Fantasy Football: Live Score Tracker Reviews

  • PHUTURE 909PHUTURE 909252,569
    08 Nov 2008
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    This is not a game. It works in conjunction with your EA sports Fantasy football account/league to provide you with score and standing updates via your xbox 360. In order to us it you'll have to visit and create an account. Join a league, after the league is full you'll go through the draft, then after such is when you can log on this "companion/application" with your registered email/password and start checking your scores, league standings, etc. It is a very cheezy way to obtain 200 gs points for just 80ms points.
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    AerodynamoI recommended this to a coworker who is already signed up to an EA sports fantasy football thing, and he gets a kick out of it.
    Posted by Aerodynamo on 30 Dec 08 at 14:17
    Tactical Rapt0rthe game doesnt work. i actually didnt buy it for gs im dissappointed i thought it would give game stats and stuff on my 360 so i dont have to google each player or whatever.
    Posted by Tactical Rapt0r on 30 May 09 at 22:21
    ERIKDOTCOMWait, you actually get points for this?
    Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 29 Aug 09 at 17:37
  • kingrich06kingrich061,860,431
    13 Nov 2009 13 Nov 2009
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    Live Score Tracker (Xbox 360) Review


    First things first. This is not a game even though its a XBox Live Aracde Game. This is not even a simulator game, EA has NFL Head Coach for that. This is a tracking stat program for NFL fantasy pool players that should also be used in conjunction with Live Draft Tracker. Please note that I played this game during the NFL 2008 season and don't know if it will work for the 2009 season. I went as far as to check different gamerscore tracking websites and it shows certain no users attain any achievement this football season.

    Game play: 4/10

    There is no game play for this part of the game. This “game” is more like a ticker or the stats page of a daily sport news paper. While you can dissect every stat aspect of every game played (for the 2008 season). There are no video or pictures of the game action. The stats are easily viewed and reordered the way you want them. This help when deciding starting lineups or trades in your Fantasy leagues. Much of this program is boxscores and stats of the daily games.

    Graphics: 4/10

    Since this involves real Football players you get to see a portrait of them. You also get to see a few simulated actions of certain players. They pretty much look like Madden 08 graphics, which look like their real life counter parts. But most of the time you will either be navigating menus or reading stats.

    Sound and Music: 4/10

    There is no full length songs that usually play in a EA sports type game. You get basic menu music and a confirm messages. Nothing too annoying but not great either. Chances are you will lower your sound if you use this program for extended period of time.

    Difficulty: 1

    Using this program is very easy with a good help tabs.

    360 Achievements

    Very easy 200 points but you will have to log in certain game days for achievements.

    Final Thoughts:

    This is only half a program with the other half being EA Fantasy Draft Tracker. I would have like it being together in one download but the price of 200 Microsoft points is a decent cost although there are plenty of websites that offer the same fantasy pool types service for free. I did a quick check and it seems this program is no longer available for download.