacked up high below you. Again, this should be very familiar to you. Descend down the boxes, and you'll be back at the wretched light puzzle from the base game. The same tactic applies as before and is the exact same light puzzle, just in reverse (right to left instead of left to right). As soon as you are on the bottom floor, stay by the boxes until the light moves left. As soon as it does, sprint your way to the back of the room so you are less likely to step the lights sphere, then make your way to the left foreground when it is clear and proceed.

Run through this corridor, through the metal grate, and through the room. You should be able to just move through the second grate past the see-saw. Run through the room with toilet paper to the door, which should already be open, and you should be in a room with a sink that has our first collectable bottle, a box in the background right and two boxes in the foreground left next to an open window. Grab the box in the top right corner by the sink, and move it so you would be able to jump and grab the sink. This jump can be extremely finicky, you could get it first try or in 4-5 minutes, but if you move the box next to the sink and jump straight up, press RT at the highest point in your jump to grab the sink to hold yourself up (if you are coming back to this game for the first time in a couple of months, remember that you need to hold RT to grab things.) Once on the sink, press RT on the bottle for bottle #1/5. Once that collectable is out of the way, use the same box we used to jump up to the sink and drag it to the 2 obvious bigger boxes in the foreground. Jump on the smaller box, then scale up these to the window and exit.

Descend down the handkerchief ladder, then move left and climb the boxes and climb through the gap in the wall. In this next room, you should see an open manhole in the middle of the room. Although this looks like a trap, it isn't and we'll need to take a leap of faith down it. Once you descend down the very Burton-esque pipe, we will be in a new unexplored area of the game.

After we crash land at the bottom, move to the right and grab the orange/brown chest. Holding RT, drag it all the way to the platform on the right so we can use it as a step to get up. Upon this platform, jump between the planks of wood immediately to your right. In this next room pick up the flashlight, this will be the equivalent to your lighter in the main game and will (marginally) help with visibility.

Move to the right, through another gap between wooden planks and continue forward, until you come to an area covered in water and with leeches around you. With your light on, dodge around the leeches and make your way to the right where there is metal grating you can use to climb all the way to the top. Platform to the other grating on the left, then jump back right onto a platform and through the hole on the other side.

Once we are through this hole, swim to the right, climb up some metal grating and through yet another hole in the wall. Continue forward, pulling off the planks on the right-hand side so we can proceed. Swim through the next area. You'll see something moving towards you, but as long as you don't stop swimming you'll be fine. Pull yourself up with RT onto the ledge and continue forwards.

In this next area, descend into the pit below you. Grab the can on the right(ish) hand side, and through it at the collection of leeches on the right (who are covering up a hole we need to go through to progress.) This will get the leeches off the hole, but going through hole immediately will kill you. Lure the leeches to the left, then run around them and run for said hole quickly. Should have plenty of time to do this. Once you've pulled yourself up, progress forwards through the vents with your flashlight equipped.

The next area contains easily the most missable collectable in the DLC. For now, climb the very long grating to the very top of the area. You should see a lever in the very middle. We will be using this to raise and lower the water in the central column of the room. However, if you try and pull it won't work. Move your eyes over to the left, and you will see a pull down switch. Climb the pillar next to it, and jump over to the switch to activate the central lever. Again, it can be very finicky; I would recommend climbing the pillar, moving your character all the way to the left when on the pillar and then jumping to make the jump to the switch significantly easier.

Either way move to the lever. The switch will lock in one of 4 positions. Its default, far left = empty central column - we will call this position 1. The next position is mid left = low level of water - we will call this position 2. The next position is mid right = medium level of water - we will call this position 3. The final position is far right = column full of water - we will call this position 4. With this lever now active, go ahead and pull it all the way to position 4 (far right). This should fill water up all the way to the top. Once it is at the top, move it to position 2 (mid left) and jump in the water as it is filling, moving quickly to the right wall of the central column. After doing so, do not try and jump the obvious hatch which is lighted, that will progress you forward through the game. Instead, be patient and wait for a hole in the wall directly under it. Quick jump through, and in the background of this area by a red barrel should be bottle #2/5. With this task completed, climb back to the top, fill the water to position 4 again, and once full move the lever to position 3. This should line you up nicely to jump through the ever so tempting latch of light we passed up on the first time.

Once through the latch, swim to the right-hand side and prepare for the first of several encounters with the lovely Granny. Proceed until you find yourself on a ledge with water to your right and a red barrel to your left. For all of this sequence, treat them like the "shoe" encounter in the base game - run and sprint off a surface to the next one and hold RT to climb up as quick as possible. To give an exact route is quite difficult as if the granny find you you'll have to jump between items to lure her away again. From the platform though the quickest method is to sprint and jump to the wooden box opposite a couch, sprint and jump to said red couch, sprint and jump to the wooden box directly right to the couch, sprint and jump onto JUST the blue barrel then sprint and jump forward to a 3rd wooden box by two silos with ladders. This will take some trial and error, and is fairly reactive to the situation going on in your game at that time, so be prepared for it to be slightly different.

Either way, get to the 2 silos with ladders to trigger a checkpoint and prepare for a collectable. Sprint and jump into the water, and move to the background where you should see some barrels and boxes. Use them to sprint and jump to the background left, where there should be a bottle and box next to a thick metal pipe. Press RT to extract the message for bottle #3/5. From here, the granny will still be on your toes; sprint and jump onto the barrels, then sprint and jump onto the wooden box directly in the foreground from it, then jump on the barrel directly to the right of it and finally sprint and jump to the platform on the right-hand side. Once again, you need to prepare to be reactive as the granny can be a little unpredictable, but if you're quick the above routes are the quickest and safest.

You should now be on a platform with a pillar to your right, a wheel in the middle, and a body bag in the water on your right. Climb up the column, again move to the right as you climb as these columns are a pain in the ass to jump off of. Jump off onto the boxes by the wheel and then rotate the wheel so the body bag is at a height where you can jump and grab it. Shimmy over to the right side of the body bag, then jump and grab the hook, using that to swing and jump to the wooden platform by a bath of fish heads (nice).

At this point, you'll be using the fish heads to distract the granny. If you're quick, simply grab a fish head and through it far to the left side (i.e. under the hook) so you can make a break for it to the right. This worked for me, and I don't see why it wouldn't work for you, but if it doesn't for you then throw a fish head, anticipate where the granny is, and work her to the left of the platform or at the very least right into the background so you can swim right. You only have 3 fish heads, bear in mind.

Once you've swum right climb up and you can relax...for a minute or two, anyway. This will also be the location of our misc. achievement. Take note of the white bucket/cart looking thing in the middle. You'll hear rats in it, and I think it will kill you if you enter it. For the achievement "Fun & Games Ahead", you'll be using it as a basketball net. Move over to the right-hand side, equipping your flashlight if you need, to find a basketball shaped ball of...god knows what (laundry perhaps?) Pick it up, and try and throw it into the white cart. You can try as many times as you want, and I'd recommend facing dead straight to the basket instead of trying to do it at an angle. As soon as you throw the ball into the white bucket/cart, you should unlock our first achievement which awards you 150G for making a bucket. Wow....

Fun and Games Ahead

Play nicely, no pulling hair.

Fun and Games Ahead
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After unlocking his, climb up the left-hand side to the platform, and push the blank to make a bridge between the platform you are standing on and the out of place wooden post directly above the cart. Jump onto the right-hand platform and proceed to the door. To open it, cast your eye to the floor and directly opposite the door should be a loose wooden plank. Carefully make your way to the left-hand side of the plank, and it'll bolt up like a temporary see-saw. Run to the edge and jump/grab the door handle whilst in the air. Hold onto the handle after opening the door, although I don't think it matters.

You'll now be in a room filled with water. Swim all the way over to the right-hand side, and climb up the chest of drawers. In the middle of the room you should see a switch (above you) Jump and grab the switch to lower the water level to expose a new room below you. Move back over to the right-hand side, and climb down the same drawers, now a massive tower of drawers. Make your way to the room below.

This next room can be a little bit frustrating. Grab the wooden chair , and drag it over to the tied down table with a red pot on top. I recommend you grab it to the right of the table rather than to the foreground as it makes the field of vision easier in the upcoming series of events. Jump up the chair either way, onto the table and push off the pot. A key will come out...but so will a leech, and this one can be difficult to get around if you start entering a dodging contest. The best away around him is to stay on the table after smashing the pot until the leech moves a comfortable distance away to the right. Then grab that key and sprint around him (probably to the background), before putting the key in the door. Climb the ladder int he next area to proceed.

You'll be on a higher level, with a body of water, a white button, and an electrical transformer. Don't jump in the water! You will die, as the transformer is broken and electrifying the water. Instead, Push the button to release the water. The water will empty below the end of the cable that is hanging down causing it to electrify, so once it is drained you are safe to enter what is now a pit. Before doing so, notice a crate covered in rope in the foreground. Push that into the pit, then head into the pit yourself. In the pit will be the crate you just pushed down and another one further in the background. Position these two crates so that when the water is raised you will be able to jump from the top level by the white button, onto crate 1, onto crate 2, and onto the platform on the right-hand side. Go back up to the white button, raise the water, and you should now be able to jump from platform, to crate, to crate, to platform as illustrated above.

In the next room just proceed to the right, missing the holes in the ground (they aren't progression like last time, you WILL die). Proceed on and you will arrive at a second, much bigger body of water section where one must avoid the granny (yay). This is easily the most challenging part of the DLC. The optimised route is below, but once again, this will be slightly reactive and might alter slightly for you.

Jump the wooden planks below, to the green suitcase to the right of it in the foreground, to the barrel in the background by a wooden platform and onto said wooden platform. From there, you should be able to see an identical platform the other side of a wall. That is your target, so sprint jump into the water climbing on the fallen plank below our target and i climb up to said platform. Sprint jump to the platform to the right of this one, the sprint jump all the way to the right where there is a wooden chest of drawers (with 2 drawers)/ Climb up this, then sprint jump to the side to a floating light coloured wooden platform on the right, and again onto another floating platform. Then sprint jump to the barrels, to the wooden crate beside a taller tower of drawers, and onto the pipe. Sprint jump onto the boat, and finally sprint jump and swim to the right-hand side onto some planks band a platform. This last jump will be extremely tight, but if you do die the checkpoint just before the boat so don't worry too much.

Once you're safe, climb up the wooden planks until you get to a platform (there will be an imperfect square shaped hole in the platform) Jump onto it, and make a long sprint jump to the platform on the left hand side; I promise you will make it as long as you give yourself enough of a speed up. Find bottle #4/5 by some stacked boxes, and as usual, interact with it with RT. Go back to the platform on the right, then onto then climb up and through the gap to our next puzzle.

After going through this gap, you should be in a bedroom esque open room with a body of water below it. Jump into to the water, and out again on the left-hand side, where you will be above the bedroom and be next to a white button and a lever hole. Go ahead and empty the water, then jump into the pit and move the suitcase so it is relitavely central between the two sides, but slightly closer to the left than the right. Then, climb the ladder on the right side, and on this platform move to the background the find some climbable wooden planks which take you back to the upper level. Climb up them, and you'll see the switch in a very obvious location. Throw the switch off of the side, then climb back down to the pit. Try and throw the switch onto the suitcase we positioned earlier, then once it is on top, go back to the white button and raise the water once again. Go to the body of water and swim to the suitcase. Grab the switch and throw it as far as you can to the left-hand side, it should land of the platform by the switch and lever hole. If it missed and went back in the water you'll need to empty the water again, move the suitcase closer to the left and re-do the above. Once the lever is on dry land, attach it to the lever hole and crank the far door open. You will need to race to the door and slide underneath, as it begins shutting once you release the lever. This is why

Once the lever is on dry land, attach it to the lever hole and crank the far door open. You will need to race to the door and slide underneath, as it begins shutting once you release the lever. This is why I suggested having the suitcase relatively central but slightly closer to the left, as you should be able to make the jump this way. If you cannot, then I recommend releasing the water, moving the suitcase dead centre, and then winding the lever. Either way, rush to the door and proceed.

Coming up to the end of the DLC chapter now. Proceed through the dark passageways until you can push a door down. This will be the fine granny/water area of the game. Beginning on the floating door you just pushed down, sprint jump to the wooden panel, then onto the red buoy. This will begin sinking as you jump off. If you are really quick you can grab the hook to the right of it, but if you don't ignore it and peg it to a 2nd wooden panel. From here, sprint jump on a wooden cabinet, then onto a suitcase/crate, and then head into the background where there should be an obvious climbable metal grating with a switch and transformer on top. Here you'll get a checkpoint.

Hit the switch, then use the now functioning light to tarzan over to the left hand side. Pull the lever. Re-enter the water, as the platform below you has sunk and go to the wooden crate, then to a wooden panel, and the climb up the wooden planks in the background where there is a TV. You'll finally get a brief glimpse of the granny here...but not for long. As soon as you are up here, push the TV into the water. Once an event occur, jump onto the now capsized TV and through the window in the wall.

Move through the next room until you're in a room with a large staircase. Instead of ascending it, go straight past it and to the right should be 2 planks you can pull off. In here will be your final bottle #5/5, and after pressing RT you should get another massively oversized achievement.

Not Alone

What's new with you?

Not Alone
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From here, there's nothing challenging left. Simply ascend the stairs, then ascend the ladder to meet a friend. This signals the end of the DLC, and thus an achievement for closing it off

So Close

You'll do better next time.

So Close
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After that, you should have re-earned your 100% on Little Nightmares. A job well done! I'll see you again soon for the 2nd DLC pack, "The Hideaway", estiamted to be released in November 2017. See you soon!

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