2. Lost Artifacts: Soulstone General hints and tipsUpdate notes

This game has two modes - Classic and Easy. Classic mode has a timer that sits on the left of the screen with 3 stars. As the timer runs down to a star, you'll lose that star. On easy mode, the timer is removed. For the purposes of this walkthrough - since one achievement requires you to 3 star every level - we'll be starting on Easy mode to get most achievements (bar one) in the game on our first and full playthrough. We'll then start a Classic mode playthrough to get to an unlocked power in the game and use it once for the last achievement. If you want a little bit more of a challenge, you could just run through once on classic mode and get every achievement done in a single playthrough. That choice is yours.

You'll receive a tutorial in the first two levels. After that, you will get occasional popups informing you what something does. This game is simply a point-and-click management game. You can hover over a building to see the resources you need to build/upgrade it. Your resources available are at the top of the screen while your journal of things left to do in the level is at the bottom.

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