Lost Odyssey

Xbox 360Backwards Compatible

Lost Odyssey Achievements

Most Earned

The Dreamer Wakes20 (20)Unlocked the first episode from A Thousand Years of Dreams.
Ring Assembler31 (30)Assembled a ring using Ring Assembly.
Skill Linker32 (30)Learned a skill by using Skill Link.
Perfect Three33 (30)Achieved Perfect three consecutive times in battle.

Least Earned

Defeated Killalon122 (50)Defeated Killalon in Professor K's Dungeon.
Treasure Trove80 (20)Obtained all of the Treasure Box items in the field.
Reached Conference Area 25B18 (10)Reached Conference Area 25B in Professor K's Dungeon.
Reached Conference Area 20B18 (10)Reached Conference Area 20B in Professor K's Dungeon.
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Redeem Lost Odyssey for free until the end of the year. Which also means that Lost Odyssey — and Blue Dragon — both multi-disc games that used to be unavailable in digital formats, are now available on the Marketplace!

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Three More Games Added To Backwards Compatibility

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