6. Little Nightmares DLC: The Hideaway WalkthroughUpdate notes

It's November, which means a new Little Nightmares DLC is out "The Hideaway". This DLC takes a step back from enemy interactions (although there are still a couple from an old friend). Instead, you'll spend the majority of your time completing puzzles with your gnome friends, a new mechanic for this DLC.

I preferred the Depths much more to this expansion, as there is no new enemies and very little challenge with puzzles. There are also achievement bugs which mean things might not unlock straight away. Fear not, your 100% is safe and I have a workaround for the achievements, just bear this mind. Regardless, this is still a competent expansion, and if you're more into puzzles and less into enemy interactions you might love it, and the level design is also quite clever in all fairness.

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Achievement wise, it is the exact same template as the last DLC. 1 story-related achievement for finishing the DLC, 1 missable achievement that is very easy and a collectable achievement. Once again there is no "don't die" achievement, thankfully.

There are 2 things to look out for achievement wise during this DLC.

1) Bottles - There are 5 bottles in this DLC, and they act as collectables. Press RT to extract a letter from each one. These are very similar (if not the same) to DLC 1, The Depths. If you have tracking enabled on your screen, it should go up 20% each time. They are missable, and the achievement for them is extremely temperamental which might force another playthrough. Please see "About Achievement Bugs" below.

2) Misc. Achievement - Around half-way through, we will be returning to a room where we experience our first enemy encounter was to pick up a gnome doll that we need to throw in a furnace. This is very straightforward but easy to miss and requires a little backtracking. Again, this is a bit buggy, but not as bad as the former. Please see "About Achievement Bugs" below.

The final achievement is simply for completing the chapter.


The achievements for this DLC are buggy, but will eventually work. Unlike the base game and "The Depths", neither the missable nor the collectable achievement(s) unlocked on my first attempt. The first has a quick and easy workaround, and few people have issues with it. The latter achievement has been causing people no end of bother on Xbox One. There is a workaround, but it requires a 2nd playthrough and a complete wipe of your Little Nightmares save file.



After the load screen, you'll automatically drop down from the meat hook. Upon loading, run to the right with your flashlight (herein I'll assume you have your flashlight out, its a very dark DLC) and through the open door. Continue through the room and through the next open door to a lighter room.

In this room, proceed to the right and a gnome will run through the crack in the door on the far right end of this room. To the left of this door a series of stacked shelves. You can't climb these, but you can find a little gnome. Run to it, and it'll run at the door...but get stuck. Pull it out, then pick it up and hug it with cn_RT. Whenever you see a gnome, hugging it makes it friendly and help you with puzzles (i.e. it won't frantically run away). With your new companion, pick him up and hold cn_A until it vibrates, throwing him at the door handle. Generally speaking, throwing gnomes at levers, using them to push things etc. is how we will be completing all the puzzles in this DLC.

Enter this new room, and your path will be blocked by a series of crates in the middle of the room. Throw your gnome over it, and then traverse it yourself. Be quick, as the gnome has a tendency to come back to you if you dwindle, although there is no threat here. Proceed to the obvious pulley and throw the gnome at it to unlock the door. In the next room, simply approach the box and begin pushing it. You won't be able to move it, but your gnome will come to the rescue and provide the extra manpower to move the box. Proceed through the hole, and the next, into a new room.

Proceed to the right to the fallen shelves. Pull the drawer of the fallen shelves to release a new gnome and hug it to make it friendly. Throw both gnomes up to the table, they will knock down the crate for you.. Use this crate to get to the table, open the imprisoned gnome and hug that one too. You'll now have 3 friendly gnomes, which is required to get through the heavy steel door at the end of this room.

However, before proceeding, we'll be grabbing our first bottle. Still, on the table, proceed to the left, climb the box and through the manhole in the wall. It is pitch black in here, so put on your flashlight and open the very obviously positioned bottle #1/5. Your tracker should be at 20% now. It's still quite some time before we unlock any achievements, so I do apologise for the amount of text before your first unlock!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For these collectables, I recommend you a) do not smash the bottles after opening them, b) keep your achievement tracker on screen and c) do them in one run. This probably isn't all necessary, but it's been glitching at 80% progress for a lot of folks on TA/YouTube. Collect your bottles with the guide, if you don't have the achievement, we'll discuss the workaround at the end (it does require a 2nd playthrough, unfortunately, but this DLC is only 30-40 mins long.)

Walk back to the main room we were in, and bring the three gnomes with you to the steel door on the right-hand side. If they stop following you, pick one up and walk slower until they are following you and it should work. Push against the door, and with the 4 of you, you'll have enough might to move on.

Proceed up the stairs and past the ladder (ignore it for now). You'll come to a large open area with an awesome looking furnace. Eventually, we'll be putting something in it for an achievement but we are a way off that yet. For now, simply activate the switch on the furnace and your gnome buddies will get to work. A ladder on the far left will drop (camera pans weirdly here whilst you are climbing it, so be aware) and climb to the top. Move on to the next ladder and climb that one also. Proceed, and you'll see some wooden stairs. Before moving up the wooden stairs, walk under it to find a very well hidden bottle #2/5. Again, don't smash it, just open it, hover for a second whilst it saves and proceeds. Your tracker should be at 40% now.

Move up the stairs. In the next room, note the two wooden planks making an "X" on the floor. Jump on them three times to drop down and notice your old buddy the Janitor come through the door. This is the 1st of just 2 encounters in the entire DLC and is a pretty cool one. You might want to pause and repeat in chunks, as the timing is quite tight.

For now, move under the floorboard until you see an open hole above you (the room above has a saw and some tools. This is the room with the gnome doll we need for the missable achievement, but ignore it for now. When he facing the table with the doll, climb up and follow the white carpet in the foreground perfectly left, over the box, through the little hole, and sprint through the next room all the way to the left side of the room until you see wooden shelves with cymbal monkeys. You'll have gathered the Janitors attention by sprinting, but hide under here (DO NOT TOUCH THE MONKEYS) and WAIT. He will come through slowly but surely and start feeling around. It will feel like he's about to find you (his hands end up inches away from you) but doesn't panic, when he is by the drawers he'll dramatically miss you and investigate the shelves instead.

When he is done, be patient and wait for him to leave the room. This is very important, as we'll be playing cat and mouse for the next couple of minutes. When the coats is clear, crawl across the floor to the white carpet by the crank wheel steadily (walking or running will alert him). When on the carpet, leave the crank alone. Instead, walk behind it, remaining on the carpet at all times to muffle your sound. Climb up the table (under the electrical box with white tubes) and before hitting the switch, pause and read these instructions as your timing needs to be precise.

Take note of the manhole on the right wall. What we will want to do is hit the switch, which will get his attention, and move to the manhole as he is entering the room. Quickly get to it and jump into the wall but do NOT move through to the next room yet. If you just climb into the manhole and don't move, you will stay concealed in the wall. You know you've done it right if the wall is splitting the screen in two, and you can't see your character. When he is well within the next room, hit the button by the table with the tolls, and sprint as quickly as possible towards the screen to the carpet and wait in the hole we moved through at the beginning of this big.

Do this. Then, when he is occupied by the saw sprint to the crank wheel (this will conceal the sound) and open it by holding cn_RT and rotating cn_LS in the correct manner. Don't doddle doing this! As soon as it can't be moved anymore, jump through the shoot and this section will be over.

We can relax for a bit now. When on the other side, follow the cart tracks up the hill. Keep moving right until you see a gnome stuck in a bottle on the shelf above it. Jump on the table, and keep jumping in the air. The gnome will imitate you and edge his way off the shelf, breaking the bottle and freeing itself. Hug the gnome, then carry him to the ladder on the far left of the area. Throw him up the ladder to bring it down and climb up it.

Bring up your flashlight, and move through the small window/gap to the left. It is very dark in here, but with your light, you should see a white button you can jump up to which controls an eye camera. Keep hitting the button until you see, well, I won't ruin who. After this, the eye will close. Bring up your light again, and spring across the upper level, using the mine cart that is hoisted up to traverse to the crank wheel on the other side. Wheel it all the way down so that the cart drops, and let go of the crank; it'll automatically come back up. Traverse over the boxes in the background to the left side until we are back at the ladder. Move down the ladder, and push the cart to the left-hand side to the (currently) closed door to the left of the ladder, climb onto the mine cart and to the brown wooden boxes. Enter the manhole on the left wall and through the next room to a large section with switches and a shoe pit.

This next section isn't timed or difficult, but annoying as the detection is a pain in the ass. Jump down into the shoe pit (don't worry, you won't be attacked like in the base game) and get your flashlight out. You'll see a gnome running around the pit, which you need to hunt down and....hug. He's a pesky little s**t and will run around in circles, so you might be a minute or two even catching up. When you have eventually hugged him, carry him to the right side of the pit to the ramp. Throw him up to the platform with the switch, climb up yourself and throw him again onto the switch to activate the right side of the conveyor. Run to the conveyor, and spring in the direction it is going to jump and grab onto the grabber to reach the other slide. Hit the switch, and a gnome will jump into the pit to catch and hug him as well. As with the other gnome, take him to the ramp, hoist him up and join him on the platform with the switch.

We are done in here now, so move right into the room we ignored. Use the gnome to activate the switch. Move right into the main area with the cart, and we can now freely move back and forth. We could simply move to the right to continue the story, but we need to grab a bottle here. Bring the cart back into the room where we just activate the switch and bring the cart to the dead end. Climb up the cart, onto the self, and onto another self at the top to find bottle #3/5. You should be at 60% now.

With the three gnomes, push the cart ALL the way to the right. Getting the 3 gnomes to follow you here can be incredibly annoying and all 3 are required. You're best picking one up, getting the other two follow, and keep mixing it up until they are all eventually pulling with you. Keep pushing past the ladder, up the ramp (why we need 3) and into the room where we first picked up the gnome stuck in the bottle right after the Janitor encounter.

In here, push the cart until it is adjacent to the tall stack of shelves. Climb up to the top, and jump to the shelves on the right, through the manhole. In here, jump to the switch in the front left, and then push the cart through the newly open door with your three companions (again, make sure they are following along with you. Push the cart down, breaking the panel, and proceed through. With your 3 gnomes, throw them or lead them to the metal trap door in the middle. Once all are here, they will conveniently stay here (presumably they can't jump over the metal bracket with their small legs), which is what we want. MAKE SURE ALL 3 ARE HERE. If they aren't, you left them in the room with the 3rd bottle or somewhere along the tracks. Climb over the wooden part of the wall and we will back in the main area with the furnace and ladders.

Go back up the top ladder, and over the wooden stairs where bottle #2 was (you should still be able to pick it up if you missed it, but no promises). Go through the hole we made earlier, and we'll be back in the area where we encountered the Janitor. He won't be here this time, which is the perfect opportunity for us to grab the gnome very openly on the table under the tools. Move to the room with the crank wheel, re-open it if you need to and head back down the chute. Once down the chute, be sure to pick up the gnome doll. Proceed up the ramp to the right, and walk all the way to the right until we catch up with our little gnome friends, who are all patiently waiting for us on the trap door. Place this gnome doll with the 3 gnomes, and climb over the wooden part of the wall on the right-hand side again.

Back in the ladder/furnace area once again, jump on the noose and hold it until you get pushed to the bottom (I think you can just take the ladder here, but I'm not sure if the rope activates anything so I used that just in case). Move back to the room on the left with the pulley we ignored a good while ago and now proceed to pull it. After doing so, all gnomes (including the doll) will come to the bottom. Pick up your doll (will have fallen to the far left), and move through to the furnace area.

From here, it is theoretically a case of simply carrying the doll to the furnace and throwing it in to finally unlock our first achievement.

For me, this didn't work first time, nor did it work after two checkpoint reloads for reasons unknown. If this doesn't pop for you, I recommend quitting to the main menu, then quitting out of the game entirely. Reload Little Nightmares, press continue game, and you'll respawn to the right of the furnace. You won't have the doll, so run left past the wooden plank to find it very obviously stood up. Now throw it in the furnace again and it should unlock for you. The achievements for this DLC were delayed by 3 days, and I theorise they were coded shoddily.

With that done, we will need to move over to the right-hand side, following the cart tracks into the next room with a mountain of coal. Use your flashlight, and open the manhole on the left to find a gnome that'll run out. Hug it so it becomes your friend. Then move to the fallen cart and move the gnome to unlock your second friend. Climb up the ladder, leaving them for now, and into a room with a locked dumbwaiter and an electrical box lit up. Jump on the switch to open the dumb waiter. However, you'll have jostled out the two electrical fuses. Go you. Put the lit one back in. However, the other one is broken and we need a replacement. Cue our second enemy encounter, the trickiest one of the two.

Go through the gap and crouch through the next area the entire time with your flashlight on. The janitor will patrol and be quite a pain. Weirdly, the light doesn't attract his attention, only sound (which contrasts somewhat from the base game but make sense with his bandages.) The main rule is to avoid his hands, always stay crouched, and AVOID COAL. If you step on coal, you're probably dead. You can actually get quite close to him as long as you're on a normal footing.

Proceed right through the first area. My route was crouched under the wooden table, moving to the foreground and hugging the right side, looping around him to the open door bracket. In the next area we will have the added stress of our fourth bottle, which is, in my opinion, the most hidden collectable in LN. Keep moving right through the second, avoiding the coal and under another wooden table, moving towards the background. You'll see some stairs, but don't go up them yet. Keep moving to the back right and you should see a gap where we can go beyond the stairs (this is well hidden). Be very careful, as there is coal quite close to the opening. When in this chasm behind the stairs, keep moving to the left to find bottle #4/5. You should be at 80% now.

After collecting this bottom, keep moving left until you are back outside it, and immediately head up the stairs. At a certain point, the floor will start creaking and alert the Janitor. At this point we have no option but to sprint up the stairs and jump right across the mine carts on the upper level to create a bridge to the next room. He will reach up with his hands so be careful. (If you die here, you start all the way back in the room with the electrical box. Follow instructions but feel free to go straight up the stairs in the second room and ignore the chasm with the fourth bottle). If you were successful, you'll be in a room with 3 white lockers. From my experience, the Janitor never came up here and I had time, but just in case, we will need to open the far left one and the far right one. We can ignore the middle one. Take the stool from the far right locker and bring it to the far left one. Put it next to the locker so we can jump the conveniently placed documents and climb to the top of the locker. Jump to the right, using the light to swing over, and through the tunnel to open a manhole. From here, jump onto the grate on the right, traverse down and carefully jump to the manhole on the left wall when you are at an appropriate height.

IN a new room, move over to the middle row of the blue filing cabinet and open them to create stairs. Jump to the top, right to the shelf and grab our new fuse for the dumbwaiter. Throw it at the switch to open the door, and now we just need to get past the Janitor to get to the dumbwaiter again. This is much simpler than the journey here. He'll be very close to the opening door, so stay crouched and loop around him. If you are not detected, simple just keep moving left without stopping and remaining crouched. Move left through this room, and through the next without touching coal, moving under tables is required. At the very end, you must walk through coal, although unless he is literally right behind you there will be plenty of time to make it through safely. Move through the gap to the room with the electrical box and replace your fuse, then take the dumbwaiter up to the top. This is the final enemy encounter done with.

At the top, move right and under the table, opening the mini grate. Move through, and we can collect our final collectable. Open the rightmost shelf of the blue filing cabinet (adjacent to the table) to unleash a gnome we need to hug. We'll come back to him in a minute, for now, climb up the cabinet, the wooden table and onto the red/brown lockboxes. Climb it all the way up to the top and move to the left. When you can't shimmy anymore, drop down and put on your flashlight. Carefully traverse the beam and on the left, you should find bottle #5/5

In theory, this should unlock

For me, it got stuck at 80%. For everyone who has had this glitch on them (between YouTube and TA I've counted at least 7, will only increase), it will only work if you delete your cloud and your offline save. THIS WILL ERASE ALL SAVES FOR LN, so I'd recommend finishing the DLC first for the story related achievement as there is only 5-10 minutes left, as well as base game collectables. Hard to the Core requires a new playthrough anyway so don't worry if you skipped that achievement

After deleting BOTH online and offline saves (on your games & apps, little nightmares, manage, delete saves) when you reload your game, it'll be as if you just launched it for the first time (asking for brightness settings). Although the base game will only allow you to start from Chapter 1, you can play either DLC at will (thank god). Replay through "The Hideaway" from start to finish and get the 5 bottles. (recommend you don't quit out.) Dying is fine, just make sure you do all the bottles in one run and hover for 5 seconds when it saves to be sure. Although its almost certainly unnecessary, don't smash any bottles either. On my glitched run, I smashed bottles, on my unlocked run I left them alone after the save icon came up. Even if your tracker is stuck at 80%, it should still unlock no problem. This'll only take about 30-40 mins.

Head back down and hug the two gnomes for the next puzzle. This is easier said than done. One is opposite the filing cabinet in the foreground, which is easy enough to hug. The other is in the centre of the room and will make you run around in circles trying to catch him. This is infuriating and took me 3 minutes on my first attempt.

When both are hugged, use them to push the wooden stool between the two wooden tables in the background to a halfway position, slightly more to the right table than too the left. The ship is rocking back and forth, so the box will slide back and forth, however, it'll never go past the halfway point. Jump on the left table, and when the stool is central, jump to it. Wait until the ship rocks and carries the stool to the right, jumping on the rightmost table. Hug the third gnome.

With all 3 gnomes in tow, run back to the left through this room until you get to a shut door and a pulley. Move the box to the left by the closed door, and then throw all three gnomes at the pulley. It will open the door for a timed period, in which time we can use the box to wedge to door open and crawl under it. If the box isn't relatively close to the door, it will close again before one has time to wedge it shut. Carry the 3 gnomes through the hole into the new room, put them all in the dumbwaiter and the descend with them. At the bottom, get all three to follow you, and throw one of them at the lever to the left to open the door.

We are pretty much down now. Keep running left until you are back at the furnace area for a final time. With these extra gnomes, they will finally get the middle very tall shaft pushing carts up to the heavens. Use these as a makeshift elevator, and board it ALL the way to the top. At the top, jump off before we get put into the fire. Move right through an open door arch, then up a skip into a hole and right into another one. With the gnomes that appear, move the suitcase (you need 4 gnomes) and crawl through the exposed hole. Run past the gnomes, to the very far right and you'll see a box that will allow you to jump up to the table. Jump up and through the hole on the right-hand side of the wall. Proceed through the tunnel, through the hole and ontop of the elevator to complete the DLC and unlock

Although not perfect, I'm glad we're getting more content for this overall masterpiece of a game. The release of the third and final DLC pack will drop February 10th 2018, so I'll see you in a couple of months to finish off Little Nightmares' 100% once and for all!

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