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Lumines Live! Achievements

Most Earned

20K20 (20)Play Challenge Mode "Base" and score 20,000 points.
Time Attack 60sec. : 30 blocks
Time Attack 60sec. : 30 blocks12 (10)Play Time Attack Mode 60sec. and erase 30 blocks.
Time Attack 180sec. : 90 blocks
Time Attack 180sec. : 90 blocks13 (10)Play Time Attack Mode 180sec. and erase 90 blocks.
Time Attack 300sec. : 150 blocks
Time Attack 300sec. : 150 blocks15 (10)Play Time Attack Mode 300sec. and erase 150 blocks.

Least Earned

Time Attack 600sec. : 600 blocks
Time Attack 600sec. : 600 blocks83 (20)Play Time Attack Mode 600sec. and erase 600 blocks.
Time Attack 180sec. : 200 blocks
Time Attack 180sec. : 200 blocks81 (20)Play Time Attack Mode 180sec. and erase 200 blocks.
Time Attack 300sec. : 300 blocks
Time Attack 300sec. : 300 blocks81 (20)Play Time Attack Mode 300sec. and erase 300 blocks.
Time Attack 60sec. : 70 blocks
Time Attack 60sec. : 70 blocks73 (20)Play Time Attack Mode 60sec. and erase 70 blocks.
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