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    10 Jun 2010
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    I would like to start off with saying I was not a fan of the first Lost Planet. In fact I only got through four missions of it before I stopped playing it. I want to state this so that the impact of the following review is much more solid.

    Lost Planet 2 for me was a chance game. I took a chance on it. I downloaded and played the co-op online demo and thought it was worth the shot. Upon purchasing the game and playing through it I must say it is one of the best games I have played this year.

    Changed from a single player outing to a co-op adventure, LP2 focuses on the group. You can still play it single player, playing it alone is still fun but getting together with 3 other people makes the game that much more fun (that's 3x the fun) and alleviates the stress of having AI back you up (any co-op AI is bad AI).

    Combat and Movement

    Combat in LP2 is tight and fast paced. There is never a dull moment. From fighting through jungles to floating around on a space station (yes near zero g in full effect) to even fighting a giant submarine underwater; the game never lets up on the action. The weapons are varied and many and you can custom loadout your character before starting a game from either a character customization screen in the main menu or even in a lobby waiting to get into the game itself. Everything from shotguns to flamethrowers and even a gunsword ( let's face it if you don't like the idea of being able to shoot someone and if they get close enough flip a blade out from said gun and wreck shop on them you should probably stop playing video games) are available to you to design your own destructive methods. Grenades are even varied to showcase such powers as a room clearing buster grenade, an energized giant shuriken and regeneration grenades to heal yourself and party members.

    In an interesting turn Capcom decided to change the main enemies from the alien Akrid to a more human element in Snow Pirate factions. The Akrid do make appearances from times and especially as bosses (these bosses are towering behemoths, or INSANELY HUGE). However, for most of your missions you will be fighting other factions or NEVEC (the military bad guys from the first game).

    One detracting factor is that Capcom didn't improve is the movement in LP2 from the first LP. Characters still lightly jog around the map and aiming still is a slow process. Aiming is also independent of movement as you can run and shoot backwards which is nice especially when being chased by a load of baddies. They did however add the roadie run made popular in the Gears of War series which helps traverse long paths, but just like Gears, while in the run, you can't do anything else. It may take a little time getting used to the slow movement, but after awhile you won't even notice it. The same can be said about the grappling hook which also makes a return from the first game.

    Story and Graphics

    Many reviews state that LP2's story is nonsensical. Granted that alone these parts make no sense but they all add up to the conclusion of the story. It isn't great storytelling or even good storytelling. It boils down overall to corrupt and evil military force wants to destroy the planet (E.D.N. 3) and harvest the valuable thermal energy which it stores. You as any number of different snow pirates you play as during the campaign (you can choose which faction you want to use after you beat the game for later playthroughs) want to stop your home from being destroyed. You can tell that the story was made to fit the backdrops upon which the action unfolds. Which is fine because it is definitely a game that doesn't need the awesome storyline of a Bio-Ware or Bethesda game to engage you.

    The graphics are top-notch without a doubt. The characters are are sharp and crisp and the amount of detail in each article of clothing is impressive. I say this because after unlocking all the character customization parts you can create literally endless combinations of parts to create your own unique character. The enemies are distinctive and look like they fit in their environments. Jungle pirates look like they fit in the jungle wearing little clothing and when underwater fighting NEVEC soldiers they have scuba tanks and flippers to swim. The Akird bosses are amazing looking and that's saying a lot for the size of these creatures. They are smooth and detailed and I have experienced not one bad render or glitch while fighting them.

    Extras and Achievements

    The extras in LP2 are extensive and range from the useful to the why oh why is this in here. As I stated before you can unlock new weapons and customizable character parts plus you can unlock new abilities, emotes, and even Noms de Guerre (war names in French) to outfit your character with. The one bad thing....everything is unlocked via slot machine. By collecting credits in game (through boxes enemies drop or playing faction matches online) you get to turn the crank and see what pops out. Which is maddening when all you want is a sweet new weapon but instead you get the Funky Dance emote instead. This being said while the war names and emotes might seem useless it does add personality to otherwise bland characters making them more suited to your playing style. Maybe you like to get funky in the middle of a map and start dancing around or you want people to know you as Machine Gun Maniac or Human Spider. You can even have goofy names like Trying to Quit Smoking or Perv.

    This is a Capcom game which means no easy achievements. On playing the game over 30 hours I myself have netted 405 gs. This isn't a game for a quick boost to the old gamerscore. One achievement is celebrate your six month anniversary of playing LP2 and another and others are 100-300 chapter playback and others that will require numerous amounts of playthroughs. It sounds daunting and it is but being able to have good, stable and fun four player co-op is rare and you will find yourself returning to LP2 again and again and wind up getting these long achievements eventually.


    The online component of LP2 is not for everyone. If you are used to fast run and gun well I am sorry to say it isn't here. I would liken the speed to Gears online. On the brighter side, the maps are taken from in game and offer many different ways to maneuver and catch the opposing players off guard. Game modes for ranked play are Elimination (free-for-all), team elimination (team deathmatch), and data post grab (similar but not exactly capture the flag). There are more modes if you choose to do player matches like Fugitive (the most interesting new mode I have seen) which in a full room takes 3 players and makes them run and hide from all the other players. The other new mode is Akrid egg hunt which is another take on capture the flag. So far since it's initial release LP2 has already released two map packs with promises of more which is great online support (map packs are 400 msp).


    With a total over haul from the first game Capcom has made a fantastic game worth checking out. If you are into co-op especially this game should be on your shelf if not in your system right now. Hopefully if they do LP3 they will increase movement speed and get rid of the slot machine and then they would have a perfect game on their hands.
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    Darth BieberUnfortunately it is impossible at this time to get the full 1k because of the leaderboard achievements (noms de guerre) and the Faction achievements which requires people to play online for 15 weeks.
    Posted by Darth Bieber on 22 Dec 12 at 07:30
    Atomic Clutch XHi I was wondering if I could still get achievements playing offline? Will achievement progress still count, especially carrying over from playing online?
    Posted by Atomic Clutch X on 06 Apr 13 at 00:55
    Darth BieberAs far as I know it is a near impossibility to get all of the achievements because of the faction wars achievements. It might still be possible but you would have to coordinate with others to pull it off.
    Posted by Darth Bieber on 13 Apr 13 at 20:59
    19 May 2010
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    I mostly bought this game for campaign. And i got to say after beating all the campaign modes in 31 hours. It was the best 31 hours ever!!! The boss battles are more intense and satisfying than gears of war 2 (do to the fact i dont have any other game that intense boss battles.) The 4 player coop and putting bots in when needed was a definite plus. Though i did find that the bots became really useless in some parts of the game. Vast of weapons and grenades, not including all the emotes and titles you can unlock also. I have yet to play the first lost planet, but im sure this game satisfies all its needs.

    Playing this game in 5.1 surround sound is the best sound i have ever heard in a game. You literally hear every noise that is going on around you. Graphics are decent in this game. The environment was really nice but ive seen better. I did enjoy the boss battle environment, it made you look like you where really small compared to the environment/boss.

    The very first time i went into a player match i got constantly grenade spammed. I literally couldn't move without getting grenaded. I tried joining a new game...same thing happened. I did liked the VS's that made it feel like i was playing mechassualt again. One of the best xbox games i loved playing. Though you cant customize an VS's, you can attach a wide variety of weapons to it. Many game types to choose from, but only stuck with team death match. Also included which i have yet to get into was faction. 3 different places where you can choose what race you want to be. I am to presume within those races, you play gametypes, and if you win your race gets a win or a loss. Which means its a win or a loss to you and anybody else thats in that race during a 3 day period, then it resets and you choose another race.

    Besides all of the above, customizing your character is fun, lots of body parts to choose from. Including all the unlockable characters you can have from other games, like marcus fenix, and dom from gears, or from resident evil, dead rising, and the list goes on.

    By all means i would give this game a 9/10, but multiplayer let me down a bit so im giving it an 8/10.
  • geckothelizardgeckothelizard97,701
    27 Feb 2012 16 Jul 2013
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    Lost Planet 2 is a sequel to a game I never played, but it could almost exist in isolation as a sort of crazy experiment to merge Capcom’s arcade heritage with the current tradition of the 3rd person action game. First impressions give the illusion of some sort of Gears Of War clone, with a third-person view of burly space marines roady-running between firefights, but the reality is more akin to a 3D Contra. There’s no cover-system (there’s little cover at all), and the game would rather you spent the least amount of time with conventional weaponry, providing VS’s (mechs, to you and me) and super weaponry at every juncture.

    There exists this strange dichotomy of standard-fare combat, and balls-out-of-the-bath crazy robot explosion time. The latter is top fun, with almost every aspect of the action game genre mined for toys. Want sticky grenades, shurikens? Lost Planet 2 will provide. Want a robot with a light-sabre? Done. Want a robot that transforms into a jet? Yours. Want a robot that transforms, attaches to your buddy’s robot, forming a mega-robot with a beam cannon? You get the idea...

    One particular highlight is the train stage, which starts with a frantic dash to the front of the train, whilst relieving its payload of explosive T-ENG into the gaping maw of a mile-long sandworm. At its conclusion, your team is tasked with operating a massive railway gun to take down the worm for good, which offers a true co-op experience as 1 operates the gun, and the others load shells, man turrets, and work the coolant system, all while the worm is surfacing from the desert, and crashing into your train. It’s an exhilarating, next-generation experience, and it’s one of many in Lost Planet 2.

    It’s a shame, then, that Capcom felt the need to obfuscate such moments with countless 5 minute stages where you kill 20 regular-size guys. I can see the dilemma they faced – trying to keep their ambitions for a genre-defining co-op experience within the confines of a marketable shooter, but my conclusion is: I don’t like marketable shooters that much. It’s not like Lost Planet 2 is a short game, and I can’t help but feel it could have done with some sort of editing to minimize the clear filler.

    The story is also ultra-Japanese, for want of a better adjective. Despite having played through to the end some 5 times, I’m still at a loss as to what the plot is. All I can tell you is that there’s a lot of it, and it’s something about snow/jungle pirates (the game prescribes to a fairly loose definition of “pirate” throughout), and a (several?) power-hungry corporation(s), all unfathomably fighting over an awful planet full of blood-thirsty aliens, ironically called “EDN 3” (I can only imagine what EDNs 1 and 2 are like; worse, I expect!). Most Episodes (there are 6) are told from the P.O.V. of a different faction, so you can add an extra layer of confusion by overriding your characters faction outfit with whatever terrifying concoction you’ve come up with in the customization screens, making each cut-scene even more humorously obtuse. I’m sure to the Lost Planet lore specialist, the numerous revelations and exposition sequences are quite riveting, but to anyone else: take it all as another slice of Japanese lunacy, and you’ll find individual cut-scenes to be spectacular, and often amusing. Couple that with the dance gestures, I almost prefer that I don’t know what it all means.

    Achievement-wise, this is one of those games that’s going to forever be at the top of the TA lists, because it is one massive grind sprinkled with a few ‘forget it’ achievements requiring you to be at the top of the leaderboards. Personally, I love the challenge that Lost Planet 2 presents, and there’s something noble about struggling to beat such impossible odds. Still, if you’re going to lose sleep over your poor completion percentage, I’d give it a wide berth.

    So what’s the conclusion of Capcom’s East meets West experiment? For me, largely positive. For every misstep there’s a lot of fun to be had, and truly some of those most spectacular moments the 360 has to offer. Finally, it’s available for £3 new!
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    22 Jul 2013
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    Like the main reviewer, I never enjoyed LP1, I played the demo, and turned away instantly.

    I first played this game while at a friends house a few years ago, and the campaign hooked me in. Then recently Capcom had a 50% off deal for LP2, and I snagged this game on the marketplace for $5.00

    I personally enjoyed the story. It took me a few play throughs to grasp the entire concept of the storyline, and why things were done here and there, but I won't spoil it.
    Some of the bosses would just wreck me, and others were easy. The leveling up system was a change, but I didn't have much of a problem with it.

    The characters are kind of bland, but It didn't really stop or disrupt me one bit. I did like the levels almost all the way through. The AI didn't bother me, but I do agree with the original reviewer, that this game is best played with three friends, due to the comical things that can happen with other people, and sometimes the game-play is laid back so you can actually enjoy playing with friends instead of it being entirely competitive.

    This is the Achilles heel of LP2, It seems as if there is always three good players that are on the same team, and that you can get killed instantly from spawn. I hardly ever go on competitive multi-player, due to the frustration that is created by doing so.

    Customization in this game is a model for all games that want to have any customization aspect to their games. My sweet tooth is for customization, and the amount of customization options that are given to you is phenomenal, and is a big influence of why I enjoyed this game.
  • A REAVER2364A REAVER2364This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    18 Dec 2012 23 Dec 2012
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    (firstly i bought the game because the advert looked good. (the advert lied to me)

    Now let me tell you a tale of this very bad game! In a Quick "no Excuses" negative review!!!! People who don't know much about the game, will not know what i have been through :D!

    This game will make you go insane! Very cheap but this game will make you sign a deal with the devil, run away in fear do not pick this game up!

    To begin, this game is one of the worst shooters of all time. Not only is the Online bad the community is more focused on blocking leader boards and giving new players a hard time. This game is also very pointless, fighting countless of akrids for no reason what so ever. Further more the story line is all over the place, you play as multiple pointless characters whom meet up at the end and fight the over G.

    IGN gave this game a 6.6 i believe this was very,very generous to be honest it deserves a 2/10, this game is horrible.

    After having gone through the campaign over three hundred times,defeating more than ten thousand Akrids and dealing damage exceeding ten million, doing pointless training mission,reaching number one, playing this game for 6 months and winning faction matches. i can come to a conclusion that this game is one of the most crazy,grinding games in all of existence. !STAY AWAY!

    Some of the achievements are unobtainable without support from other people, furthermore the community is so small you will get paired up with the same people roughly every time you go into online.

    It took me a time of 164 hours to complete, but if you look on your Xbox time mine exceeds far then 500 hours on lost planet 2.

    Ultimately once you have completed the game you will feel the sudden urge to go to sleep, you will feel as if you have been reborn.This was the hardest achievement for three years running, but its highly disputed that the new ghost recons achievement is harder.

    Vehicles,grenades,weapons,abilities,characters,nom de gurre,emotes = can this game get any more dumb.Wait it can whilst you play online on the map cube you will hear a man saying "alright" but in other words he cannot speak English he is a bad commentator.

    This game is recommended for hardcore gamers whom want to be recognized for completing the hardest Xbox game ever.



    Good luck.. this is not for the faint hearted,


    THE RECENT 50/50 LOST PLANET 2 achievers had a harder time than the ones who began the game 2 years ago. THUS MAKING THIS GAME "ALMOST" UNBEATABLE.

  • StarSnapshotStarSnapshot167,008
    15 Apr 2011
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    *Sixth review*

    It's been awhile guys, but this time, the subject is the *Impossible* Lost Planet 2. Capcoms baby devil in disguise, this achievement list will send the most hardened hunters away crying.


    The story behind Lost Planet 2 can be considered seriously non-sensical if you view the different episodes as seperate.
    Once you crack the code and realise that all the episodes are occuring on simultaneous timelines between the factions, it makes alot more sense.
    So, - Pay attention. Otherwise, this story isn't for you.

    Unique components:

    There's hardly anything unique about Lost Planet 2. The only thing that stands out as seperate is the way the game is built FOR Co-op, yet can still be done by one player.
    Weapon variations are fairly standard, with the some extra interesting items. A powerful rocket launcher with an unpredictable arc, a confetti shotgun and fireworks grenades just to name a few.
    Certain missions, Such as Episode 5 and subsequent chapters, are unique in their execution. It also requires alot of co-op assitance for the Good Job awards.
    Which leads us to the final unique component, GJ awards. They often require teamwork, or special skill, and are entirely pointless. 'Nuff said.


    Brilliant. Slight slowdowns when the game is overloading 4 people, but the game is so smooth most of the time it doesn't feel like your online at all. Every single area contains multiple paths through, and areas that contain weapons perfect for the chapter, you just have to find them.
    When you playthrough once, you'll find the game good.
    When you've played it twice, you'll think the game is thought out well.
    When you've played it as much as me, you'll find the game has so much consideration put into it.
    Weapons do there respective jobs perfectly, and enemies have enough variation in them to make section of the game feel fresh.
    Players can drop in, drop out per area, and the areas are just the right length to make it work.


    There are six episodes in LP2. Then, those episodes are broken down into chapters, generally 4-6 chapters per episode. Then, each Chapter have generally 2-3 areas to complete per Chapter.
    As mentioned above, each area is the perfect length for Co-op drop in & out. The game is relatively long, although you'll clock many more hours than just campaign completion if you go for achievements.
    Every episode is a direct contrast to the previous once, and some of the missions are downright crazy. (Gun-toting train, anyone?)
    It can get frustrating the amount of areas where a rocket launcher can send you into a death pit, but, it's not that bad if you have a good team watching your back.

    Difficulty Settings:

    The difficulty in LP2 is best described as tempremental. I played it on normal, and it was incredibly easy. I played it on easy, and it was the same. I then played on easy with a friend, and it was much more difficult. Then, us same two people played hard, and it was easier than normal!
    Overall, it isn't difficult once your squad gets the hang of it, and the AI is actually useful.

    Learning Curves:

    In LP2, the learning curve isn't steep, as much as bumpy. Each time you change to a new weapon, you have to adjust to it's properties. E.G, Shotgun I goes from being a large mag, high rate of fire and strong, to Shotgun II, which has 2 bullets per clip, a chance to paralyze, and is a much closer ranged gun.
    The difficulties don't vary much, although the game is very unforgiving in killing you. VS's will stun you with large clips while the infantry burn your health down, unless you can get your harmonizer going. Which incidentally cannot be activated while being shot.


    They don't really exist in this game, but I have to put the ? Boxes here. Collect these, as they give you credits to gain new stuff from the slot machine and occasionally just give you stuff directly.
    Also, T-ENG counts as a collectible, make sure you pick up any if this you see! T-ENG gets alot rarer on the higher difficulties, so you might as well get used to picking it up.


    Given the large quantity of explosions and just stuff in general going on on-screen, i'd say the graphics are damn impressive. A steady frame-rate of 60 FPS unless some MASSIVE explosion happens.
    The art style is nice to look at as well. Characters have alot of variation, thanks to character parts.


    The audio in this game does it's job, nothing more. Music fits the bill, but doesn't invoke anything. Weapons sound nice, Vagabundo can get annoying.


    This is one hell of a game. The achievement list is for crazy people, or for people who believe they can reach the #1 on a leaderboard. (I challenge all you UK people to beat my time on Advanced training 4-3!)
    It has great replay value and is very addicting, despite how simple it is when you think about it.
  • Xiao1inSty1eXiao1inSty1e145,864
    15 May 2010
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    Lost Planet 2 gets alot right but also some quite wrong.
    It captures the gameplay and story telling of the first while adding alot more of just about everything. Those that played the first game may understand why that is not entirely a complement.

    LP2 like the first game has a number of frustrating gameplay designs that immediately stand out. One being an over reliance on blow back against your character. You can and will be juggled till you die on more than one occasion during the campain. Another, tying in to the first, being the frequency and in the case of water; the randomness ,of instant death falls.

    Weapons are NOT balanced, there are a number of mulitplayer bugs/exploits that the vetran LP players will be right at home with. The noobs should be prepared.

    The story makes as much sense and is as compelling as the first one. This means unless you are Otaku or somesuch you probably wont care or understand wth is going on(exactly how do creatures that live underground control the weather again?).

    Achievements. One word. Dont. Dont pretend you are gonna get them all. You wont. They are just as ridiculous as the first game. Maybe more so. Only the VERY hardcore will complete this set of achievements.

    All that having been said the game is still a great coop game. Player matches can be a blast. Riding an Akirid 3 stories high with 5 of your friends on the turrets is frikkin awesome. Merging two of the the games mechs(called VS's in LP universe) together to create a bigger more powerful mech which gets you the Achievement 'Let's Go VS Force!" is all kinds of throwback awesome. Bosses are huge and impressive but cheap as all hell. Environments are beautiful as are most of the effects. There are a TON of unlockables, but once again Capcom chose a very annoying way for you to unlock them. "NO, I DONT want a stupid slot machine style unlock system that coughs up titles and emotes when I desprately want the Gunblade." Is what whoever Q.C.ed this game should have said. Even the campain is made tolerable with 3 friends. Capcom had the right idea with coop but unfortunately implementation is key. Coop is restricted, no drop in/out play. You are fortunate if you find a standby lobby. Even more so if you all speak the same language.

    Capcom really needs to pay attention to details of IMPLEMENTATION in the LP series. You wouldnt think this would be a weakness in a game co. that is so well known for AAA titles.