Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes Del Ring Reviews

MR WOLF 12000
264,272 (154,329)
MR WOLF 12000
TA Score for this game: 2,152
Posted on 30 December 10 at 06:40, Edited on 30 December 10 at 06:42
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FOR WRESTLING FANS ONLY! (and you may have to be a pretty big one to enjoy this....) If you like a game thats a bit of a throwback to N64 style wrestling games with WAAAAY to much reversing this might be for you! Hardcore wrestling fans will definitely appreciate the likes of Dr Wagner Jr, Abismo Negro, Octagon ROH/Indy star Jack Evans and old WCW Favorites such as Psicosis and Silver King amongst the generous roster of 32 characters. Graphically the game is nothing special but is not terrible. Control is good but I found that the game lagged in matches where 3 or 4 luchadors are competing. The story is 50 matches if you do both face and heel (or Tecnicos/Rudos for you die hard lucha fans) sides. On hard this WILL be a pain. I think I may have had a stroke from some of the frustration this game provides (MASTER countering). IF you like wrestling games you will have a lot of fun. The luchadors are crazy looking for the most part, the game offers many arenas, a traditional lucha style storyline (and shit is booked a lil differently down Mexico way) and a shit-ton of easy achievements. I found some issues with hit detection and reversal prioritization (DAMN YOU ESPECTRO JR AND SILVER KING!!!!) . One thing ill say for sure this is a HELL of a lot better than TNA Impact and feels like what they really wanted top do. If you collect wrestling games, pick it up. if you want 770 points or so in a weekend rent it. if you like wrestling games I feel youd get a kick out of this. If you dont why the crap are you reading this? Based on the deep roster, entertaining story and my overall enjoyment (ie I had FUN playing this) I give it 4 stars DESPITE frustration and unecessary overkill of counters by the cpu and the matches where you pretty much only can counter. But then again I love wrestling so I may be a little biased. 4 stars smile
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