Loondon (WP) [Unreleased]

Windows Phone

Loondon (WP) [Unreleased] Achievements

Most Earned

Crowbane10 (10)Fix the Scarecrow in the farm.
Escape Artist10 (10)Unlock the gate in the tunnel.
Fowl Friend20 (20)Find and return the Dodo to its owner.
Friendly to the Fey10 (10)Free the pixie in the forest.

Least Earned

The Cypher37 (30)Solve all the little girl's riddle.
Completionist37 (30)Complete All Hidden Tasks.
The Tinkerer10 (10)Fix the ferris wheel.
The Fixer10 (10)Fix the Steam engine in Loondon.
All Loondon (WP) [Unreleased] Achievements