7. Lost Odyssey Disc 4 Walkthrough - Part TwoUpdate notes

Disc Four Walkthrough - Part Two

The White Boa

Pilothouse - 4.6.6

Trace and a Pipot are located here (the Pipot is south-west, you can get Lv3 bombs if you want to mix items, but now you can buy them anyway). Go east and ride the elevator to the Engine Area.

Engine Area - 4.6.2

Treasure Hint # 22/24 - 19th - Hint
Speak with the first man you see as you go east. This is a Level 3 Treasure, we'll deal with it later.

Backtrack to the cells area.

Brig - 4.6.1
- Seed # 96/99 (chest in northern cell)

Back to the elevator, go to the Guest Room.

Guest Area - 4.6.3

Four rooms available here, but two (Cabin Northwest and Cabin Southeast) have nothing relevant.

Treasure Hint # 23/24 - 16th - Hint and Treasure
Speak with a character near the pool on the west side. The Treasure is on the Main Deck, but check the cabins before going there. It will be 3 Star Absorbers.

Cabin (Southwest) - 4.6.7
- Goddess Medicine (pot)
- 4 Flower of Suspicions (pot)

Cabin (Northeast) - 4.6.8
- 2 Dark Demon Notes (chest)

Back to the elevator, go to the Main Deck.

Main Deck - 4.6.9

Go west for a scene.

After more scenes you'll be on the World Map.

World Map

Spend few seconds reading the tutorials again. If you're having "problems" with the new function of the Nautilus, instead of pressing X just once, keep it held for 1-2 seconds and it will automatically do what that button makes it do.

Before adventuring in optional areas (you now can go everywhere in the game), first enter the White Boa (press RB while sailing it).

White Boa

In the Pilothouse of the White Boa you can also find a shop selling items and ring components, but nothing new.
In the Guest Area you will find Luto on the right before the door to the Queen's Room, nevermind about her for now.

Enter the Queen's Room.

Queen's Room - 4.6.4

Ming's Harp is obtained as you approach her: this item will be useful later for an optional boss fight.

Exit to the World Map.

World Map

From here and the end of the game there will be a huge dungeon first and then the final fights, but I would advise taking care of at least some of the optional quests to level up and collect important items.

On the World Map you will see five glowing locations: for four of them, ice blocks before them must be destroyed with the White Boa.
If you see a sixth location, it's the DLC Experimental Staff Remains, it can be reached without using the White Boa and is located underwater. No way you can resist a minute in this place: leave it where it is.

Suggested route to unlock the new destinations:
Land in Numara's nearby port locations while sailing the White Boa, then choose the Western Coast of Uhra from the Port destinations (shortcut to get out quickly). From there, go to the north-west location and get through the ice until the landing option pops up to unlock "Snowfields of the Northern Land" (Field; ignore it for now) and "Northern Coast of Uhra" (Port). Pick the latter again to keep sailing.
Go east and penetrate through the ice as much as you can. When you can't proceed any further, press B to release the Nautilus in that tiny water area more south-west from where you're coming, then go underwater and enter the place there to unlock "Forgotten Cave" (Field). We'll adventure in here later, now exit back and store the Nautilus again so we can proceed.
East all the way to the north-east corner of the world and land through the ice to unlock...a "(Something) Fortress" (Field) and "Northern Shore near (Something) Fortress" (Port). We'll come here first as soon as we finish "finding" new locations and the last treasures.
Pick "Landing Point at Numara Port" and head south-west in the world map: get through the ice all the way to the tiny water pool and release the Nautilus, then go underwater through the submarine passage and back to surface on the opposite side to unlock the "Temple of Enlightenment" (Field) and "Eastern Continent-West Lakefront" (Port): the Temple of Enlightenment is the most dangerous dungeon of the main game, so just unlock it and then leave.
At last, use the Nautilus to fly and enter the central water area where you will see a narrow path undersea (the path is only visible on the map when you're underwater): it unlocks "Kelolon Village" (Field) and "Lakefront in Mountains" (Port). We'll get here soon. NOTE: the location in the water which is shown in the picture, just east from where my Nautilus is, is where the DLC dungeon is located. If you didn't get the DLC don't worry about not seeing it on the map.
An optional Port destination can be added southwest of this same water area, and it's "Northern Shore of Ipsilon". We'll start hunting from here: submerge.

Note: you will find some different "bubbles" underwater, and they pop up a " ... " message if you try to examine them. Nevermind about this for now.
Note: if you fly around and come across a strange "thing" in a lake in the middle of the mountains south/south-east of the Kelolon Village, nevermind about it.

Here's the map, and below the list:

- Seed # 97/99 (undersea treasure)
- Slot Seed # 24/48 (undersea treasure)
- 2 Glacial Ices (undersea treasure)
- 2 Kelolon's Souls (undersea treasure)

To the Fortress.

(Something) Fortress

Walk north to fix a gondola and you'll be asked to find 6 people somewhere in the world. Besides being in the right place you will also need to have Sed (I guess I can name him now without causing spoilers) in your active party. We will fully explore this place right after doing one thing. As for now, head to Tosca Village.

Tosca Village

Exchange the Fuzzy Seed (in Bosso's house, first from the northern entrance) for the Smooth Seed. This goes to the Pipot stored in the Pilothouse of the White Boa.

White Boa

Smooth Seed given, Puffy Seed obtained. This is finally the last, and will go to the Pipot in the (Something) Fortress: head there.

(Something) Fortress

Map of the area

(Outside) - 4.24.1
A - 6 Master Thief Tools (pot)
B - Seed # 98/99 (pot)
C - 6 Jet Black Cloths (pot)
D - Cubic Music Score 9 (chest)
E - Goddess Medicine (pot)

Ride the gondola down, go up the ladders and head east to find a Penguin: he won't give you items this time, but he'll lead you to a secret passage which takes you to the chest with the last Cubic Music Score and the last Pipot.

Give the Pipot the Puffy Seed to get the Bracelet of Efficiency, a good accessory which reduces MP costs of skills and spells by 1/4.

Sed's Studio - 4.24.2
F - Magic-Powered Locator Lv 3

Examine the desk to get the final upgrade which will allow you to find the two level 3 treasures on the world map.

There's nothing else to do here right now, so head out to the world map and store the Nautilus in the White Boa, then enter the White Boa (press RB "To Ship Interior").

White Boa

Head to the Guest Area.

Guest Area - 4.6.3

Score 9: REER DRCD EGAB FEDE BAGE CCDE ARED (four characters, seven turns) - Sunderch Glasses

These glasses will let you find chests you couldn't find earlier, which contain extremely good items. These "new" chests are required for Treasure Trove.

Enter the door north.

Queen's Room - 4.6.4

Crew mate # 01/06 - Gondy
As you enter, he'll be found.

Exit to the World Map and board the Nautilus (pick Northern Shore of Ipsilon or nearby Port destinations).

World Map

Treasure Hint # 22/24 - 19th - Treasure
The treasure is under the sea, and it's a bit tricky to move the Nautilus in the correct position to be able to catch it. Keep trying around the spot where you see the treasure icon on the minimap, tap " A " and you'll eventually catch the Solomon Staff and Solomon Ring.

Crew mate # 02/06 - Jila
Now remember the "strange" bubbles? They're straight north (a little west too actually, anyway) from the Northern Shore of Ipsilon. Go there to find Jila.

Next go nearby the Sea of Baus (it's by the giant white circle on the west side): this will trigger a scene if you're on the surface of the water, but it's just a scene to tell you that you need the White Boa (while you're on the Nautilus of course) to proceed with the story. Well, we're not proceeding with the story anyway.

Treasure Hint # 16/24 - 20th - Treasure
Tap " A " and eventually you'll find the treasure: Apocalypse Rod and Apocalypse Ring are yours.

Land somewhere and reach the Old Sorceress' Mansion.

Old Sorceress' Mansion

Crew Mate # 03/06 - Rodo
Enter the mansion after a quick scene, then go to the Hallway west.

Invisible Chest # 01/11
Master Earrings will be found on the east side of the Exterior.

To Saman.

City of Saman

Crew Mate # 04/06 - Barg
Approach the tree as you walk north.

Enter Audun's Item shop afterwards: he'll give you the Enchanter's Mask. This will be important for a later optional area.

Now go to the Sea of Baus (the Field destination).

Sea of Baus

Crew Mate # 05/06 - Nick
Go north to find him.

Invisible Chest # 02/11
Prismus will be found east.

To Uhra.

Magic Republic of Uhra

Reach the Residential Area (from The Great Gate take the taxi to the Central Station Square, then exit east to the Main Street and then north.

Invisible Chest # 03/11
Zephyrus is somewhere south in the playground.

Now reach the Secret Cave (north from the Residential Area till you're in Gongora's Mansion - Hallway, exit northwest to the Courtyard and down the stairs from here).

Invisible Chest # 04/11
The chest with Composite Magic Book will appear as you proceed.

Side note: if you want some extra level up, the enemies here can now be easily beaten in a turn with a couple of Casting Support-Prismus combinations and will level you up more than the Silver Kelolons in Numara Atoll (not much more though). Remember to equip Anti-Petrify skills!

Exit to the world map when you've finished. Ipsilon Mountains - North next.

Ipsilon Mountains

Go north to "Near Mountain Hut".

Invisible Chest # 05/11
Coverus is in the south-east dead end (last fork before heading north to the Hut).

Go on to the Peak.

Invisible Chest # 06/11
Forceus is in the chest on the right of the save point.

Back to the world map, Northern Cape next.

Northern Cape

Invisible Chest # 07/11
Death is in the chest on the right path end.

Ice Canyon - North next.

Ice Canyon

Invisible Chest # 08/11
Regenerus for this one, up the slope of Snowy Pleateau where the Elmon Crown and Royal Seal were.

Gohtza City - East now.

The Magic Industry City of Gohtza

Invisible Chest # 09/11
All-Powerus is in the chest found when you descend a ladder somewhere north-east in Low Town.

To Refugee Camp.

Gohtzan Refugee Camp

Invisible Chest # 10/11
All-Mindus is found in the Exterior: climb down the ladder east and climb another ladder up.

Last one in the Crimson Forest.

Crimson Forest

From the entrance go northeast, ride the platform to the Altar of the Abyss.

Invisible Chest # 11/11
You'll find the chest with Cursed Crest north in the Altar of the Abyss.

Lv 8 Black, White, Spirit Magic and Lv 4 Composite Magic are the highest levels for them, and now you should have them all. You still miss some spells of course.

Finally head to Kelolon Village.

Kelolon Village

Map of the area

Kelolon Village - 4.25.1
A - 2 Kelolon's Souls (pot)
B - Godly Dragon Tears (pot)
C - Seed # 99/99 (pot)

Crew Mate # 06/06 - Orly
This one is found in an event battle triggering soon after you start walking around. You know what the upper left HP bar means. The enemies here can be petrified and are weak against Ground, really nothing special.

Royal Seal # 08/09
Quad-Element Amulet is a great accessory which is a good reason to level up Tolten somewhere in the world and get Royal Equipment skill on the other four characters who can learn it skill-linking. First we finish this area though.


Heal Full - 1,080 G
Mana Prime - 1,620 G
Goddess Medicine - 4,050 G

Poisonous Bones - 1,000 G
Dragon Scale - 2,000 G
Ultra Paralysis Fluid - 1,000 G
Spent Magic Engine - 1,000 G
Manacles of Despair - 1,000 G
Mist of Darkness - 1,000 G
Demon Sculpture - 1,000 G
Gorgon Mask - 2,000 G
Magic-Sealing Vase - 30 G
Blood Cloth Crystal - 50 G
Jet Black Cloth - 180 G
Invisibility Potion - 2,000 G
Flower of Suspicion - 60 G
Vampire Bottle - 25 G
Guardian Ore - 80 G
Magic Power Device - 60 G

Resurrect - 30,000 G

Kelonga Sword (ATK + 195; Kaim, Seth and Tolten) - 30,000 G
Rune Stick (ATK + 48; Ming, Sarah, Jansen, Cooke) - 32,000 G

Resurrect is a must. Sure this is an expensive shop, feel free to avoid purchasing the Kelonga Sword since you can always skill-link Royal Equipment and wear the Master Sword and Royal Knight's Sword which are even better.

The Tournament
In the tournaments there will be some special conditions as you fight solo fights with Cooke. You can rest between the rounds. Make sure Cooke can use Lv 8 Spirit Magic (or at least Lv 2) and Lv 6 or higher Black Magic and make the Kelolon Earrings available for Round 1.
Round 1: put the Kelolon Earrings on her, along with the Solomon Staff. You can't use skills or spells, but the enemies have only 80 HP each.
Round 2: all commands available again, make sure she can use Spirit Magic Lv 2 or higher. Kelo-Kelolon has 460 HP and water element but his defense is high: use Gamble. Then you will fight Uncle Kelolon (700 HP, no element): Gamble again (or, if your HP are going down, use Reversa). Then you will fight Self-Claimed Lv 99 (770 HP, water element): Gamble or Reversa again. The last enemy has no name/HP/element to be known, just use a Forcea on him.

Save/rest afterwards, then go fighting the King.

Optional Boss Fight - King Kelolon
Cooke must be deployed. Huge but not so strong, cast All-Powerus (then Grounda) and Zephyra continuously and use earth-based attacks to take down his 11,340 HP. He will try to resist using Coverus, but he will go down quickly.

Kelonga Crown is yours after the fight. This achievement will follow your victory too:

After a couple of lines you will get Divide: with higher HP it will be your most powerful offensive attack, although it's not so great right now since it takes a lot to cast and costs 80 MP.

Exit the village and enter again.

There's a short minigame about lighting torches here: speak with Kepilo in the arena region of this area to start: you'll have to light candlesticks. This can be a bit tricky, so starting from the candlestick immediately behind Kepilo we'll name them with numbers clokwise like this. Light 1, 4, 7, 8, 5, 3, 2, 10, 9, 6. Speak with Kepilo again to get 17 Iron Ball of Ruins.

Pirate Fortress

I have to name it least once for someone using CTRL+F. Anyway.

Pipot: give the Pipot your last Seeds and for all the 99 Seeds he will finally reward you with Pipot Collar. Something tells me you're eating rabbits tonight for dinner...

Head to Sed's Studio to receive Magic Rifle of Aneira and Aneira Ring (excellent ring) as reward for rescuing the crew.

Our next stop is Numara Atoll, but before doing so exit and re-enter the Fortress, then speak with Gar by the gondola to get Slot Seed # 25/48.

Numara Atoll


An optional boss fight will trigger as you go on. We're here for it, but we need preparation. Ming will be deployed automatically.
Anti-Sleep is a must.
Groundus Bombs are also advisable: buy them in Numara - Canal Street so you have around 8 of them.

At last, you need Ming's Harp for this fight to be possible. Head all the way north to trigger it.

Optional Boss Fight - ???
With 14,020 HP and Water element this enemy suffers from ground attacks a lot, but the spell Groundus is in the next story-related destination. Physical attacks deal no damage (Sed is the only exception, but he deals only 500 HP of damage anyway); you have the Groundus Bombs though, and Grounda still deals a good thousand of HP of damage. Double Item for Sed, a couple more from Kaim and Seth and it's 4,000 down in a turn just by them. Ming will cast Grounda/Forceus of course, and same goes for the fifth character.
The boss has an attack which deals 9,999 HP of damage to everyone no-matter-what, and you know when it is coming if All-Sleep is casted. After All-Sleep the boss won't appear in the turns for a couple of times, then he will cast it. Persistence skill is the only way you can survive, but we're just not gonna let him last as long as to give us problems with it. Three or even two turns are enough if you keep the full assault, and the enemy will always waste a turn casting Aqua Mine, so you have more than enough turns before danger comes even if All-Sleep comes on the second turn. If you can and want to use Double-Item with Groundus Bombs with everyone the fight will be even easier of course; it only depends on your current skills and inventory.
You won't need healings or defenses, just attack. The boss has attacks like All-Aquaus, All-Groundus, All-Windus (not All-Flarus) too, just for your information if you want to attempt another approach.

1000 Year Memories is yours after the battle. This achievement comes along with it:

The accessory you just obtained is the last of the "Slot + n" ones, and it's Slot + 10 this time.

To Uhra once again.

Magic Republic of Uhra

To complete the optional events here you must have broken the other Royal Seals found so far. Take the taxi to the castle station square part of the city, proceed east to "Outside of the Front Gate" and then north to eventually reach the "Inside the Castle" section, take the stairs left and ride the elevator up to the Amphitheater of the Sky.

Royal Seal # 09/09
Break this seal for some lines of monologue, then equip the Royal Knight's Emblem on Tolten and possibly the Aneira Ring and Master Sword too (does he have around 2,000 HP? That's all you need) and then walk south to trigger a "special" fight. In the fight you'll be asked to do some things. For three turns you can only "Accept", then you will have to attack until you're asked to show your "skills": when this happens, pick a whatever skill (Power Hit for instance) and use it on the opponent. Afterwards you have to protect yourself from an attack: use "Defend" to stand the "Ultimate Hit" better (if you have "Complete Defense" it works better of course, but you have Persistence anyway). Then use the Ultimate Hit skill yourself and you will win.

Age of the King and King Ring are yours afterwards, as well as Ultimate Hit skill (the only one learned not leveling up). Another achievement follows:

Reset your party and seriously consider spending some time to level up Tolten for Royal Equipment: no other sword of the game can compete with the Age of the King (ATK + 420).

Forgotten Cave next.

Forgotten Cave

Map of the area
Note: you can't use items in this area.

Forgotten Cave - 4.26.1
A - 2 Perpetual Darknesses (chest)
B - 3 Ancient Statues (chest)
C - 5 Death Powders (chest)
D - 2 Fairy's Cradles (chest)
E - 6 Ruin Masks (chest)
F - 6 Forbidden Explosives (chest))

Treasure Hint # 24/24 - 18th - Hint and Treasure
Go east as soon as you enter the place and you'll get the hint. The Treasure is the precious Angel Guard.

The Angel Guard is a "special" accessory, meaning you need the "Special Accessory" skill (learned skill-linking from Sed) to equip it. It will protect you from any status ailment except "Death" and "Kelolon".

As you continue the optional boss fight will trigger: you must deploy Seth here.

Optional Boss Fight - Cave Worm
This boss has 10,180 HP, no element (it's an Organic enemy), and is extremely strong against physical attacks. The exception is Sed again, who deals around 500 HP of damage. Cast Forceus with all your magicians and Gamble with the other characters: the fight will end very quickly. The boss can cause many negative statuses on you (not Petrify or similar this much dangerous, they are Formation Paralysis, Virus and less dangerous ones): nevermind, just finish the fight as quickly as you can spamming Gamble with Kaim/Seth and Forceus with the magicians. The boss has powerful attacks and can even attack three times in a row, but with two tanks on the first line you should be able to resist. The boss can also completely defend himself: take this chance (if he has time enough to do this) to heal and recover, then finish him off.

Gravity Rave, Gravity Ring, Aneira's Plume and one achievement will follow:

The next (and last before proceeding with the story) destination is the Snowfields of the Northern Land.

Snowfields of the Northern Land

Snowfields of the Northern Land - 4.27.1

In this place your MP will be drained continuously as you are on the field. There's no map or fixed direction, you only have to walk the way the snow (or magic energy balls, whatever that is) is coming from five times in a row to trigger a boss fight. Press the "Right Stick" of your controller to exit to the World Map if you need. Jansen must be deployed during that boss fight, and Anti-Curse is strongly recommended; resistance against the four elements isn't a bad idea either (not fundamental though). Give Seth the Aneira Ring: this IS fundamental.

Optional Boss Fight - Blue Dragon
This enemy absorbs all the elements, has 9,350 HP and high physical defense. Forceus will help you a lot in dealing damage.
The Aneira Ring is extremely useful because it will delay his casting turns, basically making him attack only once every two turns. Spam Zephyra with Cooke all the times and rely on physical hits to deal damage. Jansen will use Power Drinks on the heroes meanwhile (Seth and Kaim first, then Sed): the boss should only have two turns (or even just one) before taking defeat. If Cooke or Jansen die, nevermind; if the other three die, use an Angel Plume, especially if it's Seth.
The boss can cast Prismus, Death, All-Curse, Forceus and Leveler randomly, and he will double-cast them (Leveler may come alone).

Blue Dragon Eye and another achievement afterwards:

You will also get Leveler right after. Seriously, 150 MP and 4S as casting time?

Return to the World Map pressing RS and head to City of Numara.


I know the Snowfields should have been the last, but it'll take just a moment: go to the Main Street and enter the Artists' Salon (it's the southern building), then speak twice with the first man on the left as you enter to lend him the three Tablet Fragments and receive 3 Decaying Particles.

World Map

At this point I will go on with the story, but there are still a couple of things to do: Temple of Enlightenment and the Backyard optional quest in Gohtza (and the Experimental Staff Remains if you have the "Seeker of the Deep" DLC). I will leave them for last since they are the most challenging and time consuming of the game and you would come out of them overpowered. Besides, I'm sure you're curious to know how the story proceeds.

Let's move on then: from the Western Shore of Uhra, head south towards the big white circle (where you got one of the two Level 3 treasures) and break through the ice with the White Boa. When it asks, say you're ready: the "You cannot return to this point" warning means you won't exit the next area before completing it, but when it's done you'll be out again (in other words, it's not a definite non-return point). Make a save file outside, just to be safe.


Map of the area (lower zoom here)
Note: this is a one-time-only area.

Introduction note: in addition to the usual random encounters (which I suggest skipping to conserve your MP) there are seven monsters on the field, which can drop the White Charm (Auto HP Recovery is its skill). Not unique but sure helpful item, which can be got in other ways too later.
Anti-Petrify is a must.
Lv 8 Spirit Magic
and Reversa (spirit magic spell) will be widely used from now onwards by Kaim and Seth.
Lv 7/8 Black Magic has to be available to a couple of magicians.

Engine Section - 4.28.1
A - 3 Power Reactors (trash can)
B - Goddess Medicine (trash can)
C - Aquaus (chest)

Here's the only save point of the area. In this whole place there will be some huge conduits which you can cross only if you shut off the steam blown on them, and the four switches will do it.

Get the items, activate the switch and exit north.

Second Boiler - 4.28.2
D - Slot Seed # 26/48 (trash can)
E - 3 Living Brasses (trash can)
F - 4 Roaring Iron Claws (trash can)

Get the items and exit south.

Armory - 4.28.3

In the Armory you will find most the Experiment No. 1 enemies. There are two available now: open their capsules for a forced fight. They all have 11,700 HP and are strong against physical attacks (Sed is the only exception). They can enhance their stats using Powerus and Mindus and they can cast Shadowus (it doesn't add statuses nor does it drain MP; it's more "Mack's" Shadowus than Persona's). It can also use an elemental mine, which is the least of the problems. Their physical hits are strong. The Aneira Ring worn on Sed will delay his spells, so it's very useful. Everyone else casts Gamble unless you have lost more than 1,000 HP with Kaim/Seth: if that's the case, don't heal and spam Reversa instead. You will also notice how they recover a good amount every turn, which is the effect of the White Charm after all. The drop rate is very low though, and the charm isn't THAT important: don't bother with it too much, just take it if you're lucky and nevermind if you're not. Keep in mind, however, that to get it you'll have to get through one of the hardest, if not the hardest and longest, fights of the backyard. Then again, this charm doesn't provide a game-breaking support.

There are two Experiment No. 1 here.

Fall down in the windy tunnel.

Second Boiler (2) - 4.28.4
G - Ambrosia (trash can)

Another switch as soon as you enter, then you have two possible ways to proceed (either jump or climb up/down) and reach G. The moving platform is currently on the opposite side, so you'll reach I from another point. Exit north.

Armory (2) - 4.28.5
H - Shinus (chest)

Two more Experiment No. 1 at first and another (fifth in total) after riding the platform leading south, where H is too.

Take the windy tunnel east before taking the elevator north.

Second Boiler (2) - 4.28.4
I - Sorcerer's Discus (chest)

Get the item and ride the platform back, go in Armory (2) again and this time ride the elevator north (the one just east the one you used to arrive in Armory (2) ).

Engine Section (2) - 4.28.6
J - Godly Dragon Tears (trash can)
K - Groundus (trash can)

You could proceed as soon as you arrive, but you'd miss the items. Take the ladder down (the one opposite the elevator you use to arrive here) and go all the way to reach switch # 3 (you can't reach the part where switch # 4, J and K are yet). Afterwards you can either fall deliberately or climb the ladders down to reach the two items first, and then (off from another pipe) the switch which actually only creates a shortcut.

When it's all done exit with the elevator north (the one on the right).

First Boiler - 4.28.7
L - 4 Magic Staff Fragments (trash can)
M - Mana Prime (trash can)
N - 3 Sealing Stones (trash can)
O - 3 Magc-Storing Stones (trash can)
P - Heal Full (trash can)
Q - Power Drink (trash can)

Get the first three items first, then climb the ladder up. This time the steam can't be stopped, you have to go around it: follow the path going north, then down two ladders and up another one (don't fall in the windy tunnel opposite the ladder going up: it only sends you back to previous sections), then proceed north to find the last three items and the last (seventh) Experiment No. 1.

Finally exit northwest.

Central Connector - 4.28.8

Few steps forward, some scenes, and then the fight begins.

Boss Fight # 16 - 6 Nefarious Saint
There were seven Saints, you'll only fight six of them depending on something you did a while ago (one didn't resurrect, and you chose who). They are: Red (weak against Fire), Blue (weak against Water), Green (weak against Wind), Yellow (weak against Earth), Black (weak against Petrify), White (weak against Shinus), Gold (weak against physical attacks).
Start casting All-Barricadus. You should have all the third-grade spells (Flarus and company) which will one-shot the Saints if they land on the correct one. A quick way to dispatch of the White Saint is using Reversa on him instead than the rather weak "Shinus" which also takes a while to land without quickening skills for your spellcasters. If the Black is here, start casting Stone on him since it's not an instant-effect. The fight will be simple, they don't hit too strong especially if you're barricadus-ed. You can't damage them physically (unless it's the Gold Saint of course), not even with Sed, but you *can* delay their spell casting turns attacking them. Aneira Ring and more generically any attack by your melee fighters is more than welcome if they don't have anything better (Reversa or physical hits for the Gold Saint) to do.

World Map

The next dungeon has slightly more powerful enemies (speaking of bosses), and as for preparation it's advisable to have Absorb Fire (Sarah's Notebook) or at least something to nullify it on Kaim and Seth minimum. The Flarus Bombs and Windus Bombs suggested a while ago are for this dungeon here, but aren't a must at all (they're just handy because you need to synchronize your damage outputs...you'll see what I mean). Even better if you have Lv 8 Spirit Magic and Reversa for Kaim and Seth. I consider Persistence and HP Max Up 3 acquired and equipped all the time too of course (again, at least on Kaim and Seth).
You should be able to see a purple icon on the map, south/southeast of the Kelolon Village (the lake in the middle of the mountains I earlier spoke about): straight west of it there's an inlet, and that is your destination (approach it on the surface of water with the Nautilus and don't worry: the warning is the same as the other time and it's not a definite non-return-point).


A map here would be more harmful than helpful, so we'll go with text. This dungeon will be easier to follow than the previous, but is very "dynamic". You'll see what I mean.

This is a one-time-only area.

Introduction note: in addition to Absorb Fire there aren't other requirements for a good preparation, but Lv 8 Spirit Magic and the spell Reversa on Kaim and Seth will help a lot. " Experiment No. 1 " can be encountered in random battles as you walk here, if you want to grind him for the White Charm. There is still another way to get the White Charm (courtyard battles) later.

Upper Connector - 4.29.1
- Goddess Medicine (chest)

From where you start follow the path, climb down a ladder, go south and climb another one down to reach a switch: activate it. Then take the elevator northwest.

Follow the path south and operate the switch on the way: it will move things around you. When the animation is over, go east to find the first chest and then go west to climb two ladders up to the next area.

Transportation Lift - 4.29.2
- Enchanted Necklace (chest)
- Godly Dragon Tears (chest)
- Inferno Horn (chest)
- Lord's Earrings (chest)

Here you have a central control panel which will rotate, raise and lower the platform where you're on. I'll add pictures just in case you mess up on your own and need to find the correct position again. I will bold the commands you have to do (the order is important) on the way. This is the default position you should see.

Here's how you start. Before touching it, pick the Enchanted Necklace southeast.

Rise and pick the chest with Godly Dragon Tears (west).

Left, Rise, Left, operate the switch northeast, Right and reach the Inferno Horn (southeast).

Left, Rise, go on your right (which is southwest on the map) and follow the path all the way to southeast where the Lord's Earrings chest is.

Climb up the ladder southwest afterwards.

Magic Control Section - 4.29.3
- Ambrosia (chest)

From where you start go northeast and operate the switch. Then go east and you'll find a strange red button: grab the machinery and push it in. Take the ladder down south from here to reach another (second) red button: push it in. Then climb back and take the ladder (on your right) going up.

You will find three switches as soon as you're up, but ignore them for now. Instead, go north and west to find the third red button to push in. If you see a chest northeast nevermind: we'll get it later. After pushing the third red button climb the ladder down and this time go climbing the first ladder you came across in this area (left of the only switch you operated).

As you're up you'll find another, fourth, red button (push it in). Don't take the elevator yet, but go past it to find the chest with Ambrosia. Then go back climbing down the ladder and then return to the previous area climbing another ladder down.

Transportation Lift - 4.29.2

Now take the ladder northwest.

Magic Control Section (2) - 4.29.4
- Mana Prime (chest)
- Reflect (chest)

On the left as soon as you start there's Mana Prime, then you'll have to turn off the switch at the correct moment so the huge bar stops when it's down like this (if you fail you can operate the switch again to make it move again and one more time to attempt to stop it again). Note that the game shows you also the position of three wheels stopping, but they don't matter right now: just focus on the bar closest to you now. This allows you to jump and proceed to reach Reflect (southwest of this area).

As you come back, operate the switch again to make the bar (and wheels) move once again and return to Magic Control Section (climb the southwest ladder when you are in Transportation Lift).

Magic Control Section - 4.29.4
- Wyvern's Tail (chest)

Climb the eastern ladder up to reach the three switches again and time them so the wheels stop with the bar horizontally like this, allowing you to pass and reach the chest with Wyvern's Tail.

At last you can take the elevator I previously told you to ignore (from the three switches climb the ladder down, climb the ladder up on the west and proceed).

Glass Chamber - 4.29.5

Here we're going to "prepare" for the next bosses. If you have Lv 8 Spirit Magic with Kaim and Seth and the spell Reversa, approach upstairs where the magic barrier field is and unleash your sadistic side leaving Kaim up the ladder so he touches the barrier (no need to walk towards it: if he's close enough the barrier will hurt continuously by itself) until both Kaim and Seth have 1 HP left. Heal everyone except Kaim and Seth who will be left at 1 HP.

When you're ready, proceed down the ladder.

Magic-Powered Unit - 4.29.6
- Godly Dragon Tears (chest)
- Goddess Medicine (chest)

Both the chests are after the boss fight.
Approach the central switch for a scene, then speak with Sed when you're ready. Absorb Fire wasn't suggested for this fight here, so you may not have it: all you need now is Reversa. The party will split at your choice: put Kaim and somebody who isn't Seth in one group, Seth and somebody else in another group (choose magicians).

Boss Fight # 17 - General α and General β
With both Kaim and Seth cast Reversa on the respective enemies, with the other character use Flarus Bombs or Flarus on the first group's enemy and Windus Bomb or Windus on the second group's enemy. If you fail to synchronize the deaths of the enemy it will be game over. Using only bombs to attack allows you to perfectly synchronize the damage, but anyway you have nothing to worry when you're going to one-shot both the generals (4,050 HP each, the first has Wind element and the second has Earth element) with Reversa. The second character needs to attack just in case your Seth/Kaim don't have more than 4,051 HP total. Sed's command "Adjust Output" will prevent the next-turn General from healing at the beginning (by 500-600 HP), but for a fight which will last only one turn it doesn't really matter.

Don't heal Kaim and Seth just yet. Get the chests in the northwest and northeast corners, then go southwest and ride the elevator to the "Upper floors".
Go north and wait for the piston to be down, then jump on it to take a ride, then jump off and keep going to trigger another boss fight (this is when Absorb-Fire is required).

Boss Fight # 18 - Magic Beast
Reversa means starting with 8,000 HP of damage to this Beast-type enemy (out of 26,790 he has; he has no element, but has a fire-elemental attack), then keep using it or switch to regular Attacks if you get "overhealed" by Absorb Fire. This enemy can attack with "Sonic Quake" (single line damage), Ground Strike (one-character hit) and Flare Core (fire damage on everyone). They are all very strong attacks, but you will deal a lot of damage to him. This enemy seems to prefer targeting the second row of characters. Don't bother much with healings or protections, just try to end it quick. Aquaus or other level 3 spells will work good (2,000 HP of damage for an Aquaus).

Glass Chamber - 4.29.5

You can heal now. We'll have to walk. DO NOT go up the stairs (now that the barrier is gone) yet. Take the ladder you used earlier to go down again.

Magic-Powered Unit - 4.29.6

Go north and ride the piston down, follow the path to take the elevator down and reach the opposite elevator (the one south-east) to go down to the Maintenance Lift.

Maintenance Lift - 4.29.7
- Sage Earrings (chest; rotate right)
- Slot Seed # 27/48 (chest)
- Crystal Fragment (chest)
- Heaven's Branch (chest)

Another rotating and lifting platform.

Move it Right, take the ladder southwest to go up and reach the chest with Sage Earrings.

Left, Rise, Left, go northwest to get the Slot Seed # 27/48.

Left, Rise, Left, Rise, get the Crystal Fragment north/northeast, operate switch southwest (past the elevator which you will ignore for now).

Down, get the Heaven's Branch northwest.

Rise again and take the elevator southwest.

Magic-Powered Unit - 4.29.6

Use the same elevator (southwest) to go to the "Upper floors", ride the piston north to go up, then climb up the ladder south and you're back to the Glass Chamber.

Glass Chamber - 4.29.5

Go up the stairs and take the elevator.

Control Room - 4.29.8

Go north to trigger some events.

There will be a fight: you know the upper-left bar and what you have to do (and most important, what you don't have to do). You'll be led to victory by the events.

Returning back: there are no extra chests to collect on your way out this time. This is the path: exit the Control Room to the Glass Chamber. Ride the elevator (down) straight southeast from where you arrive to reach Magic Control Section. Here climb a ladder down, then few steps southwest for another ladder down to the Transportation Lift. This is how your platform should start: from this configuration pick Descend, Right, Descend, Right, Descend. Exit southwest climbing a ladder down. You're in the Upper Connector: ladder down, then ride elevator northwest down and climb up the ladder in front of you when you're off.

World Map

You can notice a new story-related destination, but don't go there yet. Before heading to the Temple of Enlightenment, pay a visit to Canal Street in Numara (enter from the port).


Speak with Chuchu, standing where the three kids were a while ago (those who asked to retrieve the balloon and other items) and accept to go looking for something in the Port. Go northeast to find the sparkling item on the ground and pay a visit to Chuchu in Canal Street again to get 9 Pandora's Boxes.

And now...

Temple of Enlightenment

The place looks like The Great Ancient Ruins but it's in fact much worse. DO NOT adventure yourself in there or you may seriously not be able to get these last items for Treasure Trove. I will guide you step by step, make sure you don't skip any.

Unfortunately, it's literally impossible to make a map of this place because it's another "dynamic" place, and worst thing is that this place is also multi-layered and changes you make on one floor sometimes will change the path of other floors too. If you go your own way you risk to mess things up on some floors and then pay the consequence on other floors, thus being unable to proceed and to quickly spot the mistake. To avoid this, follow the text and you'll easily find the way out.

There's one savepoint in the exterior area, then another one on the way (close enough to the boss).

I suggest coming to this place with Kaim, Seth, Sed, Ming and Sarah or at least four of these. The best place to grind SP is still Numara Atoll, but this one wins any competition where leveling is concerned, especially when it comes to the Hellish Kelolon enemies. Keep in mind that the Hellish Kelolons are NOT the same as the Black Kelolons: you find the latter in the first areas, and they're (not much) weaker. The latter look quiet, the former look possessed. I specify this because in some translations (mine for instance) they confused the two names and called "hellish" the Black and viceversa. Then again: Hellish = stronger (about 22,000 HP) = looks possessed = level up till late levels; Black = weaker (about 16,000 HP) = looks quiet = level up till less-late levels. Any monster will level you up for a while when you enter the first time anyway.
Double-Cast on two spell casters is recommended to quicken a lot the turns to kill the Kelolons (double casting Groundus).
Nullify All Elements can help when the Kelolons cast Prismus, though it's not fundamental.
Ailment Resistence and possibly at least Absorb Fire are recommended for other random fights, especially against the Baballoon enemies. They often come in groups, they can explode (heavy fire damage and poison status); morever, the second lines of theirs can sacrifice themselves to resurrect the whole first line, and should therefore be killed as soon as possible. You'll see the rest of the enemies by yourself, but keep in mind that they are all strong and it's probably better to Turn-Tail them.
Relax and Auto MP Recovery are two other useful skills to use if you plan on Defending with everyone while turn-tailing with Sed, which I suggest.
Gigantes enemies here can drop the Power Reactors: if you have the DLC "Seeker of the Deep" please try to collect a total of 12 Power Reactors (you should already have 6) to make your life easier later.

Introduction note: about the boss fight, have spell Reversa (and Lv 7/8 Spirit Magic skill with it) and Reduce Casting Time 1 and 2 by Kaim and Seth; Persistence as usual, and then you also want HP Max + 1, 2, 3 (and if you can, even HP Max + 4) on Kaim and Seth in order to deal extra damage. If you can also bring in Double-Cast (learned from Jansen when he's level 52; it's his last skill) it's much better (you will need this eventually, so you might as well do it now), and I strongly suggest that everyone learns it.
The spell "Death" is also suggested and it will be casted by some magician who has Reduce Casting Time 1 and 2, though it's just a backup plan.
As for the level, you will level up a lot even if you fight only the Black/Hellish Kelolons (which I suggest doing: why bothering with other monsters which have different attacks and need a different approach, and they also result harder overall?), but all I ask you is to reach level 60 with Kaim and Seth, thus having 7,000+ HP with each of them: the rest doesn't matter.

Be sure you have the Enchanter's Mask (Audun gives it in his shop in Saman) and Treasure Hint# 21/24 (17th) given by two kids in Katyla Family House in Numara, because this place is not a good place where you want to return (not to go through the dungeon all the times, that is).

You should unlock this achievement if it's the last destination you visit:

Temple of Enlightenment - 4.30.1
- 6 Jewel of Wisdom (chest)
- Slot Seed # 28/48 (chest)

Reaching these two chests will be easy, just use the platforms a couple of times to go on the right tracks, then enter the real dungeon.

The Square of Eternity - 4.30.2
- 6 Forbidden Explosives (chest)
- 6 Spent Magic Engines (chest)
- Gravestone of Fear (chest)
- 3 Sealing Stones (chest)
- Slot Seed # 29/48 (chest)
- 10,000 G (chest)

Don't panic. For this dungeon I'll separately write the steps you have to do to proceed, and if you follow me you can't go wrong. A quick introduction: in this place you will find blocks, red blocks, platforms. Blocks are blocks, really, you walk on them and that's it. Red blocks will make a sphere appear when you are on them, and if you activate the sphere some blocks around you will rotate (they have either two or three different positions), opening new paths and closing others. Platforms are those which can go up/down/forward/backward if you step on them. Then here and there there are parts of the floor which aren't made by blocks (they're a "normal" floor), but they are just your path, nothing special.

- Go northwest, ignore the first platform, activate the red block twice (in the default position looks like this, you'll turn it like this)
- Ride the platform just south of here (it goes down)
- Go south-east to find the first chest
- Ride the previous platform (it goes up)
- Activate the red block twice: this restores the default position
- Ride the platform which you previously ignored (it goes up)
- Go west, then south to ride another platform (it goes down)
- Follow the path south, then east to reach the second chest
- Then go all the way west to find a platform: ride it (it goes up)
- The third chest is west as you arrive
- Go all the way east to find the second red block: activate it once (it will create a bridge to go east, cutting the link with west)
- Go east and there'll be a fork (northeast or southeast): take the southern one to reach a platform and ride it (it goes down)
- Go north (you can only go north) to find the third red block: activate it once (it will create a bridge to go west and east, cutting the link with south)
- Go east to reach the fourth chest
- Then go west (past the red block you activated a moment ago) to reach the fifth chest
- Don't ride the platform nearby (south) because it leads you to the entrance (it goes horizontally, towards south)
- Instead, go east to activate the third red block once (it restores the bridge to go south, cutting the links with west and east)
- Go south to return to a platform you used earlier: ride it (it goes up)
- You're back where the fork was: now go northeast
- Ignore the fourth red block
- Go north, then west and ignore the first platform you find
- Past the platform you ignore, going west and then north, there's another platform: ride it (it goes down)
- Go east to spot a platform and the fifth red block: ignore the platform
- Operate the red block once (it will create a bridge to go south, cutting the link with west)
- Go south to find the last chest of this section
- Return to the previous (fifth) red block: activate it to restore the link with west (cutting the way south)
- Ride the platform west from the red block (it goes up)
- You arrive just on the sixth red block: ignore it (right now it links your position with the west side, and you want it like this)
- West all the way to exit through a door (located west). If you notice another door on the opposite (east all the way) side, don't bother with it right now

The Precipice of Hopelessness - 4.30.3 A
- 5 Death Powders

- Ride the platform west as soon as you start (it goes up): when it's up, descend on the left
- Now check a grey spot on the floor and go there to spawn a sphere: activate it to lift the platform nearby
- Ride the platform you used to go down, then ride it up again and descend it on the right this time
- Follow the path east and then south to reach the chest
- Descend the usual platform again, and this time follow the way west-south-west-north to take another door (you came from east, now you'll enter a door west, up two sets of stairs)

The Corridor of Timelessness - 4.30.4
- Orichalcum (chest)
- 3 Star Absorbers (chest)
- Angel Guard (chest)

In this area you start encountering the "element" enemies massively. They cast powerful spells, but they also give you enough time to turn-tail safely.

- From where you start, follow the path south until you find the first red block of this section: activate it once (this allows you to reach the save point)
- Go north from the first red block (ignore the path straight east of the first red block for now) and there'll be a fork (northwest or northeast): go northeast
- You will reach a platform: ride it (it goes up)
- On your left there's the second red block: ignore it (the default position lets you proceed west on the upper floor, and you want this)
- Go north and ride another platform (it goes up)
- Follow the way west to find the first chest of this section (side note: we'll use the Orichalcum for a subquest, not as a ring component)
- Backtrack east and ride the platform you used last (it goes down)
- Activate once the red block (on your current floor this creates a path south)
- Go south and ride the platform (it goes up)
- Open the second chest
- Return down with the platform you just used
- Go all the way north and ride the platform north again (it goes up)
- Now you operated the second red block you can't go west anymore: go south instead
- Do not exit through the door southeast yet: go around to find the last chest of this section
- Exit through the door southeast afterwards

The Valley of Loneliness - 4.30.5 A
- Magical Lock Key (chest)

- Go east to kick a platform down
- South-west there's a ladder: climb it down
- At the bottom of it, you can't go east yet (there are three gaps in the way) but you can go south-west
- Return from where you came: go up a ladder and exit through the door

The Corridor of Timelessness - 4.30.4

- Follow the only possible path (west, then north) to reach the platform you used already a couple of times earlier: ride it again (it goes down)
- Go south and ride the platform on the right of the second red block (it goes down)
- You're back at the level of the save point: what about saving?
- Go all the way east from the first red block (the path I previously told you to ignore) and follow the path down two sets of stairs going north, then exit through the door east

The Valley of Loneliness - 4.30.5 B

- Follow the way south-west-north down two sets of stairs
- There's a door northwest: ignore it
- There are three platforms in front of you: before each of them there's one of those grey things on the floor, and each pops up a sphere when you go nearby. Operate all the three of them so all the three platforms rise up

Remember a path you couldn't take earlier because of three gaps?

- Come back from where you came (that is to say: don't use the "new" northwest door, but go east and take that one instead)

The Corridor of Timelessness - 4.30.4

- Backtrack to the first red block and take the north-east path once again, riding a platform going up
- You are again on the right of the second red block: ignore it, take the platform north to go up
- Follow the path going south again and exit through the south-east door again

The Valley of Loneliness - 4.30.5 A
- Jasper of Loneliness (green conveying rays)

- Go down the ladder south-west
- At the bottom, you can now go east thanks to the risen platforms
- Go east to trigger a short scene, then pick up the Jasper of Loneliness
- Go back (west, up the ladder, door in front of you)

The Corridor of Timelessness - 4.30.4
- 6 Cape of Illusions (chest)

- Follow the way and ride the platform down
- Activate the second red block once (on your floor the path south is not available anymore, on the upper floor the path west has been restored)
- Ride down the platform on the right of the second red block
- From the first red block now take the way northwest (note: if it seems like you can't proceed because of a pillar of blocks, you actually can go behind that pillar of blocks)
- You will reach a platform: ride it (it goes up)
- Go west and follow the path to the third red block (no worries about the pink stream of energy caused by a platform somewhere above your head: you won't get damage for passing through it)
- Activate the third red block once (this block has three possible settings: default, middle and last; you want the middle one now)
- Follow the path east, then north, you'll reach the fourth red block (and a platform past it)
- Activate fourth red block once (this cuts the link with south, but enables a way up)
- Ride the platform nearby (it goes up)
- Follow the path west and south until you reach the only thing here now, a platform: ride this platform (it goes down)
- The platform you just used is the one which caused that pink stream a moment ago, so now you're here again
- Activate the third red block once so it goes in the "last" position (a pillar of blocks will be just north of you now)
- Ride the platform again (the one which caused the pink stream) to go up
- You have a platform just east but ignore it for now
- Go west, grab the last chest and then exit through the door west

The Precipice of Hopelessness - 4.30.3 B
- Emerald of Despair (green conveying rays)

- Go west thanks to the platform you lifted earlier, then descend a ladder south
- Pick the Emerald of Despair from the green conveying rays
- Return to the previous section

The Corridor of Timelessness - 4.30.4
- Godly Dragon Tears (chest)

- Backtrack a bit and this time ride the platform east of the platform which caused the pink stream (it goes up)
- Go north at the center of this sub-area, so you can place the two jewels here, thus making a platform appear
- Northeast you will find the last chest of the game (you still need the last treasure hint before Treasure Trove achievement)

- In this section there's the last red block you can operate to reach the central area, where the new platform spawned when you inserted the two Jewels: it leads you to the boss

If you want to backtrack to the savepoint, the way is quick, and is the following:

- From the level where you put the jewels, go all the way south/south-west to ride a platform down (this is the platform east of the one causing the pink stream; let's call the latter "platform A" and the former "platform B")
- Ride platform A down
- Operate third red red block twice so it's again in its "default" position
- Go north, stepping on platform A on the way: ride it up, then ride it down immediately again and get off it going north to ride another platform down
- Now you're at the save point level

To go up again do the opposite: northwest path, ride platform up, ride up platform A on your way to third red block, then ride it down to actually reach the third red block, activate it twice to set its "last" position, ride platform A up and then ride platform B

- When you're ready, take the last-spawned platform at the center of the level where you put the jewels to reach the last sub-area

Preparation for the boss: fight random encounters and let enemies beat up Kaim and Seth so they have at least 14,000 missing HP among the two of them (for instance, Kaim has 1/7,200 HP and Seth has 1/6802 HP); give them Lv 7-8 Spirit Magic, Persistence and possibly Double-Cast. Everyone else should be cured. Bring in a magician able to cast the spell Death and be aware that Mack must be deployed (read literally just "deployed", since he won't have to do anything). Keep Sed with the Aneira Ring, replace the second magician when you put Mack in. If you can give Mack the Master Earrings it's even better because he'll cast Death too, but it's not fundamental.

The Altar of Truth - 4.30.6

Optional Boss Fight - Legendary Spirit Sorcerer, Obsidian Miasma and 2 Reverse Soul
The fight has three parts. The boss will instantly nullify any enhancement you put on your characters, so avoid wasting turns with it if you're going to try your own approach (though the following is extremely simple).
On the first turn the main boss will summon (before you can do anything else) the Obsidian Miasma, which has no element and 16,800 HP: start casting Reversa with Kaim and Seth, shoot with Sed who will delay Obsidian Miasma's first turn (though you aim for the Sorcerer, all the attacks will be transferred to the Obsidian Miasma), cast a Flarus with the other magician and whatever you want with Mack. Obsidian Miasma will die before it can enter the fight for real.
Second turn, second phase: the Sorcerer will summon two Reverse Souls with 22,400 HP each, Wind element, and they will cause the GC to raise up to 44,800 (not like we care with fixed damage spells like Reversa). On your second turn you will cast Reversa with Kaim and Seth (double-cast if you can) aimed to the Sorcerer, load Death with your magician (and with Mack if you can), shoot the Sorcerer with Sed: if you are double-casting, this turn will end the life of the Sorcerer (he has 22,400 HP and Earth element), otherwise it will only take another turn.
Third phase: with the Sorcerer gone, just wait for Death to land on the Souls and you'll win. You can obviously also target them with Reversa too, that's up to you.
Although this may sound risky (fighting with almost dead characters), it's actually rather safe when you have Persistence covering your back, and worst case scenario, if both the Souls attack the same character on the third turn (they don't act the turn they're spawned) they can kill either Kaim or Seth (if they attack both the same character) but not both. Meanwhile the Sorcerer has taken much enough damage as to die, even if you don't have Double-Cast, and Death will automatically move (even if you targeted the Sorcerer) to the Souls.

After the fight you will get Slot Seed # 30/48, Sacrifice Self and New Backyard Journal. In addition to this, an achievement:

Sacrifice Self should also be your last spell, earning you the achievement for collecting them all (if it's not, refer to the specific page).

Treasure Hint # 21/24 - 17th - Treasure
Phoenix Discus
and Phoenix Ring are the last treasure we needed for Treasure Trove:

While you're here, place the Enchanter's Mask on the altar north.

Backtracking time.


- Ride the platform up to return to The Corridor of Timelessness
- Ride down platform B
- Ride down platform A, operate third red block twice and return to the savepoint level (use it maybe) stepping on platform A on the way (you know how to go by now)
- From the save point take the path east and exit through the door east
- Now you're in "The Valley of Loneliness - B": go west down two sets of stairs and enter the door here
- You're in The Square of Eternity, somewhere east; go all the way west but don't exit through the door west; instead, take the path going east from about opposite that western door, then keep going south, then west and finally take a platform down ignoring the nearby red block
- Take the southwest platform going up from here, then go south a few steps and head east to find another platform to ride down
- At this point you're basically out

World Map

Now the only thing left to do is the Courtyard, at least in the main game. Before starting to grind it though, let's pay a visit to Audun in Saman.

City of Saman

Report your "success" with the Enchanter's Mask he'll give you 24 Forbidden Explosives.

Next go to Ipsilon Mountains - South.

Ipsilon Mountains

We're going to use the Orichalcum here. Climb up the ladders (one south, then go left for another one, right for another one, left for the fourth and last we need), then go south (right) to find "Blacksmith Lau": he'll ask you to choose which between Kaim and Seth will get a special weapon and ring. White Ignis and Ignis Ring is the result if you choose Seth (the sword has ATK + 277 and is only for Seth, the ring has Damage Up Lv 3+, HP Absorb Lv 3+, Rare Item Robber Lv 3+ and is for anyone), while if you choose Kaim you will get Durandal and Durandal Ring (the sword has ATK + 277 and is only for Kaim, the ring has Damage Up Lv 3+, Critical Up Lv 3+, 8x GC Damage+ and is for anyone). I would suggest giving the Age of the King to Kaim, but it doesn't change that much as for the hardest fights is concerned (we're not going to rely on physical damage).

Now let's go to Gohtza City - East.

The Magic Industry City of Gohtza

In Low Town go northwest and ride the elevator down to the Backyard.

The Backyard
This is basically a fighting arena, with enemies more powerful as you go. By this point you should have 3 Magical Lock Keys, The Backyard Weekly, Biography of Backyard, New Backyard Journal. These items will unlock different "classes" of enemies, and each class is stronger than the previous. At the end, after beating all the other ones, you will unlock a fight against a certain "The Immortal One" enemy, which is the hardest boss of the main game. You need a good preparation and level for most these fights.

It won't be game over if you die in these battles. Health and MP are recovered after each fight. You DO earn SP in the fights, although you can't see abilities being learned in the usual post-fight screen: if you're learning skills, make sure you change your skill linking and equipment now and then.

There are then some "conditions" to fulfill in order to get "stars" which you will give (similarly as you gave the Seeds) in return of good items: this is done speaking with "Gelg", west in the Backyard. There are up to three stars for each fight, and you need to unlock a "secret condition" (that is to say, perform a particular task) to get the max of them. The secret conditions can be revealed by "Zelen", a red dressed man somewhere southwest of the savepoint here; you need the "Backyard for Beginners" item first though, which is earned after the first of the fights. Fights will have different "conditions" also as for what you can do and what you can't: some may disable spells, others may require only 2 characters deployed, and so on. If I put "none" as condition, it means you have to kill all the enemies to win.

The rewards are:

- 5 stars: 4 Forbidden Explosives
- 10 stars: Soul Medicine/3 Healing Tanks/3 Mana Bottles
- 15 stars: 6 Cape of Illusions
- 20 stars: 20 Invisibility Potions
- 25 stars: 3 Full Heals/3 Mana Primes/1 Ambrosia
- 30 stars: 10 Forbidden Explosives
- 35 stars: 6 Cape of illusions
- 40 stars: 20 Invisibility Potions
- 45 stars: 14 Forbidden Explosives
- 50 stars: 7 Cape of Illusions
- 59 stars: Backyard White Book (it allows Zelen to tell you to secret condition for the Immortal One)
- 60 stars: Siderite Sword and Siderite Ring

If the condition is to use only "n" characters, remember to put the other characters back in the party afterwards!

Let's see battle-by-battle now.

Light Class

The Kelolon Battalion!
Condition: none
Secret condition: miss or survive 4 (or more) "Combination" attacks (in total)
Strategy: defend until the condition is satisfied, then destroy them. They usually perform Combination after casting Powerus on all of them, just wait
Reward: Backyard for Beginners
Reward for three stars: Slot Seed # 31/48

The Festival of Magic
Condition: only two characters, only magics allowed
Secret condition: kill all your enemies using your own characters
Strategy: cast All-Grounda
Reward: 5 Mana Bottles
Reward for three stars: Slot Seed # 32/48

Pure Gluttony
Condition: none
Secret condition: let each of the two Explosive Bugs use "Prey" to eat magic insects at least three times. Magic Insects will respawn.
Strategy: while the condition gets fulfilled, kill the original insects to bring the GC down. Then finish the fight killing the Explosive Bugs (nevermind about Magic Insects left).
Reward: 10 Power Drinks
Reward for three stars: Slot Seed # 33/48

Two Eyeballs
Condition: defeat the Evil Eye to win, win within 10 turns
Secret condition: kill 5 or more White Dogs before killing Evil Eye
Strategy: don't kill the Cyclops because he will summon new Dogs. Be protected against Petrify
Reward: 5 Healing Potions
Reward for three stars: Slot Seed # 34/48

Puppet Master
Condition: don't kill the Controlled One
Secret condition: defeat the Puppet Masters within 10 turns
Strategy: Gamble with Kaim and Seth, shoot with Sed
Reward: Slot Seed # 35/48
Reward for three stars: 5 Poisonous Red Snakes

Medium Class

Poor Little Kelolon!
Condition: don't let Kelolon Papa die, kill the Wild Balls
Secret condition: don't let Kelolon Mama die either
Strategy: execute
Reward: 10 Kelo-Vitamins
Reward for three stars: Slot Seed # 36/48

Art of Inner Sight
Condition: fight with Blind and Seal statuses on
Secret condition: kill King Owl first
Strategy: rely on Sed's attacks to defeat the Owl penetrating the GC
Reward: 10 Monster Bird's Plumes
Reward for three stars: Slot Seed # 37/48

The Mantalas' Return!
Condition: none
Secret condition: never get a K.O.
Strategy: do it
Reward: 5 Cure-Alls
Reward for three stars: Slot Seed # 38/48

Against All Odds
Condition: solo fight with Tolten
Secret condition: don't use items or spells
Strategy: give him the Age of the King (the enemy has 4,110 HP) and Phoenix Ring; protect against Poison
Reward: 3 Heal Fulls
Reward for three stars: Slot Seed # 39/48

Fireworks Night
Condition: none
Secret Condition: win within 2 turns
Strategy: one physical attack each and double-cast Aquaus on the other two and you'll win in a turn
Reward: 5 Flare Bombs
Reward for three stars: 5 Pandora's Boxes

Heavy Class

Meat Eaters
Condition: only three characters
Secret condition: kill Raptor Boss
Strategy: the Raptors keep respawning, eventually one of the respawns will be the boss. Kill him when his time comes. Meanwhile lower the GC killing the other ones, but leave one alive in the second line. Eventually (it took me 10 turns) the boss spawns
Reward: 3 Soul Medicines
Reward for three stars: Slot Seed # 40/48

A Germ of Annoyance
Condition: fight with Poison, Dizzy and Seal statuses on
Secret condition: do not revive K.O.ed characters (auto-revive by Kaim and company counts as reviving)
Strategy: end it quick with regular attacks
Reward: Slot Seed # 41/48
Reward for three stars: Ochre Earth Amulet

Shared Frontline
Condition: defeat Eastern Sage
Secret condition: kill 15 (or more) Doll Queens
Strategy: don't kill the Neo Generators so they can respawn the dolls, and don't kill the Sage before the secret condition is fulfilled
Reward: 3 Mana Primes
Reward for three stars: Slot Seed # 42/48

Enter Kelolon Commander!
Condition: none
Secret condition: kill Kelo Captain Brigadier Captain first
Strategy: Gamble, Sed's hits, etc.
Reward: 10 Kelo-Oils
Reward for three stars: Slot Seed # 43/48

The next is the first "tough" fight. Give Cooke the Master Earrings and enable Mack casting All-Mindus or Mindus at least.

Absence of Immortals
Condition: must deploy Mack, Tolten, Jansen, Cooke and Sed
Secret condition: do not use any Skills (passive skills are fine, just don't touch that Skill menu in battle)
Strategy: this is a real boss fight against Dinozaoro. With 34,080 HP and no element, the best thing to do is spamming double-cast spells like Forceus. Mack can cast All-Generata, Tolten and Sed will attack and Cooke will cast Forceus too. The boss can waste two turns to mess the formation: don't bother with protections or healings, just end the fight as soon as possible.
Reward: 3 Godly Dragon Tears
Reward for three stars: Slot Seed # 44/48

Super Heavy Class
For these battles I will assume you did everything else so far, especially getting spells and accessories. I'll also assume you are using immortals and Sed in the party: this is simply the best party. Persistence is crucial on every immortal as well as Ailment Resistence.

Ah, Fireworks Forever!
Condition: none
Secret condition: don't get K.O.ed
Strategy: protect against Fire and Poison. Casting Support + Annihilation (composite spell lv 4) will end it quickly.
Reward: 5 Goddess Medicines
Reward for three stars: Slot Seed # 45/48

Master Ring User
Preparation: Weapon Guard, Absorb Attack on every possible character, especially Kaim and Seth. Master Ring on Ming/Sarah, Aneira Ring on Kaim/Seth. Persistence on every possible character. Damage Up Lv 3 and Critical Up Lv 3 rings are strongly recommended (when Aneira isn't used), in particular from the Greed Rings (Damage Up Lv 3, Critical Up Lv 3, HP Absorb Lv 3) obtained from Trace. Crisis Attack Boost and Crisis Defense are recommended on Kaim and Seth (at least). Protect against the four elements (Nullify All Elements is ok) and Fear (Ailment Resistence; at this point of the game you must have it). Royal Equipment and the Age of the King sword are a must on Kaim. Level 60 is high enough: grinding won't help much, you need strategy and some luck.
Condition: must deploy Kaim, only regular attacks available, defeat Veteran Soldier Galis
Secret condition: kill Subel the Hound first
Strategy: at first you will hit the Veteran Soldier Galis with Kaim, Seth and Sed while Ming/Sarah will score a Perfect with the Master Ring on the Hound to cause Toxin (the other one can Defend). Second turn: you will defend with the two magicians (they will defend till the end of the fight) and attack the Soldier with Kaim, Seth and Sed. Use Damage Up rings here. If you succesfully do what he asks too many times the fight will end before you can proceed; if you fail too many times the fight will end with Annihilation. If you don't feel comfortable with risking either, attack for a couple of turns trying to score what he wants, then Defend until the Hound dies. When this happens, it's hell time.
Seth will use Aneira Ring, Kaim will use Durandal/Ignis Ring; Kaim should deal 1,700 HP of damage with his Age of the King. The soldier will cast enhancements on him, such as Powerus, Shieldus and Speeda. When the enhancements are set, give Seth the Phoenix Ring so she can deal more damage. His attacks now can be: Prismus, Fear, physical attack. Prismus and Fear are no problem, but his physical attack is. Most annoying, his counterattack (physical STRONG hit) will devastate your characters, and there's nothing to do. He will counter either with physical hits or with Coverus which takes three hits before wearing off. Ming and Sarah are here only to avoid the total defeat of the party. It is extremely important not to use them to attack, they're pawns who will take the hits between the resurrections of Kaim and Seth who will constantly die. The fight should go rather smooth until he has 17,000 HP.
Now he will start using Healus and Coverus (the latter as counter) much more often, and it's most important to have Aneira Ring to delay Healus to a second turn. After you delay, switch Aneira Ring with Phoenix Ring for two turns, then go on Aneira again. Repeat this cycle of three turns and you should be able to succesfully work on his health. Slowly, but you will do it. I would lie telling you you don't need luck with Absorb Attack/Weapon Guard, but eventually the fight will end. When his health is running really low don't become hasty and stick with the safe approach
Reward: 30 Healing Medicines
Reward for three stars: White Charm

Manny Fever
Condition: win within 10 turns, trigger 3 or more Coin Tosses
Secret condition: trigger 10 or more Coin Tosses
Strategy: Slot Hit guarantees a succesful Coin Toss, but before spamming this attack with your immortals you'd better take out at least a couple of enemies with Windus double-casts.
Reward: Slot Seed # 46/48
Reward for three stars: 5 Ruin Masks

Kelolon Battalion Head
Condition: none
Secret condition: kill Kelo-Thug (if he flees you'll fail the secret condition)
Strategy: Gamble and Reduce Casting Time 1+2 for the secret condition. As for the bodyguards, they're extremely powerful and you can only hope and try double-casting Reversa. Protective skills (Crisis Defense, Complete Defense) will help too
Reward: 5 Kelolon Hearts
Reward for three stars: Slot Seed # 47/48

After clearing all these fights you will unlock the last, most powerful enemy of the main game.

The Immortal
Secret condition: win within 30 turns.
Huge preparation here. Level 60 is recommended for Kaim and Seth (Sed probably follows somewhere around this level), while Ming and Sarah should be at least around level 50-55. A good stock of Heal Full, Mana Capsules/Bottles/Primes and Goddess Medicines will help much (let's say 10-15 Heal Full, 10 Goddess Medicines and 10-15 Mana Capsules).
Kaim Skills:

- Slot + 3
- Slot + 5
- Slot + 10
- Persistence
- Ailment Resistence
- Weapon Guard
- Lucky 0 Magic Damage
- Absorb Attack
- Absorb Magic
- Auto Shield
- Auto Barrier
- HP Max Up 4
- MP Max Up 4
- Lv 8 Black-White Magic
- Lv 8 Spirit Magic
- Reduce Casting Time 2
- Auto MP Recovery
- MP Conservation
- Double-Cast
- Double-Item
- 3 Accessories
(- Auto HP Recovery and other HP enhancements will help)

He wears Gigantes Brooch and Sorcerer's Bracelet, then whatever else you want.

Seth Skills: same as Kaim, but HP Max Up 3 instead of MP Max Up 4. She wears the Kelonga Crown, then whatever else.

Ming and Sarah Skills: same as Kaim, but Reduce Casting Time 1 instead of MP Max Up 4, and Lv 4 Composite Magic instead of Double-Item. Whatever equipment.

Sed will be here to assist with his double-item ability; give him the Angel Guard.

It goes without saying that this is the minimal (almost) setting you want: if you feel like using like 4-5 Slot Seeds on Kaim and Seth to give them more boosts, feel free to do so now. Anyway, 48 Slot Seeds are so many that you can't go wrong if you give 12 to each character now (although the preparation is pretty much complete even without using them).

Enemy attacks: Sneeze resets your GC to 0 and it's pointless to heal it up, Quivering Sound Waves will reverse your status effects (nevermind about it), Cube reduces your HP to critical, then he has Generatus, All-Curse and Shadowus (no MP drain effect or extra statuses, at least). He'll counter with some of these (All-Curse for instance) to your attacks. He also has a physical attack, extremely powerful of course (8,500+ HP of damage with Auto Shield on). Near the end of the fight he'll be able to double-cast anything he wants.
Strategy: the boss has 175,000 HP, is Aerial and Earth element. The fight will be brutal and long: accompanied one more time by "Battle Condition" theme, this is how you'll proceed.
Sed: he never attacks, he only always Defends unless someone needs his double-item skill. If Kaim or Seth die, you'll use a Goddess Medicine; if they need MP recovery a Mana Capsule is enough. If either Ming or Sarah dies you can use a simple Angel Plume to revive them -- Goddess Medicine is better of course, but if they aren't strong enough (speaking of HP) they will die (500 or 1500 HP doesn't make any difference with the damage you're going to take). Heal Full will be used if Kaim or Seth need health recovery.
Ming and Sarah: they never attack of course, they only cast All-Generatus, endlessly. Whether they double-cast All-Generatus or single-cast All-Generatus is up to the situation (say you got damaged by Shadowus: you'll use one All-Generatus quickly instead of double-casting two All-Generatus which would land the next turn).
Kaim and Seth: all the damage comes from these two. Divide (white spell lv8) and Reversa (spirit spell lv8) are your only offensive weapons in this fight, especially Divide since you don't want to be at risk with low HP. Their task is to double-cast Divide all the time, while the other characters are supporting them. They will use healing items only if there's a dramatic situation (like if they are the only two left alive) or if they need MP Recovery and nobody else can do it (for instance if Ming and Sarah are about to cast two double-spells All-Generatus and Sed is currently dead).
The fight will go very smoothly until 3/4 of his health down. When he's about to die, double-cast will significantly increase the risk of death, especially because you may be so unlucky as to trigger his counter (which could even be Cube) and then he decides to cast two Shadowus in a row. There's nothing you can do, that's just bad luck, at most you can prevent it attacking only with either Kaim or Seth instead than them both. Near the real end of the fight (40,000 or less HP) you can start double-casting Divide+Reversa instead of two Divide in a row: this ensures you deal some damage regardless if you get countered with Cube instead of an innocent All-Curse -- you'll deal exactly your max HP of damage if you cast this combination, and it's better than risking to deal two mere amounts of damage because, say, you land Kaim's 2xDivide after Seth's, and the boss just countered Seth's attack with Cube.
If you wonder "why double-casting Divide, which lands every two turns, instead of casting it once per turn?", the answer is that he counters double-cast only once (just as much as he counters a single spell), therefore it's better to hit twice every two turns (being counterattacked once every two turns) instead than once every turn (being counterattacked once every turn).

For the last time: it's the strongest enemy of the main game and you must expect some difficulty in this fight. It should however be easier than Master Ring User's secret condition, since The Immortal isn't as luck-based, slow and a-tactical like the other one where you can only attack, prey for some damage absorb and critical hits, and watch what happens.

When you finally defeat The Immortal One you will get Slot Seed # 48/48, and for beating him in 30 turns (30 are A LOT of turns, it should come naturally) you will get the Quad-Element Seal (special accessory for absorbing all the elements).

Many achievements will be earned on the way (note: to some people these achievements unlock at some random point as you fight more battles, even though they're supposed to unlock as soon as you completely clear one; you need the secret conditions):

  • Champion

    Met the secret requirement of the Backyard last challenger and won.


You also got the last accessory of the game, so you are now able to unlock the skill-related achievements too.

World Map

The next destination is the last of the game. It's not a "point of non-return", it's just where the game ends. You won't be able to save inside the next dungeon (you only have to fight bosses after all), so your last chance for a backup is outside. You will fight mainly with Kaim, Seth, Ming and Sarah: make sure they are at a good enough level (45-50) with decent skills. If you're coming from Super Heavy Class battles or even a win against The Immortal One in the Backyard you have nothing to fear.

I suggest you to prepare some tissues for the ending scenes, you're gonna need them.

When you're ready, go underwater where the purple icon is on your map (it's just east of your last "Port" destination) for scenes.

End of the Game

Final Boss # 1
This boss absorbs any spell (even Divide, Gamble, Force; any). Start casting All-Generatus and All-Powerus and take down its HP (55,860 HP, Beast type, no element) with physical hits while healing/casting enhancements with the magicians. The enemy can cast elemental spells (All-Aquaus, All-Flarus for instance) as well as Forceus, but has nothing special to watch out for.

Final Boss # 2
You will automatically deploy Kaim, Seth, Ming and Sarah for this fight. Type and Element of the enemy will change, while his HP are not to be known, but it doesn't matter. This is a lead-fight: the boss will do some actions in a certain order and you will receive external help (one per turn): Coverus, Cure-All, GC filled, HP filled, Revive. The fight ends at the turn's boss afterwards.

Final Boss # 3
Still forced party like the previous one. The boss has Reset All which makes worthless any spell like All-Powerus: focus on dealing damage and heal with All-Generatus (it's better than Zephyrus even if the boss dispels the automatic recovery function). Use your last items freely, we're at the end of the line after all.
Double casting Divide with Kaim and Seth works wonder to quickly end this last fight. The boss can also use an attack, "Manipulate", nullified by Ailment Resistence. There's nothing new aside from this.
Type and Element will change during this fight too, but he has around 50,000 HP this time.

Enjoy the touching ending scenes of the game.

After the credits (press " Back " if you want to skip them) you will unlock the last achievement of the main game:

Congratulations on your 1,000 G !

You're also given the chance of saving your game: there's a New Game + function which will make you start with your immortals at level 50, but everything else is lost (including the track of items for Treasure Trove). This still allows you to fly through most of the game easily, if you want or need another playthrough for any reason.

If you have the Seeker of the Deep DLC it's not over yet though...

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