Lost Cities

Xbox 360

Lost Cities Achievements

Most Earned

Pack Mule
Pack Mule5 (5)Play at least one Number 10 card and win the game.
Precious Artifact
Precious Artifact6 (5)Score 100 points in one round and win the game in any game mode.
Excavator25 (20)Play more than 9 cards in one expedition and win the game in single player or online.
Explorer36 (25)Play 5 Number 10 cards in a game round, win the round, and win the game in single player or online.

Least Earned

Archaeologist105 (25)Win 300 times in any single player or online modes.
Expedition56 (15)Win 20 times in 2vs.2 online matches.
Great Adventurer
Great Adventurer29 (10)Win 20 times in 1vs.1 online matches.
Investor45 (20)Play 3 investment cards in one expedition, win the round with 150 or more points, and win the game.
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