1. Love Tore: Mint Walkthrough overview

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Love Tore: Mint is the second release of the Love Tore Series for the Xbox 360 (complete series known and sold under the bundle Love Tore Chocolate). This game is retail only and requires the Xbox 360 Kinect. The Love Tore games are in Japanese, which requires an NTSC-J Xbox 360 console (Japanese) and is region locked (cannot be played on an NTSC or PAL Xbox 360 or Xbox One). The Love Tore series is a music and dance series that follows the character progression of Japanese school girls through the academy. The Love Tore series cannot be idle-boosted for full completion or dummy exploited. There will be times when failing or quitting may benefit the player.

All three Love Tore games are essentially the same exact game with minor differences. Each game loads up the same, has the same interface, achievement types, and objectives. All three games offer the player the choice of playing as one of four characters. It is required to complete all four characters through their story progression stages (leveling up) and their stamp cards (performance-based accumulative system). The only difference between games is a slight variance in later exercise routines, activities available (some appear across games), the four available characters, and each character's story scenarios and costumes. Saves for each game share high scores, costumes, and finale performances across all games (doesn't impact achievements).

There are four modes required for achievements: Exercise, Activity, Dance, and Performance Mode. Players will want to work on leveling up each of the 3 main leveling bars (Action Level, Dance Level, and Performance Level) while gathering random sub-scenarios that pop up on the post stats screen.

Story progression will be broken down into four phases per character. It is incredibly important to try and follow the same routine on each character to ensure you miss no missable achievements. Your first character can net you 610G in around 6-8 hours depending on skill. For bean divers, the costume achievement can be attained within a few minutes of launching the game.

You will repeat phases 1-4 with each character, but for your first playthrough, you will attempt to collect all S rank achievements and miscellaneous achievements. Character progression is based on leveling the Action Level from 1-6 (phase one), 6-11 (phase two), and 11-15+max (phase three). Phase four is miscellaneous cleanup and stamp cards. In order to unlock phase 3 (action levels 11-15+max which is needed for True Ending), you will need to have maxed your Dance Level to 12+max and Performance Level to 4+max before hitting level 11. Following the phases listed below should keep you on track and net you every achievement along the way.

Action Level increases by doing any activity, even if the activity results in a fail or quit. Exercise routines level Action Level the fastest. Three S ranks can complete an entire level, or four A ranks. Dance and Performance will increase Action Level much slower, even with S ranks.

Dance Level increases by completing dance routines. Two S ranks on the current highest level dance song will raise the Dance Level, or three A ranks. Note, while leveling the Dance Level bar, you will level Action Level bar at the same time (at a slower rate). Scoring below A rank will net a slower progression, even when failing. The difference of experience gained between the S rank and the A rank is the equivalent to one A rank plus two fail ranks.

Performance Level increases by completing performance routines. Three S ranks on the current highest level performance song will raise the Performance Level, or four A ranks. Note, while leveling the Performance Level bar, you will level the Action Level bar at the same time (at a slower rate). Scoring below A rank will net a slower progression, even when failing. The difference of experience gained between the S rank and the A rank is the equivalent to one A rank plus two fail ranks.

Sub-Scenarios are dialog scenes that are randomly unlocked after completing game activities that result in an increase of Action Level. The scenarios appear after the stamp page during post stats. There are 10 sub-scenarios in each phase, phases one-three. Once you move into the next phase, the sub-scenarios missed are locked. You are not guaranteed to unlock all 10 sub-scenarios before moving on to the next level. This is when quitting or failing routines becomes a priority, as it slows action level progression while giving the player more attempts at sub-scenarios. The player will need 25 total sub-scenarios out of the 30 possible. It's ideal to get 8-10 in your first two phases, then finish the remainder in phase three. My ideal setup was 9 or 10 in phase one, 10 in phase two, then 5-6 in phase three. Just guarantee yourself that you have a minimum of 15 sub-scenarios heading into phase three.

Stamp Sheets are a grind. Completing activities will net you stamps. You will need to complete 20 stamp sheets per character. There are 5 rows of 8 stamps per sheet (40 stamps per sheet). S ranking exercise routines, or the highest available activity, dance, or performance will net you 9 stamps, A ranks will net 7, B ranks will net 5, C ranks will net 3, D rank will net 1, and failure will net 0. Phase one should net the player 5-6 sheets complete, phase two another 5-6 sheets complete, and phase three 3-4 sheets complete. Phase four is post-ending, where you can finish collecting the remaining stamps.

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