2. Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom General hints and tips

For the sake of speeding through the game as quick as possible with all achievements, I recommend doing the game in one sitting. However, if you don't have the ability or the time to do the game in one sitting, I've made this walkthrough easy to locate your current position in the game. When you pick up a new item, it's listed in the guide in capital letters, in bolded text. For example, ITEM: BUTTER. To find your current position in the guide, press cn_LT or cn_RT in your game, look at the right-most item, and then search the guide for "ITEM: (the item name)". This will find your approximate position in the guide.

Also, you can really cut down time on this game by skipping all cutscenes that you can by holding down cn_B during them, and rapidly pressing cn_A throughout all dialogue and narration sections.

Pay attention to the images that are provided in this walkthrough, also. You will be able to click on them to zoom in closer. For each Kestrel location image, you will see the in-game circle-cursor highlighted over the Kestrel in the scene, with the cn_A 'Pick' command. This is where the Kestrels are in each scene.

With that said, onto the guide!

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