4. Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Story - Part 3

Rose 22

Once at the crystal army, pick up the rose symbol (22/31).

Start with the first marker on the path. You'll find a familiar puzzle type, but the upcoming instances are a bit more difficult. For the first one, go up, left 2, up, left, up, right, up, left, up, right, up to exit.

On the second puzzle, go up, right, up 2, right, up, right, up 2 to exit.

To complete the last iteration, go up, left 2, up 2, right 2, up, right, up, left, up to exit.

Now enter the Courtyard. After the prince is done talking, back out to the view of the whole room.

Rose 23

Pick up the rose symbol (23/31).

Zoom in on the object above the blue door. Pick up the bolt cutters and back out.

Zoom in on the purple door on the left. Get the aloe oil from the top right. Back out.

Use the blue door to enter the Armory.

Rose 24

Pick up the rose symbol (24/31).

Zoom in on the chained double doors on the right. Use the bolt cutters on the chain, then walk up for some more object finding that will give a scroll tube.


Zoom in on the scroll tube via the inventory for a mini-game. Explaining the steps to solve this one isn't easy. You want the entire image front and center without any part of it cut off at the top or bottom. The image is nearly in place before you've even begun. Start by moving the far left and far right pieces into place and then keep working with the pieces in between until everything snaps together. Once it's open, get the chest key and crystal sceptre plans.

Zoom in on the chest and use the key on it to commence another mini-game. Carry out the following sequence of rotations:

  1. Top left to the right (cn_RT) 2
  2. Center to the right 1
  3. Bottom right to the right 1
  4. Center to the right 1
  5. Bottom right to the right 1
  6. Top right to the left 2
  7. Center to the right 1
  8. Bottom right to the right 1
  9. Bottom left to the right 2
  10. Center to the right 1
  11. Top right to the right 1
  12. Center to the right 1
  13. Top right to the right 2
  14. Top left to the right 2
  15. Center to the right 1
  16. Top right to the right 1
  17. Bottom left to the right 1
  18. Top left to the right 1
  19. Center to the right 1
  20. Top left to the right 1
  21. Center to the right 1
  22. Top left to the right 1
  23. Bottom left to the right 2
  24. Center to the right 1
  25. Top left to the right 1
  26. Center to the right 1
  27. Bottom left to the right 1
  28. Center to the right 1
  29. Bottom left to the right 1

Pick up the moon dust, crystal head, and lake idol figure.

Zoom in on the workbench. Pick up the drill. Zoom in on the drill in the inventory and take the firestone off the drill head. Back out.

Zoom in on the bookshelf and pick up the paper crane, a new recipe in disguise. You already have the three ingredients for this one so go ahead and mix the warming lotion.

Go back to the first room and interact with the spot above the blue door again. Use the warming lotion on the cold crystal sliver and then pick it up.

Zoom in on the purple door again. Use the figure as a key in the slot to get a diamond.

Return to the workbench in the armory. Via the inventory, zoom in on the drill and attach the diamond as the new drill head. Place the sceptre plans on the workbench. Use the crystal sliver on the grindstone, then grab it and put it in the vice. Use the drill on it, then the crystal head. Take the resulting crystal sceptre.

Go back a room and interact with the pedestal in the center of the floor. Place the sceptre there.

After the cutscene and chat, take the travel bag from the prince.

Rose 25

Pick up the rose symbol (25/31).

Zoom in on the grate near the center. Pick up the buckle to its right, then back out.

Use the buckle on the travel bag in the inventory to get kiwano, a fork, and a recipe.

Go back to the grate and use the fork there to get a sponge.

Zoom in on the drawers. Get baking soda from the right side of the middle drawer. Use your kiwano on the drawers. Use the pliers at the bottom on the kiwano, then place it in the mortar and use the pestle to mash it. Put the funnel at the top right in the bottle below it and then pour the powder in the funnel. Collect the result, which is bulb juice. Now complete the recipe for swell-o-foam.

Use the new concoction on the hole in the crystal at the top left. Keep interacting with the crystal to pull away all the pieces. Enter the Glass Fortress.

Rose 26

Pick up the rose symbol (26/31).

Zoom in on the crystal throne at the top. Pick up the club-shaped hairclip.

Use the left door to Drosera's Sanctuary.

Rose 27

Pick up the rose symbol (27/31).

Zoom in on the clothes on the right mannequin. Grab the cloak pin.

Zoom in on the mirrors. Get the daisy perfume. Use the cloak pin on the drawer lock to get music box paper and a brick (1/2).

Zoom in on the organ at the back. Pick up the other brick (2/2). Use the music paper on the central box, then interact with it to reveal a fire flower.

Return to the previous room and zoom in on the throne again. Use the bricks there to get a letter knife and dragon scale.

Go back to the sanctuary and zoom in on the bed above. Use the hair clip on the jewelry box to get a recipe. Use the letter knife on the pillow to take a glass fortress figure. Read the book if you'd like some backstory.

Complete the recipe with your three ingredients to create a fiery atomizer. Take it with you to the first room and use it to open the right door to the laboratory, which is a hidden object location that gives noon glare upon completion.

HOP 10

Walk up to the large model that Fern is looking at. Use the figure on it. Refer to the picture below for the solution to this puzzle.

Game 6

Zoom in on the pedestal on the left and use the noon glare there. Drop down into the Well of Blight.

Rose 28

Pick up the rose symbol (28/31).

Go to the first exclamation point for a new puzzle type. For the first instance, move the top block left 3 and the lower block left 2.

The next stop is the penultimate object puzzle. You'll receive a golden shield at the end.

HOP 11

Give the shield to the prince, then hit the next marker. Move the spiked crystal block left 1 and down 1.

On the next puzzle, move the lower block right 2. Move the block now above it right 1. Move the third block 2 spots to the right of the first one you placed. That should do it. You can now descend to the Cave.

Rose 29

Pick up the rose symbol (29/31).

Zoom in on the crates and barrels on the left. Grab the saw. Back out.

Zoom in on the tower right of the ship. Pick up the rope and the final recipe. Use the saw on the planks to get them.

Zoom in on the right side of the ship and lay down the planks to bridge the gap. Now go to the Quartz Ship.

Rose 30

Pick up the rose symbol (30/31).

Zoom in on the barrels on the right. Grab the file and ship wheel plans.

Return to the harbor and the crates and barrels on the left. Use the file on the lock to get snowdrops and needle and thread.

Zoom in on the shed glowing blue to get a broken compass. Place the plans where it was. This area is now the final hidden object puzzle. Complete it to get the ship wheel.

HOP 12

If you never used a hint to complete any puzzle of this kind, you'll get an achievement too.

Master searcher

Finish all Hidden Object Puzzles without using hints.

Master searcher
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Go back to the ship and zoom in on the mainmast. Use your rope on the cut rope. Pick up the lump of quartz that is revealed. Repair the tear with your needle and thread.

Zoom in on where the helm of the ship should be and place the wheel there. Zoom in on the compass in your inventory. Grab the hoarfrost and clear the glass. Place the needle inside. Now put the compass in the circular slot left of the wheel.

After the conversation, complete the final recipe. Give the end result, freezing salve, to Prince Fern to launch into a steering mini-game. Continue turning left and right to avoid all of the crystalbergs until you've reached your destination.

Rose 31

Pick up the final rose symbol (31/31).

Master Collector

Find all of the Rose symbols.

Master Collector
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMissable

Zoom in on the ground left of the prince to collect some crystal arrows.

Zoom in on the ship to grab a bow and horseman's pick. Via the inventory, combine the bow and arrows.

Zoom in on the shield on the right and use the pick to free it.

Give the shield to prince Fern. Use your weapon on the silhouette to start the final mini-game, which is a session of rock, paper scissors. Look at the purple bar at the top to see what move Drosera is about to use. Select the appropriate counter move. Repeat until you've finished her off and the game.

Puzzle Expert

Finish all Mini-Games without skipping.

Puzzle Expert
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable


Complete the game.

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineStackable

Expert Gamer

Complete the game on expert difficulty

Expert Gamer
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable

Congratulations on the completion and best of luck in your future achievement-hunting endeavors!

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