Lode Runner

Lode Runner

Xbox 360Backwards Compatible

Lode Runner Achievements

Most Earned

Gold Star
Gold Star16 (15)You have completed the first stage of the 1P Journey
Double Up
Double Up25 (15)You have completed the first stage of the Co-op Journey
Mother Lode
Mother Lode26 (15)You have collected 8 bronze medals in Hang On
Blast Off
Blast Off21 (10)Without blasting, you have collected all gold and completed level 3-1 of the 1P Journey

Least Earned

Claim to Fame
Claim to Fame61 (20)Complete the 1P Expansion Journey (in the Journey Expansion Pack)
Gold Diggers
Gold Diggers38 (15)Complete the Co-op Expansion Journey (in the Journey Expansion Pack)
Gold Luck
Gold Luck34 (15)Complete all of the 1P Expansion Puzzles (in the Skill Expansion Pack)
Double Down
Double Down122 (30)You have completed the Co-op Journey
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