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    Lumines, a game that no matter how many times is released I just can't stop buying. I thought for sure that I would never pick up the Live version, but when it dropped in price and I saw that holiday skins pack I couldn't stop myself. I couldn't even think of stopping myself, but let me say; I'm not at all dissapointed.

    Many people have probably not gotten to experience Lumines being as it was a PSP exclusive for quite so time. That's really a shame because next to Tetris it's probably the best puzzle game to ever be realized. A bold statement? Probably, but I can't help it if I'm really in love with this game.

    It seems to really do everything right. It provides a great soundtrack to play along to, flashy graphics, good control, simple addictive gameplay with a lot of depth when you get into it and solid replayability. That really defines Lumines, however, there are 4 installments now and picking the right one can be a trick.

    The 2 on PSP offer almost an identical experience except with the second one you'll get some extra skins, some different skins and a few more playing modes (that don't really matter). The PS2 version is pretty much a port of the first game with some skins from the second thrown in and the Live version has quite a few new things, but a lot of them you have to buy.

    One thing you get which a lot of people may enjoy is online multiplayer. I believe this was available in the second game for PSP, but how many people have PSP's and actually play online with them? Exactly. But the online on Live is REALLY laggy. I would honestly deem it unplayable. So don't buy this game if that is your only intention because you'll be sorely dissapointed.

    The big advantages are 1. having it on your harddrive so it's always with you and your 360 and 2. downloadable content. There is a whole slew of things to download and actually at a pretty reasonable price. There is even some free stuff for Gold members. As I said there is a holiday pack that came with 20 new skins (you'll find out that Lumines is all about the skins after you play it a bit) and there are some vs computer and puzzle mode packs as well.

    These last two made me a little upset though. I figured that when I bought the game I would at least get a base of everything as I did with the PSP versions, but I found that I only got 6 puzzle mode challenges and 1 vs CPU to play and then after completing them it told me to buy the packs if I wanted more. This felt like a definite rip-off. To be honest, I haven't even gone and looked at the prices to buy these things, but they aren't really something I'm looking forward to spending more money on. Being as the main challenge mode is by far my favorite way to play I'm not sure I'll ever buy these other modes.

    Lumines Live definitely looks good in HD though and sounds way better coming through some surround sound than it ever did through those PSP speakers. This is a good entry point for those of you who haven't ever gotten to play Lumines and/or don't have PSP's. Although I think you could do better with it on PSP for that on the go experience and you get more bang for your buck on PSP, this is real fun version.

    So, just so we're clear, I really do love the Lumines series all together. I think this version lacks a bit from what it's PSP counterparts have to offer, but as far as arcade games go it is a solid choice. The online lacks and the shortage of initial content is weak, but the gameplay stays true to the original formula and puzzle fans across the globe will enjoy what Lumines Live has to offer.

    Achievement wise, Lumines is a pretty hard game to complete if you're not that much into puzzle games, sure it's do-able but you have to spend some time getting good at it. Like clearing 600 blocks in 600 seconds is TOUGH, 10 minutes of utter concentration. If you watch some Youtube videos, you'll be amazed how people can do it, you need to practice a lot to get all 200 G's.
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