7. Little Nightmares DLC: The Residence Walkthrough

This final DLC for Little Nightmares is “The Residence”, and is in my opinion the best of the 3 DLC packs by far. Unlike the previous DLC there are also no issues with bugs or glitching on the achievements, and achievements are available on launch.

This DLC has more “combat” (if you can call it that) than any other DLC. The puzzles are very good and it ties in beautifully to main story. I won’t spoil anything, but it explains to you a secret that’ll make you understand the original game far better.

Achievements wise, it is the exact same template as the last DLC. 1 story-related achievements for finishing the DLC, 1 missable achievements that is very easy and a collectable achievements. Thankfully, there is no “don’t die” achievements, which would have been difficult as I can almost guarantee you’ll die at least a few times.

There are 2 things to look out for achievement wise during this DLC.

  • 1) Bottles - There are 5 bottles in this DLC, and they act as collectables. Press RT to extract a letter from each one. These are very similar (if not the same) to DLC 1, The Depths. If you have tracking enabled on your screen, it should go up 20% each time. They are missable, and I had no issues with tracking this time around. I’d recommend configuring your achievement tracker so you can see it go up incrementally with each pickup.
  • 2) Achievement – Mid way through the DLC, there is a vase we need to smash. It’s very straightforward.

The final achievement is simply for completing the chapter (and in this case, the game forever.)


You’ll spawn on the top on an elevator shaft. Equip your light, climb the racking on the left and jump /grip onto the hook in the centre. Swing back and forth and use your momentum to proceed through the gap on the right-hand side.

Once on the ground, proceed right through the cracks and onto the books. Keep running right past the dimly lit fireplace through an open doorway. You’ll now be a corridor. Run past the first doorway (moving towards the background) and then you’ll see a 2nd one. Move through it, and you’ll come to a chair and table. It becomes pitch-black here, but on the table there is a lamp you can activate with a pulley to illuminate the area. Climb the bookcase above you and collect bottle #1/5.

Run towards the screen back to the corridor and go to the right. Don’t sprint here because an old friend is in the next room. To move past them, simply crouch under the drawers in the fore-left and move across the screen whilst crouched. As soon as you’re on the red carpet in the next room, we’re safe to sprint around again.

We’re now in the main hub area of the DLC; effectively, we will be completing a meta-puzzle, grabbing various figurines and placing them in a room to activate a door. For now, ascend the stairs and when you’re at the painting go left to the ladder. Move the ladder all the way to the right and climb up it.

On the upper-most level, there will be a locked door on the left (we’ll come back to this a bit later.) For now, pull the switch just to the right of that door to light up this cool contraption in the middle. We now have a puzzle. The idea is that the lights all shine on the various eyes around the room, with us illumining the fourth with our flashlight. We’ll controls these lights with a button and a switch (on the contraption itself). For the easiest time, follow the steps below one by one.

  • - Hit the button 3 times
  • - Push the lever away from you one
  • - Hit the button 5 times
  • - Pull the lever towards you twice
  • - Push the button once
  • - Push the lever away from you twice
  • - Push the button once
  • - Now move over to the eye on a door to your right. Shine your flashlight on it, and you’ll be through

With that puzzle over, navigate the next room with your flashlight. Stop when you enter a room with two headless statuettes and a lot of portraits with gold buttons underneath each. From this puzzle, we’ll be lighting up various portraits For the easiest time, follow the steps below one by one. I provide two directions – what wall it is on (left, back or right wall) and the number photo (1 is the leftmost, 2 is the next one to the right etc.)

  • - Left Wall – 2nd photo (boy with blue shirt and eyes not central)
  • - Back Wall – 1st photo (Woman with cheeks that droop below mouth line)
  • - Back Wall – 2nd photo (toddler with saggy eye-lids and a patch of hair on its head)
  • - Back Wall – 4th photo (guy with a bow tie on)
  • - Right Wall – 2nd photo (guy with a fedora on)

This should unlock the door on the right side of the room, so enter it. In this room ignore the figure on the pedestal for now and all the way to the right, through a crack in the door and into a room with statuettes and an apple on the middle on (I don’t think it had any significance at all, but I threw the apple off). Collect bottle #2/5, which is in the bottom right corner by a pale.

Go back to the figurine on a pedestal. This next puzzle can kill you; effectively, the moment you pick up the figurine the eye will emit light that can kill you (like in Chapter one of the original game). The path that works best is as follows.

  • - As soon as you pick the figurine up, hold it and crouch, whilst moving behind the pedestal (your side of the eye)
  • - When the light goes off, sprint and hold the figurine, taking cover behind the statuette at the front-left of the screen (directly opposite another one further in the difference). Stay cosy here when the light turns on again.
  • - When the light goes off a second time, sprint directly to the left to another statuette. To the left of this statuette is a button; throw the figurine at the button. When it’s safe to move, go back through the door we can in through.

Move left through the room we did the portrait puzzle in, and left through the remaining rooms until we come back to the first puzzle with the button and switch. In the fore-right will be a lift, which can be activated by standing on the button in the ground. Go down the stairs, to a room on the right and to a room on the right with a broken green statuette in the middle of the room on a tall brown pedestal. On the floor, notice some tiles on the floor with circular notches (can be hard to see but one is to the left, centre, and right of the green statuette). Place your figurine in the left one.

Go back upstairs, and instead of going left to the ladder go right and around into a new room. In this room, we will be grabbing a series of books and putting them in certain slots to activate a door. There will be a different ladder here; push it all the way to the left and climb up it. Put on your flashlight and go around the bookcase until you come to the end. There should be a book; pick it up, and drop off the side. Pick the book back up, move to the back of the room and over around the similar-coloured books with an obvious gap in it (there are 3 bookcases on the back wall, put it in the middle one). The boy will automatically insert the book into the gap.

Next, pick up the yellow book directly behind you. Put it in the slot in the bookcase in the left-most book case on the back wall.

Finally, move to the right and pick up the blue book. Keep moving to the fore-right corner and there will be a gap which the book will be inserted into. This should open a secret door directly to your left. Proceed through.

You’ll see a figurine here on a pedestal. Unfortunately, this isn’t the figurine we need for the puzzle, but pick it up anyway because we’re going to do an Indiana Jones trick. Hold it and sprint to the left, back into the main hub area. Instead of going down, keep going left (past the painting and the ladder) all the way around until you enter a room on your left with a figurine on the floor and an all-seeing eye above it. THIS is the figurine we need. Pick up the figurine and quickly put the figurine we just picked up on to it to stop the eye from freaking out. Then take this figurine, head down the stairs and into the room on the right on the bottom floor. Place this 2nd figurine on the right most floor tile with the circle on it.

Here-in, we have to worry about an extremely aware series of enemies. Essentially, these guys will kill you very quickly in dark areas, unless you shine light at them (which will kill them). In this floor area, the best thing to do is go all the way to the left on the bottom floor with your flashlight on; there should be a lamp with a pulley you can activate to illuminate these corners. Do that.

Move past this room to a room on the left. MAKE SURE you have your flashlight. In this area, there will be 3 enemies that we need to shine the flashlight on for a few seconds to “kill”. The first will be by some shelves in the back of the room (where the room flushes in). The second will start to flank behind you, and the third will be a doorway on the far left. Take your time and be retreating constantly, trying to single out the enemies. You might die (like I did, twice) but the checkpoint is in this room and you’ll get a feel for what you need to do.

Once the 3 enemies are dead, we’ll be grabbing a key close to where the first one was, on a set of drawers in the far left corner. Grab the key and head back into the main hub area. Head up the stairs, and take the lift on the right as (obviously) we can’t go up the ladder.

On the upper level, we’ll now be unlocking the door to the left. Unlock it, and for a short while we’ll be leaving it be again. Instead of going through head to the right and back down the lift. Go around to the right (back in the room with the book puzzle) and we’ll pick up a 4th book, which will be in the back-left corner (It’s by where we put the 2nd book, and it’ll have a hold pattern on the spine).

One you have it, head back to the head area, and down the stairs again. Head to the left into the room where we just took out the shadow enemies and through the doorway on the left (it’s very dark in here. Head left through a gap and keep going left, left and left again until we return to the very start of the DLC. Move past the books we dropped down to on the start, and all the way to the left of the next room. You’ll hit a wall with a painting of the lady on it. On the adjacent bookcase, put the book into gap on the bottom right hand side. This will reveal that the wall is actually another secret door.

Enter it, and we’ll finally be grabbing an achievement. Simply jump on the table and push off the jar to unlock:

Ashes to Ashes

Who knows what secrets they hold?

Ashes to Ashes
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Head all the way back to the main hub area, up the lift, and through the locked door. Immediately after going through it, go towards the screen in the wooden corridor. Go down it until you see bottle #3/5 in the left corner. Open it (obviously).

Go back and proceed left into a new room. Now in here is a much tougher shadow section. There are 8 or so enemies in here. Turn your brightness up and take the enemies out, working your way to the left. You might die a few times here, I know I did, but just single them out and run away if they get close (they move extremely quickly and have some range). You can either take them ALL out (like I did) or rush to the far left of the room, grab the chair and hit the switch before entering the door. If you do the latter, make sure to intermittently look for shadows.

Head left and take out some more shadows, working your way around the winding book cases. They hide around the corners so be careful and at the end there are two. Head up the ladder, and through the gap into the next room.

In the room, head to the left corner where there are books all over the floor. Climb up the shelf, and across the plank. Jump over to the ladder and grab it (you can die here, but the checkpoint is after the shadow encounters).

In this room is the final shadow encounter, and easily the most difficult. You’ll need to operate a wheel in the middle to open a door but shadows will come at you. To my knowledge, they will keep coming, so you’ll want to work the wheel, take out some shadows, and then return to the wheel and so on. Constantly be looking for shadows, and work the wheel by rotating the left stick whilst grabbing (controls are a bit finicky). If death comes (which, as per usual did for me) it’ll respawn you in this room, so no worries. When the door is down, make a break for it.

The DLC is pretty smooth sailing from here but we have some bottles to get still. In the next room, climb on the piano and run across the keys to open up the painting on the back wall. Enter it and collect bottle #4/5. Head then to the right of the room, open up the steel circular container by holding the handle and grab the figurine. Climb up on it once more, and hang off the lamp on the right-side wall to open the door. Pick up the figurine again and proceed through.

We’ll now be back at where we did the figurine switch. Just run past the eye, down the stairs and into the bottom right room. Place the final figurine in the central gap. When it raises, it’ll open a door, completing the meta-puzzle.

Work your way right through the creepy corridors until you see a certain someone…in all their glory. When you respawn, keep heading right through the door and past the mannequins. Head through another couple of doorways and past some more mannequins until you reach a dead end. There should be an obvious bottle in the bottom right corner, bottle #5/5. As this is our last collectible, it should unlock:

I'm Losing You

I'll be out of reach for a while.

I'm Losing You
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

From here, it’s purely narrative. Head back to the left, through the doorway, and when you get to the corridor run towards the screen as far as you can, then through another door on the left. Once in the room with the broken mirror, go back to the corridor and the adjacent door on the right shall now be open. Enter it, and a story event will unfold.

When you spawn, head through the gap on the right, onto the plank and into the cart. Proceed right, jump onto the next cart and let it descend to the bottom. You’ll now be in an area familiar very to you. Proceed left, left and left again and eventually you’ll come to the final cut scene, which will unlock:

We'll Meet Again

The final chapter is written.

We'll Meet Again
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

If you’ve followed this guide in order, we’re at 2200/2200G now and you should have you 100%. It shame the ride is over, as the game in my eyes is truly a masterpiece, and what a DLC to finish it off. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and as this is the final piece of scheduled DLC you should be done forever. Thank you so much for following this guide!

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