Fantasy Football: Live Draft Tracker Reviews

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    31 May 2009
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    First things first. This is not a game. This is not even a simulator game, EA has NFL Head Coach for that. This is a tracking stat program for NFL fantasy pool players. This game should also be used in conjunction with Live Score Tracker. Please note that I played this game during the NFL 2008 season and don’t know if it will work for the 2009 season.

    Game play: 6/10

    Fantasy Football is choosing players from real NFL teams and then tracking their week to week performance. This program helps user(s) track their respective teams. Nearly all the tracked statistics are available on the football players and their positions. Depending on the rules chosen it may either one player versus another player or the group going after the highest score per week. The “Game” should be started before the start of the NFL season which usually runs from September to December. Once all the required rounds are done, it’s just a matter of loading the game once a game week to figure out the results and who is winning. Nothing glamorous, just a lot of information available per week. The menu system is easy to use with all the options easy to learn. The one thing about having to share your “League” with other people is you have to do all the drafting or all the people have to be on your Xbox 360. You can share unused teams online but its through the EA Sports website and not on your Xbox 360.

    Graphics: 4/10

    Since this involves real Football players you get to see a portrait of them. You also get to see a few simulated actions of certain players. They pretty much look like Madden 08 graphics, which look like their real life counter parts.

    Sound and Music: 4/10

    There is no full length songs that usually play in a EA sports type game. You get basic menu music and a confirm messages. Nothing too annoying but not great either.

    Difficulty: 1/10 (Degree of skill to enjoy the game)

    Using this program is very easy with a good help tabs.

    360 Achievements
    Very easy 200 points that can be done within a few hours if not less.

    Final Thoughts:
    This is only half a program with the other half being EA Fantasy Score Tracked. I would have like it being together in one download but the price of 400 Microsoft points is a decent cost although there are plenty of websites that offer the same fantasy pool types service for free.
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    kingrich06Pedle Zelnip you are thinking Live Score Tracker not live draft tracker. Also I pointed out in the review I do not know if it will work for the up coming 2009 season.
    Posted by kingrich06 on 02 Jun 09 at 17:04
    Pedle ZelnipYeah my mistake, sorry about that. I've deleted my comment.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 03 Jun 09 at 08:57